How to Grow your Business in 2021: Embrace the Remote Revolution

Embracing the remote revolution and hiring remote employees is the smartest business growth hack for small and medium-sized companies.

How to Grow your Business in 2021: Embrace the Remote Revolution

Businesses, established and startups alike, are seeing the winds of change. The idea of having a remote workforce has been consistently gaining traction over the last few years. In 2020, it exploded.

As of 2019, 5.6% of the workforce in the US was working fully remotely. By 2021, that number grew to include most white-collar office workers. Clearly, remote work is not a hindrance to productivity. In fact, going remote in 2020 has shown us that teams are able to deliver more meaningful work.

Switching to hiring virtual assistants has a net positive impact on your business growth. Outside of it being a current and future business trend, here are the true benefits of hiring remote workers:

You get access to global talent when hiring remote employees

When you go about the usual recruiting process, you have to depend on the fact that you need to find the potential hire who lives within possible commuting distance from the office. The most the circle expands is to people willing to relocate and move to where your offices are. That drastically limits the possibility of tapping into the actual talent that is available out there.

But when switch to virtual assistant outsourcing, the talent pool available to you suddenly amplifies to include everyone across the world. The physical location of your next rockstar employee no longer matters. Sure work hours and time zones can seem like a barrier, but are not really a true hindrance - the flexibility of working remote accounts for that.

Productivity shoots up when remote is done right

Numerous studies have shown that remote working increases productivity by a decent margin. Remote work by its virtue brings in work-life balance and flexibility in work schedules.

Remote employees are more self-reliant. They find solutions themselves when faced with a problem at work, which when in a physical workplace they would probably have sought help from fellow colleagues because that would just be easier. But that also causes a loss of time and productivity.

There are far lesser distractions when working remote, and the focus on work is more unwavering. People want to put in their good work and hours and not be bogged down by work outside of those hours. Hence they are motivated to be productive and get work done on time.

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Your budget allocation is optimized for growth than for recruiting

When you hire remote employees, you cut down on recruiting costs and expenses by quite a margin. For example, when you hire a remote employee from Wishup, all you spend is the monthly subscription fee – and that’s it. You are done away with expenses related to recruiting, training, employment, etc.

Your budget now looks more optimized with all the expenses saved being allotted to activities and strategies that will drive your business growth. When you have a virtual assistant team, you are also rid of office space expenses – which normally contributes to a sizeable chunk of additional expenditure.

You can get work done round the clock with a team of remote employees

When you hire and work with remote employees, you are no longer restricted to the office hours and time zone of your business’s location.

Since you have team members at different locations, work gets done faster and more promptly.

You have a pre-trained workforce at your fingertips

Every time you hire a new recruit, there is bound to be some lag from hiring to them being able to execute tasks for you. But when you hire from a remote employee marketplace, you are hiring from a pool of candidates who are already trained in the latest tools and technologies of their job function.

Additionally, they are quicker to onboard as they have experience working for multiple clients before and require less time to understand your business (and the work associated). If you want your new team to hit the ground running, this is the way to go.

Remote work is here to stay, and so is a remote workforce. Hiring a remote employee is one of the smartest business decisions you can take in 2021. Go on, be a part of the remote revolution.