While we all excel at different spheres, business owners have to realize they cannot hope to master everything.

Pushing yourself to be there for every small job can make for big business losses.

Business owners need to realize they cannot be everywhere every time.

While businesses have gotten to a point where they have succeeded because of market leadership in a given domain, so many everyday tasks may fall outside their areas of expertise.

As lifestyle entrepreneur and blogger [Tomas Laurinavicius]has discussed in his take on virtual assistance, you cannot “build a business alone.” Hiring the virtual assistant and using his expertise is the best step forward.

These include organizing businesses, email marketing or social media management.

When hiring an expert matters, you need a virtual assistant.

As individuals working for you can make or break businesses, don’t lose out on hiring a VA.

It’s a win-win outcome every growing business cannot do without.

Virtual assistants offer the best solution.

Along with expertise across a wide range of areas, virtual assistants are also cost-efficient.You don’t have to provide them with infrastructure, office space or full-time benefits.

This way, the ultimate value addition to growing business results.

Conversely, here’s how not hiring a virtual assistant can destroy your business.

  • High Turnover, Low Productivity

The biggest disadvantage of choosing a full-time employee over a virtual assistant is that you may find yourself in a circle, where delegated tasks are never done.

All the small everyday tasks may take a backseat when priority areas become important.

But this can add up to a big problem.

This is because each aspect of your business must run with efficiency for growth to take place. When this does not occur, businesses will suffer.

Whether it’s high turnovers or low productivity, not hiring a virtual assistant will eventually hamper the growth of your business.

  • Huge Costs, No Returns

No matter whether you are a small startup or a big enterprise, hiring the right support for your daily tasks matters.

Not hiring a productive worker means you lose out on money and eventually, growth.

This can strike a death knell for a business looking to expand because ultimately, every business has limited funds to allocate and the need for optimizing resources.

When you realize you cannot do everything, the virtual assistant is the cost-effective solution.

A cost-benefit analysis reveals why.

The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant include not having to pay for benefits, sick leave, vacations, equipment, training, office space or even holidays.

In addition, they have expertise in a wide variety of tasks, fulfilling different roles within your organization.

Think what it can cost your business in terms of value addition and growth, not just expenses, to miss out on productive virtual assistants.

  • Plenty of Tasks, No Sense of Control

If you’ve worked hard to build a business, doing everything on your own can lead to incomplete tasks and loss of control.

Hiring a virtual assistant enables you to be able to supervise different aspects of your business, and focus on areas that need your attention.

Rather than trying to master all areas on your own, hire an expert virtual assistant and save time, money and effort to get the best results.

  • Reaching the Breaking Point: Burnout Blues

A business owner can work to the point where he or she faces a burnout, by trying to do everything alone.

You may have built your business by working long hours and putting in the effort, but in the eventual analysis, this can cost you the critical focus you need to work on priority areas.

A virtual assistant can restore work-life balance and prevent work from becoming a burden.

The remote worker also offloads the burden, so you can remain focused on mission-critical tasks.

  • Lose out on Time, Gain Liabilities

Facebook marketing executive Jeff Wideman had this to say about his virtual assistant:

“She not only takes care of things for me, she does them better and faster..”

Owing your success to a virtual assistant is nothing new in the modern corporate world.

Thought leaders, busy executives and talented professionals rely on virtual assistants.

There’s a reason for that. Not hiring a remote virtual assistant can result in loss of time and increase in liabilities such as low sales, failure to reach targets or complete critical tasks needed for business growth.

NYT bestselling author of The Four Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris has also extolled the virtues of a VA for freeing up your time.

Businesses move fast and to keep up, you need a professional virtual assistant on the job.

Time-consuming, mundane and repetitive tasks can be easily dealt with.Earn more and work less with virtual assistants to handle your every need. The right assistant is a real asset for recurring tasks and specialized domains.

  • Concluding Thoughts

A simple cost-benefit equation explains this.

For every hour of your time the virtual assistant frees up, you can carry out important tasks like client acquisition and revenue growth.

Get more done in less time and see an ROI that will only multiply.

A proven professional, a virtual assistant can handle any challenges leveraging digital tools and resources.

Having a virtual assistant ensures processes are in place and assistance for running your business more efficiently.

Ask yourself this – is it a better utilization of time to answer routine emails or build a new client base? Many tasks a virtual assistant does on your behalf are those you can simply delegate.

Even troubleshooting or handling new work challenges are possible, through a talented, experienced and trained virtual assistant on the job.

Churning out an 84-hour workweek is not the route to success. Optimal utilization of time and resources is the key.So, hire a virtual assistant today and secure a brighter future for your business.

Otherwise, you’re just destroying your business, instead of building and growing it.

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