An overflowing mailbox can be a huge distraction and take time away from other important tasks. You may often miss deadlines or vital information due to the downpour of unimportant emails hampering your efficiency. If you’re an entrepreneur who spends too much time reading, organizing, and responding to emails each day, you’re effectively wasting precious time you can instead spend on growing your business. Hire a virtual email assistant to save hours every day and have a trained professional look after your inbox.

What is a Virtual Email Assistant?

A virtual email assistant is a trained professional who manages and organizes your mailbox. They sort important emails, keep your inbox clutter-free, and give you freedom from reading unnecessary emails every day. With a virtual email assistant, you no longer have to miss important communication. Neither do you have to waste valuable time keeping your inbox organized. With the help of the VA, you can free yourself of menial email-related tasks and focus on building your empire.

What Can a Virtual Email Assistant Do?

When you hire a virtual email assistant, they will take over email management for you. Once you set up your email and give them access, your life will become a lot easier. Whether you have a single account or multiple work accounts, they are trained to take care of it all. Here are some tasks you can delegate to your virtual email assistant.

1.       Sorting emails

Sorting your inbox for unimportant emails takes a significant portion of your time. However, this can easily be taken care of once you hire a virtual email assistant. Unsubscribing for spam lists, cleaning up, archiving and deleting old emails are some of the tasks your VA will do to unclog your cluttered mailbox.

2.       Responding to emails

A virtual email assistant not only responds to incoming emails, they also send out introductory emails to new customers. When you hire a virtual email assistant, you do not have to worry about regular follow-ups with clients or answering their queries.

3.       Calendar management

Since most important meetings and appointments take place via email, it is imperative that you don’t forget or miss out on any. If you hire a virtual email assistant, they will log all your meetings and upcoming appointments on your calendar. They will also provide you with updates and reminders to ensure there are confusions with respect to your schedule.

4.       Updating contacts

Hire a virtual email assistant to take care of updating your contact book. They are trained to use tools like Ever contact that retrieve information directly from email signatures.

5.       Setting up auto responses

During times when you are not present in the office or cannot be contacted, your VA will draft templates for generic responses for all your clients. This way, you can automatically send out emails without having to approve and read through them each time.

Steps to Hire a Virtual Email Assistant

You are probably wondering how you can find and hire a virtual email assistant who will free you from unwanted stress and frustration. Here is how you can hire a virtual email assistant who is the best fit for your company.

1.       Look for online VA platforms

When you are trying to hire a virtual email assistant, the first step is to do your research on various service providers. There are a host of online platforms you can turn to. Companies like Wishup will offer skilled talent with specific skill sets.

2.       Compare

Once you’ve shortlisted service providers, compare them on pricing, ease of rehiring, and most importantly - the reliability and experience of the VAs. This will ensure that you hire the right person for the job.

3.       Set a task list

Once you decide upon a company, make a list of all the things you need and expect from your VA. Establish certain ground rules for them to help them understand what you’re looking for. The best part is that you don’t have to micromanage your virtual assistant once you’ve communicated your expectations to them.

4.       Connect with your VA

Before you finalize and hire a virtual email assistant, it is important that you talk to your VA. This will help you understand their thought process, their methods of working and help you decide if they are right for you and your company. It is important to hire someone you can work with since they will be in touch with you for daily updates. Some of the deciding factors can include good communication skills, reliability and a strong work ethic.

5.       Start delegating

Once you hire a virtual email assistant, you can start delegating work and responsibilities to them. To ensure smooth sailing, check in with them daily, assess their competency, and start making your life easier!

Virtual Email Assistant Job Description Samples

Creating a job description that caters to your needs is a helpful way to hire a virtual email assistant. This will make outsourcing easy as you have a clear idea about what you want in your VA.

Virtual Email Assistant Job Description Sample 1

Job summary

We are looking to hire a virtual email assistant who can set up an efficient system for managing emails to ensure easy access and usage.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Will set up a systematic way to manage emails
  • Label important clients
  • Unsubscribe from spam lists

Job requirements

  • Holds a graduate degree
  • Well-versed with any mailing system
  • Has prior experience in setting up emails

Virtual Email Assistant Job Description Sample 2

Job summary

We are seeking a virtual email assistant who is capable of setting up an email system and carry day-to-day functioning that takes place through email.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Set up email accounts in an efficient way
  • Sort through emails and respond to clients
  • Set up auto-responder in case of your absence
  • Manage your calendar and give daily updates about upcoming meetings

Job requirements

  • Holds a graduate degree
  • Holds prior experience as an email assistant
  • Proficient communication skills
  • Well-versed in English

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Email Assistant

1.       Save time

Constantly peeking at your phone to check emails is a terrible waste your time and productivity. When you hire a virtual email assistant, you can focus on the more important tasks at hand and save hours in your day.

2.       Be more organized

When you hire a virtual email assistant, you no longer need to spend time organizing your inbox. Your VA will make sure your inbox is clutter free at all times and there are no emails that remain unread.

3.       Never miss a meeting

A virtual email assistant is trained to keep track of and update your calendar. They will keep you updated on upcoming  meetings and appointments and add them to your calendar. Never miss a meeting because you missed an important mail!

4.       No training hassles

The best part about working with a virtual email assistant is that you benefit from the expertise of a thoroughly experienced and trained professional. Because your VA knows exactly what they’re doing, you don’t need to spend time and money training them.

5.       Pay per use

Working with a virtual assistant is an affordable way to grow your business. You don’t need to pay your VA a fixed monthly salary, only compensation for the number of hours you consume of their bandwidth.

6.       Easily available

With dedicated virtual assistant platforms like Wishup, you can hire a virtual email assistant in a jiffy. Choose from hundreds of vetted profiles and get just the person you’re looking for. Sign up for a free consultation and start getting your mailbox organized today!

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