Onboarding made easy: How a Virtual Assistant can help with onboarding new employees

Onboarding made easy: How a Virtual Assistant can help with onboarding new employees

For the growth of any organization, there is a need to add new employees constantly. This journey starts with the efficient onboarding of new joiners. Virtual assistants are perfect for helping you with this task.

From being their go-to person in case of doubts, to helping them settle into your organization's workflow, a VA handles it well. Numerous platforms offer Virtual Assistants, but at Wishup, special attention is given to matching the skill set and experience of Virtual Assistants to your requirements. Hence, it is the best place to meet VAs specializing in different skill sets.


Through this blog, we will take you through different aspects of the onboarding process and how a Virtual Assistant  can make the onboarding process easier for the new joiner and the company’s human resource department.

What is onboarding?

Got a new addition to the team? The obvious next step to accommodate the new joiner is through the process of onboarding.

The new-hire orientation process for new employees involves a series of activities that help them familiarize themselves with the organization, its structure, culture, vision, mission, and values.

These activities are designed to ensure a smooth transition and provide a comprehensive introduction to the company. However, onboarding can be tedious if it is not performed correctly. But now forget about the complexity of this procedure, as a Virtual Assistant is here to help you!

Why is onboarding important?

Onboarding becomes crucial as it introduces the newcomer to your organization's ethics. It throws light on the company's culture and core values. Good onboarding breaks the ice and makes the new employee comfortable with the company's policies. Effective onboarding motivates the employee to increase engagement in the company's initiatives.

Role of Virtual Assitant in Onboarding tasks

An onboarding virtual assistant (VA) supports streamlining the onboarding process and taking care of time-consuming tasks. By focusing on this crucial aspect of the employee experience, an onboarding VA allows the HR management team to focus on more strategic tasks and saves valuable time.

Qualities of Virtual Assistant for making onboarding more effective for your organization-

The saying "first impressions last" is well known, and your onboarding assistant is the first point of contact for new employees. Therefore, the onboarding virtual assistant makes a positive impression on new hires. Therefore, an efficient onboarding virtual assistant possesses the following skills:

Outstanding verbal and written communication skills

As the initial point of contact for new employees, the onboarding virtual assistant is approachable, making the new hires comfortable in clearing their doubts. It helps new employees to effectively perform their roles from the initial days of their joining.

Outstanding teamwork drives

Virtual onboarding assistant collaborates with HR management and other departments to design customized workflows and materials for new hires. For example, they aim to create personalized welcome packets that consider the new employees' specific roles, making their transition into the company smoother.

Proficiency in either HR management systems

Virtual onboarding assistants integrate the new joiner into your existing workflow. They throw light on the working of different applications like time trackers used by your organization or other employment management applications. Thus, VA improves the efficiency of the onboarding process.

Fundamental understanding of labor regulations

Being familiar with basic labor laws enables onboarding virtual assistants to address new hires' possible concerns better. In addition, VA answers frequently asked questions by new hires.

What are the responsibilities of an Onboarding Support Virtual Assistant?

An advanced onboarding assistant performs various tasks that a hiring manager typically handles, such as simplifying the procedure and streamlining the new hire experience.

1)Designing, assessing, and implementing the organization's official onboarding procedure

The onboarding assistant aids in establishing a seamless and organized process for introducing new hires, including a checklist of obligations for both employer and employee. It leads to a positive and efficient first day on the job for each new employee. Additionally, the onboarding virtual assistant clarifies the duties and accountabilities of the new employee.

2) Handling the documentation associated with onboarding

An onboarding assistant doesn't just interact with new hires; they facilitate their connection to the company in various ways, including processing their contract and related documentation.

You can make your onboarding documents available via an online portal. Don’t forget to include other onboarding website sections like a company culture guide and benefits-enrollment information.

3)Collaborating with the Human Resources team to develop policies

The onboarding virtual Assistant serves as the primary source of information for new hires. For this, the onboarding assistant collaborates with the team to create welcoming and easy-to-understand policies for new employees. It enables them to address any issues they may face effectively.

4)  Handling the worries of new employees

The onboarding virtual Assistant assists new hires as they serve as the company's representative until they fully assimilate into the business. They might not have the answers to all the  questions an employee poses, so forward their concerns to the appropriate parties and facilitate communication between them if necessary.

5) Assimilating new employees into the company's culture

New hires are individuals who require a personal touch. Simply following a checklist is insufficient. The onboarding virtual assistant makes the new employees feel like they are a valuable part of the company, allowing them to establish a sense of belonging. It is crucial as cultural fit can significantly impact employee satisfaction and retention.

6)  Developing mentorship programs

Onboarding doesn't necessarily have to be completed in a day or even a week. Complex company structures or roles that require a deeper understanding of the business may require a 30-day or even a 90-day plan.

It is achieved by implementing mentorship plans for new hires. The onboarding assistant recognizes the need for these comprehensive programs, matches the new hire with the appropriate mentor based on their personalities and job roles, and mediates between mentor and mentee to resolve potential issues.

Benefits of hiring from Wishup

Cost-effective, top-notch service

With Wishup, you can enjoy cost savings without compromising on quality. Our virtual assistants operate remotely, reducing expenses such as physical office space and equipment. Additionally, there are no expenses related to insurance or benefits. Wishup offers virtual marketing assistants for as low as $9/hour.

Our VAs receive specialized training

Post-onboarding training is provided to our virtual assistants to familiarize them with all aspects of their roles. In addition, our virtual assistants receive training in more than 70 tools and have access to career-enhancing workshops and courses.

Quick integration procedure

Wishup's social media virtual assistants eliminate the need for you to invest time in recruiting and hiring, as we have already handled it. Instead, virtual Assistants can begin their tasks within 24 hours of a no-cost consultation.

Collaborate with outstanding applicants

At Wishup, we only select the top 1% of applicants to provide you with exceptional service. Therefore, our candidates are subject to stringent testing and multiple rounds of interviews.

No-risk 7-day trial period

Before choosing our subscription, we provide a free 7-day trial to help you understand our services.

Instant replacement policy

In case there is an unavailability of VA due to some emergency, or you are not happy with the assistance provided by your VA. So we offer prompt replacement with no further inquiries.

Flexible duration

Small and growing businesses often require VAs to handle day-to-day tasks. Especially for startups, sometimes work is required every month, for which VA is the ideal option.

Steps to hire a Virtual Assistant from Wishup

The simple and hassle-free hiring process at Wishup gives it an edge over others. Follow the below steps to hire a VA-

Analyse and note down all the tasks you require your VA to perform. These could be inbox management, calendar management, content writing, etc.

Say hi to your Virtual Assistant!

Schedule the first meeting with your Virtual Assistant either through a video call or a phone call.

Make your onboarding easy with the help of a Virtual Assistant. Hire today!

Proper onboarding ensures the new employee feels welcomed and valued. In addition, a smooth onboarding sets a good impression of the organization. A virtual assistant takes care of all the steps, from walking the new joiner through the company's ethics and handing him the work credentials like email id and more.


It will eventually help your human resource team to save time and invest it in other crucial things. Overall hiring a VA will lessen the burden off your shoulders as the VA will take care of all the steps of onboarding effectively.