Essential things to know before hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Essential things to know before hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

If you are a real estate agent who strives to close the maximum deals in a month, you are, undoubtedly, very busy!

And if your practice is already established, then you may be focusing on bigger deals, unlike the initial phase, when it was only about one or two monthly small transactions.

When you have smaller deals, it is easy for you to handle the workflow. However, when your business starts growing, things may start getting out of hand a bit.

Consider it a sign to hire a real estate virtual assistant when this happens.


A new trendy concept of “hustle” has become prevalent among people, especially business owners and entrepreneurs to put in long hours and efforts in growing their business. But in reality, you do not need to put in as much as 80 hours a week or miss out on all the fun in your personal life, distance yourself from family and friends, to grow your business.

When we say less time and more success, the best feasible way to achieve it is by hiring a professional real estate virtual assistant.

Are you confused about where to start?

We got your back.

This blog has detailed information on everything you must know before hiring and delegating tasks to your real estate virtual assistant.

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Who is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Whether in life or business, progress has always been measured by, growth. When you hire a real estate virtual assistant for your business, the scope of growth is almost endless.

A real estate virtual assistant is a professional who can handle a wide range of tasks like lead generation, data management, and even maintaining details of your transactions.

If you think you can keep your business more cost-effective and accessible by managing everything yourself, that's not true. Having a real estate virtual assistant can give you more time to focus on high-impact tasks that help grow the revenue for your business.

The secret strategy that top real estate agents implement to get to that seven to the eight-figure bar is none other than hiring a virtual assistant!.

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Types of Real Estate Virtual Assistants

There are broadly four types of real estate virtual assistants, based on the tasks they handle and their core specializations. They are:

  1. Administrative Real Estate VA

Administrative real estate VAs hold their expertise in office management, including data entry, scheduling, and handling phone calls. They also take care of back-office duties such as bookkeeping, accounting, and financing.

Overall they manage anything and everything that falls within the boundary of office management that can be accomplished by working remotely.

2. Sales Real Estate VA

Sales real estate VAs help you initiate a more coherent sales process with the help of cold calling and emails. They help generate new consumers, support projected leads, and close the best deals.

3. Customer Support Real Estate VA

VAs that look after customer support in real estate are known as customer support real estate virtual assistants. They specialize in customer service and manage tasks such as calling and emailing clients to build an excellent customer experience.

They can also guide customers through the sales process by responding to their queries, managing your CRM, and collecting feedback post deal completion.

4. Marketing Real Estate VA

A marketing real estate VA ideates and executes your marketing strategy at every level, whether search, social or email. They create customized and relevant content for every channel and help you bring your best version to the table.

Benefits of hiring a Real Estate VA

While hiring a VA for your real estate, you can anticipate the following benefits:

  • Expertise

An excellent real estate VA often provides industry knowledge that helps you stand out and beat your competitors. In addition, their experience working with numerous clients makes them versatile and adaptable to changing priorities, making them a reliable resource in your business.

At Wishup, we have the top 1% remote talent selected for you who are highly educated and pre-trained virtual assistants, so you get the best service every time.


  • Increased productivity

As discussed before, having a VA helps you to accomplish your sidelined tasks so that you can have time to focus on tasks that need your attention and are crucial. In addition, it increases your productivity and allows you to establish strong relationships with your clients and consumers.

  • Higher efficiency

Productivity and efficiency are based on the same concept: delegating “not-so-important” tasks to your VA. This way, when your complete focus is confined to the critical sections of your business, you will ultimately yield higher efficiency.

  • Cost savings

A virtual assistant eradicates the requirement of investing in the compensation package of a full-time employee. In addition, real estate VAs help you finish projects within the due date and are much more cost-effective since you don't have any office-related overheads on hiring them.

  • Gives you flexibility

Virtual assistants can offer their operational services 24x7 online, even after you have signed out. It is possible because you can hire VAs working in different shifts or from different time zones, which makes your business available for the customers anytime they need you.

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What tasks should you delegate to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

If you are considering hiring a real estate virtual assistant, you might consider delegating almost every task to them, from sales to customer service.


Being specific about the tasks you want to assign your virtual assistant will help you get the most out of them. Establish clear communication and get to know their strengths and qualifications. Only then will you be able to get your desired results.

When you hire from an outsourcing agency like Wishup, you can describe your requirements, and we will connect you with the right virtual assistant suited for your business needs.

If you seek someone to assist you in lead generation, you will need a virtual assistant with experience in generating leads. If you need someone for routine tasks, it would be better to narrow the job description and allot just four to five tasks for better productivity.

Here are the tasks your real estate virtual assistant can assist you with:


Your real estate VA can help you to conduct thorough research on the following,

  • Checking out and finding property details such as its location, features, and amenities.
  • Reviewing market trends and pricing schemes for different places.
  • Examining competitors' business and marketing strategies.


Marketing is one of the critical elements of a business, but at the same time can be time-consuming. Luckily a real estate virtual assistant can help you with several marketing tasks, including:

  • Creating project detail sheets and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Sending updates to your influencers’ network.
  • Designing digital and print artworks.
  • Writing and scheduling blog posts.
  • Regularly updating the website.
  • Tracking marketing progress and more.


If juggling paperwork and stressing about deadlines doesn’t sound appealing to you, then get yourself a VA who will help you manage all your daily operational tasks, such as:

  • Data entry, including CRM, reporting, MLS, and more.
  • Coordinating, updating, and listing projects.
  • Working on feedback and reviews from clients and your team.
  • Recording sales and lease transactions.
  • Creating sales and performance reports.
  • Managing and classifying documents like contracts, agreements, and other crucial data.
  • Recruiting and onboarding of new agents.


You will be surprised by the proficiency of your real estate virtual assistant in managing sales-related tasks, such as;

  • Updating buyer's and seller's requirements.
  • Managing the CRM.
  • Cold calling and prospecting.
  • Following up on the leads.
  • Fixing & scheduling appointments.
  • Create sales reports


You can assign your real estate VA to handle the responsibilities you would normally give to your assistant or secretary. They are experts in handling administrative tasks, such as:

  • Responding to your emails.
  • Scheduling meetings.
  • Recording minutes of the meeting.
  • Managing your calendar.

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Things to remember when hiring a Real Estate VA

Before you search for a skilled VA for your real estate business, it is crucial to align your strategy and establish clear expectations from the start. In addition, it will make it easy for you to analyze your deliverables and ensure that your VA executes the tasks perfectly.

Although there is plenty of software that you can use to keep track of your VA’s workflow and its progression, you won’t need one if you communicate their responsibilities and your expectations in a clear and concise manner. That will help them to understand the skills and responsibilities they have to manage.

If you are hiring a real estate virtual assistant directly or through an outsourcing agency, it is recommended to have an independent contract signed by both parties. Doing so provides legal protection and makes things official, ensuring that both parties know what and how they should work.

  • Set clear responsibilities and goals for your real estate virtual assistant

Build a clear and detailed job description for your VA so they get an idea of their responsibilities, the tasks they will handle, and the skills you prefer.

  • Set a work standard

Your real estate VA must have an outlined reference and an available resource they can consult whenever they are confused about a task, so that they can perform it as per your expectations.

  • Be clear about deadlines

The deadlines you set up must be reasonable and not burdensome. The best way to set deadlines is to add the tasks to your to-do list based on their priority.

  • Give feedback

Constant feedback on your VA's performance helps them understand the areas where they ace and lag. It gives both parties an insight into the result and a scope for improvement. Similarly, you must be available for them in case they are stuck in a task or have any confusion.

Some other points to remember while onboarding your real estate virtual assistant are:

  • Let them know your preferred mode of communication, before allocating them the tasks.
  • Do not increase their workload all at once. Instead, increase it steadily so that they get familiar with the work schedule.
  • Give clear work instructions for your VA.
  • Create a separate email address to communicate and collaborate with them, so that all communication can be easy to access in one place.
  • Be respectful and do not hesitate to share constructive feedback with them.
  • Invest in dedicated cloud storage so your data and files are secure in one place.
  • To attain maximum productivity, use the latest productivity tools.

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How to manage your Real Estate VA?

To get the best output from your VA make sure you invest in high quality productivity tools to supervise and monitor their work progress. These tools can help you in,

  • Better communication
  • Project and task management
  • Scheduling and conducting virtual meetings
  • Management of assets
  • Sharing updates
  • Handling internal documentation and more

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A real estate virtual assistant is the stepping stone you need to grow your business

The innumerable benefits of hiring a real estate VA make them a must to achieve your long-term revenue goals. Given the limited time on your hands and multiple tasks to manage, it could be the best decision you make, to grow your business.

However just hiring any virtual assistant won’t do. You need one who has multiple skillsets and is trained in more than 200+ skills, so that they can help you in every aspect of your business. Something virtual assistants from Wishup are trained to do, in the most efficient and timely manner.

To know more about how a real estate virtual assistant can prove to be an invaluable asset to your company, we suggest you write to us on [email protected] or visit our website, to schedule a free consultation.