10 Best Affiliate Programs that Pay the Highest Commission in 2024

Do you want a high-paying monthly commission to generate a reliable passive income? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best affiliate programs that will help you earn the highest commissions with minimal effort.

Affiliate Programs that Pay the Highest Commission

Do you want a high-paying monthly commission to generate a reliable passive income?

Search for top paying affiliate programs whether you're a newbie to affiliate marketing or trying to improve your tactics.

When it comes to working for commission, half the work is in getting the right client. You would do the same work promoting a product that earns you a 50% commission as you would for a $500 commission. So why are you settling for less? Start working with better clients.

However, with so many options available, finding the programs that offer the highest returns is like looking for a white cat in a snowstorm.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best affiliate programs that will help you earn the highest commissions with minimal effort.

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What are Affiliate Programs, and how do they work?

In good affiliate programs, the entire experience and process are handled by the brand. They use in-house software or tools like Refersion to manage the programs independently. In addition, they have a dedicated affiliate manager to handle communications with marketers, which makes it easier to work with them. One of the best benefits of affiliate marketing programs is that you're not required to pay any network fees.

There are three main parties involved in affiliate marketing -

  • The merchant/client
  • The affiliate marketer, and
  • The customer

The affiliate marketer uses their platform to promote products through unique links that direct readers to clients' websites.

Affiliate marketers promote the merchant's service/product on their website and receive payment discussed in their contract. This arrangement often depends on the number of visitors the affiliate provides to the merchant's website or the number of visitors who convert into clients.

Therefore, whether you will be getting the commission for visits or conversions must be discussed explicitly before you sign your contract. Essentially, the client pays the affiliate marketer following their agreement if the link they promoted brings the client revenue.

Jess Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon was among the first who saw the potential of affiliate marketing to increase revenues. That was back when they were selling books. It was simple enough because all marketers had to do was promote the books, and Amazon handled everything else.

In recent years, though, affiliate marketing has become very common, and most brands have some version of affiliate marketing to help them bring in more customers.

How do affiliates generate income?

Many affiliates begin their journey by establishing a website as their central hub for marketing endeavors.

Affiliates are provided with a unique link, known as an "affiliate link," through which clicks are monitored, usually utilizing cookies. These cookies then track users to determine if they complete a purchase.

If a purchase is made within a specific timeframe, the affiliate receives a commission.

Each cookie has a defined "length" or "cookie life," indicating how long it will continue to track the user's online activity.

For instance, if a cookie has a 30-day lifespan, the referral must make a purchase within 30 days of clicking the affiliate link for the affiliate to receive compensation — otherwise, the lead becomes untraceable.

Different types of Affiliate Programs

If you're considering promoting products or services, you'll be glad to know there are several affiliate programs available for your consideration.

When selecting an affiliate program, it's important to consider where your target audience spends most of their time. For example, do your potential customers frequent blogs, social media platforms like Facebook, or rely on search engines for product research?

Alternatively, are they bargain hunters who frequent coupon sites for deals, or are they thorough researchers who visit review sites before making a purchase?

While these are questions you'll need to ponder, let's explore some common types of affiliate programs to help you brainstorm potential avenues for your marketing efforts:

Influencer Programs

For instance, imagine you're a travel vlogger or a fitness influencer who creates content about outdoor adventures. You could collaborate with a company that sells camping gear or outdoor equipment, showcasing their products in your content in exchange for a commission for every sale made through your affiliate link.

Review Sites

Similarly to review sites, coupon platforms team up with companies to provide consumers with exclusive discounts on various products and services in return for a commission.

Email Marketing

Approach email marketing with caution. Sending mass emails to disinterested recipients can backfire. However, when carefully targeted, it can prove to be an effective strategy.

Affiliate Networks

Rather than limiting yourself to promoting products from a single company, affiliate networks serve as vast marketplaces, offering a diverse range of brands and deals to choose from.

Search Affiliates

Under this program, marketers invest their own funds to promote affiliate offers through search engine results or other online advertising channels, such as social media ads.

Coupon Sites

Purchasing items online without prior research can be daunting for consumers. Hence, they often turn to review sites to gather information before making a decision.

The highest paying affiliate programs in 2024

We crunched the numbers to identify the highest paying affiliate programs. All affiliate programs on this list provide astronomical commissions and are free to sign up.

1. Wishup ($500 Per Sale)


Wishup is a remote job marketplace that connects small businesses to highly skilled virtual assistants. It helps busy entrepreneurs manage everyday routines and time-consuming tasks, such as administration, bookkeeping, and lead generation.

Apart from offering a high commission of $500 for every virtual assistant hired through you, Wishup also offers bonuses and other rewards for top-performing marketers.

Wishup is among the best affiliate marketing companies. It has a dedicated affiliate marketing team and a generous cookie window (90 days). It aims to build a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship with its affiliate marketers.

Commission: $500 for every virtual assistant hired through you.

Cookie window: 90 days.

2. SEMrush ($200 Commissions)


If you are familiar with digital marketing, you are probably aware of SEMrush and use it yourself.

Over seven million businesses utilize its numerous marketing tools, like using SEMrush for keyword research, competitor analysis, and social media management.

From small businesses to Fortune 50 names, SEMrush is a household name in most companies. Their affiliate marketing commissions are among the most rewarding in the marketing industry.

Their key USP is that apart from $200 on each sale, you get a commission of $10 on each trial activation.

Commission: $200 for every sale, 10% from trial activation.

Cookie window: 120 days.

3. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor, hailed as the "world's largest travel site," empowers travelers with crowd-sourced insights to aid in their accommodation, transportation, activity, and dining decisions.

Operating through Commission Junction, TripAdvisor's affiliate program guarantees a minimum 50% commission on revenue generated from users clicking on links or ads that redirect them to a partner site. Unlike typical affiliate programs, you earn your commission immediately upon a user clicking on an ad or link on the TripAdvisor website, irrespective of whether they make a purchase or not.

With a 14-day cookie life, the program offers an average earning range of $0.15 to $0.75 per click-out. Though seemingly modest, this commission structure, solely based on clicks rather than purchases, can accumulate into significant earnings over time.

Commission: Minimum 50% per booking

Cookie window: 14 days

4. Coursera (Up to 45%)


Coursera's affiliate program, operating through the Linkshare network, provides an opportunity to earn commissions ranging from 10% to 45%, with added bonuses for high performance. With a cookie life of 30 days, affiliates can promote over 1,000 courses and specializations covering various subjects like Digital Marketing, Applied Data Science, and Personal Development.

Courses on Coursera typically feature a blend of pre-recorded videos, puzzles, and assignments, catering to diverse learning preferences. Priced between $29 and $99, these offerings present attractive opportunities for affiliate marketers.

Affiliates benefit from professionally designed banners and receive a monthly newsletter featuring curated content recommendations, enhancing their promotional efforts and potential earnings.

Commission: 10-45%

Cookie window: 30 days

5. Amazon Associates Program (Up to 10%)

Amazon Associates Program

Amazon stands out as one of the premier online retail platforms globally, offering a vast array of products. Consequently, it's often the go-to destination for shoppers seeking various items.

Amazon Associates benefit from commissions ranging between 1% and 10%, contingent upon the product category in which the purchased item falls. Notably, high-value items like apparel and luxury beauty products can yield a 10% commission.

One significant advantage of affiliating with Amazon is its widespread recognition and consumer trust, facilitating smoother transactions. The platform boasts remarkable conversion rates, especially during peak shopping seasons.

Moreover, Amazon's extensive product inventory caters to diverse business niches. For instance, animal enthusiasts can promote pet treats or toys, while automotive enthusiasts can endorse products like jumper cables.

Commission: Ranges from 1% to 10% based on the product category

Cookie window: 24 hours

6. Rakuten Advertising (Most Prominent Brands)

Rakuten Advertising

Formerly recognized as Linkshare, Rakuten holds a significant position as one of the oldest players in the affiliate marketing arena.

Having established itself as a trusted entity over the years, Rakuten has forged partnerships with some of the most prominent global brands, including Sephora, New Balance, and JetBlue.

Despite its notable affiliations, Rakuten's network comprises only approximately 1,000 merchants, which is notably fewer compared to other competing networks.

For newcomers or small businesses venturing into affiliate marketing, joining Rakuten can prove beneficial as it provides access to affiliate offers from well-known brands recognized by your audience.

Similar to other affiliate networks, commission rates on Rakuten vary depending on the product and the specific merchant.

Commission: Varies depending on the merchant

Cookie window: Varies depending on the merchant

7. eBay Partner Network (Up to 4%)

eBay Partner Network

The eBay Partner Network is among the high paying affiliate programs that compensate affiliates with commissions ranging from 1% to 4%, determined by the product category. Affiliates receive a percentage of eBay's revenue from each purchase made within their referred category.

Notably, high-value items suitable for promotion are found within categories such as Parts & Accessories or Fashion. A comprehensive rate card detailing commission rates is available for reference.

However, one drawback of this program is the category-specific earning cap, with most categories having a limit well below $1,000. Consequently, there is a limitation on potential earnings.

What Stands Out: eBay's affiliate program offers access to over one billion listings spanning various product categories, akin to the advantages offered by Amazon's affiliate program. These include the platform's widespread brand recognition, impressive conversion rates, and a diverse array of products.

Commission: Ranges from 1% to 4%, contingent upon the category

Cookie window: 24 hours

8. CJ Affiliate (7.69% of the Market Share)

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate, formerly known as Commission Junction, stands as one of the leading affiliate marketing company in the industry, commanding 7.69% of the market share.

Once a publisher joins CJ Affiliate, they can browse through a wide range of products and services offered by advertisers. Publishers choose products or services that align with their niche, interests, and target audience. They then create content such as blog posts, reviews, videos, or social media posts to promote these products or services to their audience.

A notable advantage of CJ Affiliate is its extensive array of brand partnerships across multiple sectors, encompassing retail, travel, finance, as well as network and home services.

Presently, CJ collaborates with over 3,800 brands, featuring renowned names like Barnes & Noble, Office Depot, J.Crew, and Blue Apron.

Commission: Varies depending on the merchant

Cookie window: Varies depending on the merchant

9. PartnerStack (25% Recurring)


PartnerStack serves as the primary hub for B2B technology partnerships in the affiliate marketing realm. If you're new to B2B affiliate marketing, the concept parallels B2C affiliate marketing, but with higher commissions and longer payment durations typically.

Imagine earning recurring revenue ranging from 20% to 100% of a sale for the duration of the customer's lifetime that you've facilitated.

The user-friendly in-app dashboard allows easy monitoring of performance across all enrolled programs. With built-in partner engagement features such as challenges, in-app messaging, and learning resources, fostering connectivity and interaction with program managers becomes seamless.

Similar to other affiliate networks, each partner program requires a separate application, but payouts occur monthly via Paypal or Stripe once the $5 payout threshold is reached.

Upon network entry, exclusive access is granted to elite B2B affiliate marketing programs from globally renowned brands like Gorgias, Sendoso, and Webflow.

Commission: Varies by merchant (average is 25% recurring)

Cookie window: Varies by merchant (usually 90 days)

Other Best Affiliate Programs

1. FlexOffers (Advertising)


FlexOffers boasts an extensive affiliate database, featuring over 10,000 advertising partners spanning across more than 65 networks. It collaborates with major retailers such as Samsung, Nike, Microsoft, and Macy's.

The user-friendly FlexOffers dashboard provides access to a vast selection of over 650 million products, simplifying the search for optimal offers.

With automated affiliate links available, publishers can streamline the process and eliminate the need for manual creation when promoting desired products.

Commission rates are contingent upon the merchant, and publishers receive payments monthly on NET 60 terms, meaning that commissions for each month are processed 60 days after the end of the month.

Commission: Varies by merchant

Cookie window: Varies by merchant

2. ShareASale (Diverse Range of Merchants)


ShareASale collaborates with a multitude of merchants across diverse industries, making it effortless to discover suitable affiliate products regardless of your niche. Among its renowned brand partners are Etsy, Reebok, and Warby Parker.

Upon joining the network, affiliates are required to apply to individual merchants of their choice. Upon approval, they gain the ability to generate affiliate links and access sales statistics through the ShareASale dashboard.

Due to the extensive range of products and merchants available, commission rates fluctuate accordingly. This variability ensures that affiliates have the opportunity to promote products with commission structures that align with their preferences and strategies.

Commission: Varies by merchant

Cookie window: Varies by merchant

3. Moosend (Email Marketing)


Moosend offers an economical all-in-one solution for email marketing automation, empowering marketers to enhance their business and expand their customer base through compelling campaigns.

The Moosend affiliate program offers the opportunity to earn up to a 40% lifetime recurring commission on every plan purchased by referred contacts. Furthermore, the 90-day cookie duration allows ample time for your audience to make a purchase, while also enabling you to earn additional commissions when contacts upgrade their plans.

Affiliates of Moosend can leverage a range of pre-made materials, including banners and templates, available resources within their affiliate dashboard, and assistance from the affiliate team to address any issues that may arise.

It is ideal for bloggers, publishers, and content creators who focus on topics related to email marketing and automation. Given Moosend's budget-friendly pricing, it is particularly well-suited for audiences comprising entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses.

Commission: 30% to 40% Lifetime Recurring

Cookie window: 90 days

Payment methods: Wire transfer, PayPal or Stripe

Minimum Requirement for Payout: $5

4. Elementor (Website Builder)


Elementor is an innovative drag-and-drop website builder, powering over 7% of global websites. Offering a plethora of widgets, integrations, templates, and design tools, it streamlines WordPress website creation without coding.

Unique to other WordPress builders, Elementor includes cloud hosting features and boasts a vibrant online community of 100k members, fostering collaboration and professional development.

Affiliates earn a generous 50% commission per sale, with pricing plans ranging from $49 to $999 annually. This variety enables strategic marketing to diverse audiences, with top affiliates earning over $10,000 monthly.

Bloggers, publishers, and creators focusing on web design, WordPress, and digital creation. Also suitable for agencies, educators, entrepreneurs, and developers seeking to recommend Elementor to clients.

Commission: 50% per sale

Cookie window: 45 days

Payment methods: PayPal or your preferred method

Minimum Requirement for Payout: $200

5. HubSpot (CRM and Marketing)


Source: HubSpot

HubSpot is another popular CRM platform that offers everything successful businesses want in one location to provide quality customer service. On top of a comprehensive CRM, it includes tools for marketing, sales, customer support, operations, and website development.

Joining the program is free, and you'll have access to HubSpot's internal affiliate marketing managers, who will work closely with you. Through the program, you'll also earn access to a sizable library of marketing materials that could benefit you.

Commission: Up to 100% flat or 15% recurring up to a year.

Cookie window: 90 days.

Payment methods: Direct deposit (EFT) or PayPal

Minimum Requirement for Payout: Just one signup

6. Shopify (eCommerce)


The Shopify Affiliate program comprises a diverse community of global content creators, course instructors, influencers, and review platforms, all dedicated to assisting their audiences in launching prosperous businesses on Shopify.

Through this program, affiliates earn competitive referral commissions, positioning themselves as industry leaders. Enrollment in the program is free, offering experts the opportunity to monetize their audience and generate commissions.

Based on performance metrics and referral quality, eligible partners may qualify for Shopify's invite-only Commerce Coach program, featuring enhanced commission rates and a range of exclusive benefits.

This Affiliate Program is ideal for bloggers, course instructors, video marketers, and influencers whose audience shows interest in launching ecommerce brands.

Commission: Earn $150 USD for every referral to a full-priced plan.

Cookie window: 30 days

Payment methods: PayPal or direct deposit

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: $10

7. Bluehost (WordPress Hosting)


Source: Bluehost

Bluehost is a business that provides WordPress hosting at affordable prices, making it accessible to both small and large enterprises. In addition, they help over two million websites grow their brands online.

Their packages start at $3, but that doesn't mean their affiliate commissions aren't worthwhile. On the contrary, they offer generous commissions of $65 for every referral that converts into a hosting customer.

They give out almost 5 million dollars a year in commissions, making it an up-and-coming affiliate marketing prospect, especially for people just starting their marketing journey.

Commission: $65 for every successful referral that converts.

Cookie window: 60 days.

Payment methods: PayPal or electronic bank transfer

Minimum Requirement for Payout: Unknown

8. LeadPages (Lead Generation)


Source: LeadPages

Leadpages enables you to develop Facebook advertisements, notification bars, and other high-converting website features.

Even beginners without prior experience can quickly develop responsive pages using the platform.

The compensation structure for the LeadPages Affiliate Program is magnanimous. It offers a baseline 10% continuing commission for each contact who converts into a client.

Furthermore, based on the number of fresh clients you bring in a month, you might earn up to 50%.

The platform also offers supplementary information to enlighten your audience and help you grow your website/blog.

Commission: 10% of sales, can grow up to 50%.

Cookie window: 30 days.

Payment methods: PayPal or Stripe

Minimum Requirement for Payout: $50

9. AWeber (Email Marketing)


AWeber, trusted by over a million businesses and entrepreneurs since 1998, is a top choice for newsletter and email drip campaigns.

Their tiered affiliate program offers escalating commissions based on referrals. Earn 30% for up to 10 accounts, 40% for 10 or more, and a lucrative 50% for 50 or more referrals.

Affiliates can earn significant income through two channels:

  1. AWeber's in-house program, offering a lifetime 30% commission on plans ranging from approximately $20 to $150 monthly.
  2. Alternatively, through CJ Affiliate, affiliates can earn up to $300 per account, albeit with a shorter 45-day cookie life compared to one year with AWeber's in-house program.

It is ideal for bloggers, publishers, and creators focusing on email marketing and automation.

Commission: Up to 50% lifetime recurring

Cookie window: One year

Payment method: PayPal

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: $30

10. ConvertKit (Email Marketing)


As a newcomer in the email marketing industry, ConvertKit aids customers in expanding their customer base through features like landing pages, forms, and email drip campaigns.

The affiliate program targets existing ConvertKit users, offering them a lifelong 30% commission for every referred paying customer or webinar subscriber.

With plans priced from $29 to over $2,000, the earning potential is enticing, and joining the program incurs no costs. However, there are no special deals or discounts for affiliates to promote.

Best suited for writers, bloggers, and content creators whose audience is interested in launching newsletters or side businesses. ConvertKit's free and affordable subscriptions make it an excellent option for beginners in email marketing.

Commission: 30% recurring for 24 months

Cookie window: 30 days

Payment methods: PayPal

Minimum sales requirement for payout: One signup

11. Sendinblue (Digital Marketing)


Sendinblue is an all-in-one digital marketing platform assisting businesses in customer engagement through email marketing, SMS, chat, marketing automation, CRM, and more. With over 175,000 users worldwide, it's rapidly gaining popularity.

Sendinblue's partner program offers three streams: one for bloggers, one for agencies, and one for incubators and venture capitalists. For most, the blogger option is recommended, offering a flat €5 for each free signup and €100 for every paying customer referred. Real-time earnings tracking and monthly payments are provided.

Despite payouts in euros, the program is open to the United States, with commissions converted based on currency rates. It is best suited for bloggers and publishers in the email marketing field, especially those targeting freelancers or professionals with side hustles seeking to explore email marketing without financial commitments.

Commission: €5 for a referred user's free account creation + €100 if they purchase a subscription

Cookie window: 90 days

Payment methods: PayPal or bank transfer

Minimum sales requirement for payout: One signup

12. GetResponse (Marketing Automation)


GetResponse, besides email marketing, provides landing pages, opt-in forms, webinar hosting, CRM tools, and various marketing automation tools. The product caters to both individuals and medium-to-large companies.

Their affiliate program offers two options: a self-hosted program with a 33% recurring commission and another through CJ Affiliate with a $1090 commission per sale. However, the cookie life for the latter is only 30 days.

Ideal candidates for this affiliate program include bloggers, content creators, publishers, marketing consultants, and online marketing experts focusing on content for small businesses and freelancers.

Commission: $100 per sale referred, or 33% of recurring subscriptions

Cookie window: 120 days

Payment methods: PayPal, USD check, ACH, Eurotransfer, or other

Minimum sales requirement for payout: One sign-up

13. Pabbly (Business Management)


Pabbly is an online platform offering various marketing and business management tools, including email marketing, form building, subscription billing, email verification, workflow automation, and app integration. Their most popular package, Pabbly Plus, bundles all these applications at a cost-effective rate.

Unique features of their affiliate program include:

  1. Earn a 30% commission on all Pabbly product sales within 40 days.
  2. Sales for all products are tracked using a single cookie, ensuring commissions for all purchases made through your affiliate link.
  3. A single sale of Pabbly products can yield a minimum commission of $183.
  4. They provide a unified dashboard for monitoring sales, allowing easy access to commission-related details such as sales, referrals, and payouts.

It's ideal for bloggers, website owners, or social media experts with audiences interested in email marketing or starting subscription services or newsletters.

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring

Cookie window: 365 days

Payment methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Both

Minimum sales requirement for payout: $50

14. Fiverr (Freelance)


With over 5.5 million users, Fiverr provides affiliates with a dashboard for campaign management and monitoring, along with creative assets to aid promotion efforts. Fiverr offers various products suitable for promotion on websites or blogs:

Fiverr: A freelance marketplace offering digital services spanning marketing, tech, and more.

Fiverr Pro: Provides access to hand-vetted talent trusted by major brands.

Fiverr Learn: Offers courses for freelancers and businesses seeking skill expansion.

This affiliate program is ideal for content creators whose audience could benefit from Fiverr's services. For example, if you produce YouTube videos tailored to small businesses that could utilize freelancers, Fiverr would be a fitting choice.

Commission: $15-150 per referral, or $10 + 10% recurring for 12 months, or alternative commissions based on the product

Cookie window: 30 days

Payment methods: Your preferred method

Minimum sales requirement for payout: $100

15. Constant Contact (Email Marketing for Small Businesses)

Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers potent email marketing tools for small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs, allowing users to create Instagram and Facebook Ads, automate email campaigns, target new ecommerce customers, and send follow-up emails to boost online store revenue.

Their affiliate program rewards $5 for qualified leads and $105 when referrals become Constant Contact customers. Affiliates also gain access to promotional materials, a tracking dashboard, and personalized support. Notable brands like Facebook, WordPress, and Shopify utilize Constant Contact.

This partnership suits bloggers and content creators with audiences consisting of small-to-medium businesses, particularly those ready to commit to a paid purchase, as Constant Contact doesn't offer free plans.

Commission: Earn $5 for each referral signing up for a free trial and $105 when your referrals purchase a new account.

Cookie window: 120 days

Payment options: Choose from PayPal, electronic fund transfer, check, or direct deposit.

Minimum requirement for payout: Just one sign-up needed.

16. Unbounce (Landing Page)


Earn up to 35% recurring for one year with Unbounce, a leading landing page platform utilized by renowned brands like Campaign Monitor and Zola.

Your referred customers receive a 20% discount on their first three months using Unbounce, enhancing the value proposition.

Unbounce equips affiliates with essential tools for success, including a dedicated Partner coach, a customized dashboard for tracking progress, and comprehensive training and promotional materials.

It's ideal for marketers, agencies, and bloggers with a focused audience interested in marketing. Whether you're an agency or a content creator, promoting Unbounce can benefit your audience by optimizing their landing pages for increased conversions.

Commission: Earn a maximum of 35% recurring for one year.

Cookie window: Lasts for 90 days.

Payment options: Choose from PayPal, Bank Transfer, or a combination of both.

Minimum sales requirement for payout: Reach a threshold of $50.

19. Typeform (Forms and Surveys)


Earn $20 for each referral with Typeform, a provider of conversational forms and surveys like Contact Forms, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, and Event Lead Capture Forms.

This affiliate program is advantageous as you receive $20 for every referred customer who subscribes to Typeform, regardless of their subscription duration.

Ideal for bloggers and content creators with audiences needing a form tool, especially small business owners or customer service professionals. However, Typeform's versatility extends beyond professional use, making it suitable for referrals among family and friends as well.

Commission: Earn $20 for each referral.

Cookie window: Duration is unspecified.

Payment options: Choose between PayPal or Stripe.

Minimum sales requirement for payout: Just one sign-up needed.

18. Systeme.io (Sales and Marketing)


Trusted by over 200,000 customers, it offers comprehensive features including sales funnel creation, unlimited email sending, online course and blog management, affiliate program running, website building, and marketing automation.

With six different pricing packages ranging from $27 per month to $828 per year, affiliates can attract diverse audiences. The platform also provides various lead magnets and online courses to aid affiliates in generating leads.

Affiliates earn a generous 50% lifetime commission on all subscriptions and course sales, with an additional 5% second-tier commission on referrals' successful promotions.

This affiliate program is well-suited for bloggers, video marketers, and content creators whose audience comprises freelancers and entrepreneurs. Its course creation tool makes it particularly appealing for audiences interested in launching their own online courses.

Commission: Earn 50% lifetime recurring commissions with Systeme.io.

Cookie window: Cookies last for 180 days.

Payment options: Choose between PayPal or wire transfer.

Minimum sales requirement for payout: Reach $30 in sales.

19. Outgrow Affiliate Program (Interactive Content Builder)

Outgrow Affiliate Program

With a cookie life of 30 days, Outgrow provides marketers with an interactive content builder to craft personalized content such as calculators, quizzes, eCommerce recommendations, forms, surveys, chatbots, polls, and assessments.

These personalized solutions enhance user engagement, boost conversions, and generate leads for segmentation and retargeting purposes.

Affiliates also benefit from 24/7 chat support and opportunities for exposure on Outgrow's webinars and podcasts.

This program is suitable for marketers, content creators, and bloggers whose audience can benefit from interactive content tools. Whether you're writing for a business blog or creating content on LinkedIn, promoting Outgrow as a unique solution to engage followers is an excellent strategy.

Commission: Earn a 20% upfront commission along with a 20% recurring commission.

Cookie duration: Cookies remain active for 30 days.

Payout methods: The methods for payout are unspecified.

Minimum sales requirement for payout: The minimum threshold for sales before payout is undisclosed.

20. Instapage (Digital Marketing)


As the leading landing page platform, Instapage is trusted by major brands like Verizon and HelloFresh to drive successful digital campaigns. Their Affiliate Program rewards partners generously, providing ongoing support and resources such as updated promotional materials and dedicated contact points.

Affiliates can earn 40% commission on the first year of an annual subscription and 15% thereafter, or 30% on monthly subscriptions. This program is well-suited for content creators and bloggers with audiences comprising medium to enterprise-level businesses due to Instapage's pricing starting at $199/month.

Commission: Earn 30% to 40% recurring for the first year, then 15% lifetime recurring.

Cookie window: Cookies remain active for 90 days.

Payment methods: PayPal or Stripe.

Minimum sales threshold before payout: Just one signup.

21. Castos (Podcasting)


Castos serves as a comprehensive podcasting platform catering to both novice and experienced podcasters, boasting over 65,000 podcasts. It empowers users at any stage of their podcasting journey with unlimited podcast creation (public or private) and episode publishing, alongside limitless downloads.

Castos goes a step further by offering Seriously Simple Podcasting, a top-notch WordPress plugin facilitating show management directly from the WordPress dashboard. Its revenue-generating features, such as Castos Commerce for listener donations and Castos Ads for effortless ad monetization, have garnered appreciation from users.

Featuring pricing plans ranging from $19 to $99 per month, as well as an enterprise tier for larger organizations or high-volume publishers, Castos ensures affordability, complemented by a free 14-day trial for all plans. This accessibility makes it an attractive proposition for affiliates looking to promote the platform.

Commission: Earn a recurring 25% commission for the lifetime of your referral's account.

Cookie window: 60 days

Payment methods: PayPal

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: Just one signup

22. Thinkific (eLearning)


Thinkific's robust all-in-one platform simplifies the process of sharing knowledge, expanding audience reach, and scaling beloved businesses. Users can effortlessly develop, market, and sell online courses and membership sites under their own brand.

You're an excellent candidate for the Thinkific affiliate program if your audience comprises:

  1. Content creators equipped with valuable skills and knowledge
  2. Business leaders aiming to create courses for their clientele
  3. Entrepreneurs seeking to diversify revenue streams.

As an affiliate partner, you enjoy enticing perks, including a 30% lifetime recurring commission, an impressive 90-day cookie window, and access to pre-made creative assets and promotional content.

Thinkific affiliate partners have the potential to earn up to $1,700 per referral annually. This affiliate program is ideal for creators who cater to other content creators and entrepreneurs.

Commission: Earn a recurring 30% commission for the lifetime of your referrals.

Cookie window: 90 days

Payment methods: PayPal or Stripe

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: $25

23. Kajabi (eLearning and Marketing)


Kajabi stands out as an all-encompassing platform empowering users to craft online courses, initiate marketing campaigns, craft landing pages, and sculpt the ideal website.

The Kajabi Partner Program exclusively caters to Kajabi users presently. As an affiliate, you'll reap a generous 30% commission for the entire duration that your referred member remains active beyond their trial period.

Moreover, as you progress, you'll unlock special rewards, with each level offering enticing bonuses accessible solely to Kajabi Partners.

This affiliate program is ideal for existing Kajabi users who appreciate the product and wish to spread the word among fellow content creators.

Commission: Earn a recurring 30% commission for the lifetime of your referrals.

Cookie window: 30 days

Payment methods: PayPal

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: Not specified

24. iSpring (eLearning)


iSpring is a globally recognized software development company specializing in eLearning content authoring tools and online training solutions. With its user-friendly interface—operating seamlessly as a PowerPoint add-in—iSpring Suite caters to diverse learning requirements, attracting users across various domains, from university educators to corporate instructional designers.

The affiliate program encompasses iSpring Suite and iSpring Suite Max, priced at $770 and $970 respectively. Consequently, affiliates can earn between $77 to $97 from a single purchase and potentially up to $1000 per month by securing 10 or more customers monthly.

Commissions are disbursed quarterly to ensure timely payment.

It's best-suited for loggers and content creators targeting online instructors prepared to invest in a paid plan. Given iSpring's pricing positioning, it's essential to consider your audience's affordability when promoting it.

Commission: Earn a 10% commission per sale.

Cookie window: 90 days

Payment methods: PayPal

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: Not specified

25. Teachable (eLearning)


Teachable enables the effortless creation and sale of visually stunning online courses. Boasting a user base of over 18 million students and hosting 186 thousand active courses, Teachable stands as a trusted leader in the e-learning sphere. Notably, it has received glowing endorsements from prominent figures like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

From tutorials on Facebook ad strategies to guides on cake decorating, Teachable caters to a wide array of niche topics. Through its affiliate program, you can earn a recurring 30% commission based on the monthly subscription fee of your referrals. Teachable's subscription plans range from $29 to $499 per month, allowing you to potentially earn up to $150 per sale each month.

Bloggers and content creators targeting freelancers and fellow content creators looking for budget-friendly solutions. With Teachable offering a free starting subscription tier, it's particularly appealing to audiences seeking cost-effective options.

Commission: Up to 30% for the lifetime of referred customers.

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Payment methods: PayPal

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: Not specified

26. Wix (Website Optimization)


Wix offers a straightforward commission structure, providing $100 for each Premium sale referred. With no cap on referrals, the earning potential is limitless. The platform equips affiliates with a variety of resources, including banners and landing pages in multiple languages, to facilitate easy integration of affiliate links.

However, it's crucial to note the minimum sales threshold of $300 per month to qualify for payouts. Earnings below this threshold are accrued in the affiliate's account until the benchmark is met.

This program is well-suited for bloggers, content creators, and review website owners whose audience may be interested in creating their own websites. It's particularly appealing for beginners, given Wix's user-friendly interface that requires no coding skills.

If your website, blog, or social media channel attracts regular traffic from individuals seeking website hosting solutions, Wix's affiliate program could be a lucrative opportunity. Nonetheless, it's essential to assess your ability to meet the minimum sales target consistently before committing to the program.

Commission: $100

Cookie window: 30 days

Payment methods: Wire transfer

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: $300

27. Kinsta (Application and Database Hosting)


Kinsta's affiliate program offers lucrative commissions for referrals, including up to $500 per referral plus 10% monthly recurring for WordPress hosting and 5% monthly recurring for Application and Database Hosting. The cookie duration is 60 days, and payouts are facilitated through PayPal, with a minimum sales threshold of $50.

The affiliate program offers lifetime recurring commissions for all paid hosting services. For WordPress Hosting referrals, affiliates can earn an initial signup commission plus a 10% lifetime recurring monthly commission, with potential earnings of up to $500 initially, depending on the purchased plan. Application Hosting and Database Hosting referrals offer a 5% recurring commission.

If a referred customer signs up for multiple services, the recurring commissions accumulate, potentially leading to up to 20% in lifetime recurring commissions.

This affiliate program caters to web agencies, developers, content creators, and bloggers whose audience is interested in launching and managing WordPress websites or web applications on a single platform.

Commission: Up to $500 per referral + 10% monthly recurring for WordPress hosting, 5% for Application Hosting and Database Hosting.

Cookie window: 60 days.

Payment methods: PayPal.

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: $50.

28. Hostgator (Web Hosting)


Hostgator offers both web hosting and building tools at highly affordable rates, catering especially to startups and e-commerce businesses operating on limited budgets. For instance, their starter plan costs just $3.84 per month.

Becoming a Hostgator affiliate is free, and their tiered payouts are quite substantial. You can earn $65 per signup for providing Hostgator with 1-5 signups per month, and up to $125 per signup for over 21 signups.

You have the option to embed tracking links on your site or create a custom coupon code. Since Hostgator provides a 45-day money-back guarantee, it's a low-risk option for your website visitors to try out.

This Affiliate Program is ideal for content creators and bloggers whose audience would be interested in purchasing hosting or a domain name.

Commission: Earn between $65 to $125 per signup.

Cookie window: 60 days.

Payout methods: Choose from PayPal, wire transfer, or ACH transfer.

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: Only one sign-up required.

29. Target (Retail)


Target's affiliate program offers an opportunity for partners to earn commissions by promoting Target's products and driving sales through their online platforms.

Affiliates are provided with unique tracking links or promotional codes to track referrals and sales generated through their efforts. With a cookie duration of 7 days, affiliates have a week to earn commissions on purchases made by customers after clicking on their referral links.

One distinctive aspect of Target's affiliate program is its volume-based commission structure. This means that the more products an affiliate sells, the higher their commission rate becomes. However, it's worth noting that certain product categories, like Health and Beauty, have a fixed commission rate of 1%, irrespective of sales volume.

While Target may not offer as extensive an online selection as some other e-commerce giants, its brand recognition and diverse product offerings make it an attractive option for affiliates. However, affiliates should be aware that Target's products are often preferred for in-store purchases, which could impact online sales and affiliate commissions. Despite this, affiliates with audiences interested in Target's products can still benefit from promoting the brand through their platforms.

Commission: Earn between 1% to 8%, contingent on the product category and sales volume.

Cookie window: 7 days.

Payment methods: Payment methods undisclosed.

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: Just one sale required.

30. WP Engine (Web Hosting)

WP Engine

With millions of websites on the internet, over 40% of which are powered by WordPress, WP Engine offers high-speed web hosting services to numerous WordPress sites globally.

WP Engine's affiliate program, managed through the ShareASale network, enables affiliates to earn $200 per sign-up or the entire first monthly payment from the customer—whichever amount is greater. Affiliates also gain access to exclusive discounts they can offer to their audience.

It's noteworthy that WP Engine's affiliate program operates on a two-tiered structure, meaning affiliates earn commissions not only for customer referrals but also for referring other affiliates, receiving $50 for each of their referrals.

While targeting an audience interested in building a new WordPress website may pose a challenge, the potential profits from such referrals can be substantial. This Affiliate Program is ideal for content creators and bloggers whose audience is keen on launching their own WordPress website.

Commission: Earn $200 per sale or 100% of the first month's subscription fee, whichever is higher.

Cookie window: Lasts for 180 days.

Payment methods: Payment methods undisclosed.

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: Only one sign-up required.

31. Sephora (Beauty and Cosmetics)


Sephora's affiliate program is ideal for those catering to a more affluent readership. The retailer boasts a diverse range of high-end beauty products, spanning skincare, body care, makeup, and fragrances. Notably, Sephora offers a premium customer experience, including complimentary gifts with purchases and a robust rewards program.

With a commission rate of 5%, Sephora's affiliate program stands out for its generosity compared to other online retailers. Affiliates gain access to promotional banners and creative assets to enhance their marketing efforts across websites and social media platforms.

However, one drawback of the program is its relatively short cookie duration of 24 hours, meaning that affiliate commissions are only attributed to purchases made within this timeframe after clicking on the affiliate link.

Commission: Earn a 5% commission rate on all sales through Sephora's affiliate program.

Cookie window: The cookie expires after 24 hours from the user's click on the affiliate link.

Payment methods: Choose from PayPal, Check, or Direct Deposit for receiving payouts.

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: Reach a minimum of $50 in sales to qualify for payout.

32. GreenGeeks (Web Hosting)

GreenGeeks stands out as an environmentally conscious and secure web hosting provider, offering generous commissions for affiliates. With commissions ranging from $50 to $100 per sale, the program is tiered to reward higher sales volumes.

In addition to competitive commissions, GreenGeeks provides affiliates with a range of creative assets, content, and banners to effectively promote their services on websites or blogs.

This affiliate program is ideal for content creators and bloggers whose audience is interested in eco-friendly web hosting solutions. By promoting GreenGeeks, affiliates not only earn commissions but also contribute to spreading a positive environmental message to their site visitors.

It is ideal for Content creators and bloggers whose audience values environmentally-friendly hosting solutions.

Commission: Earn up to $100 per sale

Cookie window: 30 days

Payout methods: Receive payments conveniently via PayPal.

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: Only one sale required to qualify for payout.

33. Spocket (Dropshipping)


Spocket is a renowned dropshipping supplier known for its wide range of high-quality American and European products, making it a go-to choice for entrepreneurs looking to start or scale their e-commerce ventures. One of the standout features of Spocket is its impressive affiliate program, offering substantial commissions for referrals.

With Spocket's affiliate program, affiliates can earn commissions ranging from 20% to 30%, depending on the subscription level of the referred customer. This means that for each Bronze, Silver, or Gold subscriber brought in, affiliates can potentially earn up to $445.50 per subscriber.

What's more, these commissions continue to accrue as long as the referred customer remains with Spocket, providing affiliates with a reliable stream of passive income.

To further support affiliates, Spocket equips them with the necessary tools and resources to effectively promote their business. This includes access to promotional materials, tracking tools, and dedicated support to maximize affiliate success.

Commission: 20% for Bronze, 25% for Silver, and 30% for Gold subscribers, with potential earnings of up to $445.50 per subscriber.

Cookie window: Lasts for 90 days.

Payout methods: Choose between PayPal or Stripe.

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: $25.

34. FragranceNet.com (Fragrances)


FragranceNet.com, a leading online destination for perfumes, offers a commission range of 1-5% to affiliates. While the exact cookie duration is unspecified, affiliates can expect payouts via PayPal, check, or direct deposit once they reach the $50 minimum sales threshold.

Specializing in fragrances and aromatherapy products, FragranceNet.com provides a vast selection of designer scents alongside skincare and makeup offerings. This specialization makes it particularly appealing to bloggers focusing on fragrance-related content.

Affiliates gain access to various promotional materials including links, banners, fresh blog content, seasonal ads, and coupon codes, all geared towards driving conversions. The affiliate program operates through the Rakuten platform.

Commission: 1 to 5 percent.

Cookie window: Not specified.

Payment methods: PayPal, check, or direct deposit.

Minimum sales required for payout: $50.

35. Hammacher Schlemmer (Retail)

Hammacher Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemmer comes among the top affiliate marketing companies. It's America's oldest catalog company with a legacy spanning over 150 years, offers a diverse range of products from electronics to outdoor gear. Their affiliate program boasts generous commissions, with affiliates earning 8% on every sale generated through their website or blog.

Partnering with Hammacher Schlemmer can be advantageous if their products align well with your offerings or appeal to your target audience. It's particularly beneficial for ecommerce businesses seeking to expand their product range.

While 8% may seem modest, Hammacher Schlemmer sells high-ticket items like a Muhammad Ali Autographed Photo Collage for $5,000 or a Full Immersion Professional Racer's Simulator for $65,000, potentially leading to substantial earnings.

Hammacher Schlemmer supports affiliates with tools and resources, including password-protected online reports and content, to optimize their online store's performance.

Commission: Earn 8% on all sales made through your affiliate link.

Cookie window: Lasts for 30 days, maximizing the potential for conversions.

Payout methods: Choose from direct deposit, check, or Payoneer for receiving payouts.

Minimum Sales Requirement for Payout: Reach a minimum of $50 in sales to qualify for payout.

36. Ulta (Online Beauty and Cosmetics)


Ulta, a trusted destination for beauty enthusiasts seeking a wide range of skincare, makeup, and personal care products, offers an affiliate program with commissions ranging from 1% to 5%.

Despite the seemingly modest commission rates, Ulta holds the #2 position in the online beauty and cosmetics industry, ensuring high brand recognition among your audience.

Affiliates benefit from a 30-day cookie life and can choose from various payout methods, including PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, or ACH transfer. Additionally, Ulta provides affiliates with dynamic banners and text links to effectively promote their products.

With ongoing promotions such as free shipping and complimentary products, affiliates can leverage these incentives to drive more sales and maximize their earning potential through the Ulta affiliate program.

Commission: 1 to 5 percent.

Cookie window: 30 days.

Payment methods: PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, or ACH transfer.

Minimum sales required for payout: $10.

37. BH Cosmetics (Cosmetics)

BH Cosmetics

Originating from LA, BH Cosmetics stands at the forefront of the beauty industry, committed to pioneering new trends while prioritizing cruelty-free cosmetics. Regular promotions and sales initiatives aim to drive conversions among potential customers.

Affiliates of BH Cosmetics enjoy an 8% commission on sales occurring within 60 days of the user's initial visit. With an average order value of $38 and an on-site conversion rate of 6.46%, the brand provides lucrative opportunities for affiliate marketers.

Exclusive access to coupons and banners facilitates promotional efforts across websites, blogs, and emails. Additionally, affiliates receive monthly newsletters and benefit from incentives and contests organized by the dedicated in-house affiliate team, encouraging active promotion of affiliate links.

Commission: 8 percent.

Cookie window: 60 days.

Payment methods: PayPal, check, or direct deposit.

Minimum sales required for payout: $50.

38. Momondo (Travel)


Momondo, a worldwide travel search platform, offers a flat-rate commission of up to $0.65 per click-out. The cookie life is limited to the session, and payouts are facilitated through bank transfer. However, affiliates must meet a minimum sales threshold of $500 before receiving payouts.

Momondo facilitates global travel searches, comparing affordable flights, hotel accommodations, and car rental options.

Affiliates earn $0.65 for desktop and tablet user click-outs and $0.45 for mobile user click-outs each time a visitor clicks on a flight through their website's referral link.

Commission: Fixed rate — maximum of $0.65 per click-through.

Cookie window: Session-based.

Payment methods: Bank transfer.

Minimum sales required for payout: $500.

39. Boatbookings (Water Travel)


Boatbookings offers an enticing affiliate program for those interested in promoting yacht chartering services. With a focus on luxury yacht rentals, boat charters, and sailing vacations, Boatbookings provides a lucrative opportunity for affiliates.

Affiliates earn a base commission of 20% on the net charter value of booked boats, excluding additional expenses like APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) or other supplementary items.

Moreover, affiliates stand to benefit from escalating commission rates when referring multiple clients. Additionally, affiliates receive an extra 10% commission on subsequent purchases made by returning customers.

The program features a 30-day cookie life and payouts are facilitated via bank transfer. There's no minimum sales threshold required for payout; affiliates earn commissions from the first sale onward.

Commission: 20% initially, with an additional 10% for repeat customers.

Cookie window: 30 days.

Payment methods: Bank transfer.

Minimum sales required for payout: Only one sale.

40. Cheapflights (Travel)


Cheapflights, a renowned travel comparison platform, offers affiliates the opportunity to earn up to 50% commission per click-out. The cookie duration is limited to the session, and payouts are processed via bank transfer. However, affiliates must reach a minimum sales threshold of $500 before receiving payouts.

Unlike traditional affiliate programs, Cheapflights compensates affiliates based on the traffic they drive to their partners rather than on completed transactions. Affiliates receive a fixed fee per click-out, amounting to $0.45 for desktop and tablet users and $0.25 for mobile users.

Affiliates gain access to a diverse range of creative assets such as banners, search boxes, and travel widgets, enabling their visitors to initiate searches directly on their site and view flight results on Cheapflights' platform. This affiliate tool is particularly popular and generates substantial revenue per visit.

Commission: Potential earnings of up to 50% per click-through.

Cookie window: Session-based.

Payment options: Bank transfer.

Minimum sales required for payout: $500.

41. Sandals Resorts (Travel)

Sandals Resorts

Sandals Resorts cater to couples and families seeking upscale vacations in destinations like Jamaica, The Bahamas, and Barbados. The affiliate program compensates affiliates for referrals leading to bookings at Sandals Resorts or for booking activities.

Despite the seemingly modest commission rate, Sandals Resorts command daily rates ranging from $150 to well over $2,000 per person. For instance, if a couple were to book a romantic week at a Sandals Resort at $500 per person per night, affiliates could earn a commission of $280.

However, the program is most beneficial for affiliates whose websites and audiences share a genuine interest in luxury Caribbean travel.

Commission: 4 percent.

Cookie window: 60 days.

Payment methods: Direct deposit, check, or Payoneer.

Minimum sales required for payout: $50.

42. Sage Financials (Accounting)

Sage Financials

Sage Financials, a cloud-based accounting solution integrated with Salesforce, offers an affiliate program with enticing incentives. Affiliates can earn a commission of 7% per sale, along with $5 for each free trial sign-up.

This program stands out for its dedicated support team, direct deposit payments into affiliates' bank accounts in their preferred currency, and comprehensive reporting on performance and earnings.

One notable feature is that affiliates can earn commissions even from free trial sign-ups generated through their website or blog.

For those whose website visitors or blog readers have an interest in accounting tools, partnering with Sage Financials could prove to be a rewarding opportunity.

Commission: Earn 7% on each sale and $5 for every free trial sign-up.

Cookie window: 30 days.

Payment methods: Direct deposit.

Minimum sales required for payout: Not specified.

43. Acorns (Micro-Investment)


Acorns, a mobile app focusing on "micro-investing," targets individuals aged 25 to 35, aiding them in making prudent financial investments. If your blog caters to this demographic, particularly those with limited capital or assets, the Acorns affiliate marketing program is an ideal fit.

Affiliates earn $10 for each qualified lead they refer to the app. Upon joining the program, affiliates gain access to a diverse range of creative assets to facilitate promotion, along with the support of a dedicated account manager to enhance their marketing endeavors.

The cookie duration is 30 days, and payouts can be made via PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, or ACH transfer. There's a minimum sales threshold of $10 before payouts are issued.

Commission: Earn $10 for each eligible referral.

Cookie duration: 30 days.

Payment options: PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, or ACH transfer.

Minimum sales required for payout: $10.


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