Best Co-working Spaces for Female Entrepreneurs in 2023

Journey through the top 10 female-focused coworking spaces worldwide in 2023. From the vibrant streets of London to the sunny shores of Los Angeles, discover where women come together to collaborate, inspire, and redefine the future of work.

Co-working Spaces for Female Entrepreneurs
Photo by Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

In a world where innovation knows no bounds, women are not just breaking through glass ceilings; they are shattering them. A new wave of empowerment is sweeping across the globe, and it's spearheaded by women who understand the importance of community, collaboration, and creating spaces where dreams flourish.

As Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's COO, eloquently puts it, "In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders." These words embody a vision that transcends gender, a vision of inclusivity and limitless potential. To realize this vision, female-focused coworking spaces are emerging as epicenters of change.

Imagine walking into a coworking space where the atmosphere crackles with ambition, where creativity flows like a river, and where women from diverse backgrounds come together to redefine the future. From New York City to Melbourne, these spaces are reshaping not only the physical infrastructure of work but also the dynamics of empowerment. So, if you're looking to find the best coworking space for women near you, let's get started.

The Rising Popularity of Co-working Spaces

Once considered a trend, co-working has now become a mainstay in the world of work, with its popularity steadily on the rise. Several key factors contributed to this remarkable ascent in the women's coworking space:

1. Flexibility in Work Arrangements: The traditional 9-to-5 work model is no longer the sole choice. Co-working spaces provide an array of flexible options, allowing individuals and businesses to adapt their work arrangements to suit their needs. From freelancers to large corporations, the flexibility of co-working is a universal draw.

2. Collaborative Environments: The era of siloed offices and cubicles is giving way to open, collaborative spaces that foster innovation and creativity. Co-working spaces are designed to encourage interaction and idea exchange, which can lead to breakthroughs in various industries.

3. Remote Work and Digital Connectivity: The rise of remote work and the ubiquity of digital tools have made co-working spaces not just convenient but essential. They offer reliable high-speed internet, a necessity for remote workers, entrepreneurs, and startups.5,000-square-foot

4. Community and Networking: In an age where connections are key, co-working spaces provide an environment ripe for networking. The diverse community within these spaces can lead to valuable professional relationships and opportunities.

5. Cost-Effective Solutions: Co-working spaces often come equipped with office essentials like furniture, utilities, and administrative support, reducing the overhead costs of setting up a traditional office. This cost-effectiveness is a significant advantage for startups and small businesses.

6. Increased Focus on Well-being: Modern co-working spaces prioritize the well-being of their members. They often feature amenities like wellness rooms, ergonomic furniture, and on-site cafes, creating an environment that promotes both productivity and mental health.

7. Accessibility and Global Reach: Co-working chains have expanded globally, making it easier for professionals to access a familiar work environment while traveling or collaborating across borders. This accessibility adds to the appeal of co-working spaces.

8. Trends in Urbanization: As more people move to urban areas, co-working spaces provide an alternative to traditional office spaces in congested cities, offering a productive, cost-efficient option for urban professionals.

Top 10 Co-Working Spaces for Women in 2023

One Roof

One Roof

One Roof is not your run-of-the-mill workspace; it's one of the most vibrant co-working spaces for women that began in the most unexpected of places.

Picture this: an Airbnb mansion in the heart of St Kilda, Australia, transformed into a pop-up coworking haven. In just one short week, a remarkable phenomenon unfolded as nearly 500 women flocked to its welcoming embrace. It was a revelation – they had tapped into something extraordinary.

From this transformative experiment, One Roof was born. It swiftly evolved into a permanent coworking and event space, earning its reputation as the leading champion of women across the country. Year after year, it pulsated with life, drawing over 20,000 individuals into its vibrant community.

But every great story encounters twists. In 2019, One Roof had to bid farewell to its original home due to development plans. Undeterred, the team secured a new location. Then, the world faced an unexpected challenge: COVID-19. Yet, One Roof didn't back down. They swiftly reinvented themselves with a digital membership and went on to host the largest virtual female founder pitch night and over 100 bespoke virtual events.

The Riveter

The Riveter

In the heart of Los Angeles, The Riveter is a women's coworking space dedicated to championing and elevating the conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the world of work and business.

With a commitment to providing best-in-class events and programming, The Riveter creates an environment where these vital discussions can flourish. It's a space that is both inviting and professional, offering beautiful workspaces designed for collaboration and creativity.

Their flexible membership options empower members to access what they need, in the way that best suits their unique work style. The Riveter in Los Angeles is a hub of empowerment, ensuring that diversity and inclusion aren't just buzzwords but an integral part of the work culture.

The AllBright

The Allbright

The AllBright, situated in London, is not just a members' club; it's a female coworking space meticulously designed by and for women. Within these elegant walls, women find a second home, a haven where they can work, connect, network, unwind, and most importantly, find inspiration.

The essence of The AllBright lies in the environment it fosters – one of connection and unwavering support. Here, new opportunities arise every day, from chance encounters that spark collaboration to meticulously planned events that bring members together in a shared journey of empowerment and achievement. The AllBright in London is where women shape their own narrative of success, where every moment holds the promise of connection and inspiration.

The Female Hub

The Female Hub

Since its inception, The Female Hub on Javastraat in The Hague has become a magnet for dozens of inspiring women. It's a women work space where they come together to network, brainstorm, collaborate, learn, and ultimately, inspire.

Here, women of various nationalities, backgrounds, job areas, and ages unite, creating a vibrant tapestry of diversity that's not just appreciated but celebrated. The Female Hub in The Netherlands is where women's shared aspirations and unique perspectives converge to create a community that thrives on inclusivity and empowerment.



In the bustling city-state of Singapore, Trehaus was established as a women coworking innovation. Conceived by a dynamic trio comprising Elaine Kim, a medical practitioner, entrepreneur, and a mother of three; Elizabeth Wu, an educator, entrepreneur, and also a mother of three; and Tjin Lee, the managing director and visionary founder of the award-winning Mercury Group.

Trehaus paves the way for working parents to blend their professional and family lives seamlessly. It extends a helping hand with high-quality and adaptable childcare facilities, ensuring that little ones are never too far away.

But it doesn't stop there. Trehaus takes it a step further with a "Silicon Valley-inspired" preschool program that not only nurtures young minds but also places a strong emphasis on character development and equipping children with skills for the future.



CoWomen is the first of its kind in Berlin, a female only coworking space meticulously tailored to meet the distinctive needs of women. Its resounding success at this location opened the doors for expansion, extending its reach to the picturesque city of Heidelberg in southwestern Germany.

The brainchild of CoWomen was born from a moment of sheer necessity. Co-founder Hannah found herself facing a challenging conundrum: how to balance the responsibilities of motherhood while pursuing her professional dreams. As a mother of a newborn son, Henry, the need for a space that could accommodate both her personal and professional life became glaringly evident. With the unwavering support of her co-founders, Sara and Kat, Hannah embarked on a mission to create a coworking space that understands and accommodates the multifaceted roles that women often juggle.

In Heidelberg, the dynamic Johannah takes the reins. With years of experience in establishing her own strategic communications consulting agency, Plan W, she knows firsthand what it takes to breathe life into a successful business. Her passion for empowering women through CoWomen fuels her dedication to this new venture.

The Coven

The Coven

In the heart of the Twin Cities, The Coven is a unique women workspace community that's all about inclusivity. It's not your run-of-the-mill workspace; it's a supportive haven where women, non-binary individuals, and transgender folks come together.

With two impressive physical locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, plus a buzzing virtual community, The Coven has all bases covered. Virtual members get access to a private app, complete with community boards, job listings, and a calendar packed with virtual events.

When you set foot in their physical spaces, you'll notice that safety, both physical and psychological, is a top priority. They've created an environment where everyone feels valued and welcomed.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurial parents, The Coven goes the extra mile. At their St. Paul location, they've set up on-site childcare facilities exclusively for members, making it easier for parents to balance work and family.

Hera Hub

Hera Hub

With a footprint spanning the United States, Hera Hub emerges as a dynamic women's coworking space and entrepreneurial catalyst designed exclusively for women. This pioneering establishment is celebrated for its unwavering commitment to championing the growth of women in business through a potent blend of education, mentorship, and collaborative initiatives.

The driving force behind Hera Hub, the indomitable Felena Hanson, elucidates that the concept of female-focused coworking isn't rooted in exclusion but rather in the pursuit of a more equitable business ecosystem. In her own words, "Our emphasis on women isn't about isolation; it's about harnessing the power of women supporting women, a strategy that makes solid business sense."

In a world where women have often found themselves navigating industries shaped by others, Hera Hub provides a haven where the needs and ambitions of women are not just prioritized but celebrated.

In terms of amenities, Hera Hub's workspaces are meticulously crafted, offering members a professional and productive environment replete with everything necessary to kickstart their projects and propel them toward unprecedented success.

Cuckooz Nest

Cuckooz Nest

Found in the heart of London, Cuckooz Nest is a coworking and childcare haven born out of a simple yet groundbreaking idea: created by parents, for parents. This innovative space offers more than just a desk; it's a place where members can seamlessly combine their work life with the demands of parenthood.

Members at Cuckooz Nest have the privilege of not just a dedicated desk but also access to the facility's flexible on-site nursery. Flexible nurseries are a rare gem, making this concept a game-changer for working mums and dads. It's no wonder this idea has struck a chord with parents navigating the fine balance between career and family.

But Cuckooz Nest goes beyond the ordinary. It recognizes the challenges that come with transitioning back to work after maternity leave. Here, mums are given the flexibility to stay close to their babies, even breastfeeding or reading them a story throughout the day. The hours are tailored to meet the unique needs of parents, and the nursery hosts fewer children than traditional daycare centers, ensuring individualized attention and care.



In the heart of Chicago's River North neighborhood, you'll find evolHer, a stunning 5,000-square-foot loft that goes beyond being a mere workspace. It's a place of inspiration, designed to ignite creativity and cultivate collaboration among women.

At its core, evolveHer is driven by a profound mission: the belief that the company you keep plays a pivotal role in nurturing inspiration. It's a sanctuary where the power of a supportive tribe becomes evident, fostering accountability and sparking individual growth. evolHer in Chicago is a testament to the transformative influence of creativity and community, where women come together to evolve, thrive, and inspire.


In conclusion, the year 2024 promises a dynamic landscape for female entrepreneurs seeking supportive and empowering workspaces. These female-focused coworking spaces, with their unwavering commitment to inclusivity and community, stand as beacons of progress. They offer not only physical workspaces but also a nurturing environment where women can thrive, connect, and overcome the unique challenges they face in the business world. From Vancouver to Tel Aviv, these spaces are redefining the concept of coworking, creating a brighter and more inclusive future for women in entrepreneurship. As the year unfolds, these coworking spaces will continue to play a vital role in amplifying the voices and impact of female entrepreneurs, making 2024 a year of growth, collaboration, and empowerment.