We’re on the cusp of the holiday season and what does that mean for business owners? A really stressful and chaotic time.

Between holiday arrangements for work and home, orders overflowing and schedules clashing, your time sure is being pulled in various directions making it impossible for you to enjoy during holidays.

But what if there is a solution to that and a cost-effective one! If you want to relax and enjoy the holidays and head into the new year rejuvenated, it’s time you get yourself a gift: a virtual assistant. How about an event planning virtual assistant to plan your entire party? Well that’s just one help, check out other ways a VA can help your business get ready for the crazy holiday season:

How An Administrative Assistant Can Help You:

  • Need to give gifts to your employees, subcontractors or most valued clients? Have your research, purchase and prepare these gifts or cards for you to those customers, employees who’ve supported your vision throughout, now is the time to give back and appreciate them.
  • Tax season is coming! Let your VA organise your receipts for you and prepare a sheet of income and expenses for you so you can start fresh from when you’re back from vacation.

How An Email Assistant Can Help You:

  • Your inbox is probably shooting up with a gazillion mails and if you sit to reply to all of them, your holiday season will pass or let’s be realistic you’re most likely to end up skipping some. But with a VA they’ll make sure you’re on top of your inbox so when you return from your vacation you can allocate that saved time and effort to other important business matters.

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How A Social Media Assistant Can Help You:

  • Holiday seasons= promotion time, your VA will create the perfect graphics or holiday promotions for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years and more! They’ll schedule them beforehand so you don’t seem MIA on your social media platforms to your customers or clients during your vacation.
  • With the new holiday promotions, you’ll probably forget to update those on your website. Your VA will ensure it’s amended with your latest promotions, make sure all links are functional and conduct an online audit for your website too!
  • Host Christmas parties- While due to Covid19, planning parties might be difficult but thanks to virtual parties we can still celebrate. However, creating a group, sending invites, hosting the party and following up with performers is something that can be quite a task, but hey, a VA to your rescue! Let your event planning virtual assistant take over and your employees wouldn't complain one bit for the lack of a physical party!

How A Research Assistant Can Help You:

  • Holidays are the perfect time to create new business contacts, your VA will research all upcoming yet relevant events for you to attend so you can be on top of your networking game.

How A Personal Assistant Can Help You:

  • Scheduling and managing your calendar: Too many things to do? Let your VA create a list of reminders with major events- birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, conferences so you don’t miss out on anything!
  • Travel: Going out on the holiday season? Let them plan your trip for you-from flight tickets, to hotel reservations you’ll have nothing to worry about. Check out 5 ways a VA can manage your travel plans.
  • Literally anything else: Hoping to take on specific courses next year? Let them research the perfect most relevant course based on your assets and skills that will help you reach your goals.

Final Note:

Here are just some of the ways a VA can relieve your stress this holiday season, check out other professional services available at Wishup.

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