When you’re an entrepreneur, your to-do list piles up each day, even as you frantically race against time to tick items off. Amidst the din and hustle, it is easy to lose sight of the aim you set out for. If the above account describes you perfectly, take courage in knowing that help is just a click away.

Qualified virtual professionals such as Online Business Managers (OBM) take over daily operational and managerial tasks, allowing you to focus on those areas only YOU can handle.

You will be surprised at how efficiently you can run your business by simply delegating responsibilities to a qualified OBM. Read on to find out how you can benefit from hiring an online business manager.

Why Do I Need to Hire an Online Business Manager?

An online business manager is a remotely-based support professional that handles the day-to-day management of projects, operations, and team members. In a nutshell, they synchronize and manage the different aspects of your business while you channel your attention towards growing it.

Here are some areas an OBM can assist your business in:

  • Data and document management
  • Project management
  • Overseeing team coordination
  • Creating standard operating procedures
  • Scheduling and managing appointments
  • Social media management
  • Email marketing
  • Tracking growth and marketing metrics
  • Industry and competitor research
  • Managing customer relations

These are only some of the task-related benefits of hiring an OBM. Here is how you can turn your business around when you hire an online business manager.

Grow Your Business

1.       Focus on what truly matters

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have a lot on their plate. But as your business begins to chart its growth, it is important that you, too, grow out of many of these roles. When you hire a skilled online business manager to focus on core operations, you find the time and bandwidth to focus on high-growth areas of your business.

2.       Don’t miss opportunities

A time crunch translates to missed business opportunities, doing your business great harm in the long run. For instance, you may come across a project that is great for future prospects but you simply do not have the time for it. When you hire an online business manager that focuses on crucial business areas, you have the time to take on more projects, more business, and more growth.

3.       Boost profits

It is common to see businesses steadily making their way up before hitting a point of stagnation. The solution to this is surprisingly simple. It only needs you to take a step back and let someone else take over. An OBM is the perfect ‘someone else’ to help you hit the revenue figures you are aiming for.

4.       Keep the ship sailing smooth

An online business manager is trained in working independently and proactively managing business operations, even if you happen to be missing from the scene. This keeps your ship sailing smooth, as your OBM systematizes business operations by creating standard procedures and uniform processes, and training team members.

5.       Keep an eye on competition

One of the many tasks that an OBM performs is conducting extensive research in various areas. One such crucial area is competition. Task your OBM with conducting competitor research such that your company enjoys an edge in the market. By keeping an eye out on competition and the industry at large, your OBM helps your business chart growth.

6.       Efficiently handled business operations

There are several tasks involved in running a business from day to day. Although they may not appear to be very skill-intensive, piling up on them can significantly slow down your output delivery. With an OBM, you will not have to worry yourself with managing daily operations, paying contractors or invoicing clients.

Effective coordination

7.       Smooth project management

It is often expected of entrepreneurs to be multi-taskers, but it is important to remember that in an attempt to do everything, we often spread our focus so thin that nothing gets the attention that it deserves. Juggling the tasks of managing timelines, tracking budgets, coordinating action, etc. will not only burn you out but the pivotal task of building your business will bear the brunt of it all. Let an OBM handle the details by taking over project management while you do what you are best at. This will also allow your business to take on several projects at a time.

8.       Team issues handled

It could often get frustrating to keep your eyes all over the place and come back to answering your team members’ queries. Entrepreneurs often find themselves complaining about how tiring it is addressing these issues, however great the team maybe. Wouldn’t it be great if you could save them and yourself a ton of stress by hiring an OBM to dedicatedly solve their problems and answer their questions?

9.       Virtual team management

If you do not happen to be physically working alongside your team, things might get even tougher to handle. Many entrepreneurs today work with virtual teams. An OBM ensures that the activities of your virtual team members are well-coordinated, saving you a great deal of trouble.

10.   Hassle-free recruitment

One of the gazillions of tasks that an entrepreneur has to perform is hiring new recruits. This process is very crucial and can make or break your team for self-evident reasons. Having an OBM who is aware of your vision will handle the recruitment process on your behalf. Their years of training and experience will guarantee you the right person for the job.

11.   Simple communication flows

To administer a business as smoothly as possible, clear communication is the key. However, it is important that communication be clear not just with clients and customers but also within the company. When you hire an online business manager to be in direct contact with the team at all times, your task of sending out critical information is simplified. You do not have to waste precious time explaining details to every team member since your OBM can do it for you.

Optimal Use of Time

12.   More time on your hands

Having an OBM on board allows you to save your most precious asset - time. While people set up businesses in the pursuit of professional freedom, the reality is often an acute lack of it. An OBM takes a considerable deal of work off of your hands so that you are left with adequate time to make your unique ideas come to life.

13.   Pick up pace

Every entrepreneur would agree that there is always a ton of tasks that must be done but scarcely comes near to being done! Some require more time than you can afford to spare while others require you to first learn the basics. Whatever the problem may be, hiring an online business manager is the solution. Trained in efficient time management, an OBM will not just perform tasks you need help with, but will also perform them in a timely manner, allowing your business to pick up pace.

14.   More time = More money

More time on your hands will not just help your personal well-being but will also fetch you greater profits. With more time comes the opportunity to scale your business, expand your customer base, and ultimately boost your revenue. When you hire an online business manager, they free your schedule of a multitude of tasks that do not need your immediate supervision.

15.   Get more things done

If you feel like your faculties are being pushed to their snapping point, it’s probably time to take a break and reflect. Hire an online business manager to handle tasks that unnecessarily intrude upon your time. Moreover, there are several tasks that you may not hold the expertise for. It makes good business sense to let someone else take over those areas to get more time and get more things done.

Daily Task Assistance

16.   Clear the clutter

It is common knowledge that working in a messy room can obstruct your concentration and productivity. By extension, having your files and documents all over the place can also hinder the smooth and efficient work-life you desire. Hire an OBM to keep your documents and data organized in such a manner that it is readily accessible when you need it.

17.   Keep operations under control

It is impossible for you to be in charge of everything, from designing the website to managing the hiring process. Rather than wait for a huge crisis to come crashing down, it is advisable to hire an online business manager to get some much-needed help in running daily operations.

18.   Social media presence

It is absolutely necessary for businesses today, conventional or not, to have a social media presence. This is an area that demands dedicated energy and time. Hire an online business manager to take care of your business’ social media presence instead of doing it all by yourself.

19.   Tracking metrics

An online business manager also keeps track of growth metrics and regularly review them. This involves constantly checking e-mail lists, social media followers and subscribers to make sure that the business is making inroads while you work on scaling operations.

20.   Building customer rapport

Striking the right chord with one's customers is the cornerstone of a successful business. Maintaining proper and regular customer interaction is important to your business. This involves prompt and quick communication over social media, e-mails or phone. As an entrepreneur, it’s impossible to respond to customer queries and resolve grievances all by yourself. Hire an online business manager to step in and build rapport with your customers.

21.   Email marketing

An ever-increasing list of subscribers is important for new businesses to gain ground. This requires not just targeting audience and updating email list, but also planning and implementing strategies on them. This is an essential task, though a monotonous one. Task your online business manager with managing email marketing campaigns and keeping subscriber lists updated.

Experience Personal Growth

22.   Sound mental health

Any entrepreneur will testify to the enormous anxiety and stress involved in running a business, especially in the initial stages. Doing so may come at a great cost, but do not let your inner peace and family time be the victims. By hiring an online business manager, you make more time for yourself, focus on your mental health, and ensure a balance between your personal life and work life.

23.   Strike work-life balance

By handling daily business functions and important tasks, your online business manager leaves you with the free time you always dreamt of. Go ahead and enjoy the liberties that come with running your own business; do not hesitate to take a day off to spend it with your family. An OBM will allow you to do just that.

24.   Enhanced decision making

OBMs work with a high degree of independence as they look after your business. This means that they help you make the right decisions, keeping in mind the best interests of the company. This is a huge boon, especially for new entrepreneurs who often feel lost and overwhelmed. This also helps in saving time since you can trust OBMs to make smart moves, even without your intervention.

25.   A wise counsel

Online business managers are trained to understand your goals as an entrepreneur. As such, they have an inherent ability to share your ideas of structuring the business and its operations. Their focus is solely on your vision of the outcome. As a result, during times of crises, their wise counsel can act as a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.

26.   Reclaim your vision

Many entrepreneurs tend to get so bogged down by the demands of starting up that they lose sight of the vision they began with. Do not let yourself become one of these. Stop taking on day-to-day tasks that you do not enjoy and delegate them to your OBM while you focus on realizing your stellar business ideas.

27.   Sharpen your focus

If you’re struggling to grow your venture, it is time to ask yourself where things are going wrong. As an owner, it is important that you act as the leader and distance yourself from tasks of recurring nature. Hire an online business manager to take care of such tasks while you sharpen your focus on realizing your business’ goals.

Save Money

28.   Reduce business costs

When you hire in-house, you incur the fixed costs of monthly salaries, benefits, real estate, et al. But when you hire an online business manager that works remotely, you end up saving on all such costs. Reduce your business’ monthly bills and go the remote way to save money.

29.   No training expenses

An online business manager is a rigorously trained professional that holds years of experience. This means that, unlike with in-house employees, you don’t need to waste a second on training your OBM. At Wishup, you can choose from highly trained and skilled online business managers for your business.

30.   Hire at a click

So how do you know it’s time to hire an online business manager? If you find yourself spending more time managing operations rather than scaling operations, there is a lot you can benefit from hiring an OBM. Sign up at Wishup and realize the benefits of working with a trained online business manager today!

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