If you're someone who is constantly travelling either for work, then you certainly understand the turmoil that goes behind planning that travel. With an overwhelming task list, the last thing you want to do is get into the nitty-gritty of travel management. Hire a virtual travel assistant instead!

What is a Virtual Travel Assistant?

A virtual travel assistant is a remote employee who helps you with your travel needs like travel arrangements, itinerary planning, reservations, visa, travel recommendation research and more. They are dedicated to find you the best travel deals, operate out of their space and can be hired on an hourly basis as per your requirements.

What Can a Virtual Travel Assistant Do?

A virtual travel assistant can handle tasks from A-Z of travel management. We have compiled a list for you that can be outsourced to a virtual travel assistant.

1. Planning itineraries

Let your virtual travel assistant know what kind of vacation or travel you're looking at or a destination that you have on your mind and they will go all over the internet to craft itineraries suiting your needs with great care.

2. Manage travel expenses

You can ask your virtual travel assistant to record, track and manage your travel expenses so that you stay financially planned and organised at all times.

3. Make reservations

Whether it's a restaurant, hotel room, local events, group meetings, your virtual travel assistant will find the best deal within your budget and make reservations on your behalf. This way you can swoon in to places carefree!

4. Manage travel bookings

Have too many trips in a week or want to suddenly travel for business or personal reasons? Let your virtual travel assistant know and they will compare the best flight, train, bus deals and present you options to simply go ahead and book it. You save yourself hours of research and the hassle of comparing the plethora of options online.  

5. Manage impromptu plans and changes

Due to travel on-the go and hence have plans that changes often to accommodate other business or personal ventures? Your virtual travel assistant can be of great support here by helping you plan and manage the changes cost-effectively.

6. Find best travel deals

Your virtual travel assistant can find you the best deals online so that you can save money while not compromising on your standards and expectations.

7. Research for travel recommendations online

If you’re new to a place and wish to explore it like a traveller, your virtual travel assistants will churn the web to bring you the best tourist recommendations and things to do. You can simply prepare for the journey and not worry about having to plan it.

Steps to Hire a Virtual Travel Assistant

Hiring a virtual travel assistant is a pretty simple process and the best part is that it is quick once you have decided which service provider you want to connect with. We recommend that you follow these 4 simple steps to land yourself a great virtual travel assistant.

Step 1: Decide where you wish to hire your virtual travel assistant from

There are so many options online that you might just get lost while researching. Keep it simple, quick, look up for popular and recommended options online. Keep your budget in mind while you do this. There are freelance assistants as well as those who represent a company. See what suits you the best but remember not to waste a lot of time here.

Step 2: Review and compare the options that you have shortlisted

Now that you have shortlisted the options, make a list of pros and cons for each and then sit back and see what suits you the best despite all the odds. By the end of this process, you will have narrowed your options down to be able to finalise it soon.

Step 3: Connect with the virtual assistant or company.

Connect with all the options that you have shortlisted individually and take an experience of the process of work, work profile etc. If it's a freelancer, there's a lot to gauge because there's no company that you can hold responsible in case of a bad experience but a virtual assistant company will back you up with their support staff. Consider loopholes before you finally decide.

Step 4: Select the VA that suits your bid and get started.

Now, that you have your virtual travel assistant, it's time to lay down the work process, scope of work, modes of communication. Give your virtual travel assistant an overview of your general travel experience

Virtual Travel Assistant Job Description Samples

If you're looking to hire a virtual travel assistant, having a good job description sample will help hire you an efficient resource. We have crafted two samples for you to take inspiration from.

Virtual Travel Assistant Job Description Sample 1

If you're an individual who wants to hire a virtual travel assistant to help you with your business travel plans, then here's a sample for you.

Job Summary

Urgently looking for a virtual travel assistant who can assist with travel related tasks like managing reservations, travel bookings etc. The ideal candidate would be flexible, spontaneous and detail-oriented. It would be great to have someone with prior experience in travel management but it's not a requirement.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Plan itineraries and research for businesses to network with.
  • Make travel bookings and hotel accomodations.
  • Manage all visa process related work.
  • Look for shared office spaces in designated travel locations and make reservations.
  • Assist in making car reservations for local travel.

Job Requirements

  • Graduate or above.
  • Well-versed with travel booking apps and platforms.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English.

Virtual Travel Assistant Job Description Sample 2

If you're looking to hire a virtual travel assistant to manage travel plans for your team, then here's a sample for you.

Job Summary

We are looking for a virtual travel assistant to help our team on business travel planning and management. Our ideal candidate would be someone who is comfortable working with teams, can multi-task and is spontaneous. Our teams are on constant travel across the globe to meet and network with partners and new businesses. We're looking to hire a virtual travel assistant who can make travel arrangements for our team's business travel.

Roles and Requirements

  • Attend business travel meetings and make a draft of the next travel plan.
  • Research for the best group travel booking deal online and make reservations.
  • Arrange for corporate hotel bookings.
  • Research for meeting venues, shared working space etc. as and when required.
  • Manage all visa process related work.

Job Requirements

  • Graduate or above.
  • Prior experience in a similar role required.
  • Good team player.
  • Well versed with Asana.

How Much Does a Virtual Travel Assistant Cost?

Hiring a virtual travel assistant is cost-effective to be honest. You save on all that unnecessary cost on hiring a full-time, in-house employee. Virtual travel assistants can be hired between a price range of $12-50 per hour, depending upon where you're hiring them from.

The geography, experience and frequency of tasks, in this case, will decide the cost of hiring a virtual assistant. Here is our approximate range of cost as per geography.

Location Cost
US $15-30/hour
UK $12-30/hour
India $8-10
Philippines $8-10
Australia $15-25

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Travel Assistant

Managing travel planning and allied tasks on your own can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. Hiring a virtual travel assistant can be of great relief. Here are some assured benefits:

1. Significant cost savings

Your virtual travel assistant is good at looking for pocket-friendly travel options. Even when an urgent plan pops up, you will not have to settle for expensive options. Your virtual assistant will give you more cost savings on travel than any other.

2. Instant travel booking

Your virtual assistant can fix your impromptu travel ideas into a proper plan. You can make instant reservations and bookings through your virtual travel assistant who will bring you the best possible options to choose from.

3. Continuous assistance throughout your travel

A virtual travel assistant will ensure to give you support from the beginning to the end of your travel plan. So in case of any change in plan, you need not worry. Your virtual travel assistant will handle it remotely and make necessary arrangements at the earliest.

4. Flexible travel and accommodation options based on your requirements

Whether it's a luxury travel or a budget travel, your virtual assistant will help you find options that are tailored to suit your requirements and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there could be a lot popping up in your mind by now. Have many questions? Here is our compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions about a virtual travel assistant.

1. Can a virtual travel assistant manage all my travel arrangements working remotely?

Yes, that's their speciality. They can help you travel globally while being remotely present throughout the process.

2. Does a virtual travel assistant accommodate sudden change in travel plans?

Yes, they will swiftly find you new travel and accommodation options so that all the changes can be managed efficiently at the earliest.

3. Will a virtual travel assistant help with travel planning for a team?

Yes, you virtual travel assistant can be hired to assistant an individual as well as a team.

4. Does a virtual assistant make bookings or payments on my behalf?

This is a very subjective question. It depends on individual service provider and company policy. Also to let you know that a lot of them don't make payments on your behalf.


When searching for a virtual travel assistant outside of your region, one of the most important factors to consider is how location can affect real-time communication. Virtual travel assistants work round the clock which opens you up to a larger pool of potential candidates.

However, time zone is something that you must keep in mind: Working across time zones can lengthen your timelines with less opportunity to interact live, but can also be used to your advantage, such as round-the-clock customer support or critical work being done while you sleep.

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