Make Online Lead Generation Easy with a Virtual Assistant

Generating leads online on social platforms like LinkedIn has worked for many businesses. This blog goes over the most common problems of online lead generation and shows how a virtual lead generation specialist can solve them.

Make Online Lead Generation Easy with a Virtual Assistant

Whoever said running a business is like rearing a baby got it nearly right. Entrepreneurs like you know it all too well. The sleepless nights spent after developing a product, reaching out to leads, and making the first few sales are nearly as gruesome as sleep training. Once that's done, generating a steady supply of leads? Even harder. Almost as bad as potty training.

Generating leads online on social platforms like LinkedIn has worked for many businesses.

Infographic showing how online lead generation can help startups

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But if you've ever tried cold-messaging a potential lead on LinkedIn, you know how difficult it is to capture a lead's interest and how much harder it is to convert them to a qualified lead.

This blog goes over the most common problems of online lead generation and shows how a virtual lead generation specialist can solve them.


Common online lead generation problems for startups

Identifying prospects

According to a survey, 32% of marketers said they needed help generating enough leads for their company.

For most startups, the problem lies a little deeper, identifying which prospects are leads in the first place. That’s because they focus on generating the optimal number of leads to meet the quota instead of looking for quality leads in the first place. The result? Prospects who aren’t half-interested in buying the product.

Consistently engaging with them

When you have too many things on your plate and not enough hands to help, the non-essential tasks take a backseat. For most small businesses, that includes engaging with leads.

The assumption is that prospects looking to buy a product will make a buying decision anyway. What startups fail to consider is that these potential buyers have far too many options in the market. Nurturing a connection with prospects is the only way to stand out, build trust and drive a sale.

Uploading lead magnet assets timely

If startups tick off finding the right leads and engaging with them from their task list, they are strapped for time to update their lead magnet assets on time, whether that is social posts on LinkedIn, blogs, or tweets. This is often the cause of a sudden plateau in lead generation efforts.

Managing lead data

And if your small team successfully finishes all of the above tasks, they will most likely need help to manage the lead data generated through these efforts. And that’s the last thing you want, especially when you have limited data to work with in the first place.

If it isn’t evident, you need at least a few extra hours a day (or ten) to manage all these tasks efficiently. Alternatively, you need a helping hand. But when you’re already short on funds, should you really hire a permanent employee? Or should you outsource lead generation?

Why outsource online lead generation?

Here are some reasons why it’s best to get a virtual assistant to help with online lead generation services:


Entrepreneurs and small businesses are people who understand the balance between the time value of money and the money value of time. When you outsource lead services, you free up your valuable time to focus more on revenue generation and other priorities.

Cost efficient

Hiring a freelance or part-time trained virtual assistant to help you lead gen services is much more cost-effective than getting a new employee and training them for the job.

Professional services

Be it any work, there will be a difference between how an amateur does it and how a professional goes about it. When you hire professional virtual assistants to help you out with lean generation, the quality of work done is naturally better.

How a virtual assistant can help you get leads quicker

By doing the market research for you

If you're a growing startup, you know your target audience will change as you develop new products. Naturally, identifying your target audience, pain points, buying habits, and motivations will get more challenging, especially when you have multiple tasks lined up.

A virtual assistant can share your load by doing market research for you. All you need to do is brief them about your business and share a set timeframe. The assistant will then collect all the relevant market data, analyze it and identify the markets you should target with your current strategy, saving you hundreds of hours of work!

By conducting opposition research

Deploying a marketing campaign will only bring you the leads you want if you stand out. And a virtual assistant can help with precisely that. Here's how.

Your virtual assistant can help you determine how your competitors catch the market's attention. A virtual assistant can help you know all about your competitors by diving deep into their profiles and those of their clients. This will give you an idea of what your competitors are doing and what you can do to make yourself stand out even further.

By managing your LinkedIn

Reaching out to leads with LinkedIn? Then you must ensure a dedicated person keeps track of messages and comments and engages with them. You also want to send out requests to prospects at a steady pace and a cold message introducing your brand. A virtual assistant can help with all of this and more.

They can reach out to your existing clients on LinkedIn, get them to endorse you, and even check and approve the recommendations before they get published on your profile. Such a public endorsement can go a long way in establishing your credibility in the business.

By creating content

LinkedIn is a content-driven platform. The more you create and engage with others' content, the wider your reach. Unfortunately, making well-designed, informational content is not everyone's cup of tea.

A virtual assistant can help you curate relevant content to your domain and demographic. Such subject-oriented content will also help in establishing your authority in your field.

By interacting with the audience

You cannot just restrict your contact to qualified leads on a social media platform. You need to reach out to prospects, sometimes even before they know they may need your product.

A virtual assistant can help you constantly engage with your audience by replying to comments on posts, wishing connections on work anniversaries, commenting on other posts, sharing relevant content from other sources, etc.

This personal touch will ensure your company is at the top of your target audience's mind, not to mention their news feed. This means more online lead generation.

By scoring leads

Not all the prospects that visit your page will want to buy your product. You need to identify which of them will become potential leads. And a virtual assistant can help you with it.

The professional can create a lead scoring system and segregate prospects based on their behavior on-site and on social media, their intent, and buying signals into prospects, potential clients, interested parties, and more. This saves your salesperson time going after the wrong leads and ultimately helps you get more conversions.

How else can a lead generation specialist help me?

Infographic showing the tasks a virtual assistant can help startups with

Not just online lead generation, a virtual assistant can do so much more for your enterprise. Here are some tasks they can help you with:

  • Email management
  • Event management
  • Reporting
  • Client relationship management

To know more about how a virtual assistant can help you out, you can check out our blog, 30 Tasks You Can Delegate To a Virtual Personal Assistant To Save Time and Money.

Why Wishup?

The right virtual assistant can be highly beneficial for your company. The keyword being “right”. But how and where can you find a virtual assistant that meets all your criteria? Here’s where we come in. At Wishup, we can help you hire a virtual assistant almost instantly.

Here are some reasons why Wishup is the go-to site for the majority of entrepreneurs and start-ups for hiring virtual assistants:

Screened and vetted candidates

We screen and thoroughly vet all our candidates as we understand how important trust is when letting a third-party handle your company’s confidential data.

Top talent

At Wishup, we hire our candidates through a rigorous recruitment process that only the top 1% of the talent can clear. We also train them in-house to suit your business needs.

Quick onboarding

As our virtual assistants are already trained and pre-vetted, you can directly onboard them once you are satisfied with their profile. The whole process can be wrapped up in less than 24 hours!


Our virtual assistants are trained professionals that get paid by the hour or per project. You can hire them full-time or part-time based on your requirements and save costs instead of spending money and effort on finding a new employee.

Free trial

We offer a 7-day trial period where you can try out our services and see if it works for you.

Instant replacement

If your virtual assistant is not up to your expectation or unavailable during an emergency, we will provide you with an instant replacement, no questions asked.

Data security

Today, data is as valuable as money. That’s why we are very uncompromising on the confidentiality and privacy of your data. We screen our employees thoroughly and require them to sign NDAs before working with our clients. We do everything possible to keep your data secure.

How to hire with Wishup?

With Wishup, you can hire a virtual assistant in three easy steps:

Infographic showing the 3 steps to hiring a virtual assistant on Wishup

We don’t stop with just providing suitable personnel. We also manage all legal and financial contracts and payments for you and your chosen virtual assistant.

By letting us take on the responsibility of getting you the right virtual assistant, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. You can now enjoy a better work-life balance and focus more on your productivity.

Over to you

Generating leads can be time-consuming. But, by enlisting the help of a lead generation specialist, you can optimize your leads and ensure consistent growth for your company.

When you have the best people working on your tasks, you can be confident that they are doing an excellent job for you, and you don’t have to micromanage or review every little detail anymore! The best part?

Wishup can help you with virtual assistance.

It takes a village to raise a kid. The same goes for running a company. Now that you know how Wishup can make life infinitely easier for you, let us create the perfect village that supports and elevates you.

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