Effective Guide for Creating Engaging Content on LinkedIn

Elevate your LinkedIn game with our comprehensive content creation guide. Learn how to captivate your network authentically and gain influence. Start your journey to LinkedIn success today!

Effective Guide for Creating Engaging Content on LinkedIn
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Social media is no longer optional when it comes to business marketing. It is a powerful channel to reach your audience and grow your brand. One of the key drivers of success on social media platforms is the quality and relevance of content businesses create and share. High-quality content attracts likes and comments and encourages active interactions.

LinkedIn, known as a professional networking platform, is perfect if you are a thought leader, want to connect with experts in your industry or just look for a job. LinkedIn has more than 950 million users across 200 countries and is rated the number one channel for B2B lead generation. However, the competition remains unbelievably high, and you need a tailored strategy to be noticed and grow your presence on the platform. Here is a short guide on how to create compelling business content for your audience. Learn how to post on LinkedIn.

Why is it important to create engaging content?

A successful communication marketing strategy does not exist without proper content. But the initial step is to understand what “engaging” means. It is something that triggers your interest from the first seconds and immediately encourages you to delve deeper and take action. It has the power to fully captivate users. Engaging content does not only tell a good story; it brings value. It provides users with relevant insights they may not have been aware of previously.

Value content helps businesses establish trust and enhance their brand image. It organically attracts traffic, boosts social interaction, and brings fresh prospects and conversions with a reduced cost of acquisition. Posting on LinkedIn, you are still to remember that the majority of users prefer to learn about your company through stories and not via traditional advertising. You need to learn the best practices for posting on LinkedIn when creating your content to build meaningful relationships with your audience.  

What are the benefits of producing engaging content on LinkedIn?

This platform is often called an online resume or an online business card. It is not by chance, as LinkedIn has turned into a powerful professional hub with 65+ million decision-makers and 57+ million companies having a page on the platform. It offers plenty of opportunities for individuals and businesses if they develop an efficient LinkedIn posting strategy. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, LinkedIn remains a powerful channel for those who understand the immense value of engaging content in their professional journeys.  Here are just some advantages:

  • Enhanced visibility and reach: Regular posting on LinkedIn increases your visibility and elevates your professional presence. Content that resonates with your audience often goes beyond your direct connections via likes, shares and comments. It grows your influence and brings new professional acquaintances.
  • Better credibility: LinkedIn post best practices act as a trust builder. If you continuously provide value via informative articles, helpful tips and industry insights, your audience will trust you more. It leads to growing credibility and, consequently, valuable connections and collaborations.
  • Network building: It is primarily created as a networking platform. But how to network on LinkedIn to get involved in meaningful interactions? Through your posts, you can initiate discussions, share experiences, and offer assistance. This approach triggers genuine connections that may evolve into precious relationships in the professional sphere.
  • Business growth: LinkedIn can become a game-changer for any business. Here, you can showcase your skills, products, and services, share success stories, and attract new customers or partners. Effective content marketing can take you to a new professional height.
  • Recruitment and talent acquisition: LinkedIn is a premier place for finding talents. Using LinkedIn posting best practices, you can attract potential job candidates and enhance your company's employer brand. Highlighting your company culture, values, and accomplishments can make it more appealing to top talent.
  • Insightful analytics: The platform allows you to track your content efficiency. Performance data unveils critical nuances about the preferences and behavior of your users. This knowledge enables you to refine your marketing campaign and target more precisely.
  • Professional development: LinkedIn boosts learning and growth. You will not miss trends and innovations following thought and industry leaders. Moreover, your insightful content can help you become an authority in your sphere. This way, you will attract follower growth and discover new collaboration opportunities.
  • Affordable marketing: By mastering LinkedIn article best practices, you can achieve your marketing goals without burdening advertising budgets. Appealing content brings positive feedback and conversions at a much lower cost than traditional marketing algorithms.

You can harness the above advantages and even expand them by investing effort in creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and engaging content that resonates with your desired audience.

how to create content on linkedin

Types of content on LinkedIn

This professional networking platform is quite versatile and accommodates a variety of publications. What are the most widespread content types?

  • Articles: These posts usually come as pure text or include images and videos. Such posts showcase expertise, share insights, and offer solutions to industry challenges. They trigger discussions and connect you with like-minded professionals.
  • Newsletters: These keep your followers informed on company updates, news, job opportunities, and achievements. Besides, you can use newsletters to include links to other posts on your LinkedIn – articles, videos, and events. This type of content keeps your audience informed.
  • Visual content: These posts come in a wide range of forms – eye-catching infographics, engaging videos and images, live streams, and more. Animated video format is the best option to let your audience look at your goods and services from behind the scenes.
  • Polls and surveys: These publications encourage your followers to share their views and preferences, allowing you to accumulate their feedback on different stories and understand modern trends.
  • Event announcement: LinkedIn is a perfect space to inform about a webinar, a networking event, or a conference. Such posts help generate interest in the coming event and attract more attendees.
  • Job postings: LinkedIn primary role was to allow employees and employers to meet. So, it is the right platform to post job openings and seek career opportunities.
  • Educational content: This type of post includes everything that brings new skills and knowledge - webinars, tutorials, and various how-to guides.

Post types and formats are continuously evolving, and you need to conduct deep market research and experiment enough to define what will work best for you. But one thing remains unchanged – your post should contain a call to action and encourage people to interact.

The critical elements of engaging content 

It is not enough to please your audience with your posts and articles but to make your content work for you. How to write a LinkedIn post that will be read? Once you have a post ready to share with users, check whether it matches these four features.

  • Relevant: A prevailing number of people choose content relevant to them. Moreover, they are more inclined to share and discuss such posts.
  • Intellectual: If your posts convey new knowledge, it is always win-win content. Professionals are always after new information and skills.
  • Sensorial: Each post should always tell a good story. Your post may not be ideal, but it must be authentic and helpful to be noticed and shared. AI story generator can give you more ideas and inspiration to ensure your posts not only meet the criteria of being authentic and helpful but also tell captivating and shareable stories that resonate with your audience.
  • Emotional: Users are looking for a content experience. Even a post with a negative experience can bring more traffic than an emotionally neutral publication. This is a way to win deeper connection and loyalty of your audience.

You can use online tools to measure your content and understand whether it is engaging and matches LinkedIn article best practices.

Steps to create appealing content on LinkedIn

If you are struggling to get expected results from your LinkedIn activities, consider this strategy.

Focus on your niche.

 This is the first step to building your authority on this professional network. Knowing who will read your content allows you to create pertinent, actionable, and focused posts. Analyze your competitors and identify industry gaps that you are able to fill in using your expertise. Implement data-driven insights and innovative ideas into your posts to tailor them to your audience.

Discover your audience preferences. 

Before you invest in your content creation, make sure you know the demand. It is always beneficial to find high-demand topics that lack engaging content. Generate your industry keywords via online tools to see what type of information is searched for and consider whether you can provide a valuable content contribution.

Develop a content strategy. 

When you know what you are going to post on LinkedIn, it is time to think of how to post to LinkedIn. The best approach is to create a content calendar that outlines potential topics, publication dates, and preferred media formats. Industry experts recommend sharing 3-4 weekly posts.

Do not neglect posts of other reputable figures in your field - recruiters, professionals within your desired industries, or thought leaders. Engage with this content by liking, commenting, and sharing it. This approach brings new connections and more traffic to your own posts.

how to create effective content on linkedin

How to post on LinkedIn effectively?

Correctly shaped and delivered LinkedIn posting is a proven way to attract attention from recruiters, job seekers, and businesses. Here are a few tips that might come in handy when you are creating a LinkedIn posting strategy:

  • Select an optimal time for your posts. If you add content on weekdays, the most effective timeframes are 10 am-2 pm and 5 pm-6 pm.
  • Use hashtags. These should reflect your professional niche.
  • Avoid lengthy content. The majority of your posts should be short and concise to generate higher engagement.
  • Tag wisely. You can tag people who are likely to interact or engage with your content, but be selective and make it unobtrusively.
  • Check your data. Always use reliable and authentic resources to prove your data.
  • Carefully use links. It is better to avoid outbound links in the main part of the post and add them in the section for comments.
  • Encourage interaction. Make sure your post asks questions and stimulates engagement. 

What is always appreciated by users? It is a personal experience. How do you post on LinkedIn when it is your personal story? You may add tips and tricks from your own professional background or share the most challenging moments and milestones of your career.


Crafting engaging content on LinkedIn is laborious, but the rewards are well worth the investment. It is the key to reaching your desired audience and accomplishing your business objectives.

Become a thought leader, expand your network, or drive conversions – the professional opportunities are endless. Follow the tips in this article to understand how to write a good LinkedIn post that will resonate with your audience and spark meaningful discussions with your posts and articles, becoming a step closer to your goals.

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