Events are great networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses, making their smooth execution very important. Moreover, a well-organized event can impress potential clients and help grow your business substantially.

But creating and managing a high-quality event on-ground or virtual event (as the trend is nowadays) can be quite difficult on your own. As someone who is organizing an event, you may need assistance with the different facets of event planning, right from planning the event, to its final execution and follow-ups post the event.

Having the right support system is crucial for any event to be successful, be it an entrepreneur who wants to organize his own events or for event planners and event directors.

That brings us to the best-kept secret in the event industry.

A virtual assistant who can help you plan, manage and coordinate events.

Hiring a virtual assistant for event planning, coordination and management can help you create exceptional events that will mesmerize your guests and create the impression you want.


Organizing an event is however not easy. It requires managing a wide range of tasks, from the planning stages to event logistics and coordinating with multiple suppliers and vendors. In addition, every minute detail needs to be carefully examined to ensure that it is carried out as per expectations. It also requires strong communication skills so that you can communicate the desired goals to the entire team effectively.

In this blog, we share the importance of hiring virtual assistants to manage your events and how they can contribute to the events success.

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The increasing role of Virtual Assistants in events

It should be no surprise that COVID has affected the event planning sector due to restrictions on physical events. However, it is also the time when virtual events became trendy because they still helped businesses connect and network safely.

It also encouraged the growth of virtual assistants in the event field, as even with the “no-interaction/less interaction” restrictions, virtual assistants played a significant role in the management of events.

In fact, so profound is their impact that according to Allied Market Research, the market for virtual event planners is predicted to reach a value of $1.5529 trillion in 2028.

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Why should you use a Virtual Assistant for event planning?

Given the complexities involved in managing events, virtual assistants can actually play a significant role in executing them. Here are some of the ways, they can help you;

  • An event, whether online or offline, requires multiple follow-ups before it can be successfully executed. As a business owner, you may not have the time on your hands to conduct these follow-ups personally.

    A virtual assistant can help you manage this aspect of your event quite efficiently and even submit detailed reports on the different actionable of the event and work in progress.
  • A virtual assistant (VA) works remotely, so you don’t have to worry about arranging a workspace or any other overheads usually associated with an in-office employee. That helps you save considerably on the event management costs, which can be deployed for scaling the event.
  • You can hire a virtual assistant only for specific events as and when required, without any long-term contracts. That gives you immense flexibility in planning your workforce resources for events and the flexibility to scale up as and when required.
  • You are no longer restricted to geographical boundaries when it comes to hiring the best talent to manage your events. You can hire virtual assistants from across the globe and be assured of getting the best services at comparatively lower costs as compared to hiring locally.

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Events for which you can hire Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants can be hired for both personal and business events.

When it comes to personal events, they can help you coordinate and manage weddings, birthday celebrations, and other milestone events like anniversaries, baby showers, etc.

When it comes to business events, virtual assistants can assist you with seminars, conferences, exhibitions, product launches, business retreats, and black-tie charity events. No matter the type of event you are conducting, our virtual assistants can help ensure that your events are memorable for all the right reasons.


Tasks you can assign to a Event Planning Virtual Assistant

Set Up Meetings And Appointments

The number of meetings a business owner or event planner has to attend while organizing an event every day can be quite exhausting. Most of their time is spent in meetings with customers, vendors, partners, and prospects. In such a scenario, ensuring the best and maximum utility of their time essential to their success and achieving their business goals.

To make the most out of your day, you can use the services of the virtual assistant you hire to book meetings and track all your appointments.

In addition, they can synchronize your calendar and increase the effectiveness of your days by coordinating with all attendees of your meetings and keeping you updated in case any meeting gets rescheduled or canceled.

With Wishup, you not only get a virtual assistant who can help you manage your events but also be on top of your to-do lists.

Researching ideas & creating event presentations

A virtual assistant can assist you in researching conceptual ideas for your events and putting them down in a presentable way for clients. Creating presentations can be quite time-consuming and take up quite a lot of your time, which you could otherwise use more productively.

You can use the time saved to develop more event ideas to elevate your events or even network with potential clients to grow your business. Either way, it can be a win-win situation for you and help you use your time more efficiently.

Generating business leads

To ensure the successful growth of your business, you need to keep your lead pipeline full and have enough prospects on hand to pitch your services.

However, sourcing high-quality business leads that can convert into customers is complex and requires someone with considerable experience and expertise. That is precisely where our virtual assistants come in; not only can they help you create some of your best events, but they also help you build a leads pipeline that you can convert into paying customers.

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Marketing your products and services

This virtual event industry's success has led to increased competition since more players are attracted to it now than ever before. Statista states that there were 63,000 party and event planner enterprises in the United States in 2021, and the number is growing considerably year on year.

To help you stand out from the competition, your events virtual assistant can also assist you in your social media marketing activities by keeping tabs on the competition, updating you on industry trends, and sharing the best practices adopted by leading event planners.

Virtual assistants with a background in social media marketing can also help you update your social media channels regularly, create and schedule posts on your behalf, and even respond to prospective customer queries received online.

To summarise, your virtual assistants are indispensable when it comes to organizing and managing your events and helping you grow your business. They are the solution you have been looking for to make your day more productive while also helping you enjoy a better work-life balance.

Qualities to look out for in your Virtual Assistant

When hiring the best virtual assistants, we recommend you look for the following traits and attitudes, as skills and tools can be taught, but the attitude has to come from within.

A positive attitude

The most important trait a virtual assistant for event planning needs to possess is a cheerful, upbeat, "can-do" attitude. When they interact with your clients, vendors, and suppliers of industry services like venues, caterers, photographers, decorators, and floral design professionals, they represent your business. As such, they should always create a positive impression.

Comfortable working long hours

As industry professionals like to quote, there are no fixed hours for an event professional as you never know when a client may come up with last-minute demands, or there is an unforeseen emergency.

As a result, even planners and managers sometimes need to work at odd hours or for long periods without breaks. Therefore, the virtual assistant you hire should be flexible enough to accommodate these working hours and give their best, no matter the situation or time.

Attention To Details

The best event planners in the business are aware that even the slightest touches may make the difference between ordinary and outstanding events. Small, thoughtful gestures will turn a delighted customer into a devoted supporter who will recommend you to other potential clients.

At the same time, even a small mistake can ruin the biggest of events. As such, the virtual assistant should have an eye for details and be thorough in everything they do.

Be Flexible and Agile

In the world of events, situations or the best-laid plans may change any minute, forcing you to adapt to a new situation quickly. It could be something such as the non-availability of a particular product or the vendor not turning up on time. It could also be some last-minute changes by the client.

To cope with these situations, you need a virtual assistant who is both flexible and agile enough o adapt to the situation and come out with workable solutions.

An out-of-the-box thinker

Many event planners can attest to Murphy's Law, which claims, "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." Because of this, a skilled event planning VA must have the flexibility to come up with workable, realistic alternatives when plans don't work out as expected.

Be multi-talented and versatile

The event planning virtual assistant should be able to manage a budget, be a master negotiator, intuitive, have strong communication skills, and do much more to contribute positively to your business.

Ability to work under pressure

Event planning virtual assistants are frequently under enormous pressure to keep ahead of the competition, see trends, and constantly innovate and come up with new, never-before-seen solutions to astound and surprise clients who may be highly picky and demanding.

They should also be able to remain calm and handle any crisis that may occur during an event.

Tasks event planning virtual assistants can manage

While the list of actionables for creating a successful event is infinite, some of the tasks that virtual assistants can manage on your behalf are listed below for your reference.

This list is just for indicative purposes, as every event and its demands are unique. However, you can rest assured about your virtual assistant managing whatever task you give them as they are trained in 200+ skill sets.

  • Event planning
  • Checking potential locations, suppliers, caterers, decorators, florists, speakers, performers, musicians, and more
  • Planning travel itineraries
  • Booking transportation, lodging, and flights
  • Meeting the prerequisites for visas and applying for them on time
  • Seeking and acquiring the necessary event permissions
  • Coordination with printers
  • Sending out invitations and thank-you notes on time
  • Communicating with clients and updating you on their additional demands or changes
  • Maintaining the budget for the event
  • Updating your social media channels about the event

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Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Event Planning

To hire a virtual assistant to assist you with your events, you can either consider hiring a freelancer from a freelancing platform or working with virtual assistant agencies such as Wishup.

While freelancing platforms may seem to be a cheaper option, when it comes to events, they could prove costly in the long run.

Also, given the responsibilities associated with managing an event, it makes more sense to work with a company with a solid reputation in providing pre-vetted, well-trained virtual assistants. A company that is ready to offer a no-questions-asked replacement, just in case you are not completely satisfied with the virtual assistant deployed to your team.

With Wishup, you can hire a virtual assistant in less than 24 hours and even scale up your team when required. To know more about our virtual assistants, we recommend you visit our website for more information or write to us [email protected] for a free consultation.

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