Hiring Can Be Tough - Get a Virtual Consultant to Help You Make Reference Calls

Successful business owners know that employees are their greatest assets. However, finding the right individual for the job is not always easy. Have you considered hiring a virtual assistant for your HR and administrative tasks?

Hiring Can Be Tough - Get a Virtual Consultant to Help You Make Reference Calls

Successful business owners know that employees are their greatest assets. It is their employees' capabilities, talent, and hard work that makes a business stand against its competitors. This makes HR and recruiting one of the most important business functions.

However, finding the right individual for the job is not always easy. From advertising vacancies and conducting interviews to onboarding and training, it can take weeks to hire new employees. And it doesn't help that employers around the world are having a difficult time finding recruiters –LinkedIn research revealed a 6.8X increase in the demand for recruiters in 2021.

Safe to say, you need a solution to offload your HR function. Have you thought of hiring a virtual assistant for your HR and administrative tasks?

Virtual assistants have become all-way powerful in recent times. They serve as an additional resource for businesses and individuals who would like a little help but don't want to incur the costs of hiring full-time employees.

Virtual consultants work remotely and are well-trained to handle different HR tasks with the utmost ease. In this blog, we discuss how hiring virtual assistants is the key to simplifying your recruitment processes.


Problems faced in the absence of virtual consultants while hiring

No surprises here – identifying candidates, screening, and scheduling interviews are some of the most time-consuming tasks. Moreover, the role of the recruiter is to map talent, build relationships, work with hiring managers, and communicate with top candidates during the hiring process. Instead, they are left to spend 86% of their time on these administrative tasks that they could easily delegate to someone.

Moreover, getting through to candidates can be frustrating when handled alone. It is where virtual HR services come in handy.

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The role of a virtual HR service provider is to take care of most back-end processes, leaving you free to focus on your core competencies. They handle tedious tasks like reference checks, resume writing, and cover letters, making it easy for you to focus on your core business.

Problem #1 Lack of time to make reference calls

It can be particularly challenging when looking for someone with specific skills. And even when you find the perfect candidate, the next step is to make reference calls to verify their capabilities. A virtual HR service provider could help with this, as they can perform tasks that take up time or require specialized knowledge, freeing up time for other jobs.

Instead of referring calls yourself, a virtual HR executive could do the job for you and help you find the best candidate. It would save you time and better allow you to focus on your business.

Problem #2 Difficulty in screening

Understanding an applicant's working abilities and expectations from your company can be difficult when hiring them. You might simply not have the time or the skills to communicate one-on-one with all the candidates. A virtual consultant can help manage this task. They can conduct personal calls with these candidates to schedule interviews and understand their expectations from the job.

Moreover, a virtual HR service provider ensures that the person hired has all the necessary skill sets for the company.

It's usually advantageous to have an independent virtual consultant offering input rather than relying entirely on your abilities. It will do everything for you, from possible hiring, training, and onboarding of new employees & interns to data entry and updating accounts.

Problem #3 Poor communication between the employer & employee

It's vital to ensure that communication between employers and employees is unambiguous. Poor communication can make it difficult to accomplish tasks. Virtual HR services enhance the link between employers and workers by managing the inbox and providing transparent instructions and progress updates.

These solutions help organizations and workers organize tasks and monitor progress, ensuring that the needed results are delivered on time. In addition, they can help avoid hiring process delays by providing accurate and up-to-date information about the job role.

Why do you need a virtual consultant for your recruitment processes?

Employing a virtual consultant is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who want to free up their time to focus on growing their firm and networking with prospects.

Infographic showing the difference of hiring a full-time employee v/s a virtual assistant

Full-time employee Vs Virtual Assistant | Source

Solution #1 Making maximum utilization of time, no wastage!

As your business grows and the workload multiplies, it can be easy to lose track of business functions like HR and recruitment and devote less time to them. When your primary focus is handling clients, ideation, and managing your finances, HR tasks might take a backseat.

Business owners can benefit from online HR services to boost productivity and eliminate time constraints.

For example, VAs save business owners time by taking the tedious task of making reference calls off their hands. With virtual consultants, entrepreneurs can spend more time hiring and less time on such administrative tasks.

Solution #2 Offer better candidate experience

For most recruiters, a slow response time is one of the biggest challenges. Being overburdened with admin tasks can increase the time they take to follow up, resulting in them losing top talent. Moreover, quick and efficient communication is the key to a better candidate experience.

Virtual HR services provide a better candidate experience by taking care of your administrative work. For example, creating presentations and reports, monitoring payments, and record-keeping can all be done more effectively with the help of these professionals.

In addition, virtual HR services include onboarding and training new workers, allowing you to spend time on other business functions while also streamlining the recruitment process.

Solution #3 Guide candidates and the company through the hiring process

Critical HR duties, such as responding to candidate queries and recording meetings, will be handled by a virtual HR service provider.

A virtual consultant helps on both sides. They make sure to follow up and track applications, guide applicants through the hiring process seamlessly and help you find the best candidate that fulfils all your requirements without breaking a sweat.

Ultimately helping speed up the selection procedure and have it run as smoothly as possible.

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Solution #4 Deal with incoming inquiries and respond to phone calls and emails

Virtual HR service providers can help deal with the tedious tasks of responding to applicants' emails, job inquiries, and interview scheduling.

For example, incoming queries and answering phone calls and emails are all tasks that a virtual consultant might do. They can also handle ongoing problems and applicant demands. They can record meeting minutes, schedule and organize meetings, and follow up with the candidates regarding their application status.

Need a virtual assistant to help you make reference calls? Wishup can help!

Wishup is a platform that offers you hand-picked talent to help with routine tasks for your company. Not only is hiring virtual consultants through Wishup nullifying your training costs, but you can also be confident that you’ll be receiving the highest quality of work.

Your virtual HR service provider will manage all your day-to-day activities, and you'll get daily reports on their performance. In addition, Wishup connects you with a virtual consultant that is the best fit for your company culture and work preferences. This way, whether you want them to handle the screening process or make reference calls, you can rest assured that all the work is handled efficiently.

What are the benefits of hiring Wishup VAs?

Wishup provides a global platform for people to use a tested and trustworthy virtual consultant. With us, you can connect with the top 1% of talent from across the world. In addition, Wishup makes it simple for business owners to locate and hire a virtual assistant without headaches.

Wishup connects you with over 500 virtual consultants trained in over 200 different skill sets, including administrative, accounting, customer service, data entry, HR tasks, and more. Business owners can choose from various professional backgrounds and skill sets to find the perfect fit for their project.

The best part? All our virtual assistants are pre-vetted and interviewed, which saves you the time and effort of going through the lengthy interview process.

And if that's not enough, Wishup also offers you a 7-day free trial along with a no-questions-asked replacement policy. You can easily try out our virtual HR service providers for seven days, and if unsatisfied, request a refund. You can also request an instant replacement if you're unhappy with your virtual assistant's work.

Hiring trained professionals cannot get better than this!

Making hiring simple with a Virtual Assistant

By doing all time-consuming and repetitive administrative tasks, virtual consultants help organizations streamline their operations, save money and increase efficiency. For example, they can assist with reference calls, job searches, meeting scheduling, document organization, etc.

With Wishup virtual consultants, businesses have the assistance they need to plan and organize their work using the best HR solutions.

We offer a free consultation if you want to learn more about using a Wishup virtual consultant to make reference calls and help with the tedious tasks to make the hiring process seamless. So now is the time to schedule a free consultation call or drop an email at [email protected].