Virtual Assistant Course: Top 10 Virtual Assistant Courses in 2023

Virtual assistants are essential to businesses today, especially in the digital age. With technology advancing quickly and more people needing to work remotely, virtual assistants have become a must-have for companies and small businesses. Read our article to know more!

Virtual Assistant Course: Top 10 Virtual Assistant Courses in 2023

Virtual assistants are essential to businesses today, especially in the digital age. With technology advancing quickly and more people needing to work remotely, virtual assistants have become a must-have for companies and small businesses.

Over time, the role of virtual assistants has changed, and they are now relied on for tasks like managing schedules, handling emails, creating content, managing social media, and more. As a result, employing virtual assistants can help businesses save money, become more efficient, and increase productivity. In addition, virtual assistants are essential to helping businesses adjust to the ever-shifting market and stay competitive in today's world.


You can invest in a good virtual assistant course to enhance your skills and employability if you are a virtual assistant. Here are the ten best virtual assistant services you should check out!

What Do Virtual Assistants Do?

VAs can do a ton for companies and entrepreneurs. With their assistance, businesses can become more efficient and productive and save money. Want to know what kind of tasks they can do? Read on!

Managing schedules and appointments

VAs are an invaluable asset for businesses, helping them manage their schedules efficiently. They can use online tools such as Google Calendar, Calendly, and Acuity Scheduling to keep track of appointments and send out reminders to clients. In this way, they make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Making travel arrangements

Hiring a virtual assistant is an excellent choice for businesses needing help making travel arrangements. VAs can help you book flights, hotels, transportation, and more. Moreover, they can create fantastic travel itineraries and ensure that everything their clients need for their trip is all sorted.

Event planning

Planning an event can be overwhelming, but with the help of a virtual assistant, it doesn't have to be. They offer help setting up webinars, workshops, and conferences and take care of the nitty-gritty details, from venue selection to catering and marketing. So if you're looking to plan a successful event, let a Virtual Assistant do the heavy lifting!

Handling correspondence

VAs keep on top of emails, phone calls, and other communications. They help sort out emails, set priorities, and answer questions for their clients.

Bookkeeping and administrative tasks

Virtual assistants can also handle bookkeeping and other office tasks, like entering data, sending invoices, and keeping records. They ensure all the financial stuff is correct and on time and can even help with taxes.

Content research or blog post

Furthermore, a skilled virtual assistant can assist you with all content-related needs – from blog posts and articles to social media posts. They can also research keywords and help you choose topics that optimize your content.

Social media marketing and management

VAs are a fantastic choice for businesses looking to boost their social media presence. They can create and manage accounts, help craft a strategy, and schedule posts. Plus, they can analyze analytics to determine what works and give feedback.

Email management

Finally, virtual assistants can help you quickly manage your emails by creating templates, setting up filters, and prioritizing emails. This will lower the number of emails you get and ensure that important ones get the attention they deserve.

Skills To Acquire To Become A Successful Virtual Assistant

If you aspire to become a virtual assistant, having specific skills is a must. In addition, knowing how to handle tasks professionally and adequately is vital. Here are the essential skills you'll need to have to be successful:

Strong organizational skills

If you are a VA or want to be one, you must have excellent organizational skills to keep everything in order. You should know which task to prioritize, set up reminders, and make sure deadlines are met.

Multitasking and prioritization skills

Handling multiple tasks simultaneously is essential to get things done promptly. It's crucial to have the ability to prioritize so that the most important tasks are dealt with first.

Attention to detail

Attention to the small stuff is significant when doing admin tasks like bookkeeping, entering data, and keeping records.

Proven ability to manage a flexible schedule

As a virtual assistant, juggling a changing schedule and being ready to take on tasks outside typical business hours is crucial.

Always available

It's crucial that virtual assistants are always available to offer their clients reliable, quick service. Being available to offer them help when they need it is what helps to build a strong, trusting relationship in the long run.

Exemplary planning and time management skills

If you wish to give your clients quality results successfully, you must ensure you possess excellent planning and time management skills.

Impeccable verbal and written communications skills

As a virtual assistant, it's necessary to be able to communicate with clients and colleagues professionally, whether it's through email, phone, or other forms of communication.

Ability to interact with high-profile clients and executives

When you start working as a VA, you will be interacting with high-profile clients and business executives. Thus, it's essential to have excellent social skills and come across as a professional.

Proficiency in computer applications

A good understanding of tools like MS Office, G-Suite, and other software programs is necessary to complete administrative tasks successfully.

Knowledge of office management systems and procedures

As a VA, you should also grasp office management systems and processes well. For instance, you must know how to organize trips, put together events, and manage accounts.

You can take virtual assistant tutorial courses like udemy virtual assistant courses or opt for virtual assistant course coursera or amazon virtual assistant course free to learn these skills and advance your career,

Top 10 Virtual Assistant Courses in 2023

90-Day VA

Are you looking to become a VA quickly? If yes, 90-Day VA is the perfect course for you. Ester Inman offers the course, and it contains a comprehensive online training program that teaches all the things regarding the VA industry.

It covers multiple topics like email marketing, blogging and content creation, project management, and more - all in twelve weeks. In addition, you will get access to high-quality lessons and six months of membership to the exclusive VAI club.

The course fee is $797.

Virtual Excellence Academy

The Virtual Excellence Academy offers ten high-quality, self-paced modules that cover everything about becoming a VA.

From how to find your first client to access to Inner Circle Virtual Assistant Community for a lifetime, the course offers several exciting things!

The course fee is $900.

$10K VA

Offered by Kayla Salon, this course teaches you how to start making $10K per month as a VA.

Are you absolutely new to the industry and looking for an excellent Udemy or Amazon virtual assistant training course? We suggest you start with this one instead. The course offers everything you should know about finding clients, setting rates, and pitching your services.

The course fee is $497


Are you interested in becoming a VA but don't know where to start? SavvySystem is the perfect solution! It is an excellent self-paced online course that will help you learn everything you need to know to start as a VA.

The program covers essential topics like deciding your service, personal branding, hiring team members, and growing your business. There are 14 modules and group phone calls every month.

The course fee is $1,497.

The Start

The Start is a comprehensive and top-notch training program Sara Wiles offers, lasting six weeks. If you want to start your VA career and become your boss, this one is for you!

The program has numerous topics, from deciding your niche to creating pricing plans and social media accounts; you will learn everything. You can also access video lessons, worksheets, and more.

The course fee is $1,197.

Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp

This is a comprehensive 12-week online training program offered by Amanda Kolbye.

This online course is ideal for those wanting to learn the basics - from finding clients and setting rates to managing finances and everything in between.

You will get one-on-one support, superb templates, and live calls. All this for just $2,997. There are two more payment plans as well.

Pinterest VA Ninja

As the name indicates, this course is designed for people who want to make it big as a Pinterest virtual assistant.

In this one, you can learn how to get started on Pinterest, create pins, manage boards for your clients, and more. Plus, you will get monthly live sessions, templates, and behind-the-scene information on handling banking and legal issues.

The course is priced at $247.

Fully Booked VA

Gina Horkey created this phenomenal course after she became a top-notch VA herself. In this course, she shares everything she has learned in the industry and how you can kickstart your VA business quickly.

The course has world-class training and mentorship sessions that include where to find clients and how to build your online presence. You will also get a complete lifetime entry to the VA Foundations program upon enrolling.

The course fee is $997.

The In-Demand VA Course

As the name suggests, The In-Demand VA Course helps you become an in-demand VA in 8 weeks!

Sabatini Ferdinand offers this comprehensive online training program. It is designed to teach you everything about being a VA--from creating a VA resume to making sales calls and beyond.

You get entry to a super supportive Facebook group and monthly live sessions.

The course fee is $2,000.

Working for Podcasters as a Virtual Assistant

If you want to become a VA for Podcasters, this specialized course is for you! It is available on Skillshare and is taught by Fei Wu.

This program will teach you various topics, including podcast production, different types of podcast clients, monetization strategies, and more.

To start this course, you must sign up on Skillshare and buy their plan. If you are new, you can try Skillshare for free for seven days and take this course!

Benefits of taking a Virtual Assistant Course

Enhance Employability

Having a top-notch VA course on your resume can offer you a competitive edge when landing a job in the growing field of virtual assistance. Companies are increasingly hiring virtual assistants to take care of their administrative and creative tasks, so having this training under your belt can make you stand out amongst other job applicants.

Start Freelance Business

Taking an in-demand virtual assistant course will give you the skills and know-how to begin your own VA freelancing business. Being a Virtual Assistant freelancer lets you work with clients from anywhere on the globe, plus you get to manage your work hours and assignments.

Earn Extra Income

If you need a lucrative side hustle, freelancing as a VA could be the perfect fit! The demand for Virtual Assistants is growing steadily. With the help of the skills you learned through the virtual assistant courses UK, you can find plenty of chances to work with clients and make a good living.

Develop New Skills

A VA course will help you learn all the skills you need to succeed, such as project management, social media marketing, content creation, and more.

Learn New Tools

An online VA course is an excellent way to learn about new software and tools commonly used in the VA industry. Things like project management software, social media scheduling tools, and email management are all included in the curriculum.



To sum it up, taking a VA course can help you sharpen your skills, learn new techniques, and up your chances of getting hired. The courses mentioned above provide comprehensive training covering all aspects of virtual assistance.

In case you need to hire a VA, Wishup can help you get started! Schedule a free of cost consultation with us to get all your questions answered. You can email us at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Virtual Assistant?

To become a VA, you must have a specific skill set. Essential skills include organization, communication, computer literacy, and understanding office management systems and procedures. You can start by taking virtual assistant courses. After that, you'll be ready to create a portfolio and search for clients.

Who is eligible for Virtual Assistant?

If you possess the expertise to take on administrative or creative duties for companies or people virtually, you can become a Virtual Assistant! No specific qualifications are necessary.

Is Virtual Assistant in demand?

Virtual assistants are in-demand, especially in the digital world, where many companies do business online.