A startup is a very big responsibility that comes with limited resources. Many times, the entrepreneur behind a startup is a newbie to running an empire. Although you might be an expert in your field of business a startup involves much more than that. There is finance, marketing, administration, sales, promotions, logistics and also the larger mission. An experienced virtual assistant can be a great relief as they can manage this nitty-gritty with great ease and punctuality.

Who is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a shared resource who works remotely on your recurrent as well as specialised tasks. They are professionally trained to manage varied business and executive related tasks. They are qualified, come with immense experience and can be a great value addition to your company at reduced costs than a full-time employee.

When should you hire a virtual assistant?

Startups have a lot of things to deal with. There is reccurent administrative tasks, bringing in new business, emails, appointments, hiring and so much more. Think about it this way: If you could automate all your recurrent tasks and never have to worry about it. Won't it make life easier? You will have much more time to focus on the growth strategy.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider hiring a virtual assistant for your business:

1. Multi-talented and Multi-tasking support
Virtual assistants are trained to handle an array of tasks and can be very supportive of various things that you wish to get done. They can also multi-task very well and juggle priorities. All you need to do is make a bucket list of tasks with clear instructions and hand it over to them, they will get it sorted and keep you updated.

2. Pocket-friendly resources
A virtual assistant is easier to afford and does not have hassles to getting benefits, emoluments and other legal entitlements. This is a simple, contract-based employment for a particular tenure, which differs from company to company and individual to individual. They have shared resources and hence cost less, yet deliver amazing results.

3. No investment in infrastructure
You don’t need to worry about getting a desk for your assistant, investing in their workspace and other things. You just hire them where they are and delegate tasks online, track tasks through task management software like Asana, Slack etc., and get it all done.

4. Round the clock service
You can avail support throughout the day and night which is not the case with on-site employers who must adhere to the working hour policy. You can also seek virtual assistant support across time zones, best suiting your needs.

5. Very technology efficient
Virtual Assistants are very well-versed with the internet and business related technology. They often have hacks up their sleeve which can fasten up your business and other processes. There’s much to learn from the way they get things done. They also keep constantly updating themselves on newer trends in the market.

6. No more boring, mundane tasks
You don’t need to work on spending hours on those recurrent, mundane tasks that are totally unproductive. You can delegate it to your virtual assistant and stay carefree about the rest.

7. Great networkers
With managing existing clients and your physical presence at places, it might get difficult to meet new people and gauge for potential clients. A virtual assistant can hover around and engage with the audience on your social media portals and create newer lists of potential clients, generate cold leads etc.

8. Work less, get more done
Now you can get more tasks done in the same number of hours that you work by sharing tasks with a virtual assistant. So it’s double work done in the same number of hours invested.

9. Stress Relieving
When you strike the right work-life balance, it can be very stress relieving as you work as well as live your life. You are not constantly thinking about your work even on weekends or social situations.

10. No long-term commitment
You don’t need to worry about investing in a human resource now that you have to sustain for long. This is a contractual, simple, efficient and pocket-friendly process.

There are numerous companies listed on the web that offer good virtual assistant services at good rates and have been reviewed well. The process is simple, you choose the company, make an inquiry, arrange for a call with your suggested virtual assistant and take it forward from there.

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