Best Invoicing Software Of 2023 & How A Virtual Assistant Can Help

Invoice management is a hectic task, so you should pick the best invoicing software for 2022, ideal for your business. Alternatively, you can save time by hiring a virtual assistant for invoicing and other accounts-related support.

Best Invoicing Software Of 2023 & How A Virtual Assistant Can Help

Invoicing is a necessary but time-consuming part of running a business. It is an essential part of accounts management and also leads to better growth if managed well.

As the head of your business, we can all agree that you can spend your time more efficiently than figuring out how to make an invoice or being buried in paperwork. So why handle the grunt work yourself when you can outsource it to a virtual assistant?

With the right tools, your virtual assistant can efficiently file invoices without physically being present in your office, thus saving you both time and overhead costs.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the virtual assistant’s role and how they can assist you in creating invoices with various tools available in the market.

Let's start by understanding more about invoices first.


What Is An Invoice Payment?

After a sale, a seller must make an invoice to the buyer of goods or services as a payment demand. When you create a business invoice, it specifies what items have been delivered and the amount that must be paid in exchange.

Invoice management gets complicated as a business grows. However, the correct invoicing software can help business owners gain control and reclaim some of their time. It can also lead to increased invoice accuracy, valuable financial insights, and speedier payments, which benefit your company.

Multiple factors decide the best invoicing software for your business. It includes your budget, industry, company size, and any personal preferences you may have.

A wide range of options may confuse you, leaving you with more questions than before. Plus, time is a massive constraint for business owners, so you may need help to do extensive research in one go.

Considering all this, we have reviewed more than 30 tools to create invoices and process further - basing our selection on ease of use, pricing, additional features, and integration capabilities.

But first, let’s see why a virtual assistant is the right solution for your invoice management needs.

A graphic image of a virtual assistant working on their laptop by a window.

Who is A Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a professional who fulfills your business requirements remotely. You can hire a virtual assistant for a broad range of business tasks - from administrative tasks to handling social media. For example, hiring a virtual assistant for invoice management is a viable and convenient option for up-and-coming businesses.

Remote or virtual assistants can be a significant value-add for startups and small-scale businesses. Yes, they are familiar with how to make an invoice, but VAs are capable of helping you with more than that.

Here are some benefits of hiring a virtual assistant beyond their ability to make a business invoice.

What are the benefits of a virtual assistant?

  1. Accounting Tasks: The best part is that virtual assistants are trained to handle multiple tasks. For example, a Wishup VA is trained in 50+ tasks. So a remote assistant can help you process the bills, create an invoice, make client payments, make vendor payments, etc.

    In addition to teaching you how to make an invoice, they can help you with bookkeeping, tax-related help, and more. An invoice management software may be limited to that functionality, but a VA uses a versatile approach to help you with different requirements.
  2. Tracking and Organization: You may already have an internal system for writing an invoice and keeping track of client accounts and payments; if so, your virtual assistant will integrate into it to keep things clear and up to date.
  3. Data Safety: Considering the concern of a data breach, hiring a virtual assistant to create a business invoice is a feasible solution, as a VA can take care of data protection.
  4. Professional help: Every virtual assistant who comes on board to help you brings immense professional experience. Also, you must consider that a virtual assistant helps various business owners deal with similar problems as you. So, for instance, your virtual assistant may be assisting another business founder with invoicing. It is their specialized assistance that makes work easier for everyone.
  5. Cost-saving: A company can save as much as $26000 per year on operational costs by hiring a virtual assistant. You get the same competency and skills as an in-house employee who helps you create a business invoice. Moreover, you do not have to set up an office or bear other employer expenses working with a virtual assistant.
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How To Hire A Virtual Assistant From Wishup?

We’ve established that hiring a virtual assistant to create an invoice is more efficient than doing it yourself. For some businesses, it may be their first virtual hiring experience. So, some confusion is understandable; after all, it is team expansion. Fortunately, the hiring process at Wishup is extremely simple. So, these are the steps to follow.

  • Make a list of tasks you want to delegate. For example, you can make an invoice preparation checklist. Use invoice checklist regulations in the report to ensure that only those professionals who know about it approach you.
  • Sign up and schedule a free consultation with our team, and let us know your exact requirements to help us pair you with the best virtual assistant.
  • Be prepared to onboard your virtual assistant in 24 hours.

What are the benefits of hiring from Wishup?

Virtual assistant companies like Wishup can make hiring virtual assistants and getting better support easier. For instance, Wishup, a top VA agency, ensures that clients can start working with their ideal business fit as soon as possible. Other advantages of hiring from Wishup include the following -

  1. Wishup trains VAs in 50+ tasks, so business owners receive vital support, helping them grow multifold.
  2. We pre-vet the candidates, so you are spared the recruitment costs and efforts.
  3. We hire only the top 1%, so you are guaranteed to be working with the best talent in the industry.
  4. You can hire a VA at as low as $9 per hour. How cool is that! Think about the time it takes to create an invoice and how you can increase profits by outsourcing that task and spending your time on crucial core-business activities.
  5. No more figuring out which invoicing software works best for you, as your VA is there to do that. With a skilled virtual assistant, questions about the different types of invoices and how to write an invoice will no longer be your problem.
  6. We offer a 7-day trial, so you can dip your toes and test out the waters before deciding to subscribe.
  7. We provide a no questions asked instant replacement policy in the rare case your primary virtual assistant is unavailable or if you are unhappy with the services of your primary virtual assistant.
  8. All our virtual assistants are required to sign an NDA prior to being assigned to a client, so you can rest assured your data is safe with us.

Companies like Wishup focus on providing personalized support by making onboarding hassle-free. However, you must be clear about what you expect from a professional - their roles and responsibilities.

We can now discuss the best invoicing software for small businesses in 2022. All our virtual assistants are proficient in these tools and, based on the nature of your business and your unique business requirements, can create an invoice using them on your behalf.

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The Best Invoicing Software in 2022

Let us take a look at the different types of invoicing software and to which business they are best suited.

FreshBooks for Ideal Overall Support

FreshBooks is a scalable invoicing solution that includes polished templates, easy payment processing, inventory management, and many other accounting tools and services.

Pros -

  • Recurring invoice & auto payment
  • Integrates with over 100 apps
  • Powerful reporting

Cons -

  • The functionality of the mobile app is not so good
  • Fewer options for template customization

FreshBooks is in this list as the best overall invoicing software because it is affordable, accessible, and scalable for business owners, irrespective of the types of invoices or the size or nature of their company. The software also includes a set of accounting tools and award-winning customer service.

FreshBooks allows users to customize invoices and set up recurring billing and auto payments. In addition, customers can pay by business credit card or ACH, making it a win-win situation for both business owners and customers.

Invoicing and other services are available on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device (with limited functionality). However, the FreshBooks mobile app allows you to send and review invoices.

A FreshBooks account allows customers access to time and expenditure tracking, project management, payments, reporting, and invoicing. Salesforce, Gusto, Zoom, and Spotify are among the over 100 third-party apps the program interfaces with.

Pricing: You can start on FreshBooks with a 30-day trial and upgrade to the following paid plans:

  • Lite: $15 per month for five or fewer billable clients
  • Plus: $25 per month for six to 50 billable clients
  • Premium: $50 per month for 51 to 500 billable clients

If you seek more than the Premium plan, FreshBooks also has custom pricing for businesses that exceed 500 customers.

Square - Best-Suited Payment Processing Option

Square is known for assisting small businesses with online and point-of-sale transactions. Their invoicing services are part and parcel of Square's simplified payment processing method, making it the ideal choice for business owners searching for software that can perform both.


  • Real-time invoice tracking on different types of invoices
  • One-click payment option for the client
  • No monthly charges


  • Cost can surmount due to transaction-based fee
  • Invoice customization options are limited

Square is a mainstay for small business founders requiring streamlined and straightforward invoicing processing. In addition, Square Invoice is one of the best apps for business owners who want to centralize their payment and invoicing needs, especially when combined with some of the additional features discussed below.

Square Invoice allows users to customize and send invoices, set up recurring invoices, and follow the status of invoices in real time. In addition, customers may pay online from their phone or tablet using one-click payments, and 75% of Square invoices are paid within a day.

Square Invoice is free to use and only charges you when you pay an invoice, unlike many other invoicing programs that require a monthly fee. However, you must pay 2.9 percent + $0.30 fee for each Square Invoice. As a result, Square might not be the best choice for companies with a high volume of transactions or a significant risk of fraud.

Invoice Ninja - To Create Invoice For Free

Invoice Ninja's Forever Free plan allows users to send unlimited invoices and estimates to 100 clients and access several account management services.


  • 40+ Payment gateways
  • Unlimited quotes and invoices
  • Many Integration Partners integrate with various apps


  • No phone support
  • Limited options for integration
  • A free account can accommodate up to 100 clients

Invoice Ninja is an open-source development invoicing company created to provide superior accounting services to freelancers and small business owners at a low cost. The company meets its objectives year after year, and over 150,000 organizations now use this one-of-a-kind software product.

We choose Invoice Ninja as the finest free invoicing software because of its generous Forever Free plan. Users may send unlimited invoices and quotations to over 100 clients, set up auto-billing and recurring bills, manage projects and tasks, and use a dozen more services once they've signed up for this Plan. Invoice Ninja also supports over 40 payment methods, 50 currencies, and 20 languages, making it suitable for companies with a global reach.

Pricing: The Ninja Pro plan ($10/month) lets you send an unlimited number of invoices to a total number of clients, and it also gives you access to other features, such as a custom URL. If your business requirements reach further, you can take an Enterprise Plan ($14/month), which provides further enhancements, like a fully branded client portal and multiple-user access.

Invoice Simple - For Heavy Mobile Invoicing

Invoice Simple is an easy-to-use app designed for business owners who are on the go. Its mobile app offers full-invoicing functionality, including payment options, at an affordable price.


  • Economical
  • debit and credit card complied payments
  • Customizable templates


  • Limited free trial
  • The single payment gateway for credit card transactions
  • No in-app reporting

Although most of today's most popular invoicing software systems include desktop and mobile access, many mobile invoicing apps lack the capabilities of their desktop counterparts. On the other hand, Invoice Simple allows users to create, customize, manage, and track invoices and estimates directly from their phone or tablet. The software also makes it simple to accept credit or debit card payments.

Invoice Simple meets your expectations without draining your money account if your goal is to locate an effective solution to send invoices from your smartphone.

The software is simple and a top pick among Android and iOS users. On the other hand, the app has a limited range of accounting operations or reports, so it might not be ideal if you're looking for a one-stop shop for all your accounting needs.

Pricing: You can send up to three invoices with the free version of Invoice Simple. A monthly subscription of $6.99 or an annual subscription of $59.00 ($4.99/month) is available. Overall, the low pricing, ease of use, and high customer satisfaction make this a cost-effective and efficient tool for invoicing clients on the move.

an image of a calculator on top of a bunch of invoices

Zoho Invoice For Best Automation Solutions

Zoho Invoice provides business owners with cost-effective and scalable automation and invoicing solution. As a result, it's one of the top invoicing software programs for those looking to optimize their payments and workflow.


  • Fixes recurring invoices and payments
  • Automations available for internal and external requirements
  • Invoice in various currencies


  • Custom automation requires some developer skills
  • Automate only up to ten workflows
  • The free service only up to five or fewer client invoices.

Zoho provides various business services to assist users with sales, marketing, accounting, and financing. In addition, Zoho Invoice is a stand-alone invoicing and payment solution that allows you to customize your invoices and payments.

It also has many automation options, making it our best invoicing software for business owners who wish to simplify and automate typical invoicing and client-related tasks.

Zoho users can set up recurring invoices and automatic payments, but the automation benefits extend past sending invoices. Zoho Invoice allows users to set up workflow scenarios that trigger email alerts, field updates, and in-app notifications. In addition, users can customize automation for specific procedures, such as order discounts or late fees.

You have four available account plans with Zoho, each of which offers access to at least five automated workflows:

  • Free: Unlimited invoicing for the first five clients (five automated workflows)
  • Basic ($9/month): Up to 50 clients; five automated workflows
  • Standard Plan ($19/month): Up to 500 clients; 10 automated workflows
  • Professional Plan ($29/month): Unlimited client invoicing; 10 automated workflows

Quickbooks - If You Need Detailed Reporting

Individuals, small businesses, and not-so-small businesses alike have long relied on the QuickBooks suite of company administration software. Its robust data collection, organizing, and reporting features appeal to anyone looking to control their company's metrics.


  • You can customize the reports.
  • Other QuickBooks accounting tools are also available.
  • A well-stocked resource center


  • Other invoicing software options are affordable compared to this
  • Some users find the UI challenging to use.

QuickBooks is popular due to its wide range of accounting tools, and its invoicing capability is no exception. Users can modify and automate invoices, add billable hours, and duplicate comparable invoices to send to many customers with a QuickBooks account.

The program also includes a variety of bookkeeping and record-keeping capabilities, making it the best choice for business owners searching for detailed data on invoicing and other vital financial parameters.

Users of QuickBooks can concentrate on invoice-related metrics or expand reports to include a wide range of financial data that, when combined, lead to increased productivity and better-informed decisions. In addition, reports are easily accessible from the QuickBooks dashboard, making it simple to get information quickly.

Pricing: The package you choose determines whether you have access to invoices or other types of reporting. The Simple Start plan ($25/month) allows you to create custom tags to track spending and run general reports (e.g., cash flow, profit, loss, balance sheets, etc.). The most extensive reports are accessible under the Plus ($70/month) and Advanced ($150/month) subscription tiers.

Although the cost of QuickBooks may be a deterrent, if reporting is your primary goal, the program may be well worth the investment. It is especially true when considering the additional accounting tools QuickBooks users have access to. In addition, for 30 days, you can experience QuickBooks invoicing and reporting services for free and easily upgrade to advanced reporting.

That was the list of best invoicing software with prices, integrations, and other features. Startup owners begin their businesses with limited working capital. Hence, they start with free tools for any service essential for business processing - calendar management, appointment scheduling, data entry, etc.

However, a challenge surfaces for business owners when they try to scale their companies. Shortage of time is a persistent issue, and figuring out different tools for every new business requirement becomes a burden for CEOs. This is why outsourcing has become necessary and why virtual assistance is becoming a popular hiring option amongst ambitious entrepreneurs.


Through Rewardworks, businesses can automate their entire AP system, so they don't have to waste time processing and paying invoices. With the help of this software, payments can be automated, saving you time and allowing your employees to focus on those tasks that will keep your business growing.

The software provides a number of payment methods available to business owners, including credit cards, virtual cards, checks, and ACH transactions.The company is one of the oldest B2B payment solutions on the market havinga partnership with American Express for more than 17 years.


● Integrates with any ERP system.

● Updates back to the accounting software instantly (only a few softwares on the market have this capability)

● Financial incentives - spending money on the card can get businesses incentives back on their Amex credit card


● No free trial

● Desktop based software

Businesses looking to centralize all their invoices in one place should look no further. Rewardworks can be used by any business of any size. Their streamlined invoicing process is easy and fast with their automated account payable software. Once a payment transaction is completed, the software sends out an instant notification to the vendor through email.

Their commitment is to provide excellent customer support to all their clients by assisting them with payments whenever needed.To learn more about the software, price, and a free demo, you should contact one of their sales representatives.

Is Invoicing Software Safe?

All popular invoicing software applications take several precautions to ensure the safety of user data. However, data security is always a concern for small and big businesses.

When it comes to working with a virtual assistant from Wishup, you can rest assured that your data is safe. All our virtual assistants are required to sign an NDA before being assigned to any project, and we have strict policies regarding data breaches. To learn more about the measures we take, read our blog - How Wishup Ensures the Security of their Clients' Data.

It’s important to note that safety is an important factor to consider while choosing invoicing software. Here are a few essential factors to consider before selecting an accounting service, invoicing, or help otherwise:

Storage: Most invoicing software firms use Cloud storage to provide users with quick and easy access to data regardless of their location. Reputable invoicing software providers should protect your data physically and electronically.

It entails storing servers in a secure location—ideally a colocation data center with limited access and relying on backup servers to prevent data loss if one set of servers fails. However, it is a risky way to store data.

  • Transit: Consider that data is as vulnerable during transit as in storage. You can keep your data safe during transit if your invoicing software company encrypts sensitive data (e.g., banking information, SSN/EINs, etc.) while received and sent.
  • Pricing: It is not cheap to create invoices. Every invoice software becomes heavy on the pocket of small business owners, sooner or later. Not having required integrations or missing features can be an added problem.


Hire a Virtual Assistant to find the best invoicing software for your business.

There you have it, the list of the best invoicing software of 2022 based on its affordability and features. However, you must notice that all the invoicing apps focus on a single function and often lack integrated support, which is often needed by small businesses. On the other hand, virtual assistants can figure out the best invoicing tools and help you with other accounting tasks.

Every business founder needs a team to scale their business at a certain point. Unfortunately, having a full-time employee is expensive. But fortunately, you can reap the benefits of a full-time employee by hiring a virtual assistant.

To hire a virtual assistant and get started, click here to schedule a free consultation or mail us at [email protected] and tell us your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the professional and educational background of Wishup virtual assistants?

Our virtual assistants are graduates with multiple skills. We also have our rigorous four-week training program, where we prepare our virtual assistants for various aspects of the role.

What is the period for which I can hire a virtual assistant?

Depending on your requirements, you can hire a virtual assistant for either one month or more extended periods.

How do I know if I need a virtual assistant?

If you are running a small business, and the daily routine tasks keep you from growing, you can definitely use a virtual assistant.