Case Study On Digital Marketing

Without skillfully taking part in digital marketing, an enterprise can’t find means to carry out its basic operations. You can, in a sense, view marketing as the means of communication with the customers or clients in their language on the various platforms they use. Read the case study.

Case Study On Digital Marketing

Without skillfully taking part in digital marketing, an enterprise can’t find means to carry out its basic operations. You can, in a sense, view marketing as the means of communication with the customers or clients in their language on the various platforms they use. Of course, beginning an establishment requires you to hustle a lot, but you can benefit from the ease of making most things more straightforward with proper marketing.
Not long before digital marketing existed, small and new organizations found it hard to establish themselves in the list of massive companies. Thanks to virtual marketing, this is now possible. If you’re a business owner who knows little to nothing about disavow backlink service, the post below has some inspirational digital marketing case studies to motivate you to go digital with your enterprise.

What is Digital Marketing?

As per research by Pew Research Center, in the last three years, internet utilization by adults has risen by approximately 5%. Currently, more than ever, establishments are tapping into the chances that the virtual world provides. In other words, online marketing plays a massive part in the shopping decisions that individuals make. That said, what exactly is virtual marketing?

Also known as internet marketing, digital marketing is advertising through the internet or an electronic gadget. Currently, countless enterprises participate in virtual marketing as they find it cheaper and easier to reach more individuals this way.

Types of Digital Marketing Techniques

There are a variety of digital marketing tactics, but the main ones are:

Before, business owners and entrepreneurs used modes such as direct mail, television, events, radio, and magazines to reach their target audience. Now that more people spend more time online, establishments attempt to reach possible purchasers via digital platforms.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital advertising has plenty of benefits to offer. Here are the main ones:

  • It helps you to reach out to the right audience.
  • It generates a continuous lead pipeline.
  • It helps you to measure the outcomes of your marketing campaigns accurately.
  • It levels the playing compound.
  • It allows your brand to gain credibility.
  • It enables you to get and optimize better conversion rates.
  • With it, you get to heighten client loyalty with constant communications.
  • It gets you more impressive results than what you had budgeted for.
  • It enables you to captivate the client at every purchasing phase.

Successful Digital Marketing Case Studies

Here are some famous digital marketing technique instances from various industries to help you understand how effective virtual marketing is:

Dropbox Develops From 1 Million to 500 Million Users in a Mere Seven Years

Dropbox is one of the most used digital platforms worldwide. From 2009 to 2016, it was able to attain growth from 1,000,000 to 500,000,000 users, most of which was thanks to online advertising. As an online solution, its online marketing was explicitly essential. Its followers were already there; it only needed a way to reach them. It did this by enlisting its clients.

The main elements of their advertising technique included:

  • Built-in advertising inducements
  • A motivational marketing platform
  • A clean and clear landing page

First Fruit Wellness Center Enlarges to Several Locations via Social Media Captivation

Changing followers to leads is a massive challenge for any marketing campaign, but First Fruit Wellness had a personal and unique opinion on social media advertising. They captivated followers one-on-one, developing close relationships with probable clients online. Most social media advertisements are mainly founded around brand awareness: Letting everyone know that your establishment is available and functioning.

However, First Fruit Wellness Center went a step ahead by actively communicating with its clients. The main elements of their marketing tactic included:

  • Getting the clients to enter
  • Building out their content advertising
  • Interacting directly with their clients

On-site Redirecting

iSpionage encountered an issue in redirecting the readers from their transferral blog website to their prime website. To mend this, they put an on-site redirecting popup on their blog posts. That caused them to heighten their blog referral traffic by 58% and increased to 5.47% Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

Additionally, 4,144+ popup ideas were produced, over 227+ individuals were retargeted to the key site.

Roofstock Uses Paid Marketing, Press Releases, and News Sites to Throw Real Estate Market into Confusion

Not many people can buy a finance property sight unseen. However, this is precisely the assumption that Roofstock is required to sell. Once individuals buy properties online, local property management organizations handle them. As a result, investors can enjoy the gains of an investment property without the negatives.

That’s a difficult sell to plenty of investors. Skilled investors already have their networks, while amateur investors may be afraid of such a risky technique. Here’s where Roofstock’s virtual advertising applied. Apart from concentrating on social media and traditional content marketing, the company got coverage in magazines like Forbes. They used news articles and online press releases to build both awareness and credibility.

DisabledGo Digital Advertising Case Studies

DisabledGo struggled with transferring the SEO technique from an old platform to a new platform. However, bearing in mind the idea of keeping the transfer as seamless as possible from an SEO perspective, they took up the challenge of implementing 301 retargets to new URLs from the old ones.

They even shifted metadata and constructed a new site map. By utilizing the URL structuring method, they kept the old users and enhanced the visitors by ranking up the competitors in the niche.


Digital marketing is a requirement in the digital age. Granted, some businesses still use traditional advertising methods like wild posting, but they’re no longer as effective. The case studies above are just a few of those that digital advertising has helped. So give it a try today if you haven’t yet, and watch your business soar to unimaginable heights.

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