According to Adobe’s Consumer Email Survey in 2018, people in the US check their e-mail an average of 2.5 hours each day. When it comes to work mail, the average person spends more than 3 hours a day. That’s a lot of time spent on communication instead of actual work.

But the importance of emails for an entrepreneur cannot be overlooked. Emails are at the forefront of official communication with up to 86% of business professionals choosing emails as their preferred mode. As a busy entrepreneur, you can definitely spend your time in more productive ways.

Hire a virtual email assistant to do more with your time. A virtual assistant is adept at a lot of tasks related to streamlining your email while you work on other important aspects of running your business. Stop wasting your time sorting through your inbox or validating emails before contacting leads. Get help from a trained professional to organize your inbox, just how you want it.

What Will a Virtual Email Assistant Do For Me?

You can delegate the following tasks to your virtual email assistant:

  • Cleaning and sorting inbox
  • Finding and verifying email addresses of prospects
  • Deleting old emails
  • Managing contact list
  • Responding to emails and creating drafts for approval
  • Email marketing tasks
  • Setting auto-responders
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Calendar management

There are different ways through which you can give your VA access to your email. Outlook and Gmail both have services which allow a third party to access the same email with a different password. You can also try out a password manager, which is another safe alternative with a feature to share passwords. So your data privacy concerns are taken care of. Let us take a look at the benefits of hiring a virtual email assistant and why you need one today.

Supercharge Your Mailbox

1.       Be more organized

If you’re a compulsive email-checker, it can steal a lot of your valuable time. A few minutes here and a few there add up to a dip in productivity. And when you’re running a business, you need all the time in the world. When you hire a virtual email assistant, you no longer have to organize your inbox obsessively. Your virtual email assistant will get that unread number to zero, sort out your spam from important emails, and make sure you don’t spend time reading unnecessary emails. They also make sure your inbox is decluttered at all times so you can easily find the emails you’re looking for.

2.       Never miss a meeting

A virtual email assistant will keep track of and update your calendar and daily schedule. They will sort emails, reply to them, and notify you of those that need your attention. If there’s a meeting or action item, your VA will add it to your calendar. Never miss a meeting because you overlooked an email buried in your inbox.

3.       Don’t miss important emails

No more missing important emails because you were busy for two days straight. Your virtual assistant will read every single email for you and notify you of the important ones. Your virtual email assistant will always keep your inbox organized so you can free your time up for other important areas.

4.       Manage and update contact lists

An ever-growing contact list can be a nightmare if it is not handled and segregated properly. Hire a virtual email assistant to keep your lists updated and properly classified into categories.

5.       Save your time

Imagine having an extra 2 hours every day to focus on your business. Your virtual email assistant can give you extra hours each day by freeing up your time. There can be no denying that the average worker spends a significant portion of their time reading and replying to emails. When you let your virtual email assistant do that, you save a lot of time that you can use to focus on problems like growing your business.

6.       Don’t read your mail

Too often, you realize an email is not that important only after you’re done reading it. Hire a virtual email assistant to read through your email and only bring important ones to your notice. They will also create filing systems and set rules to avoid daily email clutter. Stop wasting time reading a deluge of emails. Get qualified VA support to boost your productivity.

7.       Respond faster

Do you have customers and employees complain you don’t respond in time? Hire a virtual email assistant to be more responsive to emails but without wasting time. Brief your VA on standard responses and which contacts must be responded to quickly. For instance, if you get a lot of questions from employees on filing reimbursements, your VA will send the stock response quickly.

Plan Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

8.       Email marketing

Email marketing has one of the highest ROIs - $38 for every $1 spend. Clearly, it’s one of the most important tools for digital marketing today. Once you hire a virtual email assistant, task them with executing email marketing campaigns. They will also use analytics tools to track their effectiveness.

9.       Schedule emails

Apart from crafting attractive emails, it’s also important you send them out at the right time. Your VA will take up the responsibility of scheduling emails to subscribers.

10.   Set up auto-responders

When you’re away on a vacation or some other event, your virtual email assistant will set up auto-responders to respond to emails. They will also set up auto-responders specific to different campaigns to ensure timely responses.

11.   Detailed performance reports

Using data analytics, a virtual email assistant can analyze the performance of your email marketing campaigns and prepare detailed reports. This involves tracking the number of emails reached, clicked, opened, time graph, and location of viewers. Using these reports your assistant can provide valuable insight into marketing campaigns and their effectiveness.

12.   Email branding

A virtual email assistant can really change the look of your emails. They can design a letterhead for your emails, use the brand font, and enhance the aesthetic of your marketing emails.

13.   Integrate subscription forms

When designing email marketing campaigns, you will need to integrate subscription forms to collect the contact details of your subscribers. Hire a virtual email assistant to handle the task of integrating subscriptions and integrating new emails.

Customize Emails

14.   Deliver the perfect message

A virtual email assistant is a trained professional with excellent communication skills. You can let them word the perfect email message while you supervise and pass the final verdict on the message.

15.   Visually appealing emails

While most official emails are all text, you can sometimes add visual elements to deliver an attractive message. Your virtual email assistant can create simple graphics in line with the brand and add a punch to your emails.

16.   Respond when you’re not around

When you hire a virtual email assistant, you can deliver a response even when you’re not around. You could be away on vacation or in a meeting. Your VA will send responses and make sure no email is unread.

17.   Create sign up forms

A virtual email assistant can use email marketing tools like MailChimp, Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, Drip, etc. to create forms for new users and embed them on your website. Your assistant will be responsible for integrating the new users to existing mailing lists as well.

18.   Process orders and bills

Worried you will forget sending that invoice to a client? Even if you do, your virtual email assistant will not. They will also follow up on orders and bills from clients as per your instructions.

19.   Keep customers happy

According to HubSpot, there were more than a billion Gmail accounts in 2017. It is no surprise that an entrepreneurs’ email account is full of customer queries. And it’s important you reply to these emails to keep customers happy. Hire a virtual email assistant and have them answer basic queries while forwarding the ones that need more specific answers. By replying to emails promptly, sending regular newsletters, and conducting customer surveys, your VA will engage your customers and keep them happy.

Save Money

20.   No training hassles

When you hire a virtual email assistant, you are hiring a trained professional with years of experience. This means they know exactly what they’re doing and what they’re expected to do. So you don’t spend a dime training your virtual assistant.

21.   Pay per use

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a virtual email assistant is that you don’t need to pay them a fixed monthly salary but only for the hours of work they put in. Because they aren’t permanent employees, your overall costs work out to be much lower.

22.   Don’t worry about office space

Your virtual assistant works remotely and doesn’t need you to pay for a dedicated office space for them. By hiring them you forego the costs associated with office space, such as paying for their computers, chairs, tables, etc. For an entrepreneur who is starting out, this is a huge cost-saving boon.

Grow Your Business

23.   Focus on the important stuff

It’s easy to get bogged down when you’re forced to wade through multitudes of emails in your inbox. When you hire a virtual email assistant, you rid yourself of the headache and only read those important emails. Allow yourself the time to focus on the important aspects of your work and not stare at a laptop screen all day.

24.   Easy communication

Your virtual assistant will always be available so that no thought is left unheard. The fact that they work in different time zones means you can talk to them at a time when a full-time employee is most likely sleeping.

25.   Higher productivity

Virtual email assistants are hired on a contractual basis and their payment occurs on the basis of tasks completed. This ensures that your assistant finishes as many tasks as possible to maximize their earnings, assuring you of greater productivity.

26.   Scale your business

Virtual email assistants are available at a much more affordable price than full-time employees. When you hire a virtual email assistant, you substantially reduce your costs and re-invest the saved money back into your business. With the time you save, you can focus on scaling your business.

27.   Global talent pool

At Wishup, you can choose from a global pool of talented virtual email assistants that are skilled in email management and email marketing. Check their qualifications and experience and hire at the click of a button!

28.   Your data is secure

When you hire a virtual email assistant from Wishup, you hire a trained professional who will sign confidentiality agreements and take care of all your sensitive data.

29.   Always around

The benefit of having an employee from a different time zone is that there won’t be any downtime. Your virtual email assistant will work even when you are caught up in important activities like spending time with your family or sleeping for that matter.

30.   Easily available

Thanks to dedicated virtual assistant platforms like Wishup, hiring a VA to tackle your inbox is super easy. Choose from hundreds of vetted profiles and check references by previous employers. Sign up for a free consultation and start growing your business today!

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