Executive Assistant Job Description: Hire The Best!

Executive Assistant Job Description: Hire The Best!

Busy executives are under severe pressure to perform. They need help in their work to reduce the pressure. This is where executive virtual assistants would be helpful. An executive assistant (EA) helps and supports the executive in their work. Recruiting an executive assistant is a great way to help executives focus on their core work.


To recruit executive assistants, you must draft an Executive Assistant Job Description. Read on to understand executive assistant responsibilities and how to draft the perfect executive assistant job description.

Who are Executive Assistants?

Know who an executive assistant is.

An executive assistant is an office assistant designated to help and support executives with their work. Executive assistants usually work for senior executives in companies. They take care of handling the appointments of the executive and manage their calendar. EAs also handle phone calls, emails, and messages, freeing executives from routine tasks.

Executive assistants also carry out research work for executives. They prepare reports, analyze reports, prepare presentations, and help them with their work. An EA reduces the work pressure on an executive, allowing them to spend more time on their work.

What tasks can an Executive Assistant do?

An executive assistant is a busy person who helps the administrative work in an organized way by supporting them in all their work. The tasks an EA does are challenging and include:

  • Handling communications of the executive, including phone calls and messages.
  • Managing emails, including replying to emails.
  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Researching data and helping in preparing reports.
  • Planning for travel and making travel arrangements like booking tickets and accommodation.
  • Organize meetings and prepare minutes of the meeting.
  • Handling all the paperwork of the executive.

Executive Assistant responsibilities

An executive assistant has many important responsibilities. Since they support top executives, they are responsible for helping the executives do their work efficiently. The executive assistant duties and responsibilities include:

  • Acting as a POC for the executive for employees, clients, and other parties.
  • Responsible for managing the schedule and calendar of the executive.
  • Handle all travel arrangements of the executive, including planning.
  • Accompanying the executive for meetings, presentations, and other events whenever needed.
  • Handle all work related to the executive's office.
  • Use technology in daily work to ensure efficiency.

Executive Assistant skills

 Learn about the skills an executive assistant needs.

An executive assistant does clerical and supportive work for executives. Therefore, they need more skills than normal assistants working in offices. The executive assistant skills include:

  • Ability to manage time effectively.
  • Good in communication, oral and written.
  • Tech-savvy and able to use technology in daily work.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • The ability to work in an organized way.
  • Interpersonal skills to help them deal with clients and staff.
  • Administrative skills to carry out routine administrative jobs.
  • Technical skills related to the work, like project management, calendar management, and coordinating events.

Educational or training requirements

A high-school diploma or a GED is the basic educational requirement for an executive virtual assistant. However, considering an executive assistant's specialized tasks, a bachelor's degree is desirable. Computer training is mandatory.

Compensation of an Executive Assistant

Average salary of an executive assistant

In the US, an executive assistant earns an average base annual salary of $61,673. A person with 1 to 2 years of experience can earn $58,750, while someone with 10+ years of experience can earn $68,737.

The average annual salary an executive assistant gets in different cities/states in the US is given below:

  • New York, NY - $79,719.
  • Boston, Massachusetts - $75,553.
  • St. Paul, Minnesota - $72,393.
  • Chicago, Illinois - $70,559.
  • Los Angeles, California - $70,727.
  • Washington, DC - $69,079.
  • Dallas, Texas - $64,664.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina - $60,606.
  • Jackson, Mississippi - $52,923.
  • Baton Rouge, Lousiana - $52,548.

The need for Executive Assistance

Top executives in companies, like the CEO, CFO, CMO, and other officials like vice presidents and senior managers, are busy. With an immense workload, these executives are under much work pressure. Unfortunately, too much pressure can affect the quality of their work. It can disturb their work-life balance, and the stress may even need to burnout.

Top executives should have the freedom to focus on value-adding work. They should not have to spend time using routine tasks like handling calls, replying to emails, and following up on meetings. An executive assistant can help an executive work better by supporting them.

The executive assistant job duties include routine work like documentation and preparation of reports and presentations. The executive would now be free to focus on their core work. Busy executives need an administrative assistant to help them be more efficient.

How to draft an effective Executive Assistant Job Description?
What an executive assistant job description should contain?

Establish clear expectations

The Executive Assistant Job Description should establish your expectations. Ensure that you spell out the requirements explicitly.

Mention the in-depth job brief

It is important to describe the job in detail. The candidate should be able to understand what an executive assistant does.

Include any specific responsibilities unique to your company's role

You need to spell out any requirements specific to your company. Doing this is crucial so candidates know the executive assistant job responsibilities.

Speak with an existing executive directly to determine their top priorities for the executive assistant

Before finalizing the executive assistant description, talk to the executive who needs an assistant. Let them spell out their requirements and use that while drafting the job description.

Include company and industry information in the executive assistant job description

Apart from the job profile, include details of your industry and company. It will help candidates understand if they fit in perfectly.

Administrative Assistant Job Description Templates

Job Description Template 1

Job Title: Executive Assistant

Reports to the CEO

The Executive assistant's job involves assisting the CEO in all their work. Our company is one of the leading firms in the IT sector, and our CEO's job involves much traveling. As Executive Assistant, you are expected to manage the CEO's travel and accompany them when required. It is a critical job that involves much responsibility.

Key responsibilities:

  • Manage the CEO's calendar.
  • Handle all the CEO's contacts.
  • Fix appointments and meetings, and ensure they happen on time.
  • Plan the CEO's travel arrangements.
  • Make travel bookings.
  • Accompany the CEO to meetings and luncheon discussions.
  • Assist in preparing reports and creating documents needed.
  • Coordinate with all departments for meetings and collecting data.
  • Prepare presentations for meetings.


  • Should hold a bachelor's degree.
  • A total of 10 years of work experience is preferred. Two years of experience as an assistant to a top executive is required.
  • Should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Should be skilled in using computers and software tools for office management.

Job Description Template 2

We are seeking an executive assistant to work with our senior executives in marketing and finance. You will need to support the work of our executives by managing their communication and calendar. We are among the top 10 companies in our sector and known for our professional approach to work. You should be creative and be able to solve problems.


  • Handle phone calls, reply to messages, and handle executives' emails.
  • Manage the calendar of the executives by scheduling appointments and meetings.
  • Ensure meetings and appointments happen on time.
  • Prepare minutes of meetings when required.
  • Make travel arrangements and bookings for executives.
  • Prepare monthly reports by collecting data from all departments.
  • Maintain documents and records, including digital records.


  • A bachelor's degree is preferred. The minimum requirement is a high school diploma.
  • At least five years of relevant work ex.
  • Proficiency in MS Office.
  • Good communication and coordination skills.
  • Professional approach to work.

Job Description Template 3

We are hiring an Executive Assistant for the Chief Legal Officer of our company. We are a multinational company with a presence in 20 different countries. Our legal team is spread worldwide, and our Chief Legal Officer heads the team. The executive assistant must be able to coordinate with legal teams in other countries for meetings and to collect information. Managing the CLO's calendar and handling communication are the key responsibilities.

The Executive Assistant should have a bachelor's degree and a work experience of at least 2 to 3 years. We prefer a candidate with experience in a legal setup. Proficiency in computers and MS Office is mandatory. In addition, excellent communication skills, time management skills, and the ability to multitask are what we are looking for.

Best practices to start working with an Executive Assistant

  • Onboard the executive assistant by completing joining formalities. Let them understand the company and industry sector.
  • Explain the executive assistant duties and responsibilities they need to do. Introduce to the executive.
  • Introduce them to all staff members, so they can start working.
  • Provide an office space with equipment.
  • Give them clear guidelines for work, so they can get going.
  • Monitor their work and give them feedback for improvement.

Tips to successfully hire an Executive Assistant

  • Create detailed executive assistant job descriptions.
  • Ensure you describe all the duties of executive assistant and the job profile described in the job description for executive assistant.
  • Post the description as an ad to let people know you are hiring a virtual assistant.
  • Once you get the application, screen them to filter out those who don't meet the requirements.
  • Call candidates for an interview to assess if they suit the job.
  • Let the executive interview candidates and decide who the best person is.

Should you hire an in-house Executive Assistant?

When hiring an in-house assistant, you add a person to your payroll. You must pay them monthly and give them office space and equipment. Hiring an experienced person costs more. Instead, choose a virtual assistant. You need to pay only for the work done and save money. The flexibility a virtual assistant offers makes their services more helpful.

Virtual vs In-House

  • In-house assistants work full-time at your office and need office space, equipment, and other facilities. Virtual assistants work remotely at their place.
  • You must pay an in-house assistant a monthly salary, whereas you pay virtual assistants for the work done.
  • Hiring an in-house assistant requires much effort. If you want to hire a virtual executive assistant, you only have to talk to a virtual assistant service provider like Wishup.
  • The most significant benefit of working with virtual assistants is the flexibility offered. You can use their services on need.

Wishup: Get rid of all the tedious hiring procedures!

Know about Wishup and its vision

Wishup is a leader in providing virtual assistant services. They have the best quality virtual assistants registered on their platform. You can work with them to hire a virtual assistant.

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Before going ahead, hire a virtual assistant for a trial for seven days. If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back with no questions asked.

What executive assistant services do our assistants offer?

Know the track record of Wishup.

Wishup offers multiple executive services, such as the following:

Coordinating and communicating

They help you coordinate the executive's work with other departments and external parties. In addition, the virtual assistants will help you handle your phone, message, and email communications.

Travel planning

Whenever you need to travel, let our assistants know. They will plan your travel, book tickets, and arrange a smooth journey.

Managing calendar

Our assistants will manage your calendar by scheduling appointments and meetings and updating you regularly.

Answering customer queries

You can even hire a VA to answer customer queries. They can handle the initial conversation and transfer the call to other persons.

Hire from Wishup in one, two, and three!

Once you hire a virtual assistant from Wishup, the process is straightforward. Here's how it works:

Determine what areas you need help with

The first thing you should do is to decide what work you need from the virtual assistant. Next, list out the areas of work for the VA.

Request a free consultation by registering

Register with Wishup and get a free consultation to discuss your requirements. Then, based on your requirements, Wishup will help you find the best VA.

Prepare to onboard your virtual executive assistant

You can onboard the VA within 24 hours, and your virtual executive assistant can finish the work.



Senior executives need administrative assistance to help them work better. When recruiting an executive assistant, you must create an Executive Assistant Job Description that clearly outlines your requirements. This ea job description will help you recruit the best person.

Choosing a virtual executive assistant is advantageous compared to hiring a full-time executive assistant. You can work with Wishup and hire virtual assistants from them. To know more, you can schedule a free consultation. You could also send your requirements to them by email to [email protected].

Executive Assistant Job Description FAQs

What are the duties and responsibilities of executive assistant?

The role of an executive assistant is to help an executive do their work better. The EA manages the executive's calendar, fixes meetings, handles calls, replies to emails and messages, and helps with documentation work.

What is the role of executive assistant to CEO?

The CEO executive assistant supports the top executive to help them work efficiently. They handle all their communications, meetings, appointments, documentation, and travel.

What is the qualification of executive assistant?

An executive assistant ideally should have a bachelor's degree. A high-school diploma or GED is an essential qualification.