Running a business is anything but a cakewalk. Exciting as the prospect of leading an expanding business is, it comes with its challenges. While you may have started out alone, it’s impossible to run a business all by yourself.

If you want to grow your business, you must learn the art of delegation. But building a solid team no longer costs a fortune. With virtual assistant companies offering the expertise of diverse skill sets, you’ve got your bases covered. A virtual assistant can manage all your routine and technical affairs.

Not sure how services and costs in different countries compare? Read on to find an exhaustive, country-wise list of the best virtual assistant companies you can engage.

Virtual Assistant Companies in India

1.)     GetFriday

Founding Year: 2005

Location: Bangalore

GetFriday employs a team of 200 professionals that are available 24/7, catering to all types of businesses across time zones.Once you purchase a GetFriday membership, you can send assignments to your virtual assistant via email, phone, fax, or chat, who will keep you in the loop about work progress. GetFriday support staff is always available if you have urgent requests. The company offers flexible payment plans to suit your business needs.You can choose from task-based plans, pay-as-you-go or monthly grants of 5-160 hours.

2.)  Wishup

Founding year: 2015

Location: New Delhi

What makes Wishup a unique virtual assistant company is their workforce. Having recognized the immense availability of smart professionals who stay at home for a variety of reasons but are adept at computer-based tasks. Wishup is a new-age virtual assistant platform that connects business owners with trained assistants who work for them remotely.

Wishup hires, trains, and manages virtual assistants who handle multiple clients, thus offering an affordable alternative to full-time employees. You can buy a subscription based on the number of assistant hours you want to use. To identify the right tasks for every entrepreneur, Wishup offers a dedicated onboarding call to understand your needs. Sign up for a monthly plan and power your business with Wishup.

Get pricing information here.

3.)    Brickwork India

Founding Year: 2005

Location: Bangalore

Brickwork India offers business services such as sales support, social media management, administrative, marketing, and HR support. Brickwork India's customers are spread over 88 countries, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups. Their engagement models are flexible and adaptable to your business needs.To begin using Brickwork India services, simply submit a request for information, get a free quote, and sign up.

4.)    Acelarar Technologies

Founding Year: 2006

Location: Noida

Acelerar Technologies offers virtual assistants who are experts at social media management, internet-based research, email and chat support, administrative support, accounting support, appointment planning and more. Acelerar Technologies offers flexible plans with a free trial. All you need to do is give them a call or fill a form on their website to get a free quote.

5.)    Wervas

Founding Year: 2016

Location: Kolkata

‘We are VAs’, stylized as WERVAS, has grown into a recognized provider of talented virtual assistants. WERVAS offers virtual assistants who can handle tasks such as IT support, email management and customer service. WERVAS has affordable pricing plans based on task completion, hourly rates, full-time work etc. Their team also offers 24X7 support during your specified working hours.

6.)    Webcenture

Founding Year: 2008

Location: Mumbai

An Indian virtual assistance company, Webcenture has carved out a niche in the market, especially in the SMEs and startups segment. Their top services include website development, WordPress management, social media marketing, SEO, internet research, and administrative activities.

Their convenient "pay-as-you-need" model means you pay only for the hours the VA has worked, or only for the required tasks, as specified in the contract. Their hourly rates are both competitive and affordable. The company guarantees completion of all assignment within 12 -24 hours. To begin collaborating with Webcenture you can sign up on their website and their project manager will reach out. You can also call them directly or start a live chat.

7.)  Your Daily Task

Founding Year: 2008

Location: Mumbai

YourDailyTask is a top virtual assistant company that offers services on holidays and weekends. The company offers more scheduling options so you can choose how often you need a virtual assistant during the day or week. Their proficiency and dedication at what they do have also won them quite a few Indian Government projects.

On its task portal, you can assign tasks, track hours, and discuss projects, share files, comment, set milestones, pay bills, and so on. They pay particular attention to the confidentiality and security of your project details.

8.)   Virtual Employee

Founding Year: 2007

Location: Noida

Established to showcase highly skilled Indian professionals through a global staffing platform, Virtual Employee is NASSCOM affiliated, ISO 9001 and 27001 certified, and employs over 700 full-time VAs along with countless part-time ones today. They offer a comprehensive range of IT and non-IT domain services across multiple industries such as engineering, transcription, accounting and finance, internet marketing, law, content writing, data entry and administration, architecture, graphics, HR and healthcare related tasks. They boast a satisfied global customer base across five continents.

Virtual Assistant Companies in Philippines

1.)   Task Bullet

Founding Year: 2012

Location: Manila

The company tops the list of best virtual assistant companies in the Philippines. It offers assistance in data entry, real estate, administration, social media, web development, marketing and internet research related tasks. Once you fill a form on their website, a project manager gets in touch to understand your requirements. They then connect you with the best VA for the project. On standby at all times is a support team of managers to coordinate the project managers. TaskBullet also responds promptly and resolves queries immediately.

2.)  Virtual Staff Finder

Founding Year: 2010

Location: Manila

This company excels at headhunting VAs from various industries in the Philippines and then connecting you with these matchless workers. The process to get started is pretty straightforward. Once you have signed up you need to fill in your project description requirements and specify all the skills you want your VA to possess. Their website also provides a video library on how to train your brand new VA, effective communication and feedback and so on. This company also conducts thorough background checks for all VAs and takes them on only after the stringent screening, testing and interviews. For each project, the company puts forward three best VA options for you to pick.

3.)  Remote Workmate

Founding Year: 2010

Location: Manila

This is one of the most recommended VA companies in the Philippines. A seasoned player in this field, you need to look no further for a VA to perform online marketing, web and mobile development, sales, data entry, research, telemarketing, customer support, bookkeeping, accounting, content writing, graphics and web design and PA tasks.

Virtual Assistant Companies in the United States

1.)   Belay

Founding Year: 2010

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

The founders were inspired to provide a “belay” for busy entrepreneurs, which means giving a climbing plant the support it needs to grow upward. Today their services include copywriting, bookkeeping, web support; they’re one of the fastest expanding VA service providers in the USA. Their VAs are sourced from all over the United States as well as Canada. To begin, fill in a docket on their website. They will call you back at a time convenient for you. From there, you can get a consultation and discuss your project, VA requirements, pricing and so on.

2.)  Uassistme

Founding Year: 2009

Location: Miami Beach, Florida

This company offers personal and business assistants who are proficient in English as well as Spanish. Their VAs can perform tasks related to accounting, administration, customer care, social media management, translations, and transcription and call centre services. As soon as you contact them, a project consultant matches you with a VA whose skills and experience match your requirements. In addition, during the project, this consultant will also coordinate with the assigned VA for an extra layer of support.

3.)  Worldwide101

Founding Year: 2009

Location: El Salvador

This company was set up keeping in mind the frustrations a business can face when it comes to hiring and dealing with a virtual assistant. Consequently, their services were designed to bypass these problems and create a seamless experience. Their hard work and commitment landed them the Empact Showcase's People's Choice Awards. They have also been awarded as the premium VA Company founded by entrepreneurs under 30. A simple, affordable monthly subscription opens the door to unlimited VAs, all of whom are experienced, vetted, reliable and competent.

4.)  24/7 Virtual Assistant

Founding Year: 2011

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Source the best, most appropriate VA without trudging through the hassle of a long hiring process. A single monthly payment gets you the benefits of a skilled employee who is available whenever you are working, whether at the office or at home. You will be assigned an Account Manager who learns your business and stays involved. As your business scales and evolves, they are ready with the best possible VA for the job at every turn.

They are the last word in providing skilled VAs for administrative, management and other tasks which in house employees would ordinarily perform. Only 5% of VA applicants are accepted, then rigorously vetted and trained.

5.)  Time Etc.

Founding Year: 2007

Location: New York

Founded by Sir Richard Branson's former Executive Assistant, Time Etc sources its VAs from senior-level employees in several Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Facebook, AOL, Virgin, Apple and so many more. These savvy and skilful VAs are well versed with the business world, and they apply this experience for your benefit. Till date, this company has provided award-winning virtual assistant services to over 10,000 companies worldwide. You are assured of confidentiality, reliability and affordability.

6.)  Premier Veba

Founding Year: 2014

Location: Hudson Valley, New York

An innovative take on virtual assistant services, Premier Veba provides strategic management, art and graphics, audiovisual services, finance, technology and writing assistants. Whether you are a startup or an established business, their executive team can source the right VA. What makes your experience even better is their corporate social responsibility activities. They assist not only for-profit organizations, but also charities and non-profits that need help to grow and be effective. By using Premier Veba VA services, you can also be a part of a meaningful cause.

7.)   Hubstaff Talent

Founding Year: 2012

Location: Indiana

Hubstaff Talent provides programming, marketing and sales, design and multimedia, writing and content, IT and database, business consulting and administration VA services. Their catalogue consists of thoroughly vetted freelancers, which ensures that you have real talent at your fingertips.  Every suggested VA comes with a detailed description. In addition, registering on the Hubstaff platform requires no fees, and you can contact and communicate with a prospective hire directly. Any posting on their platform is also syndicated to their social feed and other such VA posting sites so your post gets maximum visibility.

8.)  AskSunday

Founding year: 2011

Location: New Jersey

While AskSunday’s headquarters are in New Jersey, its agents operate from India. To ensure uninterrupted service, they offer a dedicated assistant program with a primary and secondary VA. Your primary assistant works the most with you, but your secondary assistant is also trained for your work when you sign up. This ensures that your tasks are still monitored even when your primary assistant is out of the office.  

This team of virtual assistants will adapt to your workflow, preferred schedules, and approach to work. They will also adapt to your preferred mode of communication and feedback. VAs are available 24X7 via telephone, email and instant messaging. To start collaborating, just sign up. In a short while, a manager will call you to help you determine the hours and skills your ideal VA should possess. They cover data analysis, research, outbound calling, social media management, graphics and web design and travel management.

Virtual Assistant Companies in the United Kingdom

1.)   Virtalent

Founding Year: 2014

Location: Charles Street, Birmingham

All of Virtalent’s VAs are based in the UK. They are on the job during and after standard working hours. Their English proficiency is of native standard and they come from a variety of professional backgrounds with tremendous experience in their fields. Prior to hiring, these VAs are vetted and trained by a Direct Line Manager. All of them are tested for comfort and competence at managing on a remote job. Virtalent provides executive assistance, marketing, administration, research, and customer support.

2.)  Tiger Recruitment

Founding Year: 2001      

Location: London

Tiger Recruitment is divided into four key divisions, each of which focuses on hospitality, support, private assistance and virtual assistance. This allows an extraordinary level of support for each division and expert matching of VAs with employers. Tiger Recruitment provides personal assistants, secretarial and administrative VAs, EAs on both temporary and permanent basis for SMEs and FTSE 250 companies.

3.)  Society of Virtual Assistants

Founding Year: 2005

Location: Scotland

SVA is the largest virtual assistant company in the UK with over 1800 members today. They have set the benchmark for best practices for the VA industry in the UK. Their USP is that VAs both run the company and provide services to outside businesses as well. This allows a unique, fresh perspective of operational capability. Their ability to solve issues effectively and in record time is what makes legions of customers throng to their VA services. They offer virtual assistant services in the fields of marketing, finance, legal, taxation, and social media management is second to none. It is also a prime place to hire VAs for startups.

4.)  Zebra Connections

Founding Year: 2005

Location: Harlow

Zebra Connections is the foremost outsourcing and answering company who serve customers in Ireland, the UK, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, China and India. Their client profile is diverse and they serve both multinationals as well as startups. All their VAs have years of experience and are right at home with different work cultures.  Zebra Connections provide live chat, credit control, telephone answering, landline to mobile, telemarketing, administration, and clinic management VA services. Niche services include out of hours cover, overflow virtual switchboards, 24/7 absence reporting lines and supplier and order dispatch liaisons.

Virtual Assistant Companies in Australia

1.)   The Virtual Assistant Australia

Founding Year: 2008

Location: Sydney

This virtual assistant company provides one of the fastest ever VA recruitment processes. All you need to do is to arrange an interview over phone or video to make your decision. Once that's done, you decide how many hours you want to book. These hours can be spread over as many projects as you want. In case the VA does not perform to your exact standards, no hours are deducted from your package. Their VAs work round the clock, seven days a week. Whether the task is big or small, they can supply a VA with extensive experience and competency. Their services range from administration to communication to budgeting and virtual problem-solving.

2.)  My Virtual Crew

Founding Year: 2010

Location: New South Wales

Here you can find virtual assistants skilled in many sectors, vetted by the Australian Federal Police. The company prides itself on strict measures surrounding business confidentiality and service quality. All virtual assistants are time tracked stringently.

3.)  Virtual Assistants Australia

Founding Year: 2009

Location: Sydney

They begin by understanding your business and/or unique project requirements. Then, they present to you the most affordable part-time or full-time assistants for your selection. No matter which time zone you live in, their VAs adapt to your schedule. At present, their services include administration, data mining and entry, desktop research, lead generation, bookkeeping, content creation, CRM management, customer support, reception duties, and scheduling.

4.)  Virtual Assistant Team

Founding Year: 2008

Location: Sydney

The Virtual Assistant Team employs a new, improved model for sourcing and vetting VAs, perfect for small and medium enterprises as well as startups. They allow you to test their abilities before you hire, and so you can have an entire week’s worth of work done by them free of cost! You get the chance to discover if their service satisfies your requirements without committing to anything.  

5.)  Virtual Elves

Founding Year: 2015

Location: New South Wales

The new kid on the block, this company has helped numerous businesses to scale their operations cost-effectively in a very short time. Be it entrepreneurs, micro and small enterprises and larger companies, all can find virtual assistants here. Every task is completed on a priority basis and VAs work round the clock so that you have no unfinished tasks waiting when you reach the office in the morning. If anything urgent pops up, you can schedule it immediately with your very own project administrator. In addition, all assistants are time tracked to the minute, assuring you get value for your money.  

Virtual Assistant Companies in Canada

1.)   Virtual Assistant Canada

Founding Year: 2011

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

This company a mix of Canadian and foreign VAs trained for perfect service delivery. Say goodbye to language issues, confusion over local customs and business practices, time zone issues and micromanagement. Get a well-earned break from never-ending lists of unfinished tasks and massive overheads. All their VAs are time tracked to the second for accurate pricing.

2.)  Canadian Virtual Gurus

Founding Year: 2016

Location: Calgary, Alberta

This company offers reliable, vetted, competent and experienced VAs, who are professional to the core. They pore through thousands of VA applications each month and thoroughly vet them for attitude, skill and communication. In fact, only the top 2% are hired! Then they attend the Virtual Guru Academy. Ultimately, when you hire a VA, you are guaranteed the best person for the task at hand. There is no more hand wringing over huge overheads which come with hiring each full-time employee.  

3.)  Eabs, Inc.

Founding Year: 2000

Location: Ontario

This company prides itself on its resourcefulness and flexibility, and rightly so. Apart from sourcing a suitable virtual assistant for your business, they also ensure that the VA meets strict professional requirements. The process begins when you are assigned an Executive Coach, who understands your administrative and operational procedures inside and out. Once you hire a VA, not only will you communicate your expectations, but the Executive Coach will also support the VA and communicate your feedback. This two-pronged approach is the key to their professional, polished service delivery.  

4.)  Green Door Virtual

Founding Year: 2008

Location: Ottawa

This company offers one of the most straightforward approaches to hiring a VA. Once you get started you are awarded a dedicated virtual assistant. They study the job description which contains a list of your expectations and tasks. This allows both you and your VA to obtain a full understanding. Only then is the monthly plan agreed on regarding pricing and hours.

5.)  Balance InStyle

Founding Year: 2007

Location: Ottawa

Whether you are an entrepreneur, startup or a professional, Balance InStyle provides a full-time executive VA for – email management, travel coordination, data entry, research, event planning, social media marketing, personal support, calendar and appointments and so much more! A standout tool is its VA electronic time tracking mechanism. Invoicing occurs at the beginning of every month, and at the end of each month, a breakup of the hours spent is handed. This ensures complete transparency and accountability.

Virtual Assistant Companies in New Zealand

1.)   Strictly Savvy

Founding Year: 2012

Location: Wellington

This company provides a vetted pool of VAs who focus on high performance and lead with multiple talent, skills and knowledge. To maintain performance up to global standards, a project manager is assigned to you along with the VA. This allows for a robust support system as well as stringent time tracking. Pay only as you go!

2.)  Indeed We Can

Founding Year: 2007

Location: Wellington

The USP of this company is that it was set up with a focus on helping women entrepreneurs, who need extra support to balance their business and home commitments. Most of their VAs are women themselves, who understand the challenges that working women alone face. This gives them an insider’s view of how to deal with these problems. Hire their VAs to see the hours in your day multiply.

3.)  Your VA

Founding Year: 2005

Location: Auckland

This is a premier virtual assistant company. Hire their VAs to experience exponential business growth and management. A team of their proactive VAs at your back can make all the difference in the world of cutthroat competition. They understand those small business owners in particular need help beyond administrative tasks. For example, you can leverage their services to have your social media presence managed effectively. Your virtual assistant will perform the tedious challenge of locating competent, trustworthy and reliable workers.

4.)  Virtual Assistants

Founding Year: 2010

Location: Wellington

This company has gathered the most diverse group of multi-talented VAs from all over New Zealand in one place. Their customized VA packages include the two to three VA tasks which every small business requires, all at throwaway prices. In addition, a core team of members coordinates every task. For reliable, attentive and experienced VAs in New Zealand, this company has you covered.    

5.)  My Girl Friday

Founding Year: 2014

Location: Hamilton

This company provides extensive VA services at affordable rates with flexible methods. Their services cover social media management, design, administrative and secretarial work, among others. Every task is carefully considered so that tailor-made solutions can be created for you. They provide services across the globe, and the VAs here are comfortable and experienced with work cultures on every continent.

So these are the top-rated virtual assistant companies globally who provide the best possible professional support, no matter the sector or scale of the business. Entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises and even conglomerates can expect world-class professionalism and competence from their carefully selected virtual assistants.

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