The Top Five Legal Outsourcing Companies In 2024

Legal outsourcing companies

Running a law firm isn't a cake's slice! It is a tough job to handle bazillion cases, along with the hefty paperwork and other admin chores.

However, we all know that every problem has a solution. And this one has, too!

legal outsourcing benefits

Consider having an army of legal experts at your disposal, ready to conduct complex research, draft intricate contracts, and handle complex regulations on your behalf. Legal outsourcing is more than just a convenience – it is a strategic move that has the potential to reshape how law firms and legal departments operate.

But the real question is, where can you find these legal outsourcing companies? 

Don't fret. We've handpicked the best legal outsourcing companies where you can find the ideal help! This blog will help you with everything, from the legal outsourcing services offered by different companies to choosing the most suitable outsourcing platform for your law firm.

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Let's dive right into it.

Legal outsourcing is leveraging legal support outsourcing services from an outside law firm outsourcing or virtual assistant company. It is also known as Legal Process Outsourcing. It leverages the expertise of remote professionals to handle an array of legal tasks efficiently and cost-effectively.

You can outsource your entire legal process to outsourcing agencies with paralegal attorneys or hire virtual assistants to handle all your legal and administrative tasks.

There are a plethora of services that LPOs offer. The primary ones are – 

  • Doing research and analysis
  • Reviewing financial documents, contracts, and other critical information.
  • Assisting in drafting, reviewing, and managing contracts.
  • Transcribing legal proceedings, including court hearings, depositions, and client meetings, 
  • Offering administrative support.
  • Handling data entry tasks, organizing information, and maintaining databases.
  • Promptly responding to inquiries, providing updates, and maintaining clear communication channels. 
  • Conducting compliance audits and risk assessments and developing compliance programs.
  • Handling billing and invoicing tasks.

These services fall into two categories: 

  • Labor-intensive tasks like document conversion, legal coding and indexing, document review, and legal transcription.
  • High-value services include patent and general legal research services like freedom-to-operate searches, patent assessments, and patent portfolio management. They also include due diligence services like technical, legal, and financial analyses of businesses for mergers and acquisitions and contract drafting and review.


wishup virtual assistants

Wishup, a top virtual staffing platform, enables business owners, startups, and law firms to connect with pre-screened and highly qualified virtual assistants.

Thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience, these committed experts can handle your legal needs. They provide various virtual assistant services for lawyers, including client communication, document preparation, case management, and legal research. Every virtual assistant is ready and willing to use their years of expertise to assist you with all necessary tasks. Numerous law firms have hired them to work on their projects.

You can quickly and effectively onboard a legal assistant using Wishup. They can easily fit into your legal team and start offering helpful support because they are already familiar with legal procedures, documentation, and research methodologies.

You have access to a vast pool of talented professionals through the company. It enables you to choose an assistant who corresponds with your geographical and legal requirements, whether you need assistance from a local expert (US based virtual assistant) or would instead draw on global expertise.


  • Wishup chooses the top 0.1% of candidates worldwide to become legal professionals.
  • It provides bilingual and multilingual virtual assistants.
  • The assistants are graduates with 3+ years of experience.
  • The company offers a seven-day free trial period.
  • Wishup's virtual assistants are well-versed in legal jargon, research methodologies, and document preparation. 
  • If you are dissatisfied with the virtual assistant's services, it provides an instant replacement.
  • All Wishup experts sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure data security.
  • Wishup provides a dedicated account manager to help you with the hiring process. 


  • It can be challenging to find suitable VAs during holidays and weekends. 

Pricing: The plans start at $999/month for the 4-hour/day package and go up to $1799/month for the 8-hour/day package.

Virtual Assistant pricing

How to hire: Arrange a free consultation with the Wishup professionals, and get ready to onboard a virtual assistant for your law firm within 24 hours.

Remote CoWorker

Founded in 2013 and based in the US, Remote CoWorker is a reputed virtual assistant outsourcing business. They have a staff of about ten who provide voice, finance and accounting outsourcing, HR services, and non-voice BPO/back office services. 

Their clientele includes small businesses in the legal, real estate, business services, information technology, and telecommunications industries.

Remote CoWorker is a one-stop shop for all legal process outsourcing services. It thoroughly screens candidates to ensure they have the necessary experience and knowledge. They provide paralegals, legal secretaries, assistants for legal transcription, and assistants for handling client inquiries.


  • It provides a dedicated account manager to manage your VA.
  • The onboarding process at Remote CoWorker is seamless and includes careful training and oversight of VAs.
  • The company is renowned for its top-notch customer support.
  • Businesses can get flexible staffing solutions from Remote CoWorker, such as month-to-month projects.


  • Some customers have complained that Remote CoWorker's customer service is unresponsive and unhelpful.
  • Contract termination with Remote CoWorker can be challenging.
  • Some clients have also complained about the inconsistent quality of work delivered by Remote CoWorker.

Pricing: Remote CoWorker's pricing plans start at $7.99/hour and go up to $9.99/hour.

How to hire: Choose your desired plan, meet your virtual assistant, and get started.

Virtual Paralegal Pros

Virtual Paralegal Pros is a market leader in outsourcing legal services. Being highly collaborative, the company ensures you are matched with the best professional as per the culture and requirements of your firm, setting them apart from other virtual assistant companies.  

Virtual assistants at VPP can collaborate with each party involved in a case, from clients to opposing counsel to the courts. As a result, you can count on Virtual Paralegal Pros to offer thorough support for your legal matters.

The virtual assistants can handle administrative tasks like scheduling, managing changes to meetings and court dates, managing file management, coding conversations, delivering messages, updating your content management system, and keeping your team constantly informed.


  • With your direction, they offer specialized Virtual Assistants for various tasks.
  • Your team is entirely dedicated to you, whether you require one or several professionals.
  • The "VPP Reliability Guarantee" ensures your data is always secure and private.


  • The company is not transparent about its pricing plans.
  • To know more about the services, you must schedule a call.

Pricing: Not available on the website.

How to Hire: Check the website for the availability of an exploratory call and book the date and time that works best for you.


Since its inception in 2016, Virtudesk has established itself as a leading provider of virtual assistant services with a mission to empower businesses.

Virtudesk is a virtual assistant service provider that offers remote-working professionals from the Philippines to business owners in various industries and verticals. Its virtual assistants have received training in numerous business-related areas, including marketing, administration, customer service, inside sales prospecting, and more. 

After your new remote hire has been successfully onboarded, the company helps you manage your virtual assistant by handling the hiring, training, and onboarding processes.


  • It offers clients a personal account manager for effective task management and communication.
  • The virtual assistants at Virtudesk have extensive training in several industries and tasks.
  • Virtudesk clients can efficiently manage tax considerations when working with the company by using Form W-9.
  • Virtudesk offers flexible hiring packages to accommodate diverse needs.


  • The company's main niche is in real estate services.
  • All its virtual assistants are located in the Philippines.
  • It can only help you with general tasks like admin and marketing.

Pricing: Virtudesk has two pricing plans: full-time (40 hours per week) at $9.55 per hour and part-time (20 hours per week) at $10.60 per hour. All packages have a $450 setup fee and a 3-month lock-in period.

How to hire: You must sign up and fill out their form. Let them know about specific details of what you need for your business.

We Are Working

We Are Working is an excellent option for law businesses looking to outsource their virtual assistant needs. It goes above and beyond to ensure that each client receives complete support. This is accomplished by offering various resources, such as an Account Manager, Client Success Manager, and Client Success Director, who supervise the legal VAs at multiple points. 

These resources offer clients personalized support and ensure their needs are met. Their highly trained and experienced legal virtual assistants can handle agreements, deeds, trusts, insurance claims, and court forms quickly and precisely. 

Companies not only get remote workers (VAs) but also an incredibly tight workflow from We Are Working. Additionally, the company takes extra precautions to guarantee that all your information is handled with the utmost care and security because it recognizes the sensitive nature of legal documents.


  • The company offers a US-based Customer Success Director as your dedicated point of contact.
  • We Are Working provides total assistance, including HR paperwork, onboarding, training, supervision, support, and coaching for all new employees.
  • You only need to pay for the services you use.


  • Their pricing plans are not mentioned on the website.
  • There are very few client reviews to judge their services.

Pricing: Not available on the website.

How to hire: Schedule a free consultation to hire a virtual legal assistant.

There are various factors to be considered when choosing the best legal processing outsourcing companies for your law firm. Here are some:

Reputation: A business's standing in the marketplace speaks volumes about its dependability and level of service. Reputable companies are more likely to fulfill their commitments. Look for feedback and endorsements from other companies who have hired the outsourcing firm's services. For unbiased customer reviews, check out websites like Clutch and G2.

Experience: It is essential to have experience in your particular field of law because each has its requirements and subtleties. A knowledgeable partner is more likely to comprehend the complexities of your legal work. Ask about the outsourcing firm's previous work on and court cases involving your area of law. To confirm their expertise, request case studies or references.

Team: The level of services you will receive directly depends on the training and experience of the company's legal team. Inquire about the training, licensing, and work history of the professionals handling your projects. Verify that they are qualified to perform the tasks you have given them.

Pricing: In any business decision, pricing is an important consideration. You want to ensure that the services are within your price range and that you are getting value for your money. Ask several legal outsourcing companies for comprehensive quotes. Compare not only the price but also the services included. Consider the overall package and how it fits your requirements and budget.

Technology: Technology is critical in legal outsourcing, particularly regarding data security, communication, and efficiency. You require a partner with cutting-edge technology infrastructure. Inquire about the company's technology stack. Ensure they have robust security measures to protect sensitive legal data. Remember to assess how their technology can improve teamwork and communication.

Communication: In any legal partnership, clear and consistent communication is essential. You must effectively communicate your requirements, expectations, and any changes. Miscommunication can result in mistakes and delays in legal proceedings. During your initial interactions, evaluate the company's responsiveness. Inquire about their preferred modes of communication (email, phone, video conferencing) and whether they are willing to adapt to yours. Discuss their methods of communication and how they handle issues that might arise during your collaboration, as well as updates and progress reports.

Customer Support: Access to dependable customer support guarantees you can get help immediately when you encounter issues or require clarifications. It demonstrates the legal outsourcing services company's dedication to your satisfaction. Inquire about customer service availability. Make sure they have several options for help. Find out how long it typically takes them to respond to and resolve customer issues. 

Benefits of hiring from Wishup

Wishup offers a diverse range of outsourced legal services, including:

Inbox Management: Our Virtual Legal Assistants excel at inbox management and organizing lawyers' email correspondence. They prioritize important messages, filter out spam, and ensure that urgent emails are addressed as soon as possible, ensuring efficient and timely communication.

Administrative Support: Wishup's Virtual Legal Assistants excel at outsourcing law firm administrative support, including calendar management, appointment scheduling, document organization, and correspondence drafting. Their expertise ensures that legal teams have a streamlined workflow, allowing lawyers to focus on substantive tasks.

Legal Research: You can outsource legal research to Wishup's Virtual Legal Assistants. They conduct in-depth legal research by compiling relevant statutes, regulations, and legal sources. They also help attorneys build strong legal cases by assisting with the creation of persuasive legal arguments, briefs, and well-informed legal strategies.

Legal proofreading: Wishup's Virtual Legal Assistants are skilled proofreaders with a keen eye for detail. They guarantee that contracts, agreements, and memos adhere to grammatical, linguistic, and formatting standards, improving clarity and resulting in polished final documents.

Document Preparation: Our virtual legal assistants are skilled at drafting various court documents, such as agreements, pleadings, and contracts. They deliver documents that precisely adhere to professional standards, guaranteeing accuracy, appropriate formatting, and adherence to legal requirements.

Legal Transcription: We offer transcription services, turning audio or video recordings of courtroom proceedings into written transcripts. This service ensures accurate and thorough records, which makes referencing and documentation more accessible.

Legal Billing and Administration: Our virtual legal assistants help with tasks like bill creation, expense tracking, and management of legal databases related to legal billing and administration. They help ensure smooth legal administration by assisting with accurate record-keeping and effective billing procedures.

Client Communications: Wishup's Virtual Legal Assistants represent attorneys in client communications. They maintain professionalism and courtesy while providing updates, responding to inquiries, and ensuring timely responses to client requests, thereby cultivating positive client relationships.

Case Management: Our Virtual Legal Assistants play an important role in case management, organizing case files, tracking deadlines, scheduling court appearances, and coordinating with relevant parties. They assist lawyers in staying organized, meeting critical deadlines, and ensuring smooth case progression. 

US Based virtual assistants

Hiring a virtual assistant for your legal business is no longer a legal battle. With our list of the top five legal outsourcing companies, you can now easily find the ideal virtual legal assistant to assist you with the most challenging cases.

If you want to be sure of who you're working with and choose the best to outsource legal services, our top pick would be Wishup. Leverage the expertise of Wishup's skilled virtual assistants to get exceptional legal support that feels like you have a dedicated legal expert on your side. 

There's no need to delay! 

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Get started by scheduling a free consultation or mailing us at [email protected].

Can I select a virtual assistant with specific skills or knowledge?

Yes, Wishup provides virtual assistants with various areas of expertise, such as administrative support, bookkeeping, legal support, and customer service. Furthermore, our virtual assistants have been trained in 70+ no-code tools and 200+ skill sets. Inform our team of your needs, and we will join you with the best virtual assistant.

Is it possible to hire a virtual assistant for a specific project or task?

While we provide flexible plans that allow you to hire a virtual assistant for specific projects or tasks, ongoing virtual assistance can benefit your business. When you hire a virtual assistant for ongoing work, you can develop a long-term working relationship with a competent individual aware of your company's needs and objectives.