How To Choose The Right Instagram Growth Tool

How To Choose The Right Instagram Growth Tool

Among the giant social media platforms, Instagram is ranked fourth in terms of the most-used platform. In fact, Instagram has amassed a billion users as of 2021 worldwide. And this vast user base is expected by industry observers to explode to 1.2 billion users by 2023. Perhaps, it’s the very nature of this app as a convenient and easy-to-use photo-sharing platform that has endeared it to many of its long-time and newbie users.


But aside from social networking and interaction purposes, Instagram can also be utilized for growing your business online. That is especially true since more companies turn to the platform to raise brand awareness and market their products. And today, even influencer CEOs realize the many benefits of maintaining their Instagram accounts. They know this platform has the potential to unlock more sales for their products.

And to help you maximize its benefits, having the right growth tool can be vital in your business.

Understanding Instagram Growth Tools

An Instagram growth tool could enable you to expand your market and promote your brand effectively. Although, note that there are various options available in the digital market today. As such, it’s crucial to understand which application to invest in that’s suitable for your business needs.

Good quality Instagram growth tool should be able to help you with the following:

  • Engagement rate: It should help you improve your engagement rate. You don’t just need to increase your followers, but you also need to have a strong engagement rate.
  • Time: It should help you save time by automating the whole process of finding and engaging target followers. With this, you can focus better on other necessary tasks.
  • Sales: Using a growth tool could help you attract more traffic and convert these leads into sales.
  • Social credibility: A significant number of followers could make your business appear more credible to buyers and other companies. You can leverage this credibility to explore new opportunities and generate more sales.

With that in mind, below are some tips and insights when choosing the right Instagram growth tool for your business.

1. Assess The Tool’s Features

One crucial element you should look for in an Instagram growth tool is its features that can provide you with desirable results- more followers. This aspect is essential in increasing your visibility to drive traffic and increase sales. However, it’d be good to note that quality should come before quantity. In this case, this means two things: qualified leads and organic followers.

That said, the Instagram growth tool you should choose should be able to help you with the following:

  • Identify Target Followers

This means the focus should be on attracting an audience who will most likely take an interest in your business and products or services and make a purchase. In other words, the approach shouldn’t be just blasting your marketing campaigns to the entire Instagram community and hoping that most of them will notice you and follow your Instagram account.

That said, an Instagram growth tool that could be ideal for your business is the one that can help you gain the right audience for your business. For instance, your growth tool should have the intelligence to sift through the millions of Instagram users and sort out those who would be ideal followers of your business.

Various Instagram growth tools like can help you sift through the domain of users and find your ideal followers. You have to describe your target follower by providing specific attributes and characteristics or by giving a sample user account. It can also help determine these specifications before you deploy your growth tool.

  • Get You Real And Organic Followers,

But aside from helping you identify and reach your target followers, another thing you should look for in an Instagram growth tool is that it should be able to provide you with organic followers. This term generally refers to actual people with individual user accounts or businesses with real people behind them.

Note that there are millions of bots on Instagram, and as such, it is essential to attract and get only organic followers. Bots won’t add value and strength to your network of followers other than puff up your numbers to make it seem you have a significant following. In addition, they won’t be able to buy any of your merchandise or products anyway. While focusing on organic growth, some businesses might explore options to buy instagram likes to initially boost their profile's visibility and credibility, which can be a strategic move when done alongside authentic engagement strategies.

If your growth tool has the marketing tactics to engage real and organic followers, you could achieve this. Your Instagram tools can also target and engage influencers within your product or industry niche. These are Instagram users who have a massive following, and they usually have a certain degree of influence over their followers. Their opinions and recommendations on what to buy and what not to buy may carry considerable weight among their followers.  

2. Recognize Possible Red Flags

Most Instagram users generally want to increase their Instagram following and reach a larger audience, but it’s easier said than done. And as with any business, the number of followers may somehow be directly correlated to its potential growth.

After all, the more followers a business account has the more leads and potential customers they can engage. And as a result, the more engagements you have would mean more clicks that can drive qualified networks of your followers to your site. And in this case, more traffic means more sales and higher revenues.

There are, however, some growth tools that promise you specific results. They can either be too good to be true or aren’t the results you’re after.

Here are some instances you should watch out for as red flags in Instagram growth tools:

  • When they claim they can get you a guaranteed number of followers.
  • When you’re required to buy followers- note that there are tools and trusted services like Buzzoid to help users grow their influence without buying followers.
  • When you’re offered pre-loaded user accounts with thousands of existing followers.

3. Know The Methods They Use

Different Instagram analytics tools reveal insights to attract followers. The three most common methods you can additionally indulge in are liking photos posted by your ideal followers, following specific users among your target audience, and posting automated comments on individual accounts.

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. As such, it’s best to identify which technique a specific growth tool uses to attract organic followers and get the results you want. You may also need to consider this to determine if it aligns with your goals.

  • Liking Method

Perhaps, this method is one of the safest and least intrusive approaches to generating real and organic followers. It works by simply like some of the photos posted by users who belong to the list of your ideal followers.

In this approach, when your account likes one of their photos, the user might check out who liked their photo. Some of them are likely to click your account, and as a result, they could find and land on your page. It could put you in a position to showcase your company and products.

  • Follow/Unfollow Method

The follow/unfollow method is slightly more advantageous than the liking method. This could help you get organic followers faster than the liking method, which tends to have a slower burn in attracting real and organic followers. This is because you’re likely to generate more interest in a target user when you follow their account compared to just liking their photos.

However, the potential problem with the follow/unfollow method is that it’s more intrusive than simply liking one or a few of their photos. Some users could follow your account since you followed them. However, they could also unfollow you after letting several days pass. It’s quite a common practice on Instagram.

Some users may assume that you won’t notice that they unfollowed you. Some users may stay on, but they might not engage with your account. They might also ignore your posts unless there’s something that strikes their interest. Alternatively, some might have followed you out of mutual courtesy since you followed their account.

  • Commenting Method

The commenting method is done by leaving comments on the target user’s posts or sending direct messages. It may have a higher touchpoint than just liking a couple of photos, but still less than going all-out following a user account.

Some Instagram marketing specialists consider this approach the riskiest.

The risk here is that Instagram might view your account’s posts and messages as spammy behavior. If you flood too many users with several spammy comments or direct messages, some of them might report your account. As a result, Instagram could block or shadow-ban your account.

That said, ideally, the best growth tools won’t resort to this type of method. Instead, consider using an Instagram inbox manager tool to manage messages, rather than mass messaging accounts with a growth tool.

The Bottom Line

An Instagram growth tool can help your business account grow its number of followers. One of the main rationales for having growth tools is that they’re supposed to aid in increasing qualified traffic to your account to generate more sales and increase revenues.

And as such, take note and keep in mind the things to look for when searching for the right tool. With the few tips provided above, you can be on your way to finding the right Instagram growth tool that would work wonders for your business.


Author Bio:

Craig Newman is a social media marketing specialist who helps numerous companies with their Instagram and other social media campaigns. He likes writing about tech tools and how these can help startups. On weekends, he often takes a walk to the nearby parks with his dog.