How Can Virtual Assistants Help Influencers?

How Can Virtual Assistants Help Influencers?

The creator economy is on a roll, thanks to influencers' role in people’s buying decisions.

As per the latest stats, 30% of consumers rely on influencer recommendations in their purchasing decisions, much more than the 27% of people who rely on their friends and family.

As such, the monetary opportunities for influencers are quite substantial, due to which quite a few people are attracted to it as a career option.

Infographic showing number of US kids who plan on becoming an influencer

When you become an influencer, your entire world changes; it becomes all about you. You are the brand, and your ability to promote and generate interest in a product is directly proportional to your audience engagement. Furthermore, when more prominent brands become aware of your superpowers, they will also want to collaborate with you as part of their influencer campaigns.

However, promoting your brand and engaging with customers and prospects on social media sites is a 24-hour job. So even though you might think you can handle all your social media duties and channels yourself, it is not a one-person job.

Are you an influencer who is perpetually buried in your to-do list?

Then, it's time to delegate these tasks to a more qualified and dependable person.

A virtual assistant.

You can stay organized, expand your influence, and build your followers with the help of a virtual assistant.

In this article, we'll learn how a virtual assistant can make it easier for influencers to manage their demanding schedules. But first, let's start with who is a virtual assistant.

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

The term "virtual assistant" refers to someone who works remotely for a company, offering support services. Virtual assistants typically perform administrative tasks but can also help with other duties.

Entrepreneurs and business owners that require assistance but want to avoid investing in office space particularly look for virtual assistants. However, many small and medium-sized businesses also use virtual assistance for specialized tasks like bookkeeping.

Now that you understand a virtual assistant's role and responsibilities, let's explore who an influencer virtual assistant is.

Who is an Influencer Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant for an influencer is an investment that raises the value of their brand to the next level. Virtual assistance enables the influencer to concentrate on the core functions of the business. Core work typically accounts for 20% of your business's tasks, while the rest is primarily administrative and can be handled by the influencer virtual assistant.

What are the tasks that a virtual assistant can help an influencer with?

Influencer virtual assistants can help you with a variety of tasks. Among the most significant contributions they can make are:

  • Schedule content
  • Respond to online inquiries
  • Gather client feedback
  • Share success stories from customers
  • Respond to emails/communications
  • Edit and proofread your content.
  • Look for quotes, links, and images to share.
  • Create and manage your social media presence.
  • Collect content from various blogs and social media platforms.
  • Manage your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media profiles.
  • Increase audience presence and participation on company websites.
  • Make it easier for other influencers to notice your brand and share your content with their audiences.

But why shouldn't I do everything?

You cannot do everything if you want to scale your influencer business. Avoid falling into the pitfall of "why should I pay someone for something I can do myself?" Those who do typically experience burnout and stress.

Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for influencer management

A virtual assistant helping an influencer boost social media presence

Create a presence on social media

Having a social media profile for your business is not enough. Your profiles must be constantly updated to keep your customers informed and engaged. You can hire a virtual assistant and give them the responsibility of updating your accounts.

The influencer can multitask and produce content for their respective pages by hiring a personal assistant. The management of social media profiles, emails, and fan interactions can all be delegated to assistants. You can boost profits by having a reliable, capable hand handle the operational aspects of managing and expanding your online presence.

Boost audience engagement

It becomes impossible for an influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers to engage with or respond to every message sent to them. So instead, hire an assistant to screen and respond to messages from your followers.

Virtual assistants who handle messages from followers can also double up as content and chat moderators because they can organize, approve, reject, delete, and block messages based on content and the sender's intent.

In this way, the influencer is effectively relieved of stress and protected from reading derogatory messages that could affect their motivation and self-esteem.

Keep your schedule organized

Another crucial task that takes up much time is keeping track of what needs to be done and when. Since influencers have a busy schedule that includes everything from creating content to balancing their personal life, an assistant allows them to be molded into that busy schedule while also assisting them in managing their personal schedule.

This not only gives you some of that time back, but it also clears up your calendar. It will be easier for you to stay focused on your zone of genius if someone else looks after your calendar and ensures that all of your meetings, speaking engagements, appointments, and deadlines are planned out and organized. Just think about how much easier planning would be without all that hassle!

Many influencers have faced harsh criticism for skipping out on important occasions where they were expected to be prominent or high-profile guests. Maintaining your constantly shifting schedule is more challenging when you have a hectic schedule.

Your virtual assistant can check the timeline for upcoming events and compare it to your schedule in advance. As a result, it is extremely unlikely that your future appointments will clash or be out of sync.

Organize your cluttered inbox

Many influencers are usually overwhelmed by their inbox, given the number of fan emails they receive. However, you have an ideal solution for that. A virtual assistant can handle all your email-related tasks, including email screening and contact list updating.

Furthermore, an influencer frequently has too many requests and inquiries to manage on top of their regular work. A virtual assistant can assist by sorting through the clutter, handling all the emails you don't need to respond to personally, and setting up a process for you that will immediately highlight what requires your attention.

*Tip: If you want your VA to filter your emails, give them instructions on which emails need a personal response from you and which ones can be sent to the trash or marked as spam.

Take care of the mundane tasks for you

Influencers frequently have a ton of work to do. For example, to keep engagement rates high, they frequently need to produce a video or other content after the ideation stage, edit it, and then respond to user feedback. It soon becomes clear that being creative requires more effort than simply spending the day at home staring at a phone.

As the influencers' brands expand, they have to interact with other brands and businesses looking to market their goods or services. In many cases, these influencers require assistance with the less creative aspects of their content creation, which is where virtual assistants can be helpful.

A virtual assistant can perform all trivial yet critical tasks like scheduling social media content, video editing, helping with sponsor research, managing email marketing campaigns, and writing web content.

Streamline your travels

To give you the best possible travel experience, virtual assistants will find the most affordable routes, lodgings, and flights. They only require your travel dates and the locations you must visit. Within their means, they will offer the best deal.

Virtual assistants can handle reservations on your behalf. Based on your preferences, they can assist you in finding the best flights and hotels. A virtual assistant can help you find anything – from a room with a balcony to an indoor swimming pool!

Pick from Wishup's top virtual assistants!

A virtual assistant managing critical tasks for an influencer

It can be challenging to scale a brand when you are the brand. Even though you want to be the one to respond to comments and direct messages, you are aware that your time is limited. Editing that video or lookbook will have to wait until another day if time is spent on a pointless task. Additionally, pitching and haggling with brands can be time-consuming!

You might think, "all this would be much simpler if I could clone myself!"

You can clone yourself!

If you use Wishup's virtual assistant services, you can accomplish this. We can provide a virtual assistant that can do it all for you just the way you like it – and that too for a small cost compared to a traditional PA. Furthermore, because we have done the research, you will not have to invest time or resources in finding the best virtual assistants.

Wishup is a virtual assistant company that provides top-tier administrative and executive virtual assistants who have undergone a rigorous screening process and possess diverse skills.

Hiring virtual assistants from Wishup has several incredible advantages:

The top 1% of talent among all applicants is chosen.

You won't need to go through laborious hiring procedures or multiple rounds of interviews because our virtual assistants have already undergone a thorough screening and pre-vetting process. Proctored written exams, numerous rounds of interviews, and practical assignments are all part of the evaluation process so that you only get the best candidates.

Get your VA onboarded in under a day

After your initial consultation, you can choose a virtual assistant from our pool of candidates and onboard them in less than 30 minutes.

Hire without risk

Wishup offers a no-questions-asked seven-day replacement policy, no long-term binding contracts, and the freedom to hire as you see fit.

Trained and qualified VAs

Based on industry standards and norms, we have a stringent hiring procedure. We have qualified and skill-tested every virtual assistant. They are also trained in over 200 different skill sets.

Global resources

You are no longer restricted to hiring the top virtual assistants in your city because Wishup's global talent pool has no geographic or visa restrictions.

Cost-effective VAs

You won't need to spend money on infrastructure or equipment because the assistants will work remotely. Additionally, since Wishup takes care of employee benefits and 401K plans, you won't need to worry about them. Only the hours of assistance you used are subject to payment.

How to hire from Wishup?

Set up a meeting with the Wishup team and share your task lists to get started. Then, based on your industry and company requirements, Wishup matches you with the best virtual assistant.

Hire a virtual assistant to help you scale your influencer business today!

As a busy influencer, you deserve an assistant to help manage your social media profiles. Even more so when you notice that your followers are gradually increasing. Ultimately, the greater your influence, the greater your responsibility to produce high-quality content that people will value and ensure your posts and presence are harmless.

Wishup makes hiring a virtual assistant for all your influencer tasks easy.


Simply book a free consultation with our team or email us at [email protected], mentioning the tasks you want your VA to cover. Wishup will match you with the profile that best suits your requirements.