Facing too many tough tasks? Is it a struggle to meet business deadlines?

One of the top reasons for business failures is the Superhero Syndrome.A dangerous downward spiral results, when entrepreneurs wear too many hats simply because we all have 24 hours in a day. As an entrepreneur, you need to focus on more important tasks, the bigger picture.

Outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants is just what a growing business needs. It works out to leverage your time by hiring top talent. The virtual assistant industry is poised to grow at a CAGR of 11.60 percent between 2017 and 2021.

Clearly, expanding businesses with growing needs can’t do without a virtual assistant.

1. Buy More Time, Improve Your Sales!

If you’re looking to start working on your business instead of being trapped by work schedules, virtual assistant can be the solution to the problem.

From simple email management to scheduling appointments with clients, there’s virtually no task a virtual assistant is not up to.

Now follow up with clients and customers, answer calls, manage calendars and organize files without lifting a finger!

2. Online Research

One of the first tasks that a virtual assistant should be allocated is research. Database management is the core of this.

By updating contact or email lists on CRM and researching on topics for blog-posts and newsletters, a virtual assistant can double up as your go-to researcher for basic groundwork and go beyond the Google search engines.

Unearthing insights from facts, figures and stats, these virtual assistant professionals offer actionable inputs for business growth.

3. Managing Bookings

Whether it’s hotel bookings or purchasing a flight ticket, stay on top of things, with a virtual assistant to help you out.

From scheduling appointments to being a liaison between you and other team members, no task is too tough for the virtual assistant.

4. Reports in Minutes

Whether you want the minutes of a meeting or basic reports on deliverable, sales and weekly tasks, basic reports are easy to put together for trained, professional virtual assistants.

Now, receive analytics and manage content in one shot, with skilled virtual assistant experts to handle your daily work commitments.

5. Manage Online Presence

Whether it’s your digital calling card (your website) or social media accounts, a virtual assistant can make a difference to your online visibility.

Setting up social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter and managing as well as updating these is part of their domain.

They can also manage comments and handle edits to your official business site.

6. Simplify SEO

From social media management to search engine optimization, your virtual assistant can accomplish a lot for your business.

Researching content, staying ahead of the trends, incorporating keywords and ranking higher are all in a day’s work for a dedicated virtual assistant.

7. Taking on Templates

A virtual assistant can follow templates and carry out routine tasks effortlessly.

If repetitive tasks are crowding out the priority items on your to-do list, it’s time to hire a virtual assistant who can successfully complete handling these.

Make more time for your business and take the work out of your role as an entrepreneur.

From creating presentations to workbooks and materials, designing sales pages and pitching articles, there’s a whole lot more your virtual assistant can do than just answering the mail.

8. From Blog to Vlog

You cannot make build a business single handedly.

Here to make it easier, virtual assistant offer the perfect mantra for your business to make a transition to a hi-tech avatar.

Don’t think of it as mere delegation. Your virtual assistant is your trusted ally where it involves content creation, social media marketing, email marketing and much more.

9. Administrative and Accounting Tasks

If you’ve been chained to the desk and saddled with a loss of productivity, break free today by hiring a virtual assistant for communication, appointment setting and calendar management.

From maintaining to updating cash transaction records, there’s a lot a virtual assistant can do. Keep track of business finances with a virtual assistant on the job to prepare the payroll, update journals, manage ledger entries and prepare frequent financial reports.

Bookkeeping is easy with a virtual assistant on hand to study the numbers and make accurate calculations.

10. Data Entry

Big Data has provided many solutions. However, it has also created a lot of problems.

It becomes essential for a business to organize and update customer information, in this day and age of instant connectivity. Misinformation means missed opportunities.

So, opt for a virtual assistant to oversee data entry. Accessible and efficient data entry systems can give your business the competitive edge in a challenging industry.


Entrepreneurs can hire virtual assistants from making vendor or customer service calls to cementing ties with existing clients.

Building trust is easy as a virtual assistant is a trained professional with a set of ever-growing competencies and a demonstrated proficiency for the tasks at hand.

Small businesses, as well as large enterprises, are also turning to virtual assistants. From updating the Twitter feed to joining the conversation, entrepreneurs and professionals are staying ahead of the curve, thanks to game-changing virtual assistant.

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