Upskilling Courses By Wishup: An Introductory Guide

Attain professional growth with automation and project management upskilling courses by Wishup. Know more here!

Upskilling Courses By Wishup: An Introductory Guide

Many individuals interested in the benefits of upskilling tend to think that the pandemic caused it to come to the mainstream.

The truth is - In late 2019, the C-suite was collectively devastated at the employees' lack of skills. The reports from the World Economic Forum show us a detailed report.

The pandemic rendered upskilling to become vital, especially for organizations that shifted to hybrid working models or fully remote jobs. But upskilling, in general, is indispensable for every company.

This blog intends to inform you about the courses to take up for upskilling purposes. Earlier we published blogs about Upskilling as a concept and the best ways to do upskilling in a remote working environment.

Brushing Up Basics

  • Upskilling is the process of learning new skills to enhance your current skill set. To make it more interesting, you can think of upskilling as a game with several levels, and crossing each one makes you better at it.

Benefits of Upskilling

  • Can save hiring costs
  • Significantly help save time
  • Help employees perform better
  • Self-analytical activity
  • Growth in the level of productivity
  • Enhances organizational skills

10 Ways of Upskilling

  • Plan Some Engaging Activities
  • Peer Coaching
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Seek Feedback and Work Upon It
  • Personal Learning Opportunities
  • Conducting Regular Workshops
  • Building Trust in Workplace
  • Planning Seminars, Interviews & Conferences
  • Rewarding the Employees
  • Upskilling courses for employees

A Brief Comparison Between Upskilling & Micromanagement

Upskilling as an approach is more successful than micromanagement because

  • It helps employers build a good connection with their employees, both in-office and remote working setup.
  • It makes employees more confident in general and specific task handling.
  • It can help them learn and grow, eventually benefiting the company.

In this blog, we will explore upskilling courses that Wishup offers to professionals. You can read briefly about the concept of Upskilling, before we explore the details.

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What Are Upskilling Courses?

Upskilling courses are not much different than other professional courses in terms of structure. However, these courses mainly aim to equip a working professional with the tools to do a task better.

Most upskilling courses aim to provide a professional with the knowledge to perform the tasks or a project better. For instance, the project management course helps you to sharpen your delegation skills. You can actively apply these skills to delegate the tasks, according to the strength of your team members.

The upskilling courses follow a step-by-step approach to inform the professional in progression. Eventually, there is a short test to assess the course's efficacy. Lastly, the participants get a certificate that proves their legibility for the specialized tasks. That's how they work.

If we have a quick look at the Forbes report, upskilling can be a good investment exercise for new business owners, who can quickly adapt to the changes happening in the market. It is also beneficial for them because they have ample options to grow.

A Bit About Wishup

Wishup is an outsourcing company that provides remote assistants to clients, primarily in the US, UK, and countries in the Middle East.

The company understands how difficult it is for small business owners to handle every task personally. It is exhausting and negatively affects your productivity. That is why the organization facilitates the best virtual assistants outsourcing services to startup founders, small & medium business owners, high-level executives, doctors, authors, and other individuals.

Clients can hire pre-trained specialists to help them with recurring and particular skill-based tasks. You can also hear directly from individuals who have worked with us at Testimonials.

From The End Of Remote Assistants

Most outsourcing virtual assistant agencies are client-centered, so is Wishup. But not every company equally regards their employees.

Providing excellent client services does not restrict Wishup to being an inclusive and caring company for its employees. Once the company hires them, virtual assistants receive training from experienced professionals to provide excellent assistance to budding entrepreneurs.

In a nutshell, the company likes to take the best care of its clients and employees. So, keeping the career graph and growth of remote assistants in focus, the company provides certificate upskilling programs. Check them out below if you aspire to make a career as an online business manager.

Moving to the Courses

Certification Program in Project Management

Duration and Details: The course takes five days to complete, spread into five sessions of 1.5 hours each. The program is designed to help you learn the best project management practices. Many individuals see this course as a tool to only upskill themselves. However, these benefits of the certification program are worth looking at.

  • Helps to Accomplish Goals Quickly

It gets smoother and faster when you have the right tools at work. The course is similar to that tool. You can get insights into how successful project managers plan, prioritize, and execute projects.

When you have an effective action plan in place, it won't take you weeks or months to do the tasks. If you approach your goals like a project manager, you'll be able to design practical steps to achieve your objectives while anticipating problems and prioritizing the most important aspects.

  • Improve Your Work Quality

Learning and executing the process of project completion step-by-step can help avoid a stressful experience, leading to an improvement in your work quality. When you deliver good quality work, there is a higher probability of getting good results.

  • Help you Become A Better Leader

Being a certified project manager works for your advantage and benefits the individuals you work with or lead. In addition, you can provide your teammates with a more straightforward path to execute a project when you have clarity.

You'll be better able to pinpoint any potential bottlenecks or risks and address them before they snowball into something difficult to solve. Early detection of problems can help you save time and money in your personal and professional life.

  • For Better Coordination

Managing a project requires you to coordinate with a team of professionals. Project management upskilling courses assist you in learning how to be better at interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. Communication and coordination go hand in hand, and being better at the former can help you significantly improve at the latter.

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Certification Program in Automation

Duration and Details: The course takes three days to complete, spread into three sessions of 1.5 hours each. We all know how important automation has become in the modern work landscape. You can stay updated on all best automation practices through this upskilling course.

  • For Upgradation

Skill upgrade is a necessary step for every individual. The labor department's report states as many as 10 million employees had to lose their jobs during COVID-19. About 40% of these employees lost their jobs to new technology, as a survey by Massachusetts-based education company - MindEdge Learning reports.

The estimate suggests that the number may double in the coming decade, i.e., by 2030. But the same survey reflects on the possible silver lining as companies cannot solely survive on automation. Many survey respondents affirm soft employee skills such as - IT/network information security, creative thinking, communication, decision-making, and complex problem-solving - are important for business growth. And these skills essentially require a human mind to process them.

  • Keeping Up With The Advancements

It is essential to keep learning new skills and move towards advancements. It aids you with work and is vital for personal growth. The automation upskilling course is an excellent way to start if you want to keep up with the advancements.

Special Perks

Wishup thoughtfully helps a remote assistant pursue these courses via some exclusive advantages.  

  • No Cost

Yes! That's right. You do not have to pay to enroll and get a certificate for these courses. Wishup believes that each employee has a unique journey, and the company blissfully wants to be a part of it. What better way than helping professionals grow!

So that the clients know about it, if a virtual assistant has the required skill, clients can trust them better with services.

Upskilling yourself is one of the excellent professional practices that help you reach your goals. When you learn to be a learner, you can conquer heights personally and professionally. Wishup is here to help you achieve that!

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