Every company or organization will eventually need to create a training manual. Furthermore, to meet internal and external training needs, they need to produce multiple manuals.

However, preparing training materials on your own may be difficult, and you must know how to create a process in the form of a manual that can serve as a reference point for both employees and the company.

It must be developed by establishing the proper standards, rules for communication, goals, tools, and training techniques.

This is where virtual assistants come in handy.


This blog will highlight how a virtual assistant can help you create practical training manuals for your business. But first, let's discuss training manuals and their importance.

What is a training manual?

A training manual is a comprehensive document explaining how to use a product or carry out a procedure in great detail. Although typically in booklet or PDF form, a training manual may also include multimedia and interactive formats. Organizations with effective training strategies have multiple training manuals for various learning stages to prevent information overload.

Training manuals come in two varieties:

Employee Manuals for Internal Training

A manual for internal training instructs your staff on business procedures and best practices. In addition, it provides details about the business, methods for handling customers, and instructions for using any features of the products.

Internally, training manuals support all employees in maintaining productivity and efficiency while carrying out their duties. It is primarily the responsibility of HR to create informative training materials. These will be necessary for new hires to settle into their roles.

Make sure to involve your training team and subject matter experts in creating internal training manuals. It will guarantee everyone has the resources and knowledge required to excel at their jobs.

Customer manuals for external training

External training manuals are an excellent way to instruct clients because they proactively handle typical problems and direct them to get the most from your service.

You can give new customers a product tour, teach them best practices, and offer ongoing support with manuals by using self-help and flow features. Every successful business offers them because they are an essential resource.

Training manual template

What is the purpose of training manuals or material?

Companies use manuals for in-person, remote, on-demand, and just-in-time training. Among the most common functions of a manual are:

  • Orientation of new employees
  • Introducing new software and systems
  • Documentation for a new protocol or process
  • Sharing operational procedures
  • Educating and preparing customers
  • Product instructions and data

Informational manuals that are simple to follow make the best training materials. They use pertinent examples and imagery to explain concepts clearly. A well-written training manual can become a valuable tool for managers, customers, and clients.

Benefits of effective training manuals

Training manuals are essential assets for your business that will always be useful.

Infographic showing how valuable training is to produce more revenue

Your employees will use manuals from year to year. You can expect the following benefits:

  • New hires are onboarded more quickly: New hires quickly pick up knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become productive employees by knowing where to go and having all the necessary instructions.
  • Higher worker efficiency: Training manuals support employee development and job improvement. They guarantee that staff members recognize necessary directives. People accomplish their goals more quickly when they take small, incremental steps.
  • Increased employee retention: Employees become frustrated and disengaged when they encounter problems at work, feel ashamed to ask for assistance, and lack job aids to engage with. The required information enables employees to resolve problems and find solutions, increasing job satisfaction.
  • Reduced workload for the staff: Giving workers all the required information prevents managers and HR professionals from repeatedly responding to the same queries. They could utilize this time for more crucial tasks like creating business plans or finding new talent.
  • Fewer costly errors: You could lose much money if you break the law. For instance, if an invoice is sent incorrectly, your business won't get the money it needs. You can reduce this risk by putting all of your procedures in a training manual.

Why use virtual assistants to create training manuals?

Depending on how much content you need for your training manual, the process can take a while. Even if you're only creating a short training manual with multiple content formats, doing everything yourself can be exhausting.

It is therefore recommended that you hire a virtual assistant to assist you in developing content for your training manual. Β 

What are virtual assistants?

Virtual assistant creating training manual on laptop

Virtual assistants can manage various tasks, including data entry, research, and appointment scheduling. When you hire a VA, you gain both time and financial savings.

Compared to the costs of a full-time salary, employee benefits, office supplies, equipment, and recruitment for an in-house employee, you could save up to 78% on operating costs by using VAs because they are only paid for the time they spend working on tasks for you.

The advantages of using a virtual assistant to draft training materials

Thorough research

Among the most critical aspects of your business may be researching, but conducting research online can be quite tedious and time-consuming.

A research virtual assistant is an excellent resource for gathering information about your target audience and their problems, current trends in your sector, or what your rivals are offering if you're looking for fresh ideas for training material topics.

Alternatively, a research virtual assistant can collect feedback from your introductory manuals by sending online surveys to previous participants. You can use this helpful information to keep improving and ensure you're always giving your employees the best content possible.

Personalized templates

If you have created even one course, you are probably already aware that templates are the best course of action. You can save so much time later when you don't have to start from scratch each time by having a basic framework.

An experienced virtual assistant can create the time-consuming templates for slide shows, handouts, Q&A pages, and other materials after you have given them appropriate instructions. Once created, these templates are editable and can be used by you or your assistant to create any future courses.

Your research assistant can create (and improve) your training materials

Creating a slide deck template with essential teaching slides that incorporates your branding's colors, fonts, and imagery is the first step in preparing to create your course.

Your research assistant can create a slide deck for a lesson using the written notes. You'll establish a method for collaborating on this. For example, you could specify when to use a "big idea" slide and when to use a "bulleted points" slide. Additionally, your VA can locate or create graphics or diagrams to accompany your slides.

Better Content

Your business can benefit from creating instructive and interesting training manuals and scripts – thanks to virtual assistants. These assistants can create training regimens to give recruits the necessary skills. In addition, programs like these familiarize your employees with your operations and how your business works.

Wishup for the most effective training programs

Wishup Virtual Assistant working on creation of training manuals

Wishup is a virtual assistant service provider that offers the best-in-class virtual assistance to help entrepreneurs and business owners work more efficiently. The company provides businesses with every service under one roof – from a software developer to a bookkeeping assistant.

Some distinct advantages of hiring virtual assistants from Wishup are as follows:

  • Our company takes pride in hiring only the top 1% of applicants. As a result, when you choose to work with us, you can be confident that you are receiving the best possible assistance.
  • We have designed a one-day onboarding process so that you can start using our virtual assistant services right away. Therefore, save yourself time and stop attempting to manage everything by yourself. Consider using our virtual assistant services instead and see how much you can get done with their help.
  • It can be very rewarding to try something once before continuing with it. Unlike your internal staff, you can test out our virtual assistant services for a full seven days before deciding whether or not to use them.
  • We make it incredibly simple for you to scale the service up, down, or even terminate it within hours. Have you ever considered how easy it would be to add more resources to your company?
  • Wishup provides the incredible perk of having your virtual assistant replaced right away if you are unhappy with your primary assistant or they are unavailable due to an emergency. This is much simpler than replacing an internal employee, who would require new training.
  • Wishup does away with additional hiring expenses and the time needed to research staffing companies. Instead, Wishup brings together virtual assistants, software testers, bookkeepers, and developers – all under one roof.

Hiring virtual assistants from Wishup is just three steps away:

  • Make an appointment with the Wishup team for a free consultation.
  • Let us know about your needs and the tasks you need assistance with.
  • Wishup's experts will carefully match your team with the appropriate virtual assistant to offer the best support.

Hire a Virtual Assistant to create the best training manuals for your business!

Creating training material all by yourself can be a bit daunting. You'd have to research, analyze the industry practices, and create content that engages your employees well.

Isn't that a lot?

Well, stop being overwhelmed and hire a virtual assistant to do everything for you!


Wishup offers state-of-the-art talent to help you with all your business needs. Email us at [email protected] or arrange a free consultation with our experts.

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