The Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Are you passionate about writing? Do you know that providing ace content writing services is a great way to make money? Well then, you have come to the right place! You'll be happy to know that monetizing your blog has never been easier. Read this blog to find out more!

The Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Are you passionate about writing? Do you know that providing ace content writing services is a great way to make money? Well then, you have come to the right place! You’ll be happy to know that monetizing your blog has never been easier.

Blogging is a popular way for sharing information, and now with the surge in internet users, we know that people are increasingly ready to learn new things.

Blogs are a great way to share your knowledge and express different things. No matter how particular or unusual your subject matter is, there is probably an audience out there for you.

A person can make a great deal of money in a short amount of time from content writing services, but the point is to write engaging content to generate traffic for your blog and figure out a way to monetize that traffic. You need to think of your blogging as a business and find a way to market your content.

But before any of that is done, you need to make sure that the content you write is remarkable and provides the readers with something of genuine value. So how do you decide what to write and how to go about it? Let's dig in!

Tips on creating the perfect blog

Choosing a niche: As you set out to write your blog's content, be sure about the focus of your matter and choose your target audience carefully. Write about things that will specifically cater to your desired demographic. To begin with, choose a subject matter you are already an expert in.

Say you are a gym trainer and want to share your expert take on the world of fitness, then maybe becoming a wellness or lifestyle blogger may be up your alley. You could write about diets (paleo, vegan, keto diet, etc.), home workouts, and other topics that give tips on healthy living.

Any blogging subject can be monetized, but it sure helps when the subject matter is something you know very well. Some blogging topics that do well and have a great audience are food, travel, lifestyle, personal finance, etc.

Never compromise on the quality: Your goal is to provide your audience with content that, when read, gives them the information that they would like to know. That means you need to keep your blogs well researched and updated each time. Also, always mention what source you are citing your information from. That creates a good sense of credibility.

Credibility will make your blog look more legit, making people trust your writing even more. Keep your writing fun and engaging. Your goal is for your readers to enjoy your article and come back for more.

Consistency: Make sure that you write your article routinely. By doing so regularly, you meet new audiences with every post. Your audience knows what to expect from you and when to expect it. Writing more articles means creating opportunities for yourself to market your writing to new people.

Remember that it's not just the quality but the number of your written articles that will determine your reach and popularity among the blogger community.

Layout and design of your blog: It is essential to make sure that your blog looks organized and concise for your readers. To make your blog aesthetically pleasing, match the blog's color theme with the content you are posting.

Create contrasts so that the text is easier to read. Review your blog time and again; ask yourself, “If I stumbled upon this article would I like to take a look at it?” And finally, to make your posts more clickable, try adding pictures to them.

Generating traffic: Now that you have selected your niche and are providing content writing services that you want, the next thing you need is to get yourself onto Google’s map, earn some domain authority, and generate enough traffic to make sales.

All of that adds up to a good SEO strategy. The surest way to succeed in growing traffic and monetizing your blog is to find highly searched keywords. There’s no reason to waste your time writing tons of great content on a topic that’s never been searched!

In order to figure out which topics to write about, use tools such as GrowthBar, SEMrush, and Moz, or you can use Google’s Keyword Planner- a free tool that comes with the Google Ads account.

Monetizing your blog

Now that you have created your perfect blog, lets explore some ways to monetize it, such as:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Physical or digital product offering
  • Online Courses
  • Advertising (Banner Ads)
  • Membership Plans
  • E-books
  • Organizing virtual summits

Affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you include a link in your post that leads to a product or service for sale on another site.

Here’s how it works: when someone clicks the link on your site, it goes directly to the affiliate’s site, the reader sees the product you have endorsed in your post, and then they proceed to buy the product. In the end, you earn a commission on the purchase being made.

Product recommendations are a great way to cater to your readers as it’s in people’s nature to reach for guaranteed products. For blogs with an audience of people interested in product recommendations, this can be a viable revenue model. In addition, informational and lifestyle articles offer many opportunities to promote affiliate products.

Using the example again of a fitness blog, you can recommend products such as protein powder, fitness gear and clothing, etc. You could use affiliate marketing to recommend something – such as a tracksuit, walking shoes, or treadmills – that you have used in your fitness journey.

Fashion bloggers sell shoes or bags to their readers with affiliate partnerships, and Tech bloggers get a cut of every gadget their audience buys through their links. If you decide to get into such a business and find the best places to sell online, the results can be pretty exciting.

When a blog reader clicks on the link to the items you’ve recommended and then buys it, you can generate an income from your blog.

Physical or digital product offerings

Bloggers can create their merchandise and sell it to their readers. Many vloggers on YouTube that you see today have skillfully adopted this strategy. Creating your online store or establishing a presence on an e-commerce platform can be a great start towards merchandising.

Your products could be physical or digital. In the adventure travel blog example, you might sell t-shirts displaying your logo or digital guide books.

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Whether your products are physical or virtual, you’ll need to set up a mode of transaction for accepting payments. Selling physical merchandise requires thinking about storage, searching for warehouses, organizing shipping, and even handling taxes.

Digital goods can be less complex logistically because the entire process of the purchase can be made online.

Online Courses

A great way to earn money by sharing your knowledge is to sell it in an educational format or the form of a course. Considering you are already an expert on your respective topic, selling an all-inclusive course about it shouldn't be very difficult.

Make sure that what you teach to your readers on your course is not available through a quick Internet search. You can use online course builders such as Teachable or Kajabi to create and sell your course.

Make sure that people are interested in learning about the course content that you put online. Remember, people are always willing to pay to receive good advice online.

Advertising (Banner Ads)

Banner Ads are everywhere on the Internet, and they pop up on every site. They can be subtle but are a very effective way of increasing your revenue. By displaying ads around your article, you can easily make your readers click on them.

Some advertisements can even blend into the site's layout, making it seem like it’s a part of the article.

One of the best ways to decide which type of advertisement needs to be displayed on your site is to use Google AdSense. It is a great way to receive ads similar to your post regarding category, industry, and field.

For example, if the post you are writing is about fashion and lifestyle, your audience will not be very thrilled to click on an Ad showing real estate deals. So instead, you want Ads that promote your content. And that is not the only way to monetize your blog, there are also various AdSense alternatives that offer better revenue share and service. Of course, making money through this strategy will only be effective if you receive a decent footfall on your site.

Nevertheless, using display Ads is one of the most common methods to monetize blogs.

Membership Plans

A subscription plan is highly effective in forming a business model for content writing services. This method of monetization is age-old. For example, Netflix and Amazon Prime now use this strategy as their prime business model.

In this strategy, you can ask your readers for a monthly fee to become a member of your blog community and receive exclusive access to your blog post. In addition, you can increase the incentive for membership by offering discounts on your products or providing other perks such as free shipping.

Offering membership is an excellent way for monetizing your blog and provides a sense of belonging within the community.


Writing an E-book might seem daunting, they are usually not very long. But keep in mind that the e-book that you write provides an added value to your readers, and for that, it needs to be good.

You can look into publishing your E-book independently or consider using services like Amazon Kindle. The royalty distribution is pretty good, considering how many readers your work will be exposed to, and you control pricing and editing.

Organizing virtual summits

Virtual summits or web conferences are simply conferences you can attend online with a host; Q&A sessions and multiple speakers cover a particular topic. These summits are designed to be engaging and interactive.

While the virtual summits themselves are usually free to attend, you can create them so that your audience can only access them for a limited period. As an organizer, the most effective way to collect revenue is by selling an “all-access pass” that allows attendees to go over the conference material anytime they want.


Lastly, remember that only great content can attract readers. People are looking for value in your content, and only that, along with consistent hard work, can make writing a viable source of income.