Administrative and Executive Assistant

Our Virtual Administrative and Executive Assistants will organize your business and make each day easier for you.

Why hire a Virtual Administrative and Executive Assistant?

Be it scheduling appointments, managing calendar, generating cold leads, managing inbox or work- related communication, your Virtual Administrative Assistant will handle all such recurring tasks for you. They’ll also keep you in the loop with regular progress updates. Hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant to delegate everyday admin tasks and use your time to focus on growing your business.
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What can our Administrative Assistants do?

  • Inbox management: Wishup’s Virtual Administrative Assistants will keep your inbox clutter- free so you can easily and quickly retrieve information.
  • Calendar management: Our Administrative Assistants manage your calendar so you’re up-to- date on, your commitments.
  • Record maintenance: Be it employee records or a business-related database, our Administrative Assistants manage and regularly update all data.
  • Scheduling appointments and reminders: Whether it is an appointment you need to schedule or one that you have to attend, your Administrative Assistant will keep you posted; and remind you well in time.
  • Customer relations: Our Administrative Assistants take care of your customers through calls and emails, maintaining a smooth relationship for future business.
  • Expense tracking: An Administrative Assistant can manage your expense record; and help you stay on top of your finances.
  • Logistics handling: Whether it is a get-together at work office or a meeting with a big client, trust your VA to take care of the logistics.
  • Inbound queries: If your inbox is flooded with customer queries have your Administrative Assistant promptly address them on your behalf.

How can a Virtual Administrative Assistant benefit you?

  • Multi-taskers: Our Assistants are great at multi-tasking; and always keep you in the loop, even if they have a long to-do list.
  • Time saving: With our Assistants you can save a great deal of time each day, allowing you to focus on more productive work.
  • Handle recurring tasks better: Our Assistants are extremely task-efficient and can systematically handle your recurring admin tasks.
  • Blaze through: Whether it’s a small task, or an ongoing one, stay assured that our Virtual Administrative Assistants will get it done.