Free Virtual Assistant 7-Day Trial – How To Make The Most Of Your Wishup Virtual Assistant

Free Virtual Assistant 7-Day Trial – How To Make The Most Of Your Wishup Virtual Assistant

Do you remember the last time;

You went on a vacation with your family?

Met some new clients?

Thought of a couple of new ideas to grow your business?

Seems long ago, right!!

That's what happens when you spend too many hours behind the desk, managing small, routine tasks that you should ideally delegate to others.

In today's times, growing your business requires more than one pair of hands. If you start handling all business tasks on your own, you might soon feel overwhelmed and exhausted as you are pulled in various directions, leaving you with very little time to focus on growing your business and outperforming the competition.


Now, imagine a scenario wherein;

  1. You can focus solely on growing your business.

2. Find yourself stress-free and relaxed as you network with prospective clients.

3. Boost your business productivity by more than 50%

4. Offer personalized service to key clients, who contribute a major part of your revenue.

5. Spend more time with your loved ones.

It's actually possible.

What you need here is a cost-effective solution that provides the same benefits and workload management as a full-time employee.

A Virtual Assistant.

If you are not sure if you really need one, don't worry! We have your back!

Wishup offers you a 7-day free trial with a money-back guarantee and highly skilled, pre-vetted virtual assistants for all your recurring, tedious tasks.

To get you going and help you understand how you can get the best out of your virtual assistant, here are some tips. So let's get right to it!

Tips for working successfully with your Virtual Assistant

Be practical and reasonable with your expectations

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A capable virtual assistant is a great way to free up your schedule so you can delegate recurring tasks and concentrate on more urgent business needs. However, it's critical to be realistic when working with a virtual assistant.

Simply put, it's crucial to be clear about your expectations for the assistance a VA can provide you with. Setting goals is a great way to maintain team motivation. But be sure that they are SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound).

When you define goals for your Virtual Assistant, you must base them on their current capabilities and the current state of your business.

It's also critical to understand that figuring out what works best for you and your virtual assistant will take time. To ensure that you are both on the same page, it is always a good idea to learn about your VA with a quick, informal chat in the beginning.

Set your expectations early on, especially regarding availability and compensation, to avoid surprises later. Ensure that your VA understands precisely what you require and that they can realistically complete the tasks assigned to them on time.

Always give precise instructions for the tasks you want to assign, and establish reasonable deadlines. Your VA cannot read your mind. So ultimately, you will waste time and money if you don't communicate your needs to your VA.

Make an effort to draft appropriate SOPs

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) may require more work and time in the front end, but they are too crucial to skip. This is because, after you get over the initial hurdle of creating them, assigning your tasks and workflows to your virtual assistant will be simple and save you time in the long run.

Everything should be written in clear instructions so your virtual assistant can refer to them as needed and not continually ask you for assistance.

Be sure to include the following when drafting the procedural section of your SOP:

Primary steps: Your SOP should include the significant milestone steps required to complete a particular procedure.

Individual action steps: These are the smaller steps that make up each of the above major steps.

Notes: Any supplementary or clarifying details your VA needs to be aware of.

Prioritize and maintain communication

Transparent communication is essential for getting the most out of your Virtual Assistant. It is the foundation of any healthy relationship, especially with your VA. Therefore, it is critical to communicate with them directly. Although avoiding making too many calls or emails may be tempting, communication is essential for this relationship, especially in the beginning.

Include specific expectations when speaking with your VA the way you would in your SOPs. Depending on the tasks at hand, setting aside some time every day or every week will help your virtual assistant be more effective because there will always be daily updates.

Establishing a Process Improvement System would also be smart, allowing you and the Virtual Assistant to discuss open issues, matters, and problems in the company.

Additionally, you can conduct a quarterly business review. Again, the goal is to identify ways to enhance business and performance, not to criticize or undermine your virtual assistant.


Set realistic deadlines

When delegating tasks, it is critical to communicate clear deadline expectations. If these are routine daily tasks, ensure your assistant is aware of your expectations and has the necessary tools to complete them.

Ensure your assistant is aware of deadlines, especially if there are several. Preferably, this should happen while assigning the project or task.

Since virtual assistants are humans, there are restrictions on how much work they can complete in a given time. Therefore, giving them a reasonable timeframe to complete the work will allow them to produce high-quality results.

Invest in your Virtual Assistant

Another way to support your virtual assistant and invest in your relationship is to help them with education and training. It does not matter if your Virtual Assistant has ten years of experience. Every industry is different, and markets are constantly changing every day.

Also, the Virtual Assistant will take time to learn new skills and be acquainted with new people. So be patient and play your role in guiding the Virtual Assistant through their learning curve.

A Virtual Assistant is not a wonder-worker, but they could be the booster shot your business needs to amp up to the next level.

Try to frequently communicate with your virtual assistant and identify the new skills they might be interested in to advance their career and help them achieve their goals.

Continuing education has many benefits for your virtual assistant, who can upscale their career; and for your organization, as you will reap the rewards of their new upskilling. You can sign them up for various courses related to their job or pay for various courses to help your business.

Consider incentives and rewards

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Employee recognition is essential for keeping employees motivated and engaged. Virtual assistants, like everyone else, want to know if they did a good job. If you believe your virtual assistant has significantly reduced your workload and completes your tasks on time, don't be afraid to express gratitude by thanking them.

You should also occasionally consider providing your virtual assistant with various perks and rewards. This could range from special treats like a gift card for an online store or a nearby restaurant to techy gifts like a new laptop, better headphones, or a new software product that can make their work easier.

If your virtual assistant is working hard, you could arrange for a surprise delivery to their home, such as some pizza or flowers for their birthday. This will undoubtedly encourage them and increase their loyalty.

The simplest you can do is to allow your virtual assistant to take breaks from work when they want or sometimes work with them for an extended period to let them feel encouraged and supported.

Feedback is two-way

When working with a virtual assistant, it's critical to not only provide feedback on the tasks they complete but also to seek feedback from them. A great way to boost engagement and make your VA feel respected is to ask for their opinion on the tasks. You could, for instance, ask your VA for their opinion on how specific procedures are going or to share their ideas for a particular project.

Remember that receiving feedback is useless if you don't also pay attention to it. Make sure your VA feels heard when they offer their opinions by paying attention to what they have to say. The effectiveness of the feedback increases with increased listening, and it works both ways. Employees who firmly believe their managers listen to them also believe those managers provide the best feedback.

Many business owners are hesitant to implement suggestions because they feel their company should be based on their original concepts. However, brainstorming with your team can produce excellent results.

By using all these suggestions, you can guarantee a successful working relationship for years to come with your newly hired virtual assistant.

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You and your company can benefit significantly from working with a virtual assistant. You could gain productivity, save time and money, and refocus on the most critical things for expanding your company. Your virtual assistant is capable of performing several tasks for your company, including:

Managing Emails: Virtual assistants frequently handle email management. You're unlikely to encounter problems working with a reputable business or contractor like Wishup. Your virtual assistant can handle most simple requests and delete spam messages. If there is an emergency, they will get your attention.

Answering Phone Calls: It is preferable to have a live person answer your calls rather than leaving your clients and customers on voicemail. The fact that they requested a live person take their message will be appreciated by your callers, and your virtual assistant can handle most simple inquiries without bothering you. They will also contact you immediately if there is an emergency.

Scheduling Appointments: VAs can schedule appointments, monitor your focus time, plan meetings for maximum efficiency, and prompt you to get ready in advance. Your assistant will ensure you have enough time to get from one place to another for off-site meetings.

Your assistant can contact everyone involved and set a new time if you need to reschedule. The importance of every meeting varies. Your VA can assist you in screening requests, allowing you to focus your precious time on the most important appointments.

Managing Client Relationships: Sending birthday cards, thank you notes, and other small gifts to significant partners and clients is a great idea. However, keeping track of all these people and gifts can be a hassle. Let your virtual assistant handle the preparations. You decide on the budget. Your VA can select a suitable present, create a unique message, and ensure it gets there on time.

Data Entry: A virtual assistant can assist you in collecting, sorting, and entering all of your data into the software of your choice. They can assist you if you need to digitize many documents. They do an excellent job of relieving you of all those tiresome but essential tasks.

Following up on payments: A virtual assistant can concentrate on identifying precisely who owes money and how much they owe and then regularly contact them. They can also create and adhere to payment plans to settle the invoices. This follow-up will be highly beneficial to the collection efforts.

Updating CRM: A virtual assistant interacts with customers, automates sales, manages client databases, and supports vendor/partner relationships using your company's CRM automation software.

Research: A virtual assistant can assist with research. They can gather prospect information before a sales presentation. They are also capable of conducting competitor analyses and other in-depth research tasks. You can also request that your assistant gather any relevant news, keep an eye out for announcements about products or services you use, or monitor price fluctuations.

Outreach: A virtual assistant can assist you with sales prospect lead generation, targeting, and filtering client prospects using various marketing techniques. Through various types of outreach, these VAs hope to provide your sales funnel with a steady stream of qualified leads.

Website Upkeep: Virtual assistants keep an eye on your site to ensure it's current and everything is running smoothly. Your assistant can also handle backups to ensure you don't lose important data. In addition, you can ask them to check your website for technical problems and broken links regularly. If they discover any, they can either fix them if they are straightforward or alert you to them.

Bookkeeping: Even though they might not be an accountant, your virtual assistant can assist with bookkeeping duties. With software like Xero or Freshbooks, they can maintain your financial records and reconcile transactions. Your VA will send you reminders to ensure that you pay all of your bills on time. Additionally, they can make your customers pay on time by creating, sending, and following up on invoices.

Getting the most out of Virtual Assistants is just a few steps away

Investing a little time and effort in developing a good working relationship with your VA can reap enormous rewards and improve their work output. Once you have found and hired a virtual assistant you like, it's time to start building a long-term relationship, making the most of their skills, and providing extra training as needed.

Once you've gotten used to having someone take away your burdens, you can easily get the most out of your virtual assistant.


Wishup's virtual assistant services allow you to relax and take it easy while collaborating effectively with your VA. Wishup offers a 7-day free trial with quick replacements and a no-questions-asked refund policy.

To hire a virtual assistant from Wishup, you can simply mail us [email protected] or schedule a free consultation with our experts.