Thanks to the rise of social media, travelling for work is being glamorized a lot these days.But only a true business traveller knows that travelling for work has its struggles too!

From keeping track of all your expenditure to unexpected changes in schedules, it can be tough juggling work commitments.

Don’t want to get sidelined by non-productive tasks?

Then, dive deep into this list of tools we’ve compiled that would help you focus on making the most of your business trip!

1. Virtual Closet: Dress For Success

Say goodbye to standing in line for baggage claims, luggage security checks and laundry bills!

DUFL is a virtual closet and concierge service that simplifies business travel by shipping, cleaning and storing business attire.

You can pack virtually through their app and your clothes will arrive at your destination, as scheduled.

Be luggage (and care) free with this amazing app for business travelers who seek to cut down on storing attire, yet exude the perfect corporate image with a crisp suit, with a simple swipe of a smartphone.


Check out DUFL here

2. Translator and Culture Guide: Bridge the Divide

Say Aloha, Bonjour and Namaste without missing a beat, depending on which part of the globe your work takes you.

Break the cultural divide and trust TripLingo.

So, how does this translation app work?

For international travellers, breaking the language barrier and understanding a different culture can be a struggle.

TripLingo solves this problem by not only offering on-demand language translation, but also provide you with language learning guides, cultural tips, helpline numbers, a WiFi caller and even a book of common phrases to use.


3. Virtual Assistant: Get It Done

Need a one man army to plan your business trip yet running a race against time?

Wishup’s app is the ultimate tool you can rely on while you’re travelling, or planning a work presentation for a conference.

From planning itineraries, making lounge reservations and travel bookings, you can get your Wishup virtual assistant to do it all!

The assistant makes recommendations, shows you the best deals and even manages flight cancellations or reschedule travel  so that you’re completely stress free on your business trip.


Check out Wishup here

4. Expense Tracking: Accounting on the Go

Need to carry out crucial everyday bookkeeping tasks on the go, without an accountant?

Keeping track of paper receipts, online receipts and phone notifications can be a huge headache, especially when you then have to put them in a report to get your money back!

Fyle has made expense reporting much easier through their mobile and web app that lets you report expenses on the go.


5. WiFi Finder: Never Miss a Connection

Tired of logging off unceremoniously in the middle of a business call, because your wireless internet has developed a snag?

Wiffinity claims to protect your right to be online always!

The tool detects all free Wifi Hotspots on an interactive map, so you can have access to the nearest one, even while travelling.

It works on a community of users that add new networks as they find it, making it a reliable tool.


Final Word

With all of these tools in your arsenal, we hope you’ll be the most savvy business traveller wherever you go!

The best part about each of these amazing applications is the enormous time, money and hardships you cut down on.

Make international business traveling a pleasure, with the best apps in the business to help you out!

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