A flexible and powerful tool, Evernote app works well for both file storage and note-taking to be managed across all your devices.

Virtual assistants looking to know how to use Evernote to meet everyday requirements need to understand that sync and collaboration are this app’s main USP.

Being able to instantly locate, edit and share updated information is highly valuable.

Here are 10 important Evernote tips that can make your virtual work a cakewalk.

1. Use Evernote to Share Data

Have your assistant sign up for free Evernote accounts and share all the notebooks you need to.

Password management tools like Bitium and LastPass can minimize chances of login information being exposed.

Additionally, Evernote assigns a unique email address for every user, which makes it easy to add notes to the Evernote system.

2. Sort Files With Evernote

This Evernote review emphasizes that note tags are a useful way for virtual assistants to sort files for a certain notebook or across notebooks.

Collaboration with your client as a virtual assistant will, therefore, become easier.

All you need to do is come up with standard tag sets used to communicate with others through Evernote.

3. Planning Your Travel Itinerary with Evernote

While most executive assistants undertake travel booking for employers, the Evernote account can be accessed to consolidate everything from travel plans to meeting notes, reservations and boarding pass in a simple place.

Every data is searchable or accessible to offer a single notebook for giving consolidated space where information can be collated and virtual assistants file the expense from the trip on one’s behalf.

4. Adding Context for Reminders

Evernote permits setting up reminders for meetings or tasks.

Reminders without information about the to-do list can be a real problem.

So get the context, as your VA attaches relevant documents and notes to your reminder list.

Draft of the report can be reviewed alongside the reminder for reviewing.

New candidate resumes can be in the same place as a reminder for an interview meeting.

This process can save the time and effort of sifting through multiple platforms to locate the right information.

5. Record Meeting Through Transcription

If meeting notes need to be recorded, along with dictations, interviews or any other aspects of the platform, Evernote permits easy emailing, and transcription becomes a one-step process.

Complete recording, send email notes through Evernote and get your VA to record every detail.

Original files of audio can be sent along with the Evernote note and progress can be tracked in real time!

6. Manage Contacts With Evernote

Snapping a photo of business cards, email to Evernote and getting the same onto your iPhone is easy with VAs using Evernote for the job.

Using Evernote’s Hello app keeps data locked in. Valuable contacts and network connections can be recorded in ways even an API cannot make it.

7. Meet Multiple Client Needs

Evernote enables virtual assistants to meet multiple client requirements by creating a notebook for everyone. Maintain every note, document, photo, email or audio file in the notebook.

Finished and approved work is stored in another and invoices and checks in one.

Stacked together, you can find the piece you want, narrowing down the search to certain notebooks and locating data faster.

8. Create A Research Database

With the help of Web Clipper, the internet research can be instantly transferred directly to Evernote by you.

Send the stuff you save as a note to help with your work. Or clip published work as an archive of work samples.

9. Ease Communication Channels

Don’t let emails get lost in the mail.

Forward emails directly to Evernote and collect the details into client notebooks to find later.

Templates in Evernote can be used for just about everything from brainstorming to kicking off projects, with reusable forms.

10. Scanning Data Through Evernote

Using the Evernote camera, the smartphone camera can be used for scanning checks, receipts, invoices and other payment documents.

Save them on Evernote for effective bookkeeping, accounting and billing.

Gain a real professional edge in an ultra-competitive environment with Evernote to handle every challenge you come across as a virtual assistant and make your work (and life) easier!

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