Hire an Executive Virtual Assistant and Grow Your Business

Behind every successful company, there is one key person the business cannot do without.

More likely than not, it is an executive assistant.

A virtual executive assistant handles all the mundane tasks for the business owner. They coordinate between teams and ensure consistent follow-up on all ongoing projects. That helps the business owner focus on doing what they do best, i.e., growing the business.

With remote and hybrid working becoming the norm, an executive assistant's role has now moved from an office environment to a work-from-home setup, with them being designated as virtual executive assistants.

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Who is an executive virtual assistant?

A virtual executive assistant is a remote contractor who can help you with routine administrative tasks and significantly reduce your workload. They are skilled, organized, and efficient workers and are most often college graduates with relevant qualifications and office experience.

How does an executive virtual assistant work?

Executive virtual assistants work similarly to regular office administrative assistants. Technology has come a long way, and any task that previously required an employee to work from an office can now be done remotely by your executive virtual assistant.

Based on their preference, executive virtual assistants can work either from home or in a co-working space. All they require is access to your email, company drives, and CRMs, and they can handle your routine administrative tasks even from across the globe.

Trust is not an issue when working with an executive virtual assistant. At Wishup, all our virtual executive assistants are required to sign an NDA before being assigned to a client, so you can rest assured your data is safe with your virtual assistant.

What tasks can you assign to an Executive Virtual Assistant?

Executive virtual assistants possess a wide range of skills that will come in handy in various areas of your business. They can perform any of the duties commonly associated with the role of an administrative assistant and more. Let’s take a closer look at some of the many tasks you can assign to executive virtual assistants.

  1. Managing your inbox - tired of missing out on important communications because of your cluttered inbox? Delegate that task to your executive virtual assistant and never lose an important email again.
  2. Managing your schedule - are you constantly overbooked and burned out because you plan too many events and meetings into one day? Let your remote executive assistants take charge of your calendar and ensure that no appointments are missed and that you have enough breathing space before every meeting.
  3. Managing data entry - as crucial as storing and organizing your internal and external data is, it’s also tiresome and time-consuming. Let your virtual executive assistant handle data organization while you focus your time on more critical tasks.
  4. Travel planning - your virtual executive assistant can find the best deals on flights and hotels. In addition, they can find the best restaurants for you to host meetings at and even build an itinerary of important places to visit when you travel.
  5. Manage projects - executive virtual assistants can oversee projects, manage communications between various departments and ensure no deadlines are missed.
  6. Maintain client communications - having a good relationship with your customers is the key to the success of any business. Remote executive assistants can ensure that all your client queries are answered efficiently and promptly.
  7. Assist in event planning - while a virtual executive assistant can’t be present during an event physically, they can help with booking the venue, finding the best caterers, and organizing the best party favors.
  8. Internal office coordination - your executive virtual assistant can be the point of contact between you and other teams and follow up on important tasks, assignments, and other concerns.
  9. Record minutes of meetings - with endless meetings you must attend throughout the day, keeping track of things can become difficult. You can loop in your virtual executive assistant during these meetings or send them recordings, and they can send you brief notes of important points discussed.
  10. Create presentations - executive virtual assistants can help you stay prepared for meetings ahead of time by preparing precise, detailed presentations.
  11. Research - remote executive assistants can help you stay updated with the latest developments in your industry, keep up with market trends, and stay on top of your competitors by providing in-depth research.
  12. Making reservations - your executive virtual assistant can help impress your clients by making reservations at the best restaurants in the city for your meetings.
  13. Sending clients gifts - remote executive assistants can help you make important clients feel special by sending them gifts and notes on their important dates.
  14. Assist in HR-related tasks - your virtual executive assistant can manage hiring tasks such as scouring resumes, conducting interviews, and shortlisting candidates.
  15. Preparing expense reports - remote executive assistants can help you manage your office finances better by preparing weekly or monthly expense reports.

Advantages of hiring an Executive Virtual Assistant

While their extensive experience and diverse skillset are impressive, these aren’t the only advantages of hiring remote executive assistants. Let’s look at some of the most significant advantages of outsourcing virtually vs. hiring in-house.


Every entrepreneur's main agenda is to cut down costs wherever possible while maximizing efficiency. Hiring a remote administrative assistant can help solve both of those issues.

Depending on your preferred qualifications and experience level, hiring an administrative assistant in-house can cost anywhere between $45,000 and $ 75,000 a year. Add to that other benefits like office space, infrastructure, and other benefits, and you’re looking at a sum of close to $100,000 a year.

However, hiring administrative executive assistants from a virtual assistance agency like Wishup will only cost you $20,000 a year. This is because you only pay for the hours worked, not additional expenses like benefits, paid leaves, or insurance.



Time, in business, is an even bigger currency than money.

Hiring in-house is a long and complex process. According to a report by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), the hiring process can take up to 36 days.

Can you really afford to take that long to hire in a fast-paced work environment?

With a virtual service provider like Wishup, you can have a virtual assistant ready to work in less than 24 hours. In addition, you don’t have to spend time reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates; we do that for you.

Work with global talent

One of the biggest challenges of hiring in-house is that you’re restricted to hiring those in the same area as your office. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to you settling for underqualified employees simply because they live nearby.

When employing administrative executive assistants remotely, you can hire based on talent, skills, and qualifications alone. You’re not restricted by the barriers of location and fixed timings, which means there’s a broader pool of talent to choose from.

Pre-trained and vetted virtual assistants

Did you know that it takes 50 hours a year to train your employees?

When you’re a small business, every minute counts, and training and upskilling is an expense you cannot always afford to make.

By hiring administrative executive assistants from a virtual assistance provider like Wishup, you are hiring only the top 1% of talent, personally vetted and selected by us. We also undertake their training and teach them over 70+ skills and tools they will use daily.

Additionally, we believe in upskilling and constantly bear the expenses of new courses and workshops to help improve the skills and knowledge of our administrative executive assistants.

Upscale and downscale with ease

For small businesses, work patterns can be highly unpredictable. Some months can be hectic, while in others, you barely get any work.

Hiring a full-time employee can become a risk in such scenarios.

However, you can upscale and downscale with executive virtual assistants depending on business needs. When the workload is heavy, onboard more assistants. When the project is completed, you can easily terminate the contract, as there are no long-term promises or commitments.

For more benefits, read our blog - 60 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant.

How to Hire Your Executive Virtual Assistant

Convinced you could benefit from the help of administrative executive assistants? Then, of course, the next question on your mind must be, “how do I go about hiring one?”

Hiring remote executive assistants from Wishup is easy and can be broken down into three simple steps.

  1. Identify areas where you need assistance - This is the most important part. Take time to understand which areas of your business could benefit from a remote executive assistant. It could be customer service, administrative tasks, communication, or even a combination of all those things.
  2. Sign up for a free consultation - all you need to do is sign up for a free consultation, where we will pair you with one of our client success managers. Here you can convey your expectations and requirements, which will help us pair you with suitable administrative executive assistants.
  3. Get ready to onboard your executive virtual assistant - that’s it! Your virtual executive assistant is ready to start! We recommend working closely with your VA during the initial days and briefing them on various processes so they can get used to how things work in your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I know if I need a virtual executive assistant?

You could probably benefit from a virtual executive assistant if you feel overwhelmed and burned out because of your ever-increasing workload. Irrespective of the industry or background, a virtual assistant can help improve your productivity and help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

2. What is the background of my virtual executive assistant?

It varies, but most of our executive virtual assistants have administrative office experience.

3. What if the virtual assistant gets something wrong?

We recommend working closely with your virtual executive assistant in the first few weeks to help them grasp things. Additionally, we assign a client success manager to each project to ensure that things are going smoothly and that there are no hiccups or misunderstandings.

4. Is there something my executive virtual assistant won’t do?

Like any other employee, your virtual executive assistant cannot perform duties outside their qualifications and job description. For example, you cannot ask them to head your marketing department or manage your accounts.

5. What does a virtual assistant need to get started?

It would be beneficial if you compile a quick document outlining some essential duties you'll need them to perform. Additionally, ensure that your executive virtual assistant has access to all necessary log-ins and files required to do their job.

Ready to grow your business? Hire a virtual executive assistant today!

Learning the art of delegation is the only way to ensure your business scales to new heights. A virtual executive assistant can be a trusted ally to help you reach your goals, maximize profits, and take your business to the next level.


If you’re ready to grow your virtual team with Wishup, click here to schedule your free consultation, or drop us a mail at [email protected].

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