An entrepreneur's life is hectic.

Between attending to clients, closing deals, and monitoring internal teams, there’s little time to focus on business and the tasks that are a valuable use of your time. At the same time, hiring an extra pair of hands is an expense you can’t afford in the early stages of your business.

With virtual assistance, you can free between 8-10 hours of your day, which are taken up by menial tasks that you can easily outsource.

But how do you find the best virtual assistant in the least amount of time? Don’t worry; we did the heavy work for you. This blog lists the five top virtual assistance companies and the benefits of working with a virtual assistant.


Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a multi-talented professional who dedicates a certain number of daily hours to your business. They are excellent administrators and communicators and can help you with many tasks, saving you valuable time.

Virtual assistants will make sure your work and personal life are clutter-free. In addition, they will ensure that all the backend work runs smoothly so you can focus on core business tasks and growth strategy.

Virtual assistants often work from their home office but have remote access to the planning tools they need, such as internal team communication software, calendars, and email. Security of your information need not be a concern since the agency takes measures to hire only the highest quality candidates. However, you can also request your Virtual Assistant to sign an NDA.

Virtual assistants have years of administrative assistance. In addition, the need for knowledgeable virtual assistants is anticipated to increase as businesses have come to accept working from home.

Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Business owners usually make the mistake of assuming they can handle everything themselves. However, they don’t consider the amount of work it takes to run a business. It’s a mammoth task and too much for one person to handle alone.

Consider these scenarios -

  • Do you often find yourself held back by menial tasks like inbox management, scheduling meetings, or following up with clients for payments instead of focusing on business growth?
  • Do you end up working long hours and find yourself missing important events in your personal life?
  • Do you end your working day exhausted without feeling like you’ve accomplished anything productive?

If the answer is yes, you could greatly benefit from working with a virtual assistant. The best part of virtual assistants is that they cost only a fraction of the amount it would take to hire a full-time assistant. For example, an in-house assistant would cost you around $70,000 a year, but a virtual assistant would only cost you $20,000. And you wouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of talent. On the contrary, with virtual assistants, you can choose from a global pool of top talent, hand-picked and vetted by the agency.

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

Virtual assistants are skilled administrators with extensive office experience.

What and how much your virtual assistant contributes to your business depends entirely on you. Some entrepreneurs want only specific tasks like customer service or payroll management, while others want extensive help in various company departments. Therefore, sharing this information during your consultation is essential to be paired with the most suitable virtual assistant.

Some of the tasks you can delegate to your virtual assistant include -

  • Managing your inbox
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Responding to client emails
  • Booking tickets and planning itineraries
  • Making reservations
  • Managing internal and external communications
  • Sending gifts, flowers, and thank you notes on your behalf
  • Bookkeeping
  • Social media management
  • Webinar planning
  • Minutes of meetings, and much more.

However, every business is different, and you might have specific tasks you need assistance with. A virtual assistant is always eager to learn and adapt and will take on any new tasks you might delegate to them with enthusiasm and dedication.

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How to hire a Virtual Assistant?

There are many ways to hire a virtual assistant, be it through references from friends, online job portals, or freelancing websites. However, the most reliable option is to hire a virtual assistant from outsourcing agencies. There are many advantages of virtual assistance companies, such as -

  • Faster hiring and onboarding time
  • Pre-vetted and screened virtual assistants
  • The company takes care of the training
  • Customer success manager allotted to every client
  • Replacement in case your primary virtual assistant is unavailable
  • Scaling your team becomes easier, to name a few.

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Now that you know the best way to hire a virtual assistant, let’s explore the top virtual assistant services available today.

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5 Top Virtual Assistant Service Providers


Wishup is one of the top virtual assistant service providers and is considered a pioneer in this field. It was established to primarily introduce and provide highly skilled Virtual Assistants to US-based entrepreneurs and small business owners. To guarantee that their clients receive the best services possible, they recruit only the top 1% of candidates who apply to them.

They go the extra mile to understand your requirements and ensure that you are paired with the most suitable virtual assistant with relevant skills for your business.

Wishup understands that an entrepreneur’s life is busy. Therefore, everything is done to ensure that the hiring process is quick, simple, and efficient. Once you sign up, a client success manager reaches out to you and understands your needs.

With Wishup, you can onboard a virtual assistant in less than 24 hours. They primarily recruit college graduates with impressive and exhaustive industry work experience. Additionally, they train their virtual assistants in over 200 skill sets so that they can start performing as per the client's expectations from day one.

Some of the most significant benefits of hiring from Wishup include -

  • Flexible monthly packages (4 and 8 hours a day).
  • Instant replacement in the rare case your primary virtual assistant is unavailable.
  • You can choose either Indian or US-based virtual assistants.
  • Tracking progress becomes simple as they post regular, detailed EOD reports.
  • No long-term binding contracts. Scale up your VA team as you grow.
  • No questions asked replacement/refund policy.
  • High-security measures are in place for its clients' data security and privacy.

Areas of expertise - Administrative tasks, lead generation, bookkeeping, managing your inbox, scheduling appointments & more.

Pricing - starts at $9/hour.

Remote CoWorker

Remote CoWorker is a US-based virtual assistant agency with its headquarters in Florida. They aim to connect entrepreneurs and executives with skilled and talented virtual assistants to save clients time and make their days more productive. In addition, Remote Coworker guarantees a positive client relationship by training their virtual assistants themselves and ensuring there is a client service manager to monitor the work and ensure everything is going according to plan.

They work with virtual assistants from the Philippines and deal with a wide range of industries.

Areas of expertise - Real estate, bookkeeping, sales and billing, customer support.

Pricing - starts at $6.99/hour.


Florida-based OkayRelax is a business that provides task-based virtual assistants. They cater to anyone who requires assistance in their day-to-day lives, whether a busy entrepreneur, a small business owner, or even a student who needs research assistance.

They are a hybrid-based business offering task services and dedicated virtual assistance.

Unlike most virtual assistant service providers, with RelaxOkay, you buy task credits worth 30 minutes each and can allot as many tasks to your assistant with the credits you have purchased.

Their USP is that their premium packages ensure that you get a dedicated assistant for all your tasks, which saves training time in the long run.

Areas of expertise - Research, travel planning, documentation.

Pricing - starts at $29.95/month for their basic plan with five tasks and no dedicated assistant.

Time Etc

With its headquarters in Birmingham, Time Etc is a virtual assistance company that hires virtual assistants with an average of 12 years of experience. They pride themselves on their top talent, which they hand-pick and select through a rigorous 10-step hiring process.

Their assistants are trained in various administrative tasks and tools designed to keep you more organized, efficient, and productive while minimizing stress.

Their client base is varied, catering to executives, business owners, consultants, and whole teams.  One of their main benefits is that you can roll over unused hours into your next package/subscription. They also let you add on additional virtual assistants at no extra cost.

They promise you're guaranteed your money back if you’re unhappy with the services.

Areas of expertise - Administration, content, data entry, social media.

Pricing - starts at $31/month for their basic plan with ten hours.


MyTasker is an Indian-based company that provides entrepreneurs, executives, and small business owners with virtual assistants who are experts in many fields, such as content, design, IT, and marketing.

They are known for their security and have their contractors sign NDA agreements and go the extra step by monitoring their office spaces for additional security.

Unlike other virtual assistant companies, their virtual assistants work from the same office space. The employees are monitored to ensure that deadlines are met, and the quality of work is proper.

Their USP is that they offer round-the-clock services, which benefits businesses working with clients in various time zones.

Area of expertise: Accounting, administration, writing, web development, marketing, IT.

Pricing: starts at $14/hour for their basic monthly package.

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What are you waiting for? Grow your business with Virtual Assistants today!

It’s evident that a virtual assistant can be a great addition to your team and make you more productive while saving you money. A smart business owner knows that the only way to grow is delegation. And who better delegate your routine tasks than a skilled and experienced virtual assistant?

Given the immense benefits Wishup offers compared to other virtual assistant service providers, it makes sense to trust Wishup with your virtual assistant needs.

Join our team of over 500 happy clients at Wishup, and let us help you take your business to the next level. If you want to grow your remote team, you could schedule a free consultation today or drop us an email at [email protected]

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