Are AI Bots Going to Replace Virtual Assistants?

With the rapid advancement in artificial intelligence and the introduction of chat bots, there is a rising question is they will replace human virtual assistants. This article explores this possibility in the near future.

Are AI Bots Going to Replace Virtual Assistants?

When the Information Age arrived, there was a scramble to learn programming languages.

But today, thanks to Alexa and Siri, devices speak our language.

Whether one is conducting a Google search, ordering a pizza or scheduling an appointment, intelligent devices are getting smarter day by day.

This brings us to the million dollar question – is the human virtual assistant losing out to the digital?

Will chatbots with artificial intelligence replace human beings as the virtual assistants of tomorrow?

According to surveys, we’re not there yet.

With only a small percentage of those smartphone users who interact with Siri going public with their reliance on this AI bot, human virtual assistants still have an edge.

  • Excellent Teamwork?

The difficulty of talking to AI agents is not the only reason human virtual assistants can rest easy about their job for the time.

Commercially available chatbots are not able to replicate so many facets of the human virtual assistant.

While today’s workplace is hi-tech, it is also collaborative. AI bots cannot work in a team, Humans can.

That is the key difference.

While coordinating schedules and managing tasks is easier when automated, you lose out on team synergies. Coordinating remote teams across different timelines and multiple countries are easier, with a human virtual assistant at the helm.

Collaboration tasks are tougher with AI agents that can only function in a team if everyone is on the same platform. With diverse screen sizes, browsers and devices, that is just not possible in the modern day workplace.

  • Error-Free Functionality?

Even if your workplace is on the same platform, AI agents make errors while trying to pick up dictation or speech instructions.

Google Voice may have cut errors in transcription by almost half in 2017, but the human virtual assistant is virtually unmatched when it comes to language processing and decoding voice instructions.

  • Capacity to Make Decisions

Human virtual assistants can function independently.

AI agents, even in the event that developers make them error-free, cannot.

They lack individuality, independence and decision making capacities that make virtual assistants critical to executives employing them.

A human virtual assistant has unique individuality and this means he or she comes with a distinctive set of strengths and weaknesses.

Well, matches virtual assistants can harness teamwork and cohesion that digital virtual assistants cannot match.

Your virtual assistant is an extension of the executive, understanding how to conduct decisions and make crucial business processes work seamlessly.

  • Soft Skills in the Mix

Virtual assistants also bring soft skills into the picture.

AI chatbots cannot replicate the functionality, so understanding the soft skills is virtually impossible for machines.

Humans have the motivation, potential, drive and personality to form productive and collaborative working relationships.

They comprehend business objectives and help in reaching goals across multiple tasks.

Many executives use AI agents to accomplish tasks such as online search or appointment scheduling.

Simple tasks can be handled by machines.

It is the more strategic tasks where the human element is important.

  • Operating Without Power Sources

Machines are powered by electricity and need to be within the Wi-Fi range, whether its Cortana or Alexa.

But here’s how human virtual assistants score.

They bring new synergies to your team without requiring a power source or a wireless range.

The virtual digital assistant cannot keep up because it’s very purpose is to assist human users, not replace them.

  • Troubleshooting Skills

Google Now, Siri or Alexa is your typical VDAs.

These respond to commands and boost your productivity.

Want to check your bank account balance or get directions?

Then you can easily rely on these new, personalized digital assistants.Where they fall flat is the element of troubleshooting though.

At this end of the VA spectrum, human virtual assistants are live, real and can handle any project, event or glitch such as a cancellation or delay, without missing a beat.

They can even schedule book travels, meetings, handle administrative tasks, help with marketing, outreach and so much more than a machine can.

If you are looking to grow your business or serve clients and customers, a human virtual assistant is a perfect solution.

Virtual assistants can tackle repetitive, specialized and expert tasks alike.

Perhaps digital virtual assistants show scope in handling your schedules courtesy the automation but remote human workers can provide creativity and ingenuity your machine agent lacks.

So whether you need a weather update or a social media management campaign carried out, don’t rely on automation or apps, because human virtual assistants bring that amazing winning edge your business simply can’t do without.