Having a personal assistant might sound flaunting, but in reality, it is one of the essential requirements for a successful business.

A study conducted by 99Content reveals that companies save up to 78 percent of their expenses by hiring personal assistants. Virtual personal assistants are professionals who offer assistance in administrative and other tasks for their clients from a remote location.

Because of the increased demand for virtual PAs, specialized agencies are now catering to clients and businesses looking to hire an efficient personal assistant. These agencies help you hire a remote personal assistant who meets your work requirements and the expertise you need for your business.

This blog covers some of the best virtual assistant agencies you wouldn’t want to skip if you are looking for a virtual personal assistant.

  1. Wishup

If you are looking for a remote virtual assistant who can help you manage all your day-to-day tasks efficiently, then Wishup is the platform you need. Wishup hires only the top 1% from all the job applicants it receives so that the remote assistants it provides you with are experts in their niche.

Wishup offers the best industry-experienced virtual personal assistants at a price band that starts at just $999 per month for 4 hours every day.

Wishup has an easy-to-use, well-designed platform to hire your personal assistant in hassle-free steps. To hire a virtual assistant, all you need to do is;

  • Schedule a call with their customer success team.
  • Select the assistant best suited for your requirements.
  • Get ready to onboard your expert PA.

Special Features:

  • Risk-free trial period.
  • No questions asked about the replacement policy.
  • Pre-vetted, ready to start virtual assistants.
  • Fastest onboarding time in the industry.
  • Virtual assistants are trained in 50+ specialized tasks and soft skills.
  • You can hire virtual assistants based on the number of hours you need someone to assist you every month.
  • Wishup has more than 500+ virtual assistants, 100+ virtual assistants who can help you grow your social media and manage your administrative tasks, 500+ accountants and bookkeepers, and 50+ QA engineers and software testers who are highly skilled in their tasks.
  • With over 500+ happy clients, the platform has an excellent average service rating of 4.8.

2. Time etc

If you are uncertain as to what tasks you want to assign to your PA, then Time, etc., is the right platform for you, where you get a sequential guide to resolve your task-related doubts. The PAs they have are highly educated, native, and proficient in English and other languages.

What makes them different and a formidable competitor in the industry is their scope of services, flexible price plan, and US-based assistants with an average of 12 years. Along with the native English speakers, you will also find people having fluency in other languages.

Their services include management, data processes, research, social media management and strategy, marketing, etc.

Special Features:

  • They have personal assistants that have an average working experience of 12 years.
  • They offer a free trial.
  • They have a companion mobile app.
  • A broad spectrum of services and language.

3. Prialto

Prialto is an ideal solution for solopreneurs that cover the basics of a small business, including sales, operations, administration, and more. In addition, the company offers an outright administrative package that helps the solopreneurs to focus on their core business rather than getting tangled in the administration.

The company recognizes the significance of combining talent and technology with an international staff from Central America and Asia. Therefore, they provide you with personal assistants who have experience working with some popular software such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Asana.

Prialto’s pricing model is member-driven and is categorized into:

  • Yourself- You get monthly support of 55 hours and a monthly agreement for $1350 per month.
  • Your team (3+ members)- You get monthly support of 165+ hours for $4050 per month.
  • Your organization (8+ members)- You get monthly support of 440+ hours. Pricing for this plan is yet to be quoted.

Special Features:

  • They provide a broad range of services, including sales, admin, and operations.
  • Skilled in handling the software.
  • Excellent security features plus a backup assistant, quality assurance manager, and comprehensive information security.

4. Upwork

Upwork focuses on small businesses that often find it challenging to manage the wide variety of skills demanded of them. As the first preference of small businesses, Upwork provides highly-skilled and peer-reviewed assistants without any monthly contract.

The company follows two pricing models- hourly and by project, depending on the assistant you hire and the established negotiation. The best feature of Upwork is its 360-degree rating and review system that allows both clients and the PAs to rate and review each other.

You get a wide range of skills, tasks, and assistants proficient in all languages for convenient communication.

Special Features:

  • Peer-reviewed assistants.
  • Wide range of skills available, such as IT and development, design and creative, sales and marketing, writing and translation, admin and customer support, finance and accounting, HR and training, legal, engineering, and architecture.
  • International assistants are available.

5. Fancy Hands

An ideal platform for handling single tasks that don’t require too much time. The platform also has an option of working with the same PA or with different assistants every time.

You are offered admin control, usage tracking, and opportune pay-as-you-go pricing packages.

Instead of following an hourly or monthly package, Fancy Hands offers pricing depending upon the number of task requests you make.

  • Small- three requests per month at $17.99 monthly.
  • Medium- five requests per month at $29.99 monthly.
  • Large- fifteen requests per month at $74.99 monthly.
  • XL- thirty requests per month at $149.99 monthly.

Special Features:

  • You get single-task experts.
  • Expertise in both personal and professional assistance.
  • Claims to being the fastest responders in the industry.

6. Magic

Magic works on the concept of matching you with your ideal PA, which is dedicated to handling your tasks. What makes this platform distinct from its competitors is that if you use Trello, you can integrate it with Magic.

The personal assistants you find on Magic are based in the USA and provide their services solely in English. The company delivers 24x7 customer support and a free sign-up so you can get started untroubled. It is widespread and recommended primarily for rush projects.

Magic focuses on delivering weekly support with charges of $35 per hour and works on the given pricing model:

  • Dedicated is an unmanaged service at the price rate of $10 per hour.
  • Consumer- this package is a managed one and focuses on clients looking for personal use at the price rate of $35 per hour.
  • Business- provides you with an account manager that helps manage your PAs at Magic and comes at $2,000 per month.

Special Features:

  • Provides college-educated PAs at your service in 48 hours.
  • 24x7 availability.
  • Works on productivity and quality assurance software to avoid missing the deadlines, making it the best option for rush projects.
  • Flat rate of $10 per hour.

7. WoodBows

If you are looking for a platform that guarantees to deliver you the best service, WoodBows is the right place for you. The company’s commitment to providing exceptional service includes an undertaking that if you are unsatisfied, they will double the hours you have paid for and get you an expert to fill in.

Starting with a free personal interview, the company then offers you the best plan for your needs. Then, within 24 hours of your enrollment, you get a phone call from your PA from where you can get started.

WoodBows has four pricing and payment plans, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual plans. Their semi-annual plan is as follows:

  • Monthly $191.60 for 20 hours.
  • Monthly $341.50 for 40 hours.
  • Monthly $583.20 for 80 hours.
  • Monthly $1066.50 for 160 hours.

Special Features:

  • 98 percent client retention, 300+ positive reviews online, and possess almost 20 service excellence awards.
  • No hidden fees.
  • The company gives you double the hours back for free if you are not satisfied with the service.

How much should you pay for virtual personal assistant services?

Every company follows different price models. Some of them set prices based on the type of task you want your PA to handle, whereas others charge a fixed fee, irrespective of the task.

The price also varies according to your location, the company’s location, level of experience you are looking for in your personal assistant. They also present several offers and discounts that you can avail of as per their terms and conditions.

Do you need a virtual personal assistant?

Unquestionably yes! Imagine the time you spend completing small tasks that you can utilize in generating revenue for your business. These tasks are not confidential and therefore can be transferred to a skilled person who could do them efficiently.

The most significant merit of hiring a PA is that you get the same quantity and quality of work done as a regular employee without worrying about their related taxes and insurance issues.

Plus, you do not have to have any official space and equipment allotted for your virtual personal assistants.

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Personal Virtual Assistants are the lifeline of your business

Virtual personal assistants hold expertise in managing your personal and professional tasks and spare you extra hours to focus on other essential responsibilities such as networking and growing your business.

No matter what your requirements, you will always find a virtual assistant just right for you at Wishup, one of the pioneers in providing remote assistants worldwide.

While looking for a personal assistant, take time to note down all the tasks you would like a virtual assistant to manage, discuss the same with the customer success team at Wishup and get ready to onboard the best virtual assistant suited for your business.

Your virtual personal assistant will not only help you with your daily and personalized tasks but also gives you valuable suggestions, feedback, and a fresh perspective on growing your business.

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