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Wishup Testimonials

These knowledge workers are so smart, educated, and articulate and also seek clarification to understand me as an individual and what I'm looking for. They are also very talented as critical thinkers.

Deb Coviello


Illumination Partners, LLC

My virtual assistant has a great rapport with the ladies in my community. The team is very responsive, and I love the commitment and dedication of my VA as she is always ready to go the extra mile. 

Alicia Homes

Financial Educator and Coach

Journey To Wealth

Wishup is FANTASTIC!! I have created a team by hiring virtual assistants from Wishup. They help me manage different aspects of my business operations. 

Tony Petrozza

Executive Director

Auxilium LLC

I realized where I was lacking was in generating leads and follow-ups. I did not realize that virtual assistants could generate leads for me. My VA also helped me with managing my calendar, invoices, HR and is now an integral part of our business.

Jason Ellinger


Beard & Bowler Productions

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I appreciate the value a Wishup VA can bring to a business.

The VAs of Wishup are very understanding and well trained in multiple skillsets, making them indispensable. 

Niels Van De Bergh

Growth Consultant


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I couldn't be more thrilled with my Wishup VA.

It took me a few weeks to get the time to organize the work to assign initially, but it's been the best business decision for me this year. 

Andrew McDermott


Convia Media

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Working with Wishup has given our small and rapidly growing business the ability to move faster while simultaneously freeing up many hours a week. As a result, we can now focus on our strategy. 

The Wishup team will be a significant contributing factor to our future success. 

Jason Gorman

Founder and Managing Partner

Jackrabbit LX

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We are very pleased with the work that Wishup Virtual Assistants have delivered for us. We use Wishup to augment many aspects of our business, from research, social media to marketing. Their staff is highly educated, very responsive, and experienced. We have been using them for over 6 months and have been telling others about our experience whenever we get the chance. The value they provide is truly immense.

Marvin Gouw



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I never considered hiring a virtual assistant for my business but Wishup was different, my virtual assistant exceeded expectations! It is more affordable than I thought and the help she provides on a daily basis is incredible! I get more work done with my VA helping me with important tasks like email management, calendaring, bookkeeping and much more. Highly recommended for any tech founder trying to balance time and productivity.

Lance Rodela

Founder & CEO

Shift Health Inc. (Y Combinator S19)

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We are extremely happy with Wishup VAs that work for SendX! If a job can be outsourced to a VA we first do that, instead of hiring a full time employee. This gives a unique execution advantage as hiring a VA takes in a few days rather than spending a few months hiring. Using Wishup for VAs has been a really great business decision for SendX and would strongly recommend them.

Mayank Agarwal


SendX Inc.

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Professional, trustworthy, and competent is how I would describe Virtual Assistants at Wishup. In just a few months, they’ve really impressed me with their services and made my life much easier. I have been able to delegate lots of administrative work and have a good amount of time to work on other serious concerns. I will highly recommend the services provided by Wishup.

Pranay Gupta



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I have been using the services of Wishup for close to half a year now and I truly feel this is one of the best investments I have made.

Farhan Ahmed


Confetti Holdings

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We've had a great experience working with Upasana and WIshup. I can not recommend it enough for anyone looking for a talented freelancer to accelerate your growth.

Manan Shah


Recruiter Flow

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