Advantages of hiring a remote developer

Global Talent: Easily hire the best global developer talent. No Visa restrictions or relocation hassles.
Higher productivity: Your remote developers don’t need to commute to your office, saving substantial time that could be used more productively. Flexibile timings also help employees enjoy a better work-life balance, leading to better and higher productivity.
Improved collaboration: With the latest technology advancements, your project team can collaborate more efficiently. Tools that facilitate online meetings, screen sharing, whiteboards, etc. help remote teams work better v/s on-site teams. 
Better time coverage: Remote working facilitates flexible hours and better alignment of resource timings either to your own work day or staggered to provide better day coverage.
Lower team costs: Hiring costs are lower as compared to on-site employees. You also enjoy substantial savings on overheads like workspace, office supplies, leave benefits, medical insurance, etc.  

Why hire remote developers?

Creating and deploying high-quality software is essential for every business in an increasingly competitive business environment.
The need of the hour is responsive, flexible software with an easy-to-use, highly intuitive UX. 
Something that only highly qualified, experienced developers can create with their skills and expertise.
Thanks to the popularity of remote working and the latest advancements in cloud technologies, you can now hire remote software engineers to develop your software from anywhere in the world and be assured of the same high-end development one would expect from an in-house team.  

  Why hire remote developers from Wishup?  

Hiring a developer for your in-house team is complex and requires a stringent selection process to ensure they meet your expectations. Moreover, one needs to compete against IT giants that offer better resources and remuneration packages to hire software developers for their team.

With Wishup, you don’t need to worry about spending time and money on recruiting top engineers, as we have done the groundwork. Wishup offers highly qualified, pre-vetted top engineers with strong technical skills. You can easily ramp-up, ramp-down your team as required.


Top 1% Talent

Our assessment process includes proctored written tests, multiple rounds of interviews, & practical assignments to ensure 

you get only the best.

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  Onboard in < 30 mins

We have a pool of ready 

to deploy developers, from which you can onboard developers in less than 

30 minutes of your first consultation with us.

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Wishup offers a no 

questions asked 7 days replacement and refund policy, with no long-term binding contracts for flexibility in hiring as per your needs.

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Qualified Developers

We follow a stringent hiring process based on industry standards and norms.

All our developers are qualified and vetted for their skills.

Easy Recruitment

No more recruitment ads to create and interviews to conduct . Enjoy a hassle-free, no paper work, no liabilities experience.

Global Resources

Hiring the best 

software developers for 

your team is no longer restricted to the talent 

available within your city.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How do you select your developers?

Wishup conducts a stringent interview process wherein we test the applicants on 100+ skills, systems, frameworks, etc. In addition, when we hire remote developers, we test them on their industry experience and communication skills to ensure they align with your requirements.  

How soon can a remote developer join me? Is there any waiting period?

Wishup offers top engineers ready to join your organization within 24 hours post your initial contact with us. Our in-house developed proprietary software helps us match the best developer for your requirements based on your initial consultation with us. There is no waiting period, and you can hire remote developers when you require them.  

Do I need to train the remote developer? 

Our developers are routinely trained in the latest software and applications, ensuring that they are in line with the latest developments in the industry. Any project specific training can be done by you as per the project specifications and needs.

Will the remote developers work in my time zone?  

Absolutely. All our remote developers work as per your time zones to ensure maximum efficiency and coordination on your projects. You can reach out to them in real time for any queries/inputs on their work. Our software developers also share timely, periodic updates on their projects to keep you informed of the progress.   

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