Activate Sales Navigator and Start Prospecting like a Pro

LinkedIn Sales Navigator stands as an essential tool for professionals across the globe. Its myriad benefits extend a helping hand to businesses, facilitating effective communication with the right individuals and organizations. 

Activate Sales Navigator and Start Prospecting like a Pro

LinkedIn Sales Navigator stands as an essential tool for professionals across the globe. 

Its myriad benefits extend a helping hand to businesses, facilitating effective communication with the right individuals and organizations. 

This indispensable program enables corporations to discover valuable contacts and connect with pertinent entities.

linkedin sales navigator

However, the question that looms is: How can you maximize its capabilities?

Get ready on a journey through the nuances of LinkedIn Sales Navigator in this article, where we furnish you with practical tips and insights to wield this tool with precision and efficacy.


Benefits of Using Sales Navigator on LinkedIn

So, what is sales navigator? Distinguishing itself from Premium Business, Sales Navigator is tailored to enhance team efficiency in utilizing LinkedIn connections, discovering new contacts, and boosting overall sales.

Benefits of Using Sales Navigator

Notable advantages of Sales Navigator encompass:

  • Target audience exploration through advanced filters
  • Recommendations for sales leads and update tracking
  • Exclusive advanced filtering that's absent in other LinkedIn versions
  • Job change alerts
  • Specific keyword mentions
  • Unlimited profile searches

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers several advantages for sales professionals, such as the following:

Advanced Search Filters

LinkedIn advanced search filters for lead searches allow users to refine results based on factors like seniority level, years in the current position, and group affiliations, making it easier to identify relevant prospects.


Users can track their prospecting efforts, capture emails and phone numbers during events, and monitor business performance using Sales Navigator's tracking capabilities.


Sales Navigator automatically notifies users of important moments and milestones when leads or contacts are saved, ensuring timely and relevant updates.

Information Storage

Sales Navigator serves as a repository for prospect information, storing details and any new information prospects share over time.


The alerts feature helps track lead activity, providing insights into the behavior and engagement of target prospects.

Custom Lists

Sales Navigator enables the creation of custom lists, allowing users to organize and prioritize leads, contributing to more effective lead management and business prioritization.

Take a moment to consider the significance of the last benefit—unlimited searches. While LinkedIn imposes restrictions on free profile searches per month, Sales Navigator eliminates this constraint, enabling you to conduct as many searches as needed to propel your sales objectives.

Different features of Sales Navigator

Different features of Sales Navigator
  • Sales Navigator Preferences: Streamline your connections by narrowing down the people you can engage with effectively.
  • Sales Navigator Lists: Save lists of leads and accounts, receiving timely updates on relevant activities.
  • Saved Searches: Simplify your processes by saving searches and leads for quick and efficient retrieval.
  • All Alerts: Personalize your feed with crucial Lead and Account Alerts, ensuring you stay informed about the most important developments.
  • Save as Lead: Keep tabs on prospective clients and target accounts by easily marking them for future reference.
  • Advanced Search: Break free from account limits hindering your sales goals with access to advanced search features.
  • CRM Integration: Seamlessly integrate your LinkedIn account with popular CRM platforms like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.
  • Lead Integration: Save leads directly into your CRM for a seamless platform transition.
  • Leverage Insights from Sales Navigator: Empower sales professionals with valuable insights to enhance their social selling strategies.

Accessing LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Upon receiving your Sales Navigator seat assignment, an email invitation with a link to the sign-in screen awaits you. Your initial sign-in will trigger the onboarding process, ensuring a seamless introduction.

Subsequently, signing in becomes a breeze. Visit the sign-in page, where you'll enter your email address and password—using the same credentials as your LinkedIn account. If you're already signed in to LinkedIn, no need to re-enter this information.

Here's how to access Sales Navigator from the LinkedIn homepage:

  • Click on Sales Navigator in the top right corner of your homepage.
  • If the Sales Navigator icon is absent, click the For Business icon and choose Sales Navigator from the menu.
  • Enter your email address and LinkedIn password.
  • Click Sign In.

Upon successful sign-in, find yourself on the Sales Navigator homepage, neatly displayed in a separate window.

For a seamless transition back to

  • Click the Me icon at the top right corner.
  • Select Go to

If your Sales Navigator admin extends an invitation link for you to access a license within your organization, follow these steps to activate your account:

  • Click on the link provided by your admin.
  • Sign in to Sales Navigator using your username and password.

Pro Tip: If you still need a LinkedIn profile, consider creating one. 

  • Enter your work email address and click "Verify email." If your work email is not linked to your LinkedIn profile, click "Add work email."
  • Return to your work email inbox to verify your email by clicking "Verify email."

Additional Tip: Ensure that the work email address you add to your LinkedIn profile precisely matches the email ID entered into Sales Navigator by your admin.

Following these straightforward steps, you can start your Sales Navigator license and enhance your organizational connectivity.

Setting Up LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Setting Up LinkedIn Sales Navigator

 Activate the LinkedIn Sales Navigator native integration effortlessly with the following steps:

  • In Setup, search for LinkedIn Sales Navigator and click on it.
  • Toggle on the Sales Navigator Integration switch within the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration tab.
  • InMail and connection request actions will automatically appear in the Actions menu on default page layouts upon activation.

For an enhanced experience, consider enabling LinkedIn's CRM Sync feature. This allows Salesforce and LinkedIn to synchronize specific lead and contact data, saving LinkedIn activities as tasks in Salesforce. To enable LinkedIn CRM Sync, click Go to LinkedIn Settings.

Now, take the next steps to customize your Setup:

  • Add Sales Navigator components and actions to page layouts.
  • Incorporate LinkedIn Sales Navigator Components into Lead, Contact, and Account Page Layouts to display LinkedIn profiles seamlessly.
  • Integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lightning Actions into Lead, Contact, and Account Page Layouts, ensuring a cohesive experience with InMail and connection request actions on default and customized layouts.

Syncing up your CRM

This powerful tool offers two integration options: a viewable embedded profile within your CRM and an active sync that transfers crucial information, such as leads and accounts, between your CRM and Sales Navigator. Moreover, the sync is designed to write back specific Sales Navigator details to your CRM.

To kick off this process in linked sales navigator:

  1. Ensure a smooth installation of the Sales Navigator Embedded Profile for your CRM.
  2. The embedded profile requires Sales Navigator Advanced or Sales Navigator Advanced Plus editions, while the CRM sync demands the Advanced Plus edition.
  3. Refer to the installation and enablement guides for specific CRM requirements.

Key steps in the CRM sync process:

  • Install the Sales Navigator Embedded Profile for your CRM.
  • Use Sales Navigator Advanced or Advanced Plus edition for the embedded profile.
  • Opt for the Advanced Plus edition to enable CRM sync.
  • The sync enablement process takes less than 10 minutes.

Once the embedded profile is installed, you can activate a sync between your CRM and Sales Navigator. This time-saving feature automatically imports affiliated accounts and contacts from the CRM to Sales Navigator. 

Additionally, you can configure the sync to write back select data from Sales Navigator to your CRM. If preferred, you can import accounts, contacts, and leads into Sales Navigator without enabling activity write-back.

Explore the provided articles for a smooth start with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 2016 or 365 Sync for Sales Navigator, including write-back capabilities. Optimize your workflow and increase the potential of Sales Navigator in tandem with your CRM.

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Virtual Assistants for Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

Virtual Assistants for Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

Virtual assistants are pivotal in optimizing the use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. They gather essential information, troubleshoot issues, and guide users through activation methods for personal or company accounts.

Gather necessary information: email address, payment method (if applicable)

A virtual assistant can collect essential details like email addresses and payment methods to streamline activation. For instance, obtaining the user's email ensures accurate account setup.

Identify potential issues and troubleshooting steps

The assistant can proactively identify and address any issues that may arise during activation, ensuring a smooth process for the user. For example, recognizing common login issues and guiding the user through troubleshooting steps.

Guide the user through the chosen activation method

  • Personal account: Assist the user in navigating LinkedIn, locating Sales Navigator, and following prompts for individual activation.
  • Company license: Verify email, guide the user through the invitation link, and facilitate joining the company account. 

Example: Ensuring seamless transition for a user activating Sales Navigator within a corporate license.

Answer any questions and resolve technical issues

Address inquiries and solve technical problems, ensuring users feel supported throughout the activation process. Example: Clarifying doubts about account verification.

Confirm successful activation and explain the next steps

Verify the activation's success and guide users on the subsequent actions they need to take. Example: Confirming a user's successful activation and explaining how to start exploring Sales Navigator features.

Provide initial navigation guidance and feature overview

Offer a brief walkthrough of Sales Navigator's interface and features to help users use the platform confidently. For example, demonstrating how to conduct targeted searches for potential leads.

Schedule follow-up training or assistance if requested

The assistant can schedule additional training sessions or support if users need further guidance. Booking a follow-up session to delve deeper into specific Sales Navigator functionalities.

Help create and manage company-wide Sales Navigator licenses

Assist in setting up and managing Sales Navigator licenses for an entire company, ensuring a cohesive and organized approach. Example: Guiding an administrator through adding new team members to the company's Sales Navigator account.

Assist with integrating Sales Navigator with other tools

Support integrating Sales Navigator with other essential tools in the user's workflow. Example: Connecting Sales Navigator with a CRM system for seamless data synchronization.

Research and recommend Sales Navigator training resources

Conduct research to recommend relevant training materials and resources to enhance users' proficiency with Sales Navigator. Example: Providing a curated list of video tutorials and documentation for self-paced learning.

Monitor and track user activity and progress

Keep tabs on user engagement and progress within Sales Navigator, offering insights and support as needed. Example: Noticing low activity and suggesting personalized training sessions to boost user engagement.

Wishup: Your Best Partner For Sales Navigation

wishup virtual assistants

Wishup is your ultimate ally for Sales Navigation, offering unparalleled virtual assistant services. Let's explore the benefits in detail if you are still wondering about what is linked in sales navigator:

Partner with the top 0.1% of talent

Experience Sales Navigator support from the cream of the crop. Wishup provides access to top-tier virtual assistants, ensuring expertise and efficiency in every task. For example, your virtual assistant can efficiently gather crucial information for seamless Sales Navigator activation.

Seamlessly onboard your virtual assistant within a single day

Wishup's swift onboarding process ensures your virtual assistant is ready to enhance your Sales Navigator journey in just one day. This efficient onboarding minimizes downtime and accelerates your team's productivity. For instance, your virtual assistant can immediately start troubleshooting and guiding users through activation methods.

Eliminate the need for a training budget

No more training concerns and expenses. Wishup's virtual assistants come equipped with the skills needed for effective Sales Navigator utilization, eliminating the need for additional training budgets. As a result, your team can smoothly navigate Sales Navigator without the hassle of extensive training sessions.

Benefit from Wishup's exceptional no-questions-asked replacement policy

Wishup prioritizes your satisfaction with a unique no-questions-asked replacement policy. Wishup ensures a seamless transition to a new virtual assistant without hassle if you ever need a change. For instance, a replacement can be swiftly arranged for a skill mismatch.

Put your virtual assistant to the test with a 7-day Risk-Free Trial

Wishup is confident in its virtual assistant services, offering a risk-free trial period. Test the waters for seven days, exploring the capabilities of your virtual assistant in Sales Navigator without any commitment. 

For example, you can assess how well your virtual assistant handles tasks such as confirming successful Sales Navigator activation during the trial period.



Did you fully understand what is sales navigator on LinkedIn? In conclusion, activating LinkedIn Sales Navigator is key to sales success. Summarize the process, emphasizing exploration and experimentation with the platform's features. Wishup assists at every stage, offering support, guidance, and expertise. 

Contact us for a free consultation or drop us an email at [email protected] to get the full potential of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for your business.

FAQs: Linked Sales Navigator

Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator paid?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium subscription service offering advanced features for sales professionals and businesses.

Is Sales Navigator on LinkedIn worth it?

For many sales professionals and businesses, the benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, such as advanced search and lead generation tools, make it a valuable investment in expanding and enhancing their sales efforts.

What is the benefit of LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

The main benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans include advanced lead search capabilities, real-time insights, and enhanced communication tools, empowering sales professionals to identify and connect with potential clients more effectively.

How to get LinkedIn sales navigator?

To get LinkedIn Sales Navigator, visit the LinkedIn Sales Navigator page, choose a plan that suits your needs, and start a free trial if available. Provide payment information if opting for a paid plan. Complete the setup by following on-screen instructions and exploring the features to enhance your sales prospecting efforts.