An administrative assistant plays a very important role in any business. If the administrative management is done right, your business efficiency is halfway checked.

What you might typically imagine when administrative assistant is mentioned is someone who regularly attends a physical space called office, is a full-time employee on a proper payroll and manages all administrative related tasks.

Well, let's introduce you to an administrative virtual assistant who can be a really great value-addition to your business.

What is a virtual administrative assistant?

A virtual administrative assistant is an extremely flexible resource who works remotely. They are trained to do administrative tasks of all kinds and have proven to be very efficient. They can work for individuals and small to large scale businesses.

They get paid for the exact amount of work done, which means that they're managed by a parent companies like Zirtual, Wishup etc. from where you can subscribe for an administrative assistant from their packages. Virtual assistant mostly charge on an hourly basis. You can also find administrative assistants on a freelance basis on websites like Upwork, Fiverr etc.  

What can a virtual administrative assistant do?

A virtual administrative assistant can do numerous administrative tasks for you. Here are few tasks listed down for you:

Email management

Inboxes are perpetually cluttered and your virtual assistant can help you set filters, sort it and keep it organised for you to access information anytime. They can also set up auto-responders and manage multiple mailboxes at a time. They can also respond to inbound queries and customer mails.

Manage appointments

You can get all your appointments scheduled and managed. Ask your virtual assistant to send you reminders, confirm appointments, send invites to people and more.

Record maintenance

Manage all your databases regularly. Your virtual assistant will make entries, regularly update, share and manage all office related records.

Customer relationship

Your virtual assistant can follow up on your customers, foster a good relationship, follow up and engage with new developments, products etc.

Draft communication

Your virtual assistant can draft mailers for you. Any office related communication, materials, presentation etc. can be drafted by your virtual assistant so that it's easier for you to just run over it and make final changes.

There's a lot more that you can outsource to your virtual assistant depending your business requirements.

Steps to hire a virtual administrative assistant

Step 1. Find service providers online or freelancers

There are numerous freelancer hiring websites like Fiverr, Upwork who are looking for administrative projects to work on virtually. There are also companies like Zirtual, Wishup, Brickworks India that have a team of extremely efficient, qualified and experienced virtual assistants for administrative assistance. Do your research well, take reviews and connect with the ones you like.  

Step 2. Set your administrative needs clearly.

Administration is a very large ambit of work. Since time is a limited factor, make a clear list of administrative tasks that you wish to outsource and the frequency of getting it done. This will also help you understand how much support you would require and can hire accordingly.

Step 3. Do a price comparison to suit your budget

Do a complete research online to understand the cost of hiring a virtual assistant and what suits your budget. Compare all the options available in terms of pricing, quality of services etc. Read up reviews, ask people who have used services before, read customer testimonials before you make the final choice.

Step 4. Have a word with your virtual assistant

Once you connect with a virtual assistant and feel that it's working out well, discuss the administrative needs that you laid out before and find out how comfortable the person will be with the tasks.  Gauge their experience, expertise, strengths and weaknesses as much as a possible in a casual conversation. If it fits the bill, go ahead. If not, keep looking until you find another option that suits your need.

Step 5. Plan your next steps with the virtual assistant

So by now, you've already found your virtual assistant and are ready to roll. Since it's a virtual working process, it's better to lay down task routines, quality of output, update mechanisms etc. By laying the foundation strong, you will be able to make the best use of your virtual assistant.

Virtual administrative assistant job description samples

If you're looking to hire a virtual administrative assistant, we've made it simple for you. Here are two job description samples that you can tweak and use to hire a really good assistant.  

Virtual administrative assistant job description sample 1

If you're a small business looking for a virtual assistant to help you with office administration then here's a sample for you.

Job Summary

We're looking for a virtual assistant who can work remotely with our team on office administration tasks. The ideal candidate would be very organised, detail-oriented, and efficient communicator. Similar job experience is not required, but we do need someone dependable who will work hard and bring a positive attitude.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Online Market Research
  • Proofreading and editing business material, reports, newsletter etc.
  • Interpreting data and creating data summary presentations
  • Data entry and database management
  • Calendar management
  • Scheduling and managing appointments
  • Assisting with travel planning and accommodations
  • Manage emails and responding to inquiries
  • Customer follow up
  • Set-up auto-response on Mailchimp, Weber etc.

Job requirements

  • Graduate or above;
  • Work Experience in Administration preferred but not required.
  • Ability to multi-task and work independently
  • Must have good internet access and laptop/PC.

Virtual administrative assistant job description sample 2

If you're self-employed and looking for a virtual assistant to help you with basic administrative tasks then here's a sample for you.

Job Summary

Looking for a virtual assistant on an immediate basis to help with basic administrative and office-realted tasks. I'm looking for someone who has worked as an administrative assistant before and has the ability to multi-task and work efficienctly.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Creating and editing business reports and meeting data.
  • Researching online for market trends and influencers to network with.
  • Data entry and database management
  • Scheduling and managing appointments and calendar, also setting up reminders.
  • Assisting with travel planning and accommodations
  • Manage emails and responding to inquiries and escalating potential customers.
  • Customer follow up

Skill requirements

  • Well-versed with English, both written and spoken
  • Fast typing skills, 75-80 wpm.
  • Multi-tasking abilities
  • Can stick to deadlines
  • Proficient with Microsoft or G-Suite Products
  • Attention to detail

Cost of hiring a virtual administrative assistant

Considering the amount of tasks that a virtual assistant can efficiently do, hiring one can be extremely beneficial. But the cost of a virtual administrative assistant varies from country to country.

English proficiency is one of the reasons why virtual assistants from developed countries like US and Australia cost more than India or Philippines. India is a good hub to hire a virtual assistant in present times owing to the cost-friendliness as well as high level of English proficiency.

Country Cost
US $15-30
UK $12-15
Australia $15-30
India $8-12
Philippines $6-12

Benefits of hiring a virtual administrative assistant

There's a lot that you will gain once you hire a virtual assistant for your administrative tasks.

Administrative support is automated

Administrative tasks are so exhausting and time-consuming. You could be spending hours on it and yet not be able to wind it up. Hiring a virtual assistant will automate all your administrative worries. Your human assistant will consistently and efficiently manage all your administrative tasks without you having to micromanage it.

Find time to focus on more important things

Since your virtual administrative assistant has freed you of your administrative tasks now, you might find a whole lot of time to focus on the larger strategy of your business. You will also experience a work-life balance that you'd never want to get rid of.

Professional support that is cost-friendly

Virtual assistants are extremely pocket friendly because they work out of their own space and have their own infrastructural support. You can subscribe them for greater support during peak seasons and reduce it when there's a slack period. Isn't that cost-effective? You need not get burdened with having to pay a resource throughout.


Hiring a virtual administrative assistant seems like a big task, but it can be both mentally and financially rewarding. If you do your homework well, hire right, lay the process and work rules well, you'll soon head towards success. And once your new virtual administrative assistant has warmed up to the new process, they'll soon be on their own. You'll have more time and energy to spend on the things that matter the most to you and your business.

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