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Why hire email virtual assistant?

A cluttered mailbox can surely be frustrating. The downpour of so many emails makes it really difficult to find what you need at the right time which in turn slows down efficiency. Our Email Assistants are proficient with various means of inbox organisation that can make your work life much easier. Whether it is filtering, sorting, creating labels, setting auto-replies, managing calendars, we have a hack up the sleeve for all your mailbox organisation related problems.

What can our email virtual assistant do?

Organize contacts

Our virtual email assistants will sort your endless and ever growing list of contacts so that you can access it easily, anywhere.

Draft emails

If you need mailers to be sent out to clients or prospective clients, our email assistant can draft a catchy and crisp mailer for you.

Create filters

Get your inbox organized and filtered so that you do not need to experience the clutter anymore.

Calendar management

All your appointments, meetings and commitments managed and update at one place. Our email assistants will also give you reminders.

Multiple account management

Get your multiple email accounts organized and managed.

Email replies

If you need your queries and inquiries to be answered promptly, then our email assistant is great at it.

Get best deals

Our travel assistants are always on the lookout for great deals that give you a nice saving while not compromising on your standards and expectations.

Set up auto replies

When you are out of office, your email assistant will set up auto replies.

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