What is an accountability coach? and how they can save your life...

An accountability coach is a type of coach who helps hold clients accountable in their efforts to achieve self-improvement. This is very similar to life coaching, but it's tailored towards a specific outcome you're looking for. Read more

What is an accountability coach? and how they can save your life...

An accountability coach is a type of coach who helps hold clients accountable in their efforts to achieve self-improvement. This is very similar to life coaching, but it's tailored towards a specific outcome you're looking for.

Who needs an accountability coach?

It could be anyone that is trying to improve their life. You might be an influencer, entrepreneur, athlete, or maybe even the president of the country. Everyone needs to be accountable.

Andrew is a public speaker, event consultant, and accountability coach who works with you and your business to help hone the skills that are required for problem resolution and resource management.

Andrew Weiss managed to turn his life around after he decided to be accountable for himself and now shares his knowledge and leadership to help others achieve their goals.

Check out this podcast to learn more about accountability and how to grow and develop as an individual or business to reach the next level.

Podcast Transcript

00:00:10 CRISPINO

Hi, guys. Welcome to the business and Remote Work Podcast brought to you by Wishup.

00:00:14 CRISPINO

I'm your host Crispino and we are, and we would like to welcome Andrew onto our show today.

00:00:19 CRISPINO

Andrew is a public speaker, rapid sales and accountability coach based out of New York

00:00:24 CRISPINO

who loves to help people overcome their obstacles and improve themselves.

00:00:28 CRISPINO

So thank you for joining us, Andrew.

00:00:30 CRISPINO

It's great to have you on the show here with us.

00:00:32 ANDREW

Thank you. I'm excited to be here, excited for the wonderful hosting that you have.

00:00:37 CRISPINO

Thanks, Andrew. Thank you. So I must say I was very intrigued

00:00:40 CRISPINO

by your profile and I did not know much about an accountability coach to be honest with you

00:00:45 CRISPINO

before I stumbled across your profile. So before we start off with the episode,

00:00:49 CRISPINO

could you like just tell our viewers and listeners what exactly is an accountability coach?

00:00:55 ANDREW

Yeah. So, an Accountability Coach is someone who helps others not get distracted

00:01:00 ANDREW

as much I'd like to say, I'm kind of like accountability for ADHD. We all know

00:01:04 ANDREW

that there are a lot of things out there as far as what to do, when to do it, how to do it.

00:01:09 ANDREW

There's a 1000 different ways to be successful and yet it's, if you don't have someone

00:01:14 ANDREW

holding you accountable to actually getting things done, you don't make any progress.

00:01:18 ANDREW

And it's just like the phrase that the person who chases 2 rabbits catches none.

00:01:22 ANDREW

And so I'm here to make sure you get that rabbit and gross

00:01:26 ANDREW

successful business and make more money in the process.

00:01:28 CRISPINO

Dude, I think I needed accountability coach there because after watching every

00:01:33 CRISPINO

Gary Vaynerchuk video, I'm all pumped up and ready to go until the next day

00:01:37 CRISPINO

when there is no accountability. So I guess, yeah, maybe I need an

00:01:41 CRISPINO

accountability coach myself as well.

00:01:44 ANDREW

Oh, everyone does I I need one too. And and that's that's The thing is,

00:01:48 ANDREW

it's OK to understand that we want goals, we want a lot success, but to make

00:01:52 ANDREW

sure people actually help us reach them, that's what I'm here for.

00:01:56 ANDREW

I'm passionate about it, you know, after doing so many coaching programs

00:01:59 ANDREW

and getting so many mentors, and it wasn't until accountability was

00:02:02 ANDREW

actually implemented that progress was made.

00:02:06 CRISPINO

Hmm! So who are the kind of people that usually come to you?

00:02:09 CRISPINO

Like, is there a particular kind of people?

00:02:12 ANDREW

Yeah, I love helping other people in the coaching space.

00:02:15 ANDREW

I love helping people who run their own businesses, who have an offer.

00:02:18 ANDREW

I'm currently helping people create their own production company, build a professional

00:02:22 ANDREW

business brand to negotiate for themselves. Um, so people essentially come to me

00:02:26 ANDREW

and they say, Andrew, I know what I want, I know what my goals are,

00:02:30 ANDREW

but I need to figure out how I can stay focused and actually be more

00:02:33 ANDREW

productive and negotiate my way to getting paid more money.

00:02:36 ANDREW

And that's where I come in and I say, OK, let's make sure you actually get it done,

00:02:40 ANDREW

and then voila, I make it happen.

00:02:43 CRISPINO

That's it. And how do you find these clients?

00:02:44 CRISPINO

Like how do they come to you?

00:02:45 CRISPINO

How do they reach out to you?

00:02:47 ANDREW

Yeah, there's a variety of ways to get clients. A lot of them is through social media content posting.

00:02:52 ANDREW

So I do value ads and social media, and then I do a call to action for people to come and work with me.

00:02:58 ANDREW

I also get clients through referrals by helping clients that achieve their success.

00:03:02 ANDREW

They refer me to their friends and families, saying, Oh my gosh, you got to work with Andrew.

00:03:07 ANDREW

Um, and I also get clients through attending networking events and speaking.

00:03:11 ANDREW

So there's a few different ways I get clients, and social media is definitely one of the main ones.

00:03:16 CRISPINO

Nice, nice.

00:03:17 CRISPINO

You also do public speaking, right?

00:03:19 CRISPINO

So what what's your kind of expertise in the public speaking area?

00:03:23 ANDREW

Yeah. So I actually got involved in public speaking

00:03:26 ANDREW

when I was in college. I did an organization called Toastmasters.

00:03:30 ANDREW

Not sure if you've heard of Toastmasters before. They're one of the world's biggest public

00:03:35 ANDREW

speaking organizations. And right out of the gates, you know, I was coming in all confident,

00:03:40 ANDREW

saying, oh, I'm a good public speaker, I know what I'm doing. Yeah.

00:03:43 ANDREW

I entered a competition in my first year, I got second place out of two people.

00:03:48 ANDREW

Yeah, well, so I'm going, wow, I'm really bad. And so the next year I improved my craft,

00:03:53 ANDREW

became president of the club, I got voted the top public speaker in all Central and

00:03:58 ANDREW

Southern Oregon at 22 years old. And I'm going, OK, I'm on to something here.

00:04:03 ANDREW

And from that I was able to give, uh, work a job where I was able to travel around

00:04:08 ANDREW

the entire state of Oregon and the USA. Gave over 1000 presentations in three years,

00:04:12 ANDREW

teaching other people how to develop the professional and business skills and really hone my craft.

00:04:18 ANDREW

Figuring out not only how to get booked, but how to self from stages as well.

00:04:22 CRISPINO

Yeah. So what led you down the career path of being an accountability coach?

00:04:26 CRISPINO

Because that's not something that you'd find like, you know, everywhere.

00:04:30 CRISPINO

It's a very unique niche. So what led you down that career path?

00:04:34 ANDREW

Yeah. So what let me down that path was that I did a program by Doctor Benjamin Hardy,

00:04:38 ANDREW

and one of the things he talked about is the importance of Sprint goals.

00:04:43 ANDREW

And while he was talking about that, he was talking about the psychology of the human

00:04:48 ANDREW

brain is we would rather not lose something than gain something.

00:04:52 ANDREW

And so when people say, well, I want a new house, I want a new car, they want to gain those things,

00:04:57 ANDREW

but they don't want to lose watching less Netflix.

00:05:00 ANDREW

They don't want to lose getting outside of their comfort zone.

00:05:04 ANDREW

And so what I discovered is that when people have to use accountability

00:05:08 ANDREW

to get outside their comfort zone, it works. And I want to find the least solution that

00:05:12 ANDREW

no matter how many times we get in our own head, no matter how many times

00:05:16 ANDREW

we look for excuses, if we have accountability in place, there's no such thing as excuses.

00:05:20 ANDREW

Because how many times have people gotten up in the morning and gone,

00:05:24 ANDREW

oh, I don't know if I want to get out of bed today or if they told themselves,

00:05:27 ANDREW

oh, I'm, I'm not going to eat cookies. Then they see the delicious plate of

00:05:31 ANDREW

fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, they go, OK, I guess I can

00:05:35 ANDREW

make an exception this one time. If they don't have accountability in place,

00:05:39 ANDREW

they're gonna keep falling into the same pattern,  the same routines again and again.

00:05:43 ANDREW

And that's what I discovered is that when you have people lose something,

00:05:47 ANDREW

so what I do is I have people put down a bet on themselves. They put down money in the pot per se.

00:05:52 ANDREW

They only get that money back once they complete a certain amount of task over

00:05:56 ANDREW

a period of time. And that way the psychology of our brain goes,

00:05:59 ANDREW

oh, I can actually have the opportunity to get this thing back.

00:06:03 ANDREW

And I'm actually working towards my goals in the process.

00:06:06 ANDREW

Um, and so that's essentially how it works. And obviously not everyone's

00:06:09 ANDREW

motivated by money. So we find what they are motivated by, have them sign a contract

00:06:13 ANDREW

to show we're serious about this. And in the contract it says like even if zombies start attacking,

00:06:17 ANDREW

even if you wake up out of bed and trip and break your leg, you're still going to accomplish

00:06:21 ANDREW

the task for the day, because that's how important this accountability is for your goals being reached.

00:06:27 CRISPINO

Interesting, interesting. I'm thinking of drawing up a contract for myself now.

00:06:32 ANDREW

You should, definitely! Happy to talk more about that, yeah.

00:06:35 CRISPINO

Nice. So how do you, how do you track results, Andrew?

00:06:38 CRISPINO

Like how do you, uh, how do you make sure your clients are following

00:06:42 CRISPINO

everything to the team when you're not watching?

00:06:45 ANDREW

So that's kind of the beauty of the program. Um, yeah, I know, I know, this is an audio podcast,

00:06:50 ANDREW

so I would share my screen and talk about how it works, but I'll do my best to show

00:06:54 ANDREW

it visually. So what I've discovered is that in in various coaching programs,

00:06:58 ANDREW

people usually need to usually know the pace they're able to go for themselves.

00:07:03 ANDREW

Like, you know, for a single mom has four kids working a full time job.

00:07:06 ANDREW

She's like, listen, I only have about 30 minutes to an hour in the morning or

00:07:10 ANDREW

in the evening maybe to work on my business stuff. Other people you know,

00:07:13 ANDREW

they might be living at home with their parents. They they they're good.

00:07:17 ANDREW

They're they're chilling and not, not to ding people for that, but you know,

00:07:20 ANDREW

it probably means you have extra time on your hands. Like, you know what,

00:07:24 ANDREW

I got to move out of my parents house. I'm ready to start making money.

00:07:27 ANDREW

I can put two or three hours every single day toward building a business.

00:07:31 ANDREW

So the first thing we do is we discover what to, what can people agree to do

00:07:34 ANDREW

that they know is going to make progress.

00:07:36 ANDREW

toward their goals and it might be a time commitment,

00:07:39 ANDREW

they might say I'm gonna need to make at least 15 conversations with someone every single day.

00:07:45 ANDREW

And of course the beauty of all this is it's compound habit stacking because 15 people a day

00:07:50 ANDREW

times 5 people a week, that's about 60 people. And then do that over a month,

00:07:55 ANDREW

that's about 240 people. Um, and you have 240 more conversations you would have had

00:07:59 ANDREW

than you normally wouldn't, essentially. Um, so essentially we have a habit tracker

00:08:04 ANDREW

and every single day you have to say

00:08:06 ANDREW

how you made progress towards your goals and. Instead of

00:08:09 CRISPINO

an app, you track it on an app or, uh.

00:08:11 ANDREW

So I use discord at the moment, OK. And so for those listening, Discord is

00:08:15 ANDREW

essentially like Slack, where you can organize different channels of how you want to communicate with people.

00:08:20 ANDREW

So we have a goals channel so you can tangibly see what your goals are.

00:08:23 ANDREW

You have a commitment channel so you can tangibly write down how you're going to

00:08:27 ANDREW

make progress towards your goals every single day. And then we have the

00:08:31 ANDREW

accountability channel where every single day before midnight, and

00:08:34 ANDREW

I recommended a consistent time each day, you say,

00:08:37 ANDREW

here's what I did to make progress towards my goals.

00:08:39 ANDREW

And what's so cool of that is that a lot of people at the end of the month,

00:08:42 ANDREW

they look back and go, geez, what did I actually accomplish this month?

00:08:46 ANDREW

I don't feel like I actually did anything, but when you're using this app and you type in everyday,

00:08:50 ANDREW

I made progress toward your goals. It's really cool to look at your months progress and go like,

00:08:54 ANDREW

wow, I built a whole new website. Wow. I did 10 negotiations. Wow. I was able to raise

00:08:58 ANDREW

my prices from $100 an hour to $200.00 an hour. And so it really is helpful for tracking

00:09:02 ANDREW

every little thing because I'm I'm Mr. Tangible, and that's a lot of mistakes people

00:09:06 ANDREW

make when they do goal setting as well.

00:09:08 ANDREW

I want to lose weight. I want to write a book. I wanna make more money.

00:09:11 ANDREW

OK. Yeah. How much, how many pounds do you want to lose?

00:09:14 ANDREW

How long is your book gonna be? How much more money you gonna make

00:09:17 ANDREW

in whatever period of time? So it really makes sure everything is tangible,

00:09:20 ANDREW

everything is tracked and you're going to get results whether you want to or not.

00:09:25 CRISPINO

So tracking is the key, yeah?

00:09:26 ANDREW

Tracking is the key 100%. Yeah. It's just like, it's just like when I tell my little brother,

00:09:31 ANDREW

hey, if you're serious about gaining weight, track your calories.

00:09:34 ANDREW

If you're not tracking your calories, what's the point?

00:09:38 CRISPINO

I think it's in the finer details.

00:09:40 ANDREW

mhm, 100%, yeah.

00:09:42 CRISPINO

So what do you think are the biggest challenges that

00:09:45 CRISPINO

entrepreneur, entrepreneurs face these days?

00:09:48 ANDREW

Definitely. Like I said, like being distracted. It's so easy to have think

00:09:52 ANDREW

there is always a new way to be successful when if you're gonna just stick to one thing

00:09:57 ANDREW

you could crush at that one thing. And you know classic examples like

00:10:00 ANDREW

oh, do I do webinars, do I do Facebook ads, do I go on TikTok, do I go on Instagram,

00:10:05 ANDREW

do I just post on Twitter? And the answer is pick one of those that you like

00:10:09 ANDREW

the most and just focus on that and hammer it down and be one of the best experts

00:10:14 ANDREW

you can be in that space. Because if you were to read five books on webinar.

00:10:18 ANDREW

practices, Watch 10 YouTube videos, talk to five people who are crushing it in the space.

00:10:22 ANDREW

You're gonna figure out how to crush it too versus if you try and go 10 directions at once,

00:10:25 ANDREW

try and catch 10 bunnies at once, you're not going to get any bunnies.

00:10:28 ANDREW

You're not gonna get any clients. So that's definitely one of the biggest challenges that people have.

00:10:33 CRISPINO

So how how does one cut off the noise?

00:10:35 CRISPINO

Like there is so much of information out there.

00:10:38 CRISPINO

There are so many different gurus giving out different knowledge or pieces of advice,

00:10:42 CRISPINO

reels short form content that we consume every day.

00:10:45 CRISPINO

So how does one cut off the noise and focus on what's necessary for them?

00:10:50 ANDREW

I'd say it goes back to figure out what you're good at, what you enjoy doing,

00:10:54 ANDREW

what serves the world, and what you can make money from.

00:10:58 ANDREW

Um, there's a concept called Ikigai where essentially it's the perfect harmony of all those

00:11:03 ANDREW

things is what you're good at, what serves the world, um, what's what fulfills you,

00:11:07 ANDREW

and what can make you money. And so if you can find the center of those things,

00:11:12 ANDREW

then just focus on that and keep hammering at home. Like for me,

00:11:16 ANDREW

it's accountability, it's public speaking, it's

00:11:20 ANDREW

serving others, it's, um making sure people are successful while I'm building my

00:11:24 ANDREW

own brand and career. Um, and so that's what I'd say is very, very essential.

00:11:29 CRISPINO

Yeah, so say you have an entrepreneur as in client, a startup entrepreneur,

00:11:34 CRISPINO

and he has a goal to grow his business. So what kind of matrix do you set up

00:11:38 CRISPINO

for him or like how do you measure his success?

00:11:42 ANDREW

Yeah. So each each person is different. You know that. That's what I've,

00:11:46 ANDREW

I've kind of experienced and goes back to why I created my accountability program as

00:11:50 ANDREW

I felt like when I joined other programs, I kind of just got put into a machine model

00:11:54 ANDREW

where they're like, alright Congrats during the program, here's all the content. Good luck.

00:11:59 ANDREW

When in reality a lot of people have different scenarios, different situations,

00:12:03 ANDREW

different skill sets, and if those aren't properly addressed to each individual person,

00:12:07 ANDREW

then people get lost in the crowd. And so it goes back to if I'm working with

00:12:11 ANDREW

the startup entrepreneur client, I would say what are your skill sets?

00:12:14 ANDREW

Do you love writing more? Do you love speaking more? Do you love podcasting more?

00:12:18 ANDREW

What? What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing?

00:12:21 ANDREW

And then I help them brainstorm how to monetize.

00:12:24 ANDREW

You know, for example, for this podcast I would say, OK Chrispino,

00:12:27 ANDREW

how can we get you some more podcast sponsors. How can we build you a business

00:12:31 ANDREW

that when people listen to your podcast they're gonna work with you.

00:12:35 ANDREW

How can we figure out how to get you an affiliate program so that

00:12:38 ANDREW

when people listen to your podcast they buy a product.

00:12:41 ANDREW

You get credit for it. There are so many ways to to monetize a podcast or

00:12:44 ANDREW

how can we get you to start charging for guests to bring guests onto your show.

00:12:48 ANDREW

Um, and so goes back to we want to help you discover based on your skill sets

00:12:52 ANDREW

, based on your your strengths, how can we leverage.

00:12:55 ANDREW

To help you grow your business and then talk about what's your accountability

00:12:59 ANDREW

plan gonna look like. Like, do you need to work on your business for 30 minutes a day, an hour per day?

00:13:04 ANDREW

Do you need to make 10 pitches that different sponsors sponsor every single day

00:13:08 ANDREW

so you have over, um, what was that? Yeah, over over a 100 per month.

00:13:11 ANDREW

And so it goes back to, I work with each person's skill sets, seeing what they're good at

00:13:15 ANDREW

and helping them leverage those to help them see their values thhey can charge what they're worth.

00:13:21 CRISPINO

Hmm, interesting. So is there something that you focus on in particular being an accountability coach?

00:13:29 ANDREW

What do you mean by that?

00:13:31 CRISPINO

Like, is there any particular kind of framework that you keep in mind when you're

00:13:38 CRISPINO

uh, when you are working with the client.

00:13:41 ANDREW

It goes back to yeah, I I ask them about what are their goals?

00:13:45 ANDREW

Why are their goals important to them?

00:13:47 ANDREW

I really get down to the nitty gritty because at the end of the day we might have goals,

00:13:51 ANDREW

but sometimes they're not always tangible and sometimes we don't have that emotional

00:13:55 ANDREW

buy in and we. So when it goes back to finding the why behind the goals,

00:13:59 ANDREW

do you want to do this because this is what your parents want for you?

00:14:02 ANDREW

Do you want to do this because it's just what your friends are doing or do you truly in your

00:14:07 ANDREW

heart believe you are meant to do this? And so once we discover what those

00:14:11 ANDREW

goals are and the why behind them. Then we go over your action plan going,

00:14:15 ANDREW

OK, here's what we need to do moving forward. Here's how we make consistent progress.

00:14:19 ANDREW

Here's what we need to make happen. And then from there that's when we go over

00:14:24 ANDREW

the tangible commitments, daily progress every single day and the expected goes back to

00:14:28 ANDREW

so I was talking about Benjamin Hardy, he talks about this thing called

00:14:32 ANDREW

Sprint Goals and one of the things he mentions is that we accomplished

00:14:35 ANDREW

the faster you accomplish things, slower time is, and so

00:14:38 ANDREW

and the reason for that is because if you're like 20 years

00:14:41 ANDREW

old and you're like, oh, I can't wait to go to Disneyland and you wait

00:14:45 ANDREW

30 years to finally go to Disneyland at 50 years old. You're going, oh crap, that

00:14:48 ANDREW

30 years went by really quick! But if you're going, you know what, I want to go to

00:14:52 ANDREW

Disneyland and you go there next week, you're like great.

00:14:54 ANDREW

I have so much more time to do so many other things and so that's why

00:14:57 ANDREW

it's so important to accomplish things quickly.

00:15:00 CRISPINO

That is very true, actually. Yes, I think I should make, prepone my Europe trip now.

00:15:06 ANDREW

Oh, you definitely need to. Yeah no put it on the calendar and you know I will state some mistakes

00:15:10 ANDREW

some people make as they say, oh, I want to do this, I want to do this.

00:15:13 ANDREW

They don't have a timeline, they don't have a deadline, they don't have an action plan.

00:15:16 ANDREW

They don't have an extra account that they can save for to, to make that happen.

00:15:20 ANDREW

They just kind of go, oh that, excuse me, that would be nice to do that

00:15:23 ANDREW

without an actual plan. And so that's why I love helping people

00:15:25 ANDREW

put together and actually make it come true.

00:15:28 CRISPINO

Hmm, interesting. Uh, so Andrew, I would just like to go a step back. I mean, you already spoke about

00:15:33 CRISPINO

this for a startup entrepreneur like, you know, how does he grow his business and how you help him out.

00:15:39 CRISPINO

But so I have another follow-up question on that, like starting a startup is very difficult.

00:15:45 CRISPINO

There are so many different things that you need to focus on, like there is invoicing,

00:15:50 CRISPINO

there is stocks, logistics, there are marketing, content.

00:15:54 CRISPINO

So how does an entrepreneur kind of manage all these things in 2023?

00:15:58 CRISPINO

When, uh, all of them are equally important.

00:16:02 ANDREW

You definitely need a coach or you need a mentor because

00:16:05 ANDREW

uh, so there's another guy, David Meltzer. He talks about the thing called the dummy tax.

00:16:10 ANDREW

He talks about how Y makes the same mistakes as other people

00:16:14 ANDREW

when you could just ask other people how to prevent yourself from making those mistakes.

00:16:19 ANDREW

And so, like you said, there is a lot that goes into building a business as a as a startup entrepreneur.

00:16:25 ANDREW

But the number one most important thing is, are you making sales?

00:16:28 ANDREW

Are you driving in revenue? You can have the most gorgeous product, the most beautiful website,

00:16:34 ANDREW

the bit the coolest logo, the the awesome merchandise,

00:16:37 ANDREW

but if you're not making sales, you don't have a business.

00:16:40 ANDREW

And that's the, that's the, at the end of the day, that's the most important thing that

00:16:44 ANDREW

I love help people focus on is are you driving sales and how are you making sure

00:16:48 ANDREW

you're getting paid what you're worth. You know, so I've helped various clients go from

00:16:53 ANDREW

charging $0.00 for those services to over $1000 for their services.

00:16:56 ANDREW

I've helped clients in the middle of the pandemic go from going how am I going

00:17:00 ANDREW

to make the next client to making over $10,000 off 1 webinar in less than 6 weeks.

00:17:04 ANDREW

And So what I love helping clients do is help them discover where is the money,

00:17:09 ANDREW

where is it, and how can I go get it.

00:17:11 ANDREW

And then how can I make sure I'm charging properly

00:17:13 ANDREW

so that people are happy to say, here's my credit card, where do I pay?

00:17:17 CRISPINO

Yes, absolutely. Yeah, I know many people who are quite under charging for their services

00:17:22 CRISPINO

because they're afraid they might lose a client. So I think, yeah, the point that

00:17:27 CRISPINO

you made is actually very relevant over there. But also, Andrew,

00:17:30 CRISPINO

I'd just like to ask you another question on that. So there's a lot of, uh,

00:17:36 CRISPINO

A lot of talk about burnout. So first of all, do you think Burnout is real?

00:17:41 ANDREW

I mean, yeah, yes and no. I mean, burnout is definitely something that's subjective and I say that because

00:17:50 ANDREW

Want there's there's there's a lot There's a lot of layers here.

00:17:54 ANDREW

So, A. burnout might mean you're not having enough help with your business.

00:17:58 ANDREW

And it might mean that it goes back to your your why isn't clarified for

00:18:01 ANDREW

why you decided to do something in the 1st place. And it might just mean that

00:18:05 ANDREW

you need a a motivational boost and that you're not taking care of yourself physically.

00:18:10 ANDREW

Like, are you going to the gym?

00:18:11 ANDREW

Are you drinking enough water?

00:18:13 ANDREW

Are you eating in a healthy way?

00:18:15 ANDREW

So when it comes to burnout, it goes back to the importance of having a coach,

00:18:19 ANDREW

having a mentor, maybe even

00:18:20 ANDREW

having a therapist to kind of talk through what's really going on,

00:18:24 ANDREW

what's what's at the core of the issue, um, and what will be that one thing that would help you

00:18:29 ANDREW

get out of that burnout? Do you need to make another sale?

00:18:32 ANDREW

Do you need to help someone be successful at something?

00:18:35 ANDREW

Do you need to do more of what you love?

00:18:37 ANDREW

Like maybe you working too much in your business, you need to do more bike rides,

00:18:42 ANDREW

maybe you need to draw more paintings or color more photos in.

00:18:45 ANDREW

And so it goes back to the why is this so crucial. Like if you wake up every day going, I need to make this

00:18:51 ANDREW

for someone I my business is so important it's gonna change the world.

00:18:54 ANDREW

There should be no reason why you'd have burnout versus if you're going it would be nice if

00:18:59 ANDREW

I could help some people today, oh it would be nice if I could build my business a little bit today

00:19:03 ANDREW

it it goes back to decisions versus choices like deciding I'm building this business, burnout is going to

00:19:08 ANDREW

hold me back versus going, Oh well we'll see how it goes kind of thing.

00:19:12 ANDREW

So yeah obviously you can have a whole podcast episode on Burnout and people have written so

00:19:16 ANDREW

many books on it and there's there's lots of layers for a reason

00:19:19 ANDREW

because there's lots of causes and

00:19:21 ANDREW

lots of solutions and so it just goes back to each individual

00:19:24 ANDREW

person in the circumstances and what they need.

00:19:28 CRISPINO

Impressing. Yeah. Uh, so that brings me to my next question.

00:19:32 CRISPINO

Or how does an entrepreneur maintain a work life balance? Like, you spoke about paintings and,

00:19:37 CRISPINO

you know, doing stuff that you like, so how do you know

00:19:41 CRISPINO

when is the right time to kind of lay back and chill?

00:19:45 CRISPINO

And you know, and when is the time to push and go ahead? Yeah. So one of the things I like hearing once is there's

00:19:53 ANDREW

no such thing

00:19:54 ANDREW

as work-life balance because everything is life. It's all, it's all life.

00:19:58 ANDREW

And so really it's called the work-play balance. And I'd say, yeah, and in today's age of remote work

00:20:05 ANDREW

and virtual work that you do need to set office hours for yourself. You need to say, you know

00:20:10 ANDREW

what, I'm going to work from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM or 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM,

00:20:15 ANDREW

whatever kind of hour shift you want to do and then having those office hours

00:20:20 ANDREW

decided, like do you want to work 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hour days. Do you need to work a 12 hour day

00:20:24 ANDREW

then a 6 hour day to help make up for it? So it goes back to deciding what you want

00:20:29 ANDREW

your ideal work schedule to be like. Being ultra focused during that time to be productive

00:20:34 ANDREW

as far as meeting people, making pitches, getting new clients and driving in revenue.

00:20:40 ANDREW

That's all which should be the top, top goal and top priority every single day.

00:20:44 ANDREW

Meet people, tell them what you do, make offers, get paid essentially and then as far as play balance.

00:20:50 ANDREW

Just knowing what you like to do for fun. I mean, it's OK to play video games in moderation.

00:20:55 ANDREW

It's OK to watch sports games in moderation. It's OK to, um, I always make sure I do at least 30 minutes

00:21:01 ANDREW

of walking every single day, of of gratitude, of listening to a new book, of I'm listening to a podcast,

00:21:07 ANDREW

make sure that I'm I'm moving every single day. Of course I do three or four workouts

00:21:11 ANDREW

every single week to make sure I'm staying in shape. So the answer is blocking out

00:21:16 ANDREW

time in your calendar so that no one can disturb you during your play time.

00:21:20 ANDREW

And that's how you maintain everything.

00:21:22 CRISPINO

Yeah. So do you work virtually currently, Andrew or do you like media clients in person?

00:21:27 ANDREW

Yeah, so I've been a full-time virtual entrepreneur since October 2021 um, and,

00:21:34 ANDREW

oh sorry October 2019. Oh jeez, time goes by fast, uh, and.

00:21:38 CRISPINO

Four years already?

00:21:39 ANDREW

Yeah, so come up in four years and in a few months. Um, but it was just something

00:21:44 ANDREW

I decided is that I was working at time. I was working at a job

00:21:47 ANDREW

I loved the nonprofit world, but I wasn't getting paid the money that

00:21:51 ANDREW

I want to be paid. And so I had a stable income because I also own an ATM.

00:21:56 ANDREW

And so I'm the guy that gets that $3 transaction fee that people pay when

00:22:00 ANDREW

they take money out of the machine. So I I just kind of left cold Turkey.

00:22:04 ANDREW

I had a stable income to kind of keep me going. And based off that income I decided, you know what,

00:22:09 ANDREW

I'm going to figure out how to make this work to be a full time virtual entrepreneur.

00:22:14 ANDREW

And so by in in May 2020, I did my own virtual events, um, it was called fight the fluff

00:22:19 ANDREW

that to help make sure that the speakers gave great content and great value,

00:22:24 ANDREW

people enjoyed the events and based on that

00:22:26 ANDREW

event, that's when I was able to be hired as the Chief marketing officer for

00:22:30 ANDREW

Podfest Global and Podfest Expo, and they've been one of my top clients over the years

00:22:35 ANDREW

while I'm still growing my coaching business on the side. And so yeah, the answer is

00:22:39 ANDREW

I was able to make it happen by deciding that's what I wanted to do putting in the work

00:22:44 ANDREW

, being focused on it, I call it focus splits, and then making it happen.

00:22:49 CRISPINO

That's nice. That's very interesting. So that's I guess around the time of the pandemic as well, right?

00:22:54 ANDREW

After the, the

00:22:57 CRISPINO

So shifted to the virtual world.

00:22:58 ANDREW

Yeah, so I was lucky. I got like a, uh, you know, 3-4 month head start or six, six month

00:23:03 ANDREW

head start on the virtual world because I was able to work virtually for

00:23:06 ANDREW

six months before the world had to go virtually. So I did get a head start, which was,

00:23:11 ANDREW

which was definitely nice. Um, but then of course when the whole world went

00:23:14 ANDREW

virtual, that that worked too, because of that's what I wanted anyway. And so. Exactly.

00:23:18 ANDREW

I love working virtually. I can work from California, I can work from New York,

00:23:23 ANDREW

I can work from Texas, I  fly over to Europe and work from there, so it's definitely

00:23:27 ANDREW

something I would recommend for people if it's something that they want to do.

00:23:32 CRISPINO

Yeah, yeah. So what's your take on working virtually in terms of productivity?

00:23:37 CRISPINO

Do you think that's increased your productivity and your business or

00:23:41 CRISPINO

has that been a deterring factor for you?

00:23:44 ANDREW

It goes back to you have to set boundaries for yourself.

00:23:47 ANDREW

You have to be focused, you know, sometimes I switch things up by going to work in a cafe,

00:23:53 ANDREW

sometimes I go work in a coworking space. Because also whenever you're working

00:23:57 ANDREW

virtually you want to make sure you don't see your your bed because

00:24:01 ANDREW

you don't want to get tired in the middle of your work day. So do your best to

00:24:06 ANDREW

not work in the same room as your bedroom, because your bedroom

00:24:10 ANDREW

should be a place of of solace, of of quietness, of peace.

00:24:14 CRISPINO

And. Noted.

00:24:15 ANDREW

And and getting tired. But it goes back to like I have my work hours that usually

00:24:20 ANDREW

I work about 9 to 6 each day and then I get up in the morning,

00:24:23 ANDREW

do my morning routines always have my evening routines of of journaling how my day went,

00:24:29 ANDREW

how I'm gonna prepare for tomorrow, reviewing my goals and just figure out

00:24:33 ANDREW

how I can constantly improve myself and so.

00:24:35 ANDREW

That that's what I'd say it for, for virtual schedules, Just making sure you have set hours

00:24:40 ANDREW

that you're gonna work, set hours are gonna play. Do you do your best to like have a

00:24:45 ANDREW

spirit of the house just for work and then away from the bars, away from the bed as possible.

00:24:50 ANDREW

Um, and then this gets stuff done. Make, make, make it happen, make sales and get paid.

00:24:55 CRISPINO

That's it. That's it. Well, this was an amazing session, Andrew. I mean, I learned so much from you.

00:25:01 CRISPINO

Good! And I think, yeah, I I should start taking accountability as well. Yeah, you should!

00:25:05 CRISPINO

So before before I let you go, I'd like to ask you what's one tip that you'd like to give any startup entrepreneurs or

00:25:12 CRISPINO

entrepreneurs are struggling to take accountability?

00:25:15 CRISPINO

Like how do they get started by taking accountability for themselves?

00:25:20 ANDREW

Yeah. So it goes back to so if you're a startup entrepreneur and you wanna take

00:25:24 ANDREW

accountability. I'd say, you know if, you know, obviously I'm gonna raise my hand and say contact me.

00:25:30 ANDREW

I'd love to help, uh, you. You'd be accountable. But of course like I care about people's success.

00:25:35 ANDREW

So even if you need to call a close friend or family member and say hey we'll call, we'll

00:25:40 ANDREW

say Jim, hey Jim I I need to get this work done. I need to build my website by the end of this week.

00:25:46 ANDREW

Here's some money that I'm uncomfortable losing that I don't want to lose, only

00:25:50 ANDREW

give me this money back once I get this website done. Um, and so they have to give

00:25:54 ANDREW

someone that you trust will actually hold the money that no matter how many,

00:25:58 ANDREW

how big a puppy eyes you give them or how many times you beg them, please give me my money back,

00:26:03 ANDREW

please give me my money back. It won't be until they say Nope, let me see your website.

00:26:07 ANDREW

Let me make sure it's done. And then not only do you have a website built beef like,

00:26:11 ANDREW

you get paid again to to make it happen. So that's what I'd say for people who want to

00:26:15 ANDREW

get involved in accountability or uh, you know, not with other people too.

00:26:19 ANDREW

They're like, you know what? I'm not

00:26:20 ANDREW

motivated by money. But here's a super embarrassing video of me and they send it

00:26:25 ANDREW

to me and they say if I don't get this done by the end of this week, post this publicly

00:26:30 ANDREW

for the world to see. Oh, damn. And, um, they get it done because they don't want that video posted.

00:26:36 CRISPINO

But I have a few videos as such, so yeah.

00:26:38 ANDREW


00:26:39 CRISPINO

It's giving me a few ideas now. Alright,

00:26:42 ANDREW

But yeah, happy to, happy to walk you through accountability.

00:26:45 ANDREW

Like I said, my specialty is it's, it's not just accountability, but I also help people with with sales,

00:26:51 ANDREW

with marketing, with with getting their confidence up so they know how to build a full time business

00:26:57 ANDREW

and charge their worth. And so you could feel free to reach out to me on the

00:27:01 ANDREW

Andrew J Weiss on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook, um, you could also e-mail me.

00:27:05 ANDREW

[email protected] and I'd be more than happy to talk through

00:27:08 ANDREW

how I can help you reach your results 10 times faster.

00:27:12 CRISPINO

Awesome. Yes, Andrew. And we'll put your link in the bio as well and in the description.

00:27:18 CRISPINO

So if anybody wants to contact the contact, Andrew, you can directly do it through the post.

00:27:23 CRISPINO

And also, we have a lot of clients, uh, at Wishup ourselves who are many who are entrepreneurs and startup owners.

00:27:30 CRISPINO

So I think, uh, yeah, many of our listeners could definitely use your help over here.

00:27:36 ANDREW

Perfect, happy to help.

00:27:38 CRISPINO

Alright, Andrew, thank you so much for your time.

00:27:40 CRISPINO

It was amazing having you on the show and, uh, thanks once again for

00:27:43 CRISPINO

taking the time off and we got to learn a lot from you today.

00:27:46 ANDREW

Very welcome. Thanks for hosting.

00:27:48 CRISPINO

All right. Cheers.