How to Schedule a Meeting for Invitees in Different Time Zones

Explore expert tips and tools for organizing meetings that accommodate different time zones. From using clock tools to leveraging scheduling apps, learn how to sync schedules and ensure everyone's on the same page.

Schedule a Meeting for Invitees in Different Time Zones
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Scheduling a meeting with participants in different time zones can be challenging. The varying time differences often result in confusion and difficulties in finding a suitable time that works for everyone. However, effective scheduling is crucial to ensure that all invitees can attend the meeting conveniently.

scheduling meeting in different time zones

By utilizing certain strategies and scheduling tools, it is possible to overcome these challenges and successfully coordinate a meeting that accommodates participants from different regions.

This guide will outline the key steps and considerations for scheduling a meeting across different time zones, changing time zone for meetings, promoting effective communication and maximizing attendance.

Tips for Scheduling Meetings Across Different Time Zones

Understand Time Zone Differences

When it comes to scheduling a meeting across different time zones, it is crucial to have a good grasp of the variations in time zones. It is important to familiarize yourself with the time zones of the individuals you are inviting, as this will help you avoid any confusion and ensure that scheduling is done accurately. Additionally, it's worth noting that certain regions may have unique time offsets, such as half-hour or quarter-hour differences. Therefore, it is essential to be precise in your calculations to account for these variations.

Use Time Zone Converters

To simplify the scheduling process, consider using time zone converter tools or websites. These resources are designed to assist you in converting meeting times between your own time zone and those of other participants. By relying on a trustworthy converter, you can ensure accuracy and prevent any potential scheduling errors.

Schedule with Consideration for Peak Hours

When selecting a meeting time, it is important to consider the peak working hours of your invitees. To ensure maximum attendance and productivity, try to find a time slot that falls within their regular work hours. It is best to avoid scheduling meetings during late evenings, early mornings, or weekends, unless there is an absolute necessity to do so.

Send Clear Invitations with Time Zone Details

To prevent confusion and ensure that all participants are aware of the correct meeting time, it is important to clearly state the time of the meeting and specify the time zone being referred to when sending meeting invitations. By including this information, participants can easily determine the meeting time in their own local time zone. Additionally, providing clear instructions on how participants can calculate their local meeting time will help prevent any misunderstandings from arising.

Plan Ahead for Time Zone Changes (like Daylight Saving Time)

It is important to take a proactive approach when it comes to planning for time zone changes, including events like Daylight Saving Time. Stay informed about the dates and regions where these changes will occur and make necessary adjustments to your meeting schedules. To avoid confusion, inform all participants about any relevant time zone changes that may impact the meeting. This will ensure that everyone is aware of the updated meeting time and any necessary adjustments to be made.

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Options for Scheduling Meetings Across Time Zones on Different Platforms

Here's how you can schedule meetings across time zones on the most commonly used meeting platforms.

Google Calendar

Add a secondary time zone to Google Calendar | Workspace Tips


A lot of professionals have a Google Calendar time zone confusion. We're here to help. Google Calendar is an incredibly versatile tool for scheduling meetings across different time zones. When you create an event, you have the option to effortlessly choose the time zone for that specific event. Additionally, Google Calendar enables you to add invitees and assess their availability, taking their respective time zones into account. This means that the platform automatically adjusts the event time according to the selected time zone, simplifying the process of finding a mutually convenient time for all participants.

Microsoft Outlook

Add, remove, or change time zones - Microsoft Support


Microsoft Outlook, like Google Calendar, offers convenient features for scheduling meetings across various time zones. With Microsoft Outlook, you have the option to set the time zone for each event and easily view the availability of invitees in their respective local time zones. The best part is that Outlook will automatically adjust the meeting time to accommodate participants from different time zones, making it simple to schedule meetings across regions. On Microsoft, you can also find out how to change time zone in Teams.


How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting and Set It up in Advance


Zoom is a widely used video conferencing platform that provides convenient features for scheduling meetings across various time zones. When you create a meeting invitation, you have the option to specify the date and time in your own time zone. Zoom then automatically adjusts the meeting scheduler time zone for each participant based on their local time zone. This eliminates any confusion and simplifies the coordination process, allowing everyone to receive the invitation with the accurate meeting time for their specific region.



Slack, a platform designed for collaborative communication, provides various tools for efficiently scheduling meetings across multiple time zones. By seamlessly integrating with popular calendar applications such as Google Calendar and Outlook, Slack conveniently displays the availability of team members according to their respective time zones. This meeting planner timezone functionality allows you to effortlessly identify a mutually convenient meeting time that caters to participants from different regions. Moreover, Slack offers useful features like reminders and notifications, ensuring that all team members are consistently kept informed about upcoming meetings.

Doodle Polls

Doodle Helps You Schedule Meetings - TidBITS


Doodle Polls is a convenient online scheduling tool designed to streamline the task of coordinating meeting times across different time zones. Using this platform, you have the ability to create a poll with multiple time choices and easily share it with your intended participants. Each invitee can then indicate their availability according to their own local time zone. Doodle Polls collects and consolidates these responses, ultimately identifying the most suitable meeting time that accommodates everyone's preferences while considering their respective time differences.

Dealing with Time Zone Differences in the Workplace

Here are some ways to navigate time zone differences when working with international clients and colleagues.

Set Core Meeting Times Across Time Zones

In order to effectively manage time zone differences in the workplace, it is beneficial to establish designated meeting times that accommodate participants in various regions. By identifying specific time frames where all time zones can conveniently overlap, you can ensure that everyone has the chance to attend crucial meetings. This meeting planner international strategy not only fosters a sense of predictability but also enables individuals to organize their schedules more effectively, minimizing scheduling conflicts and enhancing the likelihood of active participation.

Encourage Flexibility and Understanding

To establish an environment that embraces flexibility and understanding, it is important to address the challenges posed by time zone differences. Encourage employees to be aware of each other's time zones and to be open to making adjustments in their schedules when necessary. Foster open communication within the team, encouraging members to discuss any difficulties they may face and work together to find solutions. By creating a supportive culture that values and respects the varying time zones, disruptions can be minimized, and effective collaboration can be promoted.

Use Technology to Assist

Managing meeting planner time zones differences can be made easier by leveraging technology. Collaborative platforms, project management tools, and messaging apps can be utilized to facilitate communication across different time zones. These technological tools help in organizing and sharing information, allowing for communication at different times and reducing the need for real-time interactions. To simplify the process of scheduling meetings, consider using time zone converter tools and scheduling applications. By embracing technology, efficiency can be enhanced, and seamless collaboration can be achieved, regardless of the challenges posed by different time zones.

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How a Virtual Assistant Can Help

So, what's the best way to schedule a meeting with multiple attendees? A virtual assistant can prove to be an invaluable asset when it comes to managing time zone disparities in a professional setting. The following are a few methods through which a virtual assistant can provide assistance:

Coordinate Time Zone Meetings

A virtual assistant is skilled in handling the logistics of organizing meetings involving participants from different time zones. They possess the ability to determine suitable meeting times, considering the working hours and availability of individuals from various regions. Additionally, virtual assistants are proficient in sending out meeting invitations and reminders to ensure all participants are well-informed of the meeting details and mindful of time zone differences.

Manage Calendar and Meeting Invitations

A virtual assistant plays a crucial role in assisting busy professionals by effectively managing their time zone calendar and handling meeting invitations. Their tasks include adding important events to the calendar, updating existing schedules, and ensuring the accuracy of time zone information. This invaluable support helps to prevent scheduling conflicts and confusion arising from differences in time zones.

Use Tools to Convert Time Zones

Virtual assistants are highly proficient in utilizing various tools and software to effectively handle time zone conversions. By tapping into these resources, they are able to accurately ascertain the local time for scheduled meetings and appointments. This means that virtual assistants can effortlessly translate meeting times to match the respective time zones of participants, thereby eradicating any potential confusion or mistakes.

Provide Communication Support

Virtual assistants have the ability to act as intermediaries for communication, especially for teams scattered across different time zones. By relaying messages, providing timely updates, and ensuring that important information reaches everyone, virtual assistants are instrumental in facilitating effective communication. This support not only keeps communication channels running seamlessly but also ensures that all team members stay informed and connected.

In addition to showing you how to change time zone on Teams, and understanding meeting scheduler time zones, a virtual assistant has the capability to provide assistance with a wide range of tasks related to meetings.

Meeting Agenda Preparation

A virtual assistant can be a great resource when it comes to preparing meeting agendas. They have the ability to compile relevant topics and organize them in a logical order. Furthermore, they ensure that all the necessary information is included. By collaborating with the meeting organizer, a virtual assistant can create an agenda that outlines the discussion points, time allocations, and any supporting materials that may be required. With their assistance, the process of preparing meeting agendas becomes much more streamlined and efficient.

Meeting Minutes Documentation

A virtual assistant is capable of recording in-depth meeting minutes or notes during conferences, capturing critical discussions, decisions, and action items. They have the ability to organize these notes into a concise and well-structured document, guaranteeing that all attendees possess an accurate record of the discussed matters and the agreements reached during the meeting.

Calendar Management

A virtual assistant possesses the ability to effectively handle and upkeep meeting calendars, which aids in streamlining scheduling processes and reducing clashes. They are capable of adding, revising, and removing appointments, meetings, and events as required. Moreover, by overseeing the calendar and taking into account time zone disparities, they can guarantee that meetings are scheduled at optimal times for all the individuals involved.

Sending Meeting Reminders and Follow-ups

A virtual assistant is an efficient solution for sending meeting reminders to keep everyone informed about upcoming meetings and equipped with the relevant details. Moreover, they can also assist in following up on action items and deadlines discussed during the meeting. By sending reminders to participants, they help ensure timely completion of assigned tasks.

Coordinating Technical Aspects

A virtual assistant is capable of managing various technical facets of meetings. This includes tasks such as configuring and overseeing video conferencing tools, resolving audio or connectivity problems, and ensuring the seamless functioning of the meeting. Additionally, they can provide support with tasks such as screen sharing, breakout room management, and other technical needs that may arise.

Gathering Meeting Resources

A virtual assistant offers the valuable service of collecting and organizing essential materials needed for meetings. This includes documents, presentations, reports, and any other relevant resources. They take the responsibility of making sure these resources are easily accessible to all meeting participants beforehand. This can be done by uploading them to a shared platform or distributing them via email.

Conducting Research for Meeting Topics

A virtual assistant has the capability to perform research on particular meeting subjects, collecting pertinent information, data, or supporting materials. They can create summaries or reports for meeting attendees, thereby improving the caliber of discussions and assisting in making well-informed decisions throughout the meeting.

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In the modern global workplace, managing time zone differences and being a meeting timezone planner can present significant challenges. The ability to schedule effectively is crucial for seamless collaboration and communication across various regions. A solution to these challenges comes in the form of virtual assistants. These invaluable professionals assist in coordinating meetings, managing calendars, converting time zones, and handling other meeting-related tasks. By leveraging their expertise, virtual assistants streamline processes, reduce errors, and enhance productivity. If you are in need of a reliable virtual assistant, take the next step by scheduling a free consultation or reaching out to Wishup at [email protected]. Discover the benefits of having a skilled virtual assistant who can efficiently manage time zone differences and support your business needs.

Changing Time Zone for Meetings: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the time zone in a meeting?

In order to modify the time zone for a meeting, simply make changes to the meeting details within your calendar or scheduling platform. Update the time zone setting to the location of your choice for all participants to ensure that the meeting time accurately reflects the new time zone.

How do you schedule meetings in different time zones?

When managing meetings across multiple time zones, it is recommended to utilize a time zone converter tool. This tool can assist in identifying appropriate meeting times that consider the availability and working hours of participants from different regions. Additionally, it is crucial to include explicit information regarding the respective time zones in the meeting invitations to avoid any confusion and ensure that all attendees are aware of the accurate meeting time.

How do I change the time zone in teams meeting?

If you need to switch the time zone for a Microsoft Teams meeting, start by locating the meeting in your calendar. Once you've found it, open the meeting details and make the necessary adjustments to the time. To set the desired location, simply change the time zone setting. Once you've finished, remember to save the changes. This way, the meeting time will be updated to reflect the new time zone.

How do I set up a meeting in Outlook for a different time zone?

To schedule a meeting and changing time zones in Outlook, start by creating a new meeting in the calendar view. Then, navigate to the ribbon and click on the "Time Zone" button. From there, choose the time zone you wish to use. Make sure to save the changes and send the meeting invitation, ensuring that the correct time for the chosen time zone is included.