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Hire a virtual real estate assistant for the right administrative support for your real estate venture. Grow your clientele while our real estate assistants take care of your daily task list.

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Why Virtual Real Estate Assistant?

Successful real estate professionals are skilled at the art of business development and expanding their list of customers. There is another key to their success – they know that one of the biggest hindrances to business growth is not having the right administrative support. This is where a virtual real estate assistant offers a huge number of benefits to a busy real estate professional.

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What Can Our Real Estate Assistants Do?

Our virtual real estate assistants are adept at:

  • Marketing and posting ads online: Your virtual real estate assistant will regularly post property ads to various sites for marketing and promotion purposes.
  • Calendar management: Get your business appointments and work calendar managed with a virtual real estate assistant.
  • Organize emails: Your clutter of queries and customer emails will now be clean, organized and promptly responded to.
  • Setting up meetings: Setting up meetings with new clients or leads, confirmation of meetings and reminders, will all be taken care of by your Virtual Assistant.
  • Replying to emails: All your inquiries and customer emails will be responded to promptly and regularly.
  • Following up with prospective renters and buyers: All your potential customers will be followed up with.
  • Preparing and filing paperwork: All the cumbersome paperwork will be taken care of when you hire a virtual real estate assistant.
  • Sales support and customer follow up: Regular follow up with customers, over the phone sales support will be handled by your Virtual Assistant.

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How Can a Virtual Real Estate Assistant Benefit You?

  • Multi-taskers: Our assistants are great at multitasking and always keep you in the loop, even if it’s a long to-do list.
  • Time saving: With our assistants at work, you save immense time daily to do more productive work.
  • Make it better: Our assistants are task-efficient and can manage those recurrent, mundane tasks in a systematic and organized manner.
  • Blaze through: Whether it’s a small task or a long, ongoing one, rest assured it will get done!

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