Email Virtual Assistant

Why Email Virtual Assistant?

A cluttered mailbox can surely be frustrating. With so many mails coming in each day, an unorganized mail-box can slug down efficiency and make it very difficult to find what you need at the right time. Our Email Assistants are proficient with various means of inbox organisation that can make your work life much easier. Whether it is filtering, sorting, creating labels, setting auto-replies, managing calendars, we have a hack up the sleeve for all your mailbox organisation related problems.

What can they do?

check_circleOrganize Contacts

check_circleDraft Emails

check_circleManage Visiting Cards

check_circleCreate Filters

check_circleCalendar Management

check_circleOrganize Emails

check_circleMeeting Setup

check_circleEmail Replies

check_circleSet up auto replies

How are they different?

We hire people that we'd want to be around every day: smart, outgoing and ambitious. Be rest assured to delegate your tasks to an efficient virtual assistants who does quality work. Not just that, their pleasing personalities make the process easy and worthwhile. Our virtual email assistants are smart and skilled, constantly updated, task-efficient, proficient with latest tools to yield high quality result in minimal time.

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