5 Ways You Can Leverage Your Virtual Assistant For Social Selling

Social selling right now is more important than ever, especially with the rise of digital means and social media during the pandemic, not a pro at it? Don’t worry, a virtual assistant there for your rescue. Check out ways you can leverage your VA for social selling.

5 Ways You Can Leverage Your Virtual Assistant For Social Selling

With this ongoing pandemic, most businesses have transitioned to remote work and virtual services have been on a rise, calling for an additional need to build credibility online in order to progress, a.k.a. your social selling game must be on point more than ever.

So what is social selling?

Social selling is about leveraging your social networks to attract the right prospects and to build trusted relationships and when implemented correctly can be the most powerful sales strategies. In fact, a social selling program can drive 16% better win rates, 2x pipeline, and deliver 48% larger deals.

With 75% of B2B buyers using social media to support their business decisions, supported by a study from the International Data Corporation. It’s clear that it’s something you can’t ignore if you desire success for your business.

However, there’s one challenge with social selling, it’s time consuming and can take a while to generate results, or might not even if you don’t easily wrap your hands around how it works.

But luckily, there’s a solution!

A social media virtual assistant is all you need to help drive your social selling strategy, leave the tedious process to them while you focus on other important aspects of the business. (Check out 35 benefits of hiring a virtual social media assistant)

Here’s how you can leverage your virtual assistant for social selling.

1.They Help You Identify Your Target

Like every strategy, the first step is to figure out who you’re targeting. Where your prospects or buyers are generally hanging out requires a deep dive into the social media noise, which requires a lot of time, effort and dedication. But to help you figure that out, your VA would identify key characteristics of the most promising connections to allow for lead generation.

Often one makes the mistake of making numerous random connections, but your VA will make sure you have organic followers and develop meaningful relationships for you to foster a more authentic social media presence. Once they’ve figured out your target audience, they’ll accordingly focus their social selling efforts to gain visibility amongst that audience.

2. They Create Relevant Social Platforms

There are several social networks that pop-up often but not all are relevant for your company’s services or products. But post analysis of your target prospects, your virtual assistants will get to know where your audience engage most and create accounts on those social media platforms accordingly.

They’ll edit photo background so as it matches with the theme of your account.

They'll also optimise your social media accounts based on the value you bring, whether a clean profile image, headline or a well curated powerful bio, name it and they’ll have it all covered!"

Oh also the LinkedIn profile that you updated years ago, they’ll take care of that too!

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3. They Curate Engaging Posts

The most time-consuming part of social selling would have to be scanning, i.e. the process of going onto social media platforms regularly and identifying opportunities for interaction: including posts to comment, reasons for you to reach out to people, relevant ideas for you to post, etc.

However, this can be a rather strenuous process, but don’t worry your virtual assistant has got you covered with their superpower of handling multiple social media accounts. No need for graphic designers, your VA has all the profound knowledge of image manipulation, colour psychology, video editing to create the most attractive professional infographics, presentations, videos, ad campaigns and many more.

4. They Know How To Use Appropriate Tools

In order to succeed in social selling, you’ll need the right technologies to improve your results and often most tools can be deceptive with their promise of features.  However, your social media virtual assistant tracks the latest trends and insights using secret tools you might not know off and also knows all the apt content creating tools to help create your perfect post. They know off all the scheduling tools to ensure your campaign releases right on time!

5. Track Touch-points & Measure Results

Often the most overlooked by many sales executives is that they don’t pay attention to who they’re engaging with and at what frequency, thus have no way to measure success or make improvements to their strategy. Here’s where your VA would come handy, they’ll add every social media connection who you’d want to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with to your CRM and track all of your touchpoints.

While creating content is important, neglecting comments or re-shares that your prospects are sharing can be detrimental for your business. Your VA will make sure you don’t miss out on any such opportunities or notifications and help create genuine relationships by showing appreciation and creating value.

Final note:

With companies with consistent social selling processes 40% more likely to hit revenue goals than non-social sellers and benefits like increased brand visibility, high quality leads, boost in web traffic that ultimately leads to a boost in sales, ignoring social selling can be an open invite for loss. And sometimes, it’s best to leave such tasks to the experts, a.k.a. a virtual assistants. So, leave the work to them, give it a while and watch your visibility, leads, pipeline and snowball growth.

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