Virtual customer support assistant can help your e-commerce business to grow, by valuing your customers as much as you do.


Why hire virtual customer support assistant?

If you are letting your business run you, it’s time to make a change for the better and hire our virtual customer support specialists. From customer retention to order processing, call management to handling inquiries, there are no limits to what our virtual customer service assistants can accomplish. Up-selling, cross-selling, or credit card processing, virtual assistants trained to care for your customer will accord them the same value to them your business prioritize. For those companies where a customer comes first, our virtual assistants are invaluable.

What can our virtual customer support assistant do?

Customer Service Inquiries and Coupon Management

If you care about your customers, choose us and we’ll provide exceptional support, whether it involves inquiries, coupon management, initial queries or providing detailed information for customer queries and complaints. Our virtual assistants are skilled at turning crises into opportunities.

Data Entry and Order Processing

Whether you need to maintain a CRM database or process the orders placed online or offline, our skilled virtual customer support assistants are the best choice. Add to your customer experience by including our virtual customer support on your team.

Managing Transactions

Are you struggling as your e-commerce business expands? Now make the transition to an upper growth trajectory easy, with our virtual customer support to manage your client accounts and transactions.

Invoice Generation and Payment Processing

Whether you need trained specialists for generating invoices or processing payments, we’re up to it. Our virtual assistants are tech savvy and know how to ensure precision and accuracy using up to date invoice generation systems and accounting software.

Inventory Management

Never run out of stock or customer favourites, with our virtual assistants on the job. Get regular updates on inventory and take stock of supplies before they run out using our services.

Follow Up Calls

Handling everything from the initial query to the final sale is not enough. Your business needs to get reviews from customers too. Hire us and know how easy it is to keep track of customer comments, likes and dislikes and even testimonials online.

Shopping Cart Administration

Whether it’s through live chat support, helpdesk calls or dispatch calls, shopping cart administration becomes simple through our virtual customer support. Now cut down on cart abandonment and actively promote your brand to interested customers, courtesy our trained and disciplined professionals.

Refund Processing

For a customer seeking a refund, nothing is more impressive than quick processing. Get another chance to make a great impression, with quick and courteous refund processing through our skilled virtual assistants.

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