An explorer in the Malaysian jungles, a triathlete and Iron man participant, a leading MD and business executive, an entrepreneur – there are many sides to Denis Oakley.

This startup strategist coaches businesses to redesign their model and focus on how to make productivity a target that can be reached.

For Denis, creating value and prioritizing customers is the mantra for business success.

He is also active on Quora for his views and perspectives.

Denis started his journey as an executive reaching up to an MD post of a corporate group he set up beside working as a Chief Strategy Officer for CalTheory.

He has helped over 300 companies redesign their business models and taste success.

He has also advised the US and Australia early stage startups Whispa, The Authenticity Alliance Fittie and many more for strategies regarding SaaS, mobile and enterprise markets.

Denis derives his inspiration from helping solopreneurs and startup entrepreneurs to develop their true calling as service providers.

From 6 phase meditation to extolling Tim Ferris’s philosophy for quick hacks to improve personal and professional impact, Denis feels growth is all about seeing things differently and finding the opportunity for success.

So, let’s delve into Denis’s insights and ideas about virtual assistance, productivity and entrepreneurs.

1. Are virtual assistants beneficial for business?

I have found that VA’s can be great for a business or a drag on productivity.

When I ran operations for a Y-Combinator based startup in Malaysia we used a team of VA’s to manage a large number of day to day tasks and get our reporting working really well.

That’s the best case. you need clearly defined processes where the costs of seeing and checking compliance are low.

When tasks are a lot more unstructured using VA’s can be more problematic.

I’ve found in my experience of Filipino VA’s that the job will get done only 70% as well as you’d like it to be done if you provide general instructions.

It is also incredibly difficult to find a good VA and retain one.

They disappear.

Then suddenly you have your business falling apart as no one is doing social media, processing sales or clearing out an email.

That is a huge pain and why I and a lot of my friends are moving to managed VA companies.

Knowing that someone else can manage all the recruitment and management of the VA is well worth every extra penny you spend.

2. Are virtual assistance and remote work viable business models?

Over the years I have spent well over $250,000 on virtual assistants and remote contractors.

They have provided invaluable to getting many businesses set up and profitable.

3. As an entrepreneur, how do you boost your productivity?

My approach to managing productivity as an entrepreneur is to be very clear about my goals and be sure that everything that I do contributes to daily, weekly and yearly goals.

Increasingly that is all about making sure that I focus on what I am great at and having a team behind me who can do the stuff I hate.

These were some of the unique and out-of-the-box insights Denis shared with Wishup.

With an MBA from Warwick Business School, Electrical and Electronic Engineering at degree level and Systemic Engineering at Master’s level, Denis also has an enduring love for philosophy, which he has studied.

His influences range from playwright George Bernard Shaw to philosopher Nietzsche. Strategy, marketing, growth and operational improvement are his core areas of interest.

Denis explores the true potential of growth strategies for startups, charts his journey and shares his insights on his blog

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