If you run a startup, you may often find yourself juggling between personal and work commitments as you have hundreds of items to tick off on your checklist. It is important for business owners to realize that while they may be exceptional in different spheres of work, they cannot oversee each and every process. Trying to master everything may sound great on paper, but is physically impossible to do.

When your business is thriving, you often find yourself pushing over the limit. While you are dedicated to making it big, too much stress can tire you out and eventually lead to errors that can hamper growth.

The solution? Delegating right, especially when it comes to the sales department. Hire a virtual sales assistant to support your sales team, all at a surprisingly affordable price.

What is a Virtual Sales Assistant?

A virtual sales assistant works for your business remotely, offering sales support through a range of tasks. Most startups have too much on their plate from mundane to time-sensitive crucial tasks. It is a tough job to get your idea off the ground and up-and-running. When in the initial stages of your business, you often end up spreading yourself too thin, resulting in a slump in growth and productivity.

When you hire a virtual sales assistant, you tackle growth and operational issues by getting a skilled professional on board. Your assistant will use their expertise to implement innovative and surefire ways to scale business.

What Can a Virtual Sales Assistant Do?

1.       Lead generation

To convert potential customers into actual paying ones, you need a pipeline full of quality leads. Your virtual sales assistant will identify the right leads and contact them, leaving you and your sales team with enough time to focus on more strategic areas.

2.       Updating CRM

A virtual sales assistant is skilled in working with various CRM tools. They will manage the entire CRM system, pitch to prospects, and effectively drive sales success.

3.       Data entry

Managing and updating customer databases is an important part of sales. Hire a virtual sales assistant to take care of data entry tasks and store all data in a centralized, efficient manner.

4.       Prospect research

Hire a virtual sales assistant to identify the right prospects and reach out to them on various channels. With a skilled virtual sales assistant, you can get stellar support on sales tasks to fire your business’ growth.

Steps to Hire a Virtual Sales Assistant

1.       Find VA services online

When trying to hire a virtual sales assistant, you can choose from multiple Virtual Assistant companies like Wishup, Brickworks India, Upwork, etc. Once you have access to their pool of talented professionals, you can judge the quality of service for yourself.

2.       Compare

Before you hire a virtual sales assistant, compare your options on pricing, quality and reliability of the VAs. Browse through client testimonials for an unbiased opinion on the top virtual sales assistants to make an informed decision.

3.       Workflow documentation

Once you have decided upon the company and selected a virtual sales assistant, you will need to take them through your company’s process and explain various tasks. Prepare a list of tasks and set expectations right at the beginning.

4.       Talk to your VA

When you hire a virtual sales assistant, it is important to have an honest discussion with them to see if they actually understand your company’s culture and fit in well. Reliability, work ethic, time management and proficient communication skills are some important qualities that your VA must possess.

5.       Delegate tasks

By this step, the hard work is finally over. Now, it is time for you to rest easy and simply delegate responsibilities you had documented earlier in your workflow. For optimal functioning, discuss daily schedules, agendas and goals that need to be met. Teach them about the intricacies of your sales operations and lay the first steps for establishing a strong working relationship.

Virtual Sales Assistant Job Description Samples

When you are looking to hire a virtual sales assistant, create a job description and summary based on the kind of work you wish to outsource. This will ensure more precision in finding the perfect VA that will fit the description and do the job well.

Virtual Sales Assistant Job Description Sample 1

If you wish to hire a virtual sales assistant that will be more hands-on and deal with daily administrative work, here’s a sample for you.

Job summary

We are looking to hire a virtual sales assistant who can dedicate their time and effort into handling the day-to-day functioning of the sales team and implement creative methods to promote sales.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Look into the daily activities of the sales team
  • Track progress and growth of each employee
  • Make notes to update the CRM software
  • Schedule calls with potential leads for the sales team

Job requirements

  • Well-versed with business software like Google and Microsoft Office
  • Proficient communication skills via calls, email or text
  • Experienced in basic organizational and project management skills
  • Well-versed with tools like Outreach that can execute outreach and manage responses

Virtual Sales Assistant Job Description Sample 2

When you are trying to hire a virtual sales assistant that is focused more on generating new leads and client database expansion, this sample will be helpful.

Job summary

We are seeking a virtual sales assistant who is capable of generating new leads, work on top sales projects and establish a wide customer base.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Target top accounts and top players
  • A dedicated team player and strong leader
  • Research on cold and hot leads

Job requirements

  • Prior experience with working on sales project
  • Can use tools like Lead IQ to retrieve email addresses of top accounts
  • Well-versed with tools like BuzzSumo that can help build influencer lists

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Sales Assistant

1.       Cost-Effective

When you hire a virtual sales assistant, you end up saving a lot of money. Hiring a virtual employee works out to be much more affordable than hiring full time. You save on salaries, office rental, and supplies. Start saving money by hiring a skilled professional at Wishup.

2.       After hours support

While full-time employees are available only during business hours, your virtual sales assistant is there for you even after you shut shop. Especially if they are in a different time zone, you get round-the-clock sales support for your business.

3.       Pay per use

As a small business, you may not have enough work to keep full-time employees busy. So why pay someone huge benefits and salaries to work 40 hours a week when you’re not using them for those hours? When you hire a virtual sales assistant, you only pay for the hours you consume!

4.       Trained professionals

Virtual sales assistants are trained professionals who lose no time in getting to work. This can be especially useful to entrepreneurs running a busy ship and who need affordable sales support immediately.

5.       Easy onboarding

Growing businesses just don’t have the time to spend on recruitment and hiring. With Wishup, you get trained virtual sales assistants that are ready to begin work!

Lose no time in powering your business with expert virtual assistant services. Get your VA on board today!

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