Content management is all about marketing, creation and sharing powerful messages that resonate with your audience, whether you’re a busy professional or a growing business.

Win prospects, get clients and build relationships online by showcasing your brand through powerful and creative content.

But, it takes a lot of time and effort to research and organizes as well as create optimized content that is consistent with your brand identity.

This is where the content marketer and blogger virtual assistant comes in.

For your virtual assistant, blog writing, content curation and even content strategy-formulations are all in a day’s work.

Build a visible brand with a specialized virtual blogger and content management expert to boost your effort and realize the full potential of effective communication.

Now join the conversation and save time while you’re at it, by using a virtual assistant for the job.

A lot of everyday content creation activities can be delegated to your virtual assistants, such as content development, content marketing and much more.

Content ranges across blogs, vlogs, videos, images, polls, thought leader opinions and more.

Voicing your brand identity through creative content is easier with a skilled virtual assistant on the job.

Save time, money and produce quality content, as you plan ahead for the business, with your content management and marketing tasks delegated to a seasoned virtual assistant.

Here are top 15 content marketing tasks your virtual assistant can help you with.

1. Re-purposing Content

Producing quality content is a challenge.

But a seasoned, experienced virtual assistant can short-circuit the process, by creating posts and content that power your brand.

Leveraging content marketing blogs as promotion tools is useful.

Make use of relevant themes to communicate at deeper levels with customers and ensure consistent communication across channels for a consistent brand identity with an expert virtual assistant at hand.

2. Creating and Planning Your Content Management Calendar

Knowing when to share content is as important as knowing what to share.

You need the ingenuity to be able to create the perfect topics and themes across a wide variety of options when it comes to content that showcases your brand.

Creating a timeline and planning topics, your virtual assistant can help you in carving out goals and purpose for content creation.

3. Editing Graphics and Images

Content can only take you so far if you restrict yourself to text.

When it comes to powerful brand messages, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

But how do you find the time to search for relevant images and edit graphics, when your workweek is jam-packed with commitments and there’s a growing to-do list to handle too?

Look to a virtual assistant for finding the right images, editing and inserting them into your content and harness the power of brilliant and engaging graphics to help clients see the value of your brand.

4. Researching Facts and Figures

When you use statistics in content, it adds to the credibility, relevance and validity of your message.

Checking the facts and figures and ensuring your statistics are sourced from valid experts is not easy.

It takes time to get the numbers right.

Now a content management virtual assistant can help you to get there, without wasting precious time or resources.

5. Content Promotion

Publishing quality content is not where it ends.

The number of people reading that content is equally important.If you don’t have time to promote your content, you won’t make the cut.

There are millions of sites out there competing for eyeballs and attention.If you post content on social networks alone, it is not enough to get the sustained viewer interest you seek.

To promote your content, you also need to implement industry best practices for your niche area, for example, guest blogs to promote your brand on social influencer sites.

These content marketing tasks are quickly and effectively executed when you’re outsourcing them to a professional virtual assistant.

This way, content can also become a valuable and trusted marketing tool.

6. Create Powerful Infographics

Combining text with images in an attractive infographic can get you noticed online.

But how do you turn eye-catching graphics into the perfect tool for promoting your brand, without spending time?

All you need to do is hire a virtual assistant to get royalty-free images and editor overlay them across the text to create a compelling medium to promote your products or services.

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7. Share The Right Articles

When content management is concerned, how do you choose the perfect third-party content to promote on your social media handles?

To promote yourself as an expert means understanding the latest trends and highlighting them in social media posts.

If you don’t have time for surfing the web for relevant articles, your virtual assistant does!

They can provide links, graphics and copies and even schedule or post content on your behalf.

8. Scheduling Posts

When to post is as important as where to post, as far as social media to promote content goes.

Baseline streams of posts can be followed by add-ons depending on the direction you need to take and with a virtual assistant to track your social media metrics, you can ensure your content is visible at the time when a lot of your audience is online.

9. Preparing a Content Strategy

Strategic content is vital for clarifying the brand voice and tone, to ensure consistency across different platforms and channels of communication.

Now, delegate tough content marketing tasks like tracking audience metrics, searching for the best hashtags and promoting CRO through SEO using a virtual assistant.

Implementing content strategy is as important as creating quality content.

10. Edit Content

One of the best things about having a trusted virtual assistant is that whether you want to condense content, take excerpts from vlogs or podcasts for social media posts or convert videos to written blogs, a virtual assistant is there to do your work.

These time-consuming tasks can be allocated to your virtual assistant, who can even help with curating new content.

11. Content Scheduling

Your content has value, only if it is shared.

A virtual assistant can create editorial calendars, respond to blog post comments, likes and shares and even track your social media interaction.

Increase brand visibility by hiring a virtual assistant to schedule engaging and consistently appealing content.

Your virtual assistant can also post schedules through apps and create summaries for better content management and marketing.

12. Create Content for Mails Online

Emails are powerful ways to communicate.

Whether you need to prepare an email design or newsletter template, update contact lists online, email newsletters or monthly reports, a virtual assistant can help in building the perfect content for the best email marketing initiatives.

13. Work on Social Media Posts

Content management and marketing have gone social like never before.

Replying to comments, messages, keeping profiles updated, curating and sharing content on the niche and handling social media marketing is also a critical part of content management.

The virtual assistant can make all of these tasks easier.

14. Create Content for Correspondence

Whether you need to collect client feedback, send season’s greetings to customers or thank you notes to patrons, the best person for creating the content is a virtual assistant.

An experienced virtual assistant has the experience to create the perfect business communication to help you along the way when it comes to connecting with clients and work teams.

15. Content Curation

Keeping in touch with trends, reading and collating third-party articles for promotion and even managing preferred sources, quotes and topics for content designed specifically for your business is also an area virtual assistants excel at.

Content curation helps to create brand awareness, client engagement and retention too.

Promoting third-party content that has relevance keeps your audience updated and engaged.

Final Word

Content marketing and management can now be broken down into easy tasks your resourceful virtual assistant can perform.

Spend more time on channelizing your productivity towards mission-critical goals and leave the content management and marketing to your virtual assistant.

You’ll be amazed by the quality content creation and marketing a virtual assistant can carry out, to help you to harness the true power of communication.

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